Spice up BlackBerry Messenger with Sounds for BBM

By James Richardson on 20 Jul 2013 06:20 am EDT

Fresh into BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 is 'Sounds for BBM' and I bet you can't guess what the application does? Joking aside - it's actually not only a great concept but it works like a dream too and is a bunch of fun.

The idea is this - We all love to use emoticons in our BBM chats so why not also include sounds? Sounds for BBM is a free download but as you will see, half the content is locked and these extra categories can be purchased from within the app is you fancy it.

The six unlocked ones however contain a ton of funny and serious sounds which you may just want to annoy your buddies with. I'm rather fond of the animal section which contains 23 realistic sounds. If you find one you want to use just tap it and a box will appear on your screen giving you the option to preview the sound and send. Pressing send will open up BlackBerry Messenger and you just select the contact you wish to send it to - simple.

The locked sections are available for $0.99 each so if you are a heavy BBM user it will be money well worth spending. Sounds for BBM is a great app and one that I shall be using for the considerable future. Check it out and let us know your thoughts. I know the developer is welcome to feedback.

Download Sounds for BBM for BlackBerry 10

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Spice up BlackBerry Messenger with Sounds for BBM


So your freedom of choice consists of coming onto a BlackBerry fan site and tell us, you would like to uninstall one of if not the primer features of owning a BlackBerry device?!

I'd call you a troll but I'd simply pointing out the obvious.

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Use your PlayBook.

I wish I could disable sms or at least somehow have the sms go to my email and be able to reply from my email.

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I've heard very very few people say they wish they could uninstall BBM... why?!!:

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Some are good but most have very very poor quality. Good though in the sense that makes me feel like i can develop an App too...

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BBM might be nice, if I actually knew ONE other person who owned a BlackBerry. Yeah, right. Good luck with that.

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Does buying it unlock higher sound quality? I know it's only 99 cents and some will say u get what u pay for but u can't just throw your hard earned money around cuz it's cheap. Those little purchases start adding up and in a world where 99 cents for an app is considered decent then I expect at least decent quality. Just sayin...

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Hello teamCrackBerry. Q10 support is coming soon, *.amr file extension was preferred so that you can hear the sound without saving it first so it is easier to use and time saving. AMR on the other hand is bad for quality.But decision had to be made. All locked packs include 19+ sounds, and with every update more will get included in allready purchased items. We will prioritize on more sounds for these packs.No additional charge ofcourse. We want the community to interact and contribute, so you can send any sound you like to see in the app and it will be a new free category with all the new sounds and the contributors names.(there will be a form or a link in the next update or you can start from now tzapps1@gmail.com) My thanks for the support and my apologies for anyone not happy with the result. Apps need ideas, and ideas often are funny! Thanks again team!

Hi I was one of the ones who complained about sound quality but instead of hiding somewhere I prefer honesty and being upfront which is also what u did and I respect u for that. Thank u for taking the time to not only follow up on the user comments but also share your side of the story, why things are the way they are, the promise to continue improvement and best of all, allowing the users to contribute. Regardless of sound quality, you can still understand what they are and have fun. Cheers!

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Why would people complain? Sheesh. It's a cute app that's good for a couple of laughs. Sound quality is fine on my Z10 and the free sounds are fun. Thanks to the dev for this fun app.

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Would be great if BlackBerry Messenger comes with its own audio message, or something like that, not third party. Just a thought.

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So this is only to send soundbites to other messenger users? You can't use them as notifiers for an incoming message or individual contacts?? That would be cool if it did that...also will this work once bbm is available on other phones? At the moment most of my contacts have jumped ship and i have 2 left who barely use it.

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Q10 support is on the way. Already submitted. Option to set sounds as notifications will come in future release.
Not sure if this is going to work on bbm on Android or iPhone. I guess it will.
There is a dedicated bbm channel for this app. C00071CFD. Chat mode is on. Feel free to join and interact and propose more sounds!

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My custom contact notifications doesn't work (10.1) so why would I be interested in this? Let's get the basics to work first.

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Well said basics should and hopefully WILL be addressed in 10.2. I like this idea...! (-: will wait for its arrival for Q10.

And btw BlackBerry...just When will we See 10.2...???

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??