SoundHound for BlackBerry 10 gets updated to version 1.2

By James Richardson on 4 Dec 2013 05:31 am

The popular music search application has received a wee update for BlackBerry 10. Free to download and available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets - if you need to identify a music track then you can either sing or play it into the app and you'll be given the details. 

It works a treat and with it being free there really is no reason not to install it on your BlackBerry. Regular users will of course be overjoyed to see yet another update to the already awesome application. Nice work SoundHound! 


  • Blazing fast music recognition 
  • The world's only singing and humming recognition
  • LiveLyrics: see lyrics move in time with the music
  • Buy links, YouTube videos, track previews, geotagging, and more!

New in version 1.2:

  • SoundHound headlines: access to full-length song streams, new artists and more. 
  • Charts: stay up to date with the hottest tracks, SoundHound discoveries and more. 
  • Artist and album detail pages
  • Save online searches to history as pending searches to complete later. 
  • Bug fixes. 

More information/Download SoundHound for BlackBerry 10



Hopefully I can have more luck getting it to recognise songs with this update


Agree. I deleted it because it just didn't work for me.


same! I did a direct install of SHAZZAM apk and deleted soundhound. :(

but dam shazzam works amazing.

Gavin Thacker

It wasn't able to find even one song out of the handful of times I used it before giving up on it.

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Same here. It never ID'ed one of the many, many songs I ran through the search even in perfectly quiet rooms. If it can't ID songs the other features mean squat. It is nice to see that they are supporting BB10 so I have to give them their props for that.

I want Shazam to make it to BB10 since it correctly ID'ed every song I ever searched.

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Ka Nos

Where is SHAZAM??????
What have the developers been doing?

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Daniel Montanaro

Sideload it my friend.

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if u have 10.2.1 u can directly install it with mobile1 app.


Pity it still lacks the pure recognition of new edm tracks. In some cases even.old ones. The one area where shazam really excelled.

Only a fool thinks they know me.


Exactly. Shazam was amazing at getting the title, even with a minimal portion of a song.

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Never ever had a problem with it.

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Nice update!! Works great for me every time.

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10


It's still closed when search a song complete.

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R Field

Works well on the new update.

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I'll give it a shot again but, hopefully they expanded the library past top 40 garbage.

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I'm satisfied!
Just did quick search on 6 deep house tracks and it found 5 of them. Shazam sideload didn't work but it looks like it won't even be needed.

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Great app, I tried to challenge it with some really obscure tracks from late 70's early 80's, bands no one has heard of and it got it right every time. Have yet to stump Soundhound.


Same here. It has surprised me with what it can recognize. Great app.

nick canada

Great I always liked the app but had a lot of problems with connection errors before hope that's fixed

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Uncle Sky

Love this App!

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I have been loving SoundHound since the beginning. At first I thought I would miss Shazam, but I always had issues with Shazam before not getting some songs. SoundHound has worked flawlessly. And this new update. Wow! Love the new redesign and very very interesting to see the top songs from the world or current, as well as top ones of the day...great new way to perhaps find new music.

I don't miss Shazam. I like the way the text moves through with a song which I only discovered a few weeks ago when doing a song and I thought how nifty. I actually tried out the sing into it a song and it gave me 5 choices...the first one was the correct choice.

excellent work SoundHound peeps!


Crash when search completed

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There is no paid version of this app in the store. Does this mean it is ad supported? I detest ads!


Nope, no ads, but they will link you to a music store (amazon or blackberry... your choice) to purchase music after your search. It's a great App,give it a try !


Thanks a bunch for the info!


No ads, works great

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It's ad driven. Tries to up sell music right from launch instead of just the song searched for as in prior versions.

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Doesn't recognise any song im looking for even with the update. Useless app

Shazam rules

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Does it only works with English songs?

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I tried with Hindi songs by humming and it works.

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Really like this app, always works great for me.

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First, let me thank the developer, as I love this software, overall. Glad it's on BB10.

However, strange issue. When first installed, it did live lyrics, which is very cool. Then it stopped. I even un-installed, restarted, then re-installed. Still no live lyrics. It's not a bandwidth issue, as full 4GLTE and wifi don't change this.

Looked at faq on their site and the only thing I see about this not working is it may not be available in some countries. I am in the USA, using T-Mobile (USA).

Has anyone else had this issue? Any idea how to fix this?

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Sorry, forgot to mention that I am using a Z10.

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Did LiveLyrics return with this update?

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I never had a problem with this app, it recognized all of the songs I wanted....not sure what bug fixes are included in the update since mine ran smoothly.


This App is the shiz.. Works well for me everytime.. Love it keep it up..

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So much better than Shazaam..

It's just so quick!


I love this app. Our friends run old music and try to guess before the app does

STA-100-3 v10.2.1.1055


Can you download songs from the app??

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Thanks for the info! I just updated!
With OS 10.1 didn't work very well, but with 10.2 runs much better.
My wife use Shazam on an iPhone and when we try together I see that both make the same job or have the same problems!

Sent from my Z 30


Gave it the test after the update. 8 songs ...8 correct. Nice!

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I love it and and the new updates look good. Had problems with earlier releases, dropped the Dev an email via BlackBerry World who got back to me with assistance. Keep up the good work. I don't need Shazam.

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Awesome app. Way better than soundhound. Don't miss it a bit. Nice update

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Have it! No problems so far.

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This app is great. Never had a problem recognizing songs. Until T-Mobile put out 10.2, this is all there is. No Shazam.

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Just Me

Works good for me. Happy to have BBW integration.

Need some pow.