SoundHound now available for BlackBerry 10

By Michelle Haag on 5 Jun 2013 05:42 pm EDT

Less than 24 hours ago we heard that SoundHound would be coming soon for BlackBerry 10. We're happy to let you know that it's now available in BlackBerry World as a free download for those of you on OS 10.1. If you're not familiar with it, SoundHound is a music identification app that allows you to identify original music or a singing search with the touch of a button. SoundHound is instant music and discovery.


  • Blazing fast music recognition
  • The world's only singing and humming recognition
  • LiveLyrics: see lyrics move in time with the music
  • Buy links, YouTube videos, and more!

Will you be downloading SoundHound on your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10?

More information/download Soundhound for BlackBerry 10

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SoundHound now available for BlackBerry 10



Its 10.1 OS or above. I wonder there is some specific requirement why they chose this as I know many developers mistakenly released this way and later corrected it.

Yea I bet that is the case. I build with the 10.1 SDK but test on OS 10.0.9. They probably thought that if they build with 10.1 then it won't support the lower versions but more than likely it will.

Posted via CB10 Z10

What about who doesnt know about this website and dont know how to sideload or install a leak..??? only with BlackBerry exist this problems constantly.!!

Then they won't know that SoundHound is out, and that OS 10.1 exists; until their carrier notifies them. Not so?

To solve that problem all blackberrys should be pre-loaded with a crackberry app so every user has a chance to upgrade themselves.

Hi it's not blackberry's fault, my carrier released the update 2 hours after BlackBerry Live, so the problem lies with ur carrier btw I'm in Namibia(africa) so ur carrier really does not have a valid excuse.

It's 100 percent carriers. BlackBerry sends the updates to the carriers then they release it to us. Doesn't matter what country you're in.

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So what is your reason. You think BlackBerry wants to punish Americans and has requested the carriers delay the update as much as possible? All other carriers around the world have already released the update. I agree with you that BlackBerry should put more pressure on the carriers to release the update ASAP..

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10.1 has been available to download for WEEKS from my carrier for now.


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I hate Verizon! It is insane that we are still on the same OS that they launched the phone with.

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Aldready did, tested and shared ;). Very important app for me, great to see it native.

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It would be great if it pointed to the native store to purchase the tracks though - right now it directs you to amazon to purchase. Great native app though!

Decent for a first rev. I would like to see the ability to delete the history as well as some other options. Thanks SoundHound!

Bye Bye Shazam, you just lost a customer. Soundhound has stepped up and risen to the task of coming to BlackBerry 10. Round of applause for Soundhound!!

I second that!! BYE BYE SHAZAM....i have been emailing them every week and there response is not plans for BB10. Love it the void has been filled!!! Lets get those other voids filled now.

Awesome news! I just downloaded and installed it. It's batting a perfect game so far on the songs I have thrown at it :)

WOW the live lyrics while the song is playing is awesome. Try it out, leave the song playing after its identified and watch it scroll away the lyrics in sync!

Yeah, just downloaded it and was doing some testing on some pretty obscure 70s songs on my PC and not only did it identify the song correctly the lyrics started to scroll. Blew my mind! haha

Why is this app so hyped?? Its a music identification app, sure, that's cool. But, is this actually in demand?
Either way, im glad its been released. Good for the app ecosystem. Just not sure why theres been so much hype over it.

Not a productivity app but it will get daily use by many users and enough use by others to be on the first page. I've reached for it a few times before it's release so I'm happy to see it here.

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Well, it was natural to have Shazam on BBOS 7, convenient to identify music playing in clubs etc. Now that Shazam did not move to BB10, I was really waiting for SoundHound. And I guess a lot of people were too.

It was essential for me. I don't have a lot of games on my Z10,so I can tell you it's not a toy, but this app I needed. I use a lot of streaming radio with my phone and sometimes depending on the app or station, I don't get to see some song titles. So having this app to go along is perfect. Now I can finally Stereotube the songs I want to hear again and again but couldn't without knowing the title or artist.

Must be for 10.1...heard AT&T is rolling out update as we speak. Hope that's true, cause i need to catch up on a lot of updates!

I love SoundHound, so glad to be able to use it again!!! So many good apps finally rolling out and I couldn't be happier! Blackberry will be #1 again!

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Works like a charm but lacking the level if functionality of Shazam on my old 8520 but so long as it can get me the name of that awesome track playing in the local supermarket then that's good enough ;)

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Not sure what is far as I can see it has the ability to detect a song, it remembers your history, it can do lyrics it previews, it has real time playback, you can share from it...this is better than Shazam.

I'm very happy :) Thank you SoundHound!

By the way, not that I am complaining, but I would have paid for this app ;)

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Thank you Sound Hound! Appreciate the app support we're seeing on BB10.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

Lol! Yeah I royally failed too. But it did a great job of picking up obscure music and listening for the lyrics to scroll along with the song.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

Why don't you American call Verizon and bit*h and complain about not getting 10.1 software update. This is unacceptable.

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

And for all the cheapskates out there, it's free! I would gladly have paid for this app, can't understand why it's free.

There are now ZERO things missing in BlackBerry appworld for me.

Who has 2 thumbs and is completely satisfied... this guy

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

By the time I get 10.1 on my ATT Z10, there will probably be several music ID apps released......not happy here!

Fantastic app! Love it when the singer hasn't even started singing yet and Sound Hound already manages to name the song!

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Why doesn't the title read "SoundHound now available for BlackBerry 10.1"? This is about the millionth article I've read some app is "available" when it's actually not.

SoundHound and it's live lyrics is awesome. I used to use Shazam but SoundHound has stepped up to the BB10 plate and there's no looking back.

As for those not having 10.1, there are plenty of leaks out there to install. Should you have to install these leaks because the carriers won't get off their asses, no. But if you really want something, you'll find a way to attain it. So stop complaining.

Go download it and let's show them how much we appreciate them coming to #BlackBerry10

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Awesome! I was missing Shazam from my BB6/7 devices very much. I'm happy to have something new to ID tunes again! :)

Well, Shaazam is dead to me now!

This app is way better than Shaazam EVER was!!!! So fast and live lyrics is AWESOME!!!!

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OR on your phone, but it doesn't have to be used for that. Basically useful for when you hear a song (from any source) and would like to know the song name/artist/album/lyrics/where to buy, etc.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

Dammit!! Come on AT&T with 10.1!! Very frustrated with these carriers. Been waiting for this and Skype but can't download either because I'm still on 10.0.

Posted via CB10 on my fabulous Z10

Yeah you can bet I will as soon as at&t release the 10.1 update.

This is one of the Apps that I been waiting for and I can't live without!!

Hurry up at&t, please!!!!

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Just emailed Soundhound support about the possibility of buying songs through BlackBerry App World instead of Amazon. Got this reply within minutes:

At this time you can only go through the Amazon store. We’re looking into the BB App World integration and hope it’s available soon.

Great stuff !!

Posted via CB10

That'd be awesome and definitely beneficial to both services. If the dev keeps updating the app with features like this I could definitely see BlackBerry slapping a "Built for BlackBerry" label on it.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

Shazam was 99% accurate on anything EDM. Sadly I just fired an email to soundhound letting them know that I played 5 top edm hits right now 10 times each. Soundhound only captured correctly 2 of them each time. :/. But I'm hoping this gets remedied. Love the live lyrics. Surprised it's free. iOS users get free basic unlimited with adds and premium without adds +. Lol.

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Awesome... closer to being complete in the app department... Skype native would be so good.

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I checked the update for my Z10 of Att, but I'm still at the 10.0
So this app require 10.1?
And any body has link of new version for Z10 Att?

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i am so over Carriers & BlackBerry in the USA.... WTF!!! Late to every damn thing!!!

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You can even use Soundhound on songs you're playing from your device. I just soundhounded a song I was playing on my Q10. Watching the live lyrics while the song plays in an active frame

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awesome, native app and everything. Damn todays shaping up to be a good day. Im glad you can share right to remember to make a list of songs to download at a later time.

Read the first first few words scrolled straight to the bottom and went to download :)

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Can I hear somebody say BLACKBERRY!!!!! People keep saying no apps no apps just a few more months and we'll see what they will say then.

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Ok so update. In direct side by side comparison using soundhound on the z10 and shazam on my 9900. I tested 126 edm tunes for capture ratio. Results as follows
Shazam 124 correct song names but it didn't get the correct remix version on 12 of 20 remixed tracks
Soundhound had 113 correct song names however it got 19 of 20 remix versions correct.
Shazam wins on overall capture

That was for edm or electronic dance music

I then tried 29 jazz and r&b tracks. Results as follows
Shazam 26 of 29 correct
Soundhound 29 of 29 correct
Soundhound wins

Next up was rock classics 30 tracks
Shazam 29 of 30 correct
Soundhound 29 of 30 correct

Lastly was country modern 10 tracks

Shazam 9 of 10
Soundhound 9 of 10

Where do I stand as a dj. Overall I'm impressed with soundhound and its ability in real instrumental music capture however I would love to see its capture rate on edm to be higher.

That's my personal and professional opinion. And Ko I wasn't paid for this opinion. I hope this helps.

Bottom line however is this. Shazam didn't create a native app yet and soundhound has. That means that regardless we will all be using this app.

If shazam was out I perhaps I would be able to provide a more in depth and accurate test on os10.1.


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Great review! Be sure to leave some feedback on BlackBerry World as well so other users can read it. I'm not seeing any reviews up yet but I submitted one and expect it to show hopefully by tomorrow.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

Glad to see that we getting more main stream apps. But not available for my z10 in the USA.

Posted via CB10 on T-Mobile USA

I like it but it only works on wifi for me! It keeps saying couldn't complete the scan network error or something when I try to use my data connection! Z10STL100-3/ Rogers

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This may just be my imagination. But I tried soundhounding some songs and I got the error saying it didn't detect noise. Granted, I'm sitting on my couch and my TV isn't that loud. But I swear when I shazamed on my ipod touch and old blackberry it detected noise easier. Anyone else notice the difference?

Posted via CB10

Damn. I got hyped up for this and then read its not available on my cell. 10.1 can't come soon enough!

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Beautiful app, got it as soon as I heard the news, and definitely don't regret it :-D

Posted via CB10

Wow! 268 reviews with an average of 5 stars! In less than 6 hours!!!
Good job at beating Shazam to BlackBerry 10.
Very good app!!!

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This is fuckin' awesome! I would have gladly paid for this, I'm glad it's free... although I wonder if they are missing out on some revenue (where's the donation page?). I would definitely donate to support these guys now. Hey Shazam: you just lost a loyal user. #shazamgofuckyourself

Unfortunately, didn't identify Crash Vegas songs (neither did Shazam) or Bahamas songs from his first album.

If these programs can't identify semi-obscure music, what's the point?

Posted via CB10

Finally! I am so happy :). It works very good on my 10.1 Q10. Really grateful to soundhound for keeping their promise and bringing a super app to BlackBerry OS10. However, I am stil shocked that shazam still refuses to bring their app on OS10; but who needs shazam when we have soundhound?

Posted via CB10 on my awesome Q10 !

Sometimes it says mic volume is low and I have to restart the app and it starts working again. But yeah, it's native!

Posted via CB10

Great to have something like this available for the Z10, but it seems to struggle. Have had to restart it a couple of times.

Hey everyone it's great that blackberry are really pushing out the apps that they have promised and this Sound hound is a sweet addition. Oh and my response to those still stuck on carriers that are slow to push out their updates is to simply use a trusted leak and avoid the frustration, you'll be glad that you did.

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Wow. Soundhound is far better than Shazam imho. After it identifies the song it finds it on YouTube which you can quickly save to your YouTube play lists. Using the "StereoTube" BlackBerry 10 App, you can then play those songs like a jukebox whenever you want. Amazing.

Posted via CB10

Haha I just D/L it! And sang to it "I tried" by Akon and Bone thugs. It said failed but it actually found it!!! From only 1 line I horribly sang to it! Impressed!!!

Posted via CB10

Finally, this type of App has been sorely missed seeing Shazam coudn't be bothered. Thanks SoundHound