Music lovers rejoice - SoundCloud hits BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 20 Nov 2013 03:02 am EST

First things first - let's all pretend my previous post was a figment of your imagination. Clearly getting up early is impairing my eyesight so here is attempt number two! The popular music streaming application SoundCloud is now available for BlackBerry 10 and is ready for your download to all BB10 devices at no charge. 

Music fans should be all over this one as it has had huge success on other platforms and this also goes to show that app developers still must find a value in porting their apps over to BlackBerry - which is always encouraging. 

Once you download the app you will need to create an account, but this is a very quick process and you have the option to do so via email, Facebook or Google+. Then you are up and running and will have access to thousands of music tracks at your fingertips. 

It may be an Android port but it works and that's all that maters for me. Enjoy. 

Key features include: 

  • Search and discover new music & audio
  • Discover and follow diverse music & audio creators
  • Play playlists, or create your own and share them with your followers
  • Hear a stream of new tracks wherever you are; streaming audio playback over WiFi or cellular data connection
  • Record audio with one touch and easily share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr

​More information/Download SoundCloud for BlackBerry 10

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Music lovers rejoice - SoundCloud hits BlackBerry 10


Haha all that alcohol make you use the word "maters" instead of "matters"? ;) Made me LOL though. :)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Okay.. that makes more sense. I was confused, as I've had Sound Hound of my device for months already.

Posted via CB10 from my seksi Z10 (STL100-3 | OS

The app works great! Happy with this port hope they keep coming...

Minor problem (when making a user name I used a capital letter ex. Gabe09 and I would get an error I changed it to gabe09 and it worked)

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SoundNine is a plenty capable and native SoundCloud app that I've been using. it works for me, cause I don't really upload sounds much.

hopefully the feature is added soon enough for all those who do.

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That's really nice, I'm surprised. As I have written to the soundcloud support a few months ago, they said there are no plans for an Blackberry App.

It's not even a lie... they were talking about a native app!
A side loaded app is not so difficult to make for them... takes some minutes..

Posted via CB10

Yeah maybe they were thinking of a native app, i didn't mentioned it explicitly in my mail. But it's not the only thing to do a Sideload, they also have to care about the functionality and the support of the app.

Will have to test this. The sideload is missing functionality like the ability to record, and is slower than the web site app. Also, jumping to a specific spot in a song often stops working and will just restart the song at 0:00 instead of jumping to where you want to go (even if the song was fully loaded).

Hopefully this fixes those issues! I will report back.

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Other than the ability to record audio (which didn't work in the sideload), thus appears to be identical in every way.

The same songs that had issues with skipping (e.g.: being able to jump to a specific place in the song) still have that issue. Also, music still loads up much slower than it does in the Web app.

Oh well. But glad to have official support from the company none the less.

I hope BlackBerry improves performance on the runtime.

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I actually just found that notifications seem to work even if the app is not running. I'm not sure of the Android runtime needs to be running for this to work. But this seems new compared to the sideload.

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Nice quick recovery James!

Too bad the soundhound article got deleted, you put some good work into that. Well and the comments were pretty fun.

Good job James only took 20ish min to correct, dont worry it is already in the past and forgotten now I'm looking forward to playing with this app.

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Finally... now Soundcloud is here... waiting for Pandora :)

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Well i have sound nine too and i have to say that it has better graphics and it's native but what i miss a lot is the possibility to listen to my with sound cloud i can!

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Hmm. I recently checked the BB10 Browser for compliance with the HTML5 standardisation. You can test it yourself here. The score I found was 494 out of 555. It's all nominal of course--we might have to argue about the criteria which the site uses to judge strict compliance. However, no one can argue that on an indicative basis, that is a f@?!$ing promising score. The point being of course, that my judgement of whether an app is worth having on my phone often comes down to how it performs against one of the most fully-featured renderers of Web apps available. My view is that a Web app beats an Android port every time. No need to download this SC until SC bother to make a proper native version. Till then the excellent online version works very well indeed in BB10.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Not for me. Ported apps are ok for some things but why does a music app need access to everything on my handset. I deleted it as soon as it wanted access and wouldn't let me chose what access to give. I'll wait for a native app and the mobile site works a treat, no need to rush head long into a port.

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

Ohhh so is a port... NOT INTERESTED!!

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I'm MongezaurioBerry

Sweet! I was just about to buy Soundnine.

And the the apps just keep on comin!

Posted via Z10, with 10.2 envy

SoundNine is a much better option as it works as it should and the features it does have are flawless.

this Android port has recording but it doesn't work. at least when SoundNine gets recording, it'll have been coded in properly and work.

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cool but it seems that it converted from apk to bar cos its not working as fast as any other programs built for bb10...its working as if it was sideloaded !!! anybody else noticed ?

the difference don't have to sideloaded it :D that's pretty much all it is, when it's ported over more often than not they are just going to fix any bugs or random crashes with the app, not do a complete make over

Yes now I can promote my music properly so excited.

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Holy crap, for once CB announces an app that is actually on BlackBerry World with the need to have 10.2 installed.

Nice job reporting this, James!

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Number one site for BlackBerry news and updates, thanks for all the latest new apps available for BlackBerry 10. Still have my fingers crossed on Blackberry 10 coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Keep on the good work

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agreed. really want a native Pandora! Apollo is more than funky... and built on a really odd, clunky Java framework. bleh.

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OMG The first major app to hit BB10 I've been waiting for. I finally feel like there's a future for BB10 App World. Sucks that its a port but after months of waiting for something to show up I'll take anything at this point.

I downloaded it and app is not up to mark. The volume is so low that I could hardly hear anything :(. I was so excited to see this, but I m let down :x

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surprised no one mentioned the low volume output from this app, was hoping it was fixed in the port but it seems exactly the same as the side load

The website on BB10 Browser has none of these issues. Just throwin' that in there, make of it what you will ;)

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I downloaded this app and I have to say it's already at a major disadvantage not being native. It doesn't have a library of songs you would hear on the radio but a bunch of remixes other people have uploaded. I much prefer either Easytune or Skooday both of which are native.

We shouldn't lower our expectations so much that we would just be happy with any of their Android scraps.

Let me know when they make a native app CB!

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For some reason it does not appear available for my device, I wonder if it has to do with the leaked OS?

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Very awesome, but little bit laggy even so it's okay waiting for more apps hitting BB10 :)

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Sweet! My woman and son enjoy it on their Android devices. And now I have it too. Let the good times roll.

BlackBerry til there is no BlackBerry.

I've been using Soundhound since I got my Q first week of June, and have no issues. What's the big news about a ported app, when there's a perfectly good native one....only feature I can think of is the ability to record. Anything I missed?

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