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SoundHound for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.1.0.0

By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2013 06:46 pm EDT

If you've been holding out for some improvements to the music discovery app SoundHound on BlackBerry 10, today is your lucky day. A new version is currently filtering through BlackBerry World and should be arriving on devices shortly assuming you're not already seeing it as available. The update has a small, but welcomed change log while the version number itself gets bumped into

  • Added delete functionality to history
  • Save searches as pending when there is no network
  • Faster and improved search
  • Bug fixes

Indeed, a few things added there that many folks have been asking for. If you've not yet given SoundHound a run or are just looking to update, hit the link below to get it downloaded for yourself.

More information / Download SoundHound




Posted via CB10 using my Zed10


Nah nice updates. B1aze. Spotcast updated to v2.0 also

Posted via CB10


Compre overhaul of the UI! Can't decide if I like this one or the old one more :p

This one's certainly prettier though xD

Posted via CB10


Agreed definitely need to play with the app (Spotcast) more to get use to the UI

Posted via CB10


It's amazing how every time I read one of Bla1ze's app posts and immediately get the notification. Scary man! :p

PROUD owner of a BlackBerry 10!


Sound hound is cool

Posted via CB10



Z10STL100-3/ via CB10



Love my Z10


Delete history was the only feature missing for me. Now I have no complaints. Way better than Shazzam.


Awesome to see them updating it.

Posted via CB10


Great. I reported a bug earlier that it can't share song titles with non English characters. Now it can!


My biggest issue with SoundHound was that when you wanted to purchase a tagged song, it took you to Amazon's MP3 store, which is unavailable in Canada. This update uses BB World, as God intended.



That's has just made my day.. that was really my only beef with SoundHound..

Posted via CB10 using my Zed10


Ditto for me. I gave up trying as the link to Amazon gave me a 'not available for mobile' error message. I already made the upgrade but did not realize this was fixed. Thanks

Posted via CB10


Excellent. These incremental updates are what continue to build up the BB10 platform. Nice to see the app using BB World for music purchases.


Very cool app. Love the live lyrics that come up.

Posted via CB10


My favorite part is the fact that the phone vibrates now once it has found the song. This may seem trivial, but it's nice for while you are driving or doing whatever.

Posted via CB10


Got the update earlier in the day, being faster have got to make an already good app better. Thanks Soundhound!


I prefer Shazam side-loaded, which is now working on OS 10.2 with the new Android player! It finds more samples, that Sound Hound can't find.


True, but Shazzam will limit the amount of searches you can do in a month (or at least it used too). Sound hound doesn't.


Still does NOT support edge networks. Sideloaded android app works though. I find it stupid that they can't fix this bug


In my experience Soundhound rarely finds the track that I want whereas Shazam almost always did. On a side note, my history has gone since the update.

Posted via CB10


Love Sound Hound and new update makes it even better!

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10


Soundhound is one of my favorite app in my z10! It basically completes it. It pisses me off when I read the comments, people always complaining how shazam is a LOT better than Soundhound, like come on man WE'RE ALL LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE IT! Lol Oh and for all those people who are saying that it doesn't recognize your're doing it wrong.

Posted via CB10


What is the right way to do it , according to you?

Posted via CB10


It simply doesn't recognise the same amount of songs that Shazam does.


I guess put it right next to the speaker and hope it gets it lol but seriously I know shazam is better without a fact but don't take this app for granted...

Posted via CB10


Does anyone have crash of this app after Sound Hound detect the song ?

Posted via CB10


Sound hound needs to update their library. So many of the latest songs are missing. Very unreliable. Initially I liked it and felt it was better than Shazam but don't feel the same now. My Shazam on my older BlackBerry recognized every song that Sound hound didn't...:(

Posted via CB10


Why did it stop showing lyrics as song plays

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I still have the issue that ask for check the network when I'm out of wi-fi :(

Posted via CB10


Shazam 100x better

Posted via CB10


I don't want to read about Shazam, this comments are for SoundHounder's. Thank you.

Now. Love the Update. Whoop whoop.

Started from the bottom with my Z10 ...


Sounds great! I have to see if it pops up on my update list...


How exactly does this update let you save searches when you don't have Internet? I see no option for pending searches. Someone know how to activate this feature?

Posted via CB10