SoundHound coming to BlackBerry 10 'very soon'

By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2013 06:50 pm EDT

SoundHound, one of a few music identification services out there, has been pretty vocal about their upcoming support for BlackBerry 10 as of late. Previously, they let everyone know a version of the app was forthcoming through their customer support emails plus, during BlackBerry Live they were among the list of new apps announced but no timeframe for release was given. Now though, the conversation has changed from the normal 'we're working on it' to a slightly bit more pleasing 'it's coming very very soon'. I know a lot of people have been waiting for an app like this, so it'll be great to have it finally arrive.

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SoundHound coming to BlackBerry 10 'very soon'


knock knock.
whos there?
sound hound
sound hound who?

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Having used both on other devices, I prefer Sound Hound to Shazam. Very happy to hear it's getting some BlackBerry love!

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I switched from Shazam to Soundhound on my android. Never returned. This is fantastic news!

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SoundHound is better as you do not have to wait for the timer to finish before it identifies the song and the app has some robust features. But I think SoundHound does not have a free version.

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I sent a request to the shazam team and the response was they have no plans in the foreseeable future but keep checking. Pffft. No time for lame arse replies like that. From what I'm reading seems people who switched prefer soundhound. Over shazam so i hope it's as good if nit better.

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Shazam is dead to me....Once I heard SoundHound was developing for BlackBerry10, I had my wife install it on her iPhone. We were both avid Shazam users, but now we will never go back.

Great work losing customers Shazam!!

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Good app on my Archos 7. It'll be great not to have to fire up the Archos (much slower than my PlayBook...okay, no comparison, though I still like using it for some things) when I want to identify some music.

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Much higher is a bit of a stretch when it comes to apps and games. Canadian here too, and the prices are only a matter of cents off, if at all.

This is correct. It's better that way, if you don't remember the name of a song but you know how it goes you can hum or sing it and it identifies it.

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I hope so.

Hey do you have any app development skills? I'm looking for a developer to help put together a free app that is guaranteed to be HUGE. Honest.

I can't pay a fucking dime however it will look amazing on your resume. And if I ever monetize it (wink wink) I will give you credit. Whoops... props!! I will!!

So DM me dude. And let's get started cos there is a LOT of unpaid work I need you to do.

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There are a lot of large free apps. Having users pay for the app is not the only way the developer can generate revenue.

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I totally agree. And will totally pay you one day.

So... how 'bout it? I figure 6 mos work tops! Dude... did I mention this will look sweet on your resume!?!

I can see it now: top free download. Sigh.

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I loved Shazam on my Torch 9850. Will take any service of this nature at this point, but am happy it's SoundHound, based on what I heard about it.

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Never used it but I have used Shazam over the years. Since they beat Shazam to the BB10 party I will definitely download once available, paid or not.

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Mos Def. Loved Shazam but due to there refusal to support bb10 will switch to Sound hound and never look back

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I agree totally. I emailed Shazam last month asking for BlackBerry support and they replied that

"Hi there,

Thank you for contacting the Shazam Customer Services Team.

We are constantly evaluating new platforms for Shazam and Blackberry 10 is one of the platforms we are still evaluating. The BB experience has not been as good as other platforms and we want to ensure all versions we release are of the same great standard we are proud of.

For now, our service is currently unavailable for your device but all details of devices we do cover is on our website,, or on the Stores or Marketplaces you would purchase our application from.

Our apologies for any and all inconvenience caused but keep an eye out for future releases."

So as yall can see don't look for them to join up anytime soon.

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In other words, they have no idea that BlackBerry 10 is not similar to the previous BlackBerry OS versions.

Been waiting for a music ID app to make it to BB10. Now for BlackBerry News and the transition from 9800 to Z10 will be complete.

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Don't hold your breath
Heard BlackBerry were going to stop BBNews soon so don't expect a BB10 client

It is a shame as it is one of my most used Apps and the reason I keep my 9900 beside my bed. The best App for keeping up to date on any news subject.

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Sweet I'm hoping for Q10 support. I still need to "name that song" sometimes.

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Loved shazam but if they don't want me I don't want them.

please take my money soundhound and thank you

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Though I prefer Shazam, I can't wait for this to arrive since I NEED a music identification app like this one. See, different strokes for different folks.

Only have 2 apps on my most wanted list that ain't available yet for Bb10, that's Flip board and Instagram. Hoping they come up with native apps.

Impressed by the Sound Hound developers, that's very good news.

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Finally getting music identification. Really missed the service.
Thank you soundhound.

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This will be the first app I will pay for on my Z10 :)

BlackBerry Z10- I use it for a phone and a computer :)

Need an app like this, I really did not realize how dependant I became to shazam. Lol everytime I wanted to search for a song, ii hated life. Lol

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This is great. Sound Hound on ios is way better than shaman. I hope this is as good as sound hound for ios.
The announcement is proof that these guys are doing good things. I'd love it if they bring the lyrics that play with the music function. Very cool indeed!


Payed for SayIt and star traker. Will support the app makers that are supporting BlackBerry.

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Here is their response to someone's question about whether it'll be native or a port: "@rajdeepmalhi It is a native BB10 app. :)" I like that even though the question was: "will it be Native or an Android port?" note the question asks in future tense, *will* it be native, while the answer is in PRESENT tense, it *is* a native... I know this might sound minor to most, but the way people refer to things like that really tells more than you might think. :-) Either way, it's a good sign.

Um, if that's what you took from my statement, then, uh, sorry...

What I was saying is more in psychology than in grammar. But thanks for noticing anyway...

Can't wait! That day in which I finnally have SoundHound in my Z10, I'll feel absolutely completed about Apps!

I concur. Soundhound even recognizes the songs that aren't so well known, where as Shazam sometimes does not.

I have SoundHound on my iPad. Having it on my my BlackBerry z10 is a welcome treat. Way to go BlackBerry 10.

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I'm so happy to hear this news. This is one if the few amps I have been waiting for.

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Can't wait for it, but I have a question in regards to what we're some of the apps that was mentioned at blackberry live

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About time. Seeing as Shazam had no interest in the near foreseeable future to provide a native app. Pity. I so liked Shazam.

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I hope it ties into BlackBerry World so that music can be easily purchased after recognising a song, just as Shazam and 7Digital were on my Torch.

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Finally! I was looking forward for shazam, but seems that there not interested in BB10, so I'll definitely get soundhound!

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I switched over a couple years ago. SoundHound blows the doors off of the Shazam app

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I used Soundhound on my Android Tablet and I can safely say that it is a superior app and better than Shazam. Day one download for me

So grammar lessons provided by slagman5 aside, how about everyone actually check the spelling of what they type before they hit enter. It's so annoying to see horrible speeeling!!!!! Lol. Like that. See it's annoying. Spelling takes but a second to double check but imagine the peace and tranquility others get by not attempting to decipher what you wrote. It states a lot about you. I'm not included as i have a forgiveness pass that permits me to make idiotic spelling and grammatical errors. Cheers. Do the happy dance

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Yay. This is good news. I don't know sound hound but I think this will be satisfactory

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I use to love shazam . They have however played the fool and not given bb10 any love. So I'm glad to hear these guys are helping us out :)

Sound hound here I come

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Awesome! I have been waiting for this app! Glad to see great apps like this coming to BB10! Slowly but surely getting better and better for BlackBerry!

That's amazing news. I kinda hope it's better than shazam so I never care again if they support us or not. Just hope they can have the same kinda promotions that are run through the radio and shazam. Still can't wait :)

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Shazam does have a better database since they signed a deal with But this is still great for blackberry

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Time to sound off on Shanzam again and find out yet another excuse! Looks like this might be the answer we have all been waiting for.

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Excellent. I'd be happy to pay SoundHound for it. Hoping they generate enough revenue that Shazam will be kicking themselves. BlackBerry users (hopefully) are a demographic that aren't afraid to fork over a few bucks for quality apps.

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Awesome. Can't wait. That's one thing BlackBerry has been missing. Song recognition. Sweet.

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Shazam was good on BB7, but much slower than it was in iPhone. Let's hope this service when it comes compares in its quality

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Finally! Has been a long wait since the BlackBerry 10 launch where it was first announced.

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This is a great move by SoundHound and another lost opportunity for Shazam. I can't help but reflect on a recent New York Times article which bemoaned the myopic vision of silcon valley and the lack of vision from software developers that live in this bubbled universe. Good to know that there a few companies that haven't fallen this this trap.

This looks to be a great addition to the app catalog. I'll install it as soon as it's available.

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Why do some of you complain when you have to actually pay for an app? Most are ONE freakin dollar a few might be 5 or 6 dollars. Really? a few dollars is to much to spend?
Before anyone say a word, No! Im not an app developer but I am a small business owner. people bitch when they are asked to pay and complain when its free but covered with ads. LOL

Let's support those that support BlackBerry. If Shazam doesn't care about the BlackBerry community, and SoundHound does, then my money follows as well. Besides, SoundHound is much better than Shazam (IMO).

Happy to give my $ to sound Hound. Forget shazam. Even if it comes out later on bb10 it's too little too late.

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Good...Shazam is on the sidelines with bb10 so my money is on who goes in got my $$ Sound Hound. screw shazam

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Having never owned an iOS / droid phone, I've never had the pleasure of using such an app...Definitely looking forward to this app!

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