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Sounds for BBM gets updated with more features and free content

Sounds for BBM
By James Richardson on 27 Aug 2013 01:57 pm EDT

One of my favorite BlackBerry 10 BBM integrated applications - Sounds for BBM - has been updated with plenty of good new stuff. If you missed our original video post when the application was launched it is essentially a collection of sounds that you can share with your BBM buddies. The app is free to download and this will give you access to a range of categories, but you will find some locked which can be bought via an in-app purchase. 

I've liked this one from day one just for comedy purposes. It may be my childish sense of humor but I enjoy sending random sound bites to a few of my closest BBM friends. The Tarzan one is pretty funny! Within the new free folder are a selection of sound bites from people. Believe it or not there is even one from me in there which shocked me a bit but I'm up for a giggle. 

New features in the update include:

  • Preview mode now enabled. You can now see and listen before buying sound track. 
  • New free folder containing 65 sounds. 
  • More contributions
  • Kids-Safe mode (disables send, save and access to inappropriate sounds)
  • More to come really soon. 

Why not go and grab the free version and gave some fun? 

More information/Download Sounds for BBM for BlackBerry 10



Tarzan whoop!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D


First! Just for the heel of it!


First... to tell you your not first ;)

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |


Hahahah. First...to laugh at the funny you made :)


"Not available for this device"

Only God knows why not.

Started from the bottom with my Z10 ...


Same here... Unavailable for this device :(

Posted via CB10


Could you send me details? Device OS and country? Tzapps1@gmail.com app is available for all devices and countries.

Posted via CB10


I'm not downloading any extra sounds until BlackBerry fixes the notifications. I don't need to hear a BBM notification when it is the same sound level as my phone ringer. In BBOS you could adjust the other notification sound levels apart from the phone notification. As in each individual notification had its own sound level that you could set independant of the phone sound. Can't do that yet with BB10 that I know of, even in the 10.2 leak.


@Booker1953 that's not what you think! It's a funny way to say hello to your BBM contacts! Not a notification for incoming BBM message! You received a voice message with the sound! ;)

I really enjoyed Sounds of BBM! And yes, one folder is from me too! ;)

I'd share it today in BlackBerry Facebook group and receive a few minutes later the first : Heeeelllloooooo boooooooooooyyyyeee from any of my BBM contacts!

Give it a go! It's free and you didn't pay if you not want it! ;)

Big up to TZApps for there fast and great work with this app!

Posted via CB10


Thanks for clearing that up. Never used them before so was unaware what they were.


Can we send the sound to a BBM group?


You can't share sounds in group chats... if future OS enable this, we will too.

Posted via CB10


Well I love this app it's great fun. Could there be a way to access it from BBM directly? Currently I open it, find the sound I want and press send, the BBM contacts open and away we go.

Is there a way to attach from it in a chat (ie. Attach voice note and the options are there) or can you do this already and I'm being a bit dim (very possible!)

Feel it, Swipe it, Love it. BlackBerry Z10...


Same request here! This stuff is hilarious. Thanks BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Oh and @tzapps, thanks for the preview mode in the last update. I can tell you that now I can try the paid content I'll be buying some. When it was just locked I wasn't sure so didn't go for it, now I know what's in there I'm afraid you're going to have to have some of my cash...

Feel it, Swipe it, Love it. BlackBerry Z10...


Invokable from bbm attach action. Not a bad idea.actually it would be perfect. Not sure if this is possible. Will try to see if this could be implemented. Enjoy!!!

Posted via CB10


This is awesome, this is why bbm is going to rock when it goes cross platform...

Sent by Bbry Zed10


@tzapps thank you! That would be great!

Feel it, Swipe it, Love it. BlackBerry Z10...


Do you have Arnold Schwarzenegger sounds? :)

Posted via CB10

Winston Loh

Tarzan....lol...cool, man...