Feel like a giggle? Download Sound Board for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 15 Dec 2013 05:33 am

As it's the weekend I decided that normal rules don't apply so here's some light hearted fun in the form of Sound Board for BlackBerry 10. Before you think to yourself "What is CrackBerry doing - just another fart app" I'll assure you that this one is not only great, but native BlackBerry 10 and with only one fart!

I've been rocking Sound Board on my BlackBerry for a couple of months now and clearly it isn't an app that I use daily, but if your sense of humor is anything like mine then you'll make yourself smile, if nobody else! Anyway, Sound Board is free to download so you have nothing to lose. 

The app contains five categories, each with 15 different sounds and the reason I like this one is firstly that the sounds are really realistic - and secondly, the user interface is so nice, with colored circular tabs for each sound. 

There isn't a huge amount more to say. Just give it a go and enjoy, for your own benefit if you're not prepared to sound off in public!

Download Sound Board for BlackBerry 10



Unavailable on Z30

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Z30 is too classy for far apps.

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Sorry, that just proved my point my Z30 corrected "fart" to "far."

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I'd love to fire this up at company staff meetings, sadly I have bills to pay...

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Halifax Guy

It's nothing special. it would be nice if it had the Law and order sound.


I agree and added it as a feature request in my 5 star review of the app.

I also asked for the ability for us to have a Favorites tab where we can pick and choose the existing entries from the existing tabs.

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Unavailable for the Q5....no surprises there! :(

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no Z30 support. Retarded!


I like it! :)

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"but if your sense of humor is anything like mine then you'll make yourself smile, if nobody else!". Hahah. You're pommie. You've got a sarcastic dry humour. The object is to make the world smile not just yourself :D

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What does pommie mean??

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Ohhhh so it's racist, that's ok then

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POM = Prisoner Of Mother England

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Prem WatsApp

@ sgt_snacks64
@ loyalIND

Looks like high end and low end are missing out? Z30 + Q5

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No Z30 (n)

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R Field

Only soundboard app that was funny is the Samuel L Jackson one.

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Posted from my ZED 30 jacked up on thank you very much!!


I think this app is awesome. I want to use it on our daily work conference calls. It's missing one sound that I was hoping it had the crickets sound. That was the main one I wanted to use on our boring call.

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I can't get it for the Z30

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No Z30? That stinks more that the fact sound would make believe

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No Z30 availability? Hottest BlackBerry on the market and it's not available for it? Impressive

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OK. Not only do you need to make this available for all BlackBerry 10 devices but you need to link these into BBM. Or BBM needs to Buy this App and make it a part of BBM instead of stickers or more emoticons. Innovative? I could think of a million times now I wanted to Hadoukan my Bro during a conversation or Falcon punch my Girlfriend.

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available for Q10 ,why not for Q5???poor support by developers


Would be better if you could add this to BBM so we could add the effects to messages!!

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And when it requested permission to use my pin - well - that was it binned off :(



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Christopher Klass

I can't wait to show my son. Especially, the burp and fart sounds. My do is enjoying it, so far.

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Says it's not available for the z30?

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Not downloading keep getting a network error on z10 Z10STL100-3/

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Wish I could set some of these as my ring tones!

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