Soundboard for Doctor Who updated with options to save audio and new sounds

By Bla1ze on 21 Jun 2014 10:45 am EDT

Just a little update for any Doctor Who fans who downloaded the Soundboard for Doctor Who app we recently mentioned here on the blogs. A new update is now available through BlackBerry World and apparently the developer behind the app, Daan Fransen, heard my desires to be able to set the audio files used in the app as ringtones.

Yup, in addition to several new sounds the app now allows you to download any of the audio files used, which in turn can then be set as ringtones through your device settings. Best of all, the app remains free so if you're a Doctor Who fan and just want to have some be sure to grab the update.

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Soundboard for Doctor Who updated with options to save audio and new sounds


What is this thing? This is the second article about it this week .

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.... on a roll.

Why not also reward the developer of a FREE app with additional exposure for being so quick, updating and adding requested features .... ?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

might be worth re downloading. The original app was only so-so as you couldn't really do anything with the sounds other than play them within the app.

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Note to the developer: River Song "hello sweetie" & "spoilers", gas mask child "are you my mummy" and Amy Pond "Raggedy Man" seem to be missing ;)

Thank you for making the option to save the sounds!

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I second that. These suggestions would be an awesome addition. Especially "are you my mummy".

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Mine won't save the files in the folder, it just says it did and then I look and there's nothing :/

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Make sure the app has the "Shared Files" permission
App shows the message "Sound saved to music folder!" even when it has no permission
This will be fixed with a new update