South African Airways release a native BlackBerry 10 app

South African Airways
By James Richardson on 29 May 2014 05:51 am EDT

Another big name brand clearly sees value in BlackBerry 10 as South African Airlines launch their own application to ensure customers are getting the most out of their journey.

The application for BlackBerry 10 smartphones provides a new engaging user experience and relevant airline content, providing South African Airways users with the best stress free travel experience. The application allows users to check their flight status using their booking reference and track that flight on their dashboard.

Grant Byron, Managing Director of Cytrus (Methys Digital), said: "we are so excited to have worked with SAA to design the app. It promotes the brand image of SAA and provides BlackBerry 10 smartphones users with a rich and unique mobile experience."

Full features of the app include:

  • View my Booking - View Your Booking information

  • Check In Check in on your mobile device

  • Voyager miles - View Your Voyager Status and miles

  • Lounge Finder - View information on South African Airways lounges

  • Specials - View special fares

  • Flight Schedule - Access to information about South African Airways upcoming flights

  • Flight Status - Find the updated status of any South African Airways flight.

  • Destination Information - View information on destinations that South African Airways flies to.

  • Weather - Get current and updated 10 day forecast of the weather at any destination that South African Airways flies to

  • Baggage Trace - Find the status of your checked in luggage

  • Cargo Track and Trace - Track your SAA Cargo shipment every step of the way

The application is free to download and available on all BlackBerry 10 devices - nice.

More information/Download South African Airways for BlackBerry 10


Hoping to singapore Airlines soon,

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Thanks South Africa

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Very nice was starting to feel like the steam for natives was dying down in terms of big names coming on board, keep the ball rolling blackBerry.

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This is old news

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At least to you


Uh uh uh my


Who needs such apps? People want native Skype, Vk, video & music player!

For South Africans travelling on South African Airways.

We have a native video and music app.

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The android port Skype actually works almost as native. There are much more badly needed native apps but regardless your comment was ignorant

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Very nice app.!!

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Singapore, Emirates and Turkish Airlines please!


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Sweet, not much use to me, but awesome nonetheless

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Not from SA but happy to see native apps coming

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Should the headline read "releases" instead of "release"?

I would agree unless SA Airways is actually a plural. It's not.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

James is in the UK, where it's proper for company names to be referred to in plural terms. So it's perfectly correct to say, for example, "Microsoft release" or "South African Airlines release".

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Color me corrected! Didn't know about that particular difference in language. :)

Australia is British in heritage, but so americanized, we don't care anymore. 51st state.

Just say what you wanna say, mate, dude, pal, bro, whatever.....

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LoL I didn't get the memo on that! (And kinda sorry to hear that, too, even from the US)

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I have enough friends in or from the UK & Canada, that I've gotten used to those speech differences. I kind of like them - I "hear" James's posts in his voice (we know how he sounds from his videos), and they fit right in.

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With the release of Z3 coming to emerging markets expect many more BlackBerry apps to be created.

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Why till now CB reports this? It would be 2 months since SSA published its BlackBerry 10 app.

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Probably because @BlackBerry_ZA happened to tweet it yesterday.

Blargh, Blargh! CB10 blargh.

Time zone. You'd know well if you lived in Australia. A lot of the important stuff happens when you're asleep.

It's 1am here btw. :-)

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Westjet couldn't even be bothered to port their Android version to BlackBerry World

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That's WestJet for you. Crappy airline.

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Air Asia is available as a native app.

I find that blackberry has a better treatment from companies from overseas instead of North America even their home country,

This is why the z3 needs to be pushed really hard with marketing dollars so we have a great traction of z3 in emerging markets before bb can do any comeback for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

And who says there's an app gap? Gap Filled!

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How about a real Delta app. When will we see all US carriers?

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You won't. USA hates BlackBerry.


I may have to go to South Africa just so I can use the app. Haha

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Cool! Another native app! Yes Singapore Airlines please follow!

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I don't need it but I'll download it just because

Zed 10 user in SA

I like your attitude.

Gives good reason to use it on a vacation to South Africa(!)

Am I the only one who saw this and thought, "Damn, a dark gray Q10 would look awesome"?

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The amount of comments say "why do they need an app", "app world doesn't need this app", etc. Wow

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It's been out for quite some time now, deleted it after I discovered that you can't book a flight on it. Big-up to BBZA though.

100% BlackBerry

Smart move!

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This is sweet man nuff respect

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Great news for South Africans! I hope we'll be seeing some native apps from American airlines as well.

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SAA. Worst airline ever

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What? No Westjet!

For the person on the move - BB10- + Pebble

SAA are long-time BES customers, they know the value and power of BlackBerry. Their BES user numbers is large.

Proudly South African!

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