Soulja Boy repping the CrackBerry App on his new Z10!

Soulja Boy and CrackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Mar 2013 10:30 pm EDT

Less than a day after Soulja Boy got his hands on a BlackBerry Z10, he's wasted no time in finding best damn app in BlackBerry World. He just posted a new photo of his white Z10 to Instagram, and our CrackBerry 10 app is right where it should be... on his first page of apps.

It's also looking like Soulja Boy is making good use of CrackBerry's Android App Sideloading guides... with Instagram and Flipboard making their appearances. 

BlackBerry has always been popular among the rich and famous, and I'm getting that feeling we're going to see a resurgence as the Z10 hits the USA in the weeks ahead.

And since it's Friday evening as I'm posting this (while having a few drinks), I'm going to take this opportunity to say... Hey Big Name App Companies that are not on BlackBerry 10 yet... GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR AND GET ON IT! BlackBerry 10 has momentum. It's time to jump on board. NAO!



Amen to that last line!


Kevin, they certainly will get on board.
You just watch!!!!


Hey Big Name App Companies that are not on BlackBerry 10 yet... GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR AND GET ON IT! BlackBerry 10 has momentum. It's time to jump onboard. NAO!



Cant wait to get my white z10!!


I see a spark on the app, does that mean hes a member here

Kevin Michaluk

Means there's new stories for him to read... like this one :)


Anyone knows if Soulja Boy is a CrackBerry fan? =)

Love the last line especially the last word - NAO, which sounds exactly like the word in Vietnamese - nào ;)

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It also looks like the Portuguese word for no: Não.



Pull them by the ear like naughty little boys and drag them to the stores! * point at z10 and pulls their head down by the ear* NAO!!!!

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Love this post, keep up the good work Kevin!!


Even on his twitter you could see he be loving the BlackBerry z10! This is good!



that last line needs to be tweeted by the CrackBerry Nation now to all the big name app vendors!!!!!LOL!


they've no choice but to bring all those apps for bb10. soon the world will be ruled by bb..


That ooooooooo

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I like your style Kev

R Field

Great taste with the rolex and the z10 but his music makes me feel like my IQ is dropping. There are much better rappers out there.

CB10- z10


Maybe I am Mr. Soulja boy!! :-)


I have the feeling that you are...


I'm so thrilled to be involved with the promotion of Blackberry, it's a Canadian success story that has been reincarnated by BlackBerry 10. The Z10 and Q10 are just the beginning of an amazing adventure, that will propel BlackBerry to the forefront of hardware and software technology.

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Armin Osmanovic



Exactly. BlackBerry needs people like Soulja Boy to increase BlackBerry's credibility with the youth. They know exactly what they're doing.

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Soulja boy reppin' this phone
Watch that Z10 watch him rock
BB10 on that phone
Yeah said that phone would be a flop

CBK, now watch me jock
Jockin' on them haters man
When I crank that Z10 man
I Peek to the left and crank that thang
Now you....


Kevin, you should always have a couple of drinks before making a post!b

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Maybe with the surge in sales of the BB10 this coming week, BBM will get back to being as popular as ever. I hate having only 9 people on my BBM list...


actually its on the 3rd page

Kevin Michaluk

Dude. The far left icon is for the Hub. Second icon for Active Frames. Third icon is page one of apps. Totally page one.

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Yup. He be right

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Mistah Random

Crackberry has an app and nice mobile site, imore has an app and nice mobile site, WPCentral has an app and nice mobile site, Android Central mobile site from 2002 and a decent forums app but no site app fore lack of a better phrase. I'm beginning to think I chose the wrong side of the war. Lol.

Kevin Michaluk

Android Central app is coming soon. It's solid. Lots of awesome coming to all of Mobile Nations this year.

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Mistah Random

Sweet. Guess I shouldn't complain if I don't know what's going on.


Or just switch to a Z10 :D

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next week should be an interesting week

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David Hoang

They will come one by one. Can't deny the consumers what they want, and it is BlackBerry 10! The party is at BlackBerry world!

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Hahahha love the last para

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Louis Belshaw

Dayum right, amen to that!!

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My first page of apps is the second one from the left. No active frames running.

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Looks like page 3

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Kevin Michaluk

Err.. nooo... Far left icon is the Hub. 2nd icon is Active Frames. Third icon is first page of the apps. Look at the Z10 you're holding in your hand. Lol.


Another moment in which screen share becomes relevant.


You can tell he's a CrackBerrian! I saw on yesterday's post people saying he probably doesn't read the site , I guess this was his answer!


I can imagine many more celebs read this site regularly!


You know I never noticed the far left hub icon. I need to go to the opticians. Lol

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Tweeting that last paragraph to the app companies NAO! LOL :-)


I am tempted to press a "Like" button whenever I finish reading an article here in CB. Unfortunately no such button...

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Kevin Michaluk

Tap the Facebook like button at the top of the post. :)

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How long has it been since we've seen multiple celebrities repping BB like we have with the z10?

Might even be able to bring back celebrity sightings!


Am I the only one who had to Google Soulja Boy?


It's Ok UT just shows your level of life. It's good.

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No I had to as well.

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Yeaaaah booooiiii

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Hey, Soulja Boy!
Welcome to CrackBerry!
Welcome to The Cool! ;)


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#GetWithBB10!! Woot!

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This publicity is what BlackBerry needs. This is free celebrity publicity, the best kind! Soulja boy!

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Soulja Boy = Soldier Boy ?


he ain't got what it takes to be a soldier,,, he just raps about killin' them...


You tell then Kevin. We need apps now!


hey DeAndre Cortez Way/AKA solja boi,,, how 'bout making a nice big donation to & & ,,, i'd say 500k apiece oughta do it since you're "flyin' with Peter Pan with all that green" & talkin' about killin' our vets,,, that's the least you can do,,, or better yet, sign your name on the dotted line & get your ass in a foxhole with the rest of our people over there...


I personally don't think this is the kind of person you want to have promoting BlackBerry,,, let alone giving him ANY publicity...


How many more times are your going to post this in the comments section? ONCE WAS ENOUGH!!!!!!


as many times as it takes,,, i'm making a point here for those that can't be,,, apparently you don't see the point...

Josh Brolin

So where are all the people who were calling soulja boy stupid and how he was too stupid to sideload apps? Now you think he might be reading this site its all smiles now .soulja boys one picture is worth more to bbry exposure than anything alicia keys has done so far.


If one's got a white BlackBerry, why can't it be called WhiteBerry? That's what iI call mine


I don't get why one crackberry member is relying on tmz, if they are even accurate at all, to out him based on rumors made up possibly by some mocking website that spreads rumors, or amplifies them when it happens? I don't care what he did in the past, this is good publicity!!!!


that's your choice,,, it's just not on tmz,,, that's just the link i used to make the point of what this guy is like,,, apparently you're ok w/ a guy that talks about killing service people, given he's never served a day, & i'm guessing you neither,,, this was a big deal when it happened & it shows, i think, just how short our memories can be,,, this was/is not rumor,,, this is fact,,, & if, as a vet, i feel this is a piss poor person to give publicity & promote a brand, then that's my choice...


I am also a vet and I defend his right to make crappy music. People do these types of things to stir up controversy and gain interest. Ignore him and he's in the bargain bin next week. When did our military become so whiny over non issues like this?


if you consider bringing to light his talking about killing our service people whining rather than defending my position,then you've missed the point also,,, frankly, i'm surprised, even saddened, how complacent people seem to be...


Dude, who shit in your pie? Who cares about what he says in his raps, did he actually kill a veteran? I'm guessing no because he would have been locked up. So chill out. This really isn't the place to discuss that anyways. If you really want to get your point across about Soulja Boy you should reach him or his management, preaching in a website about phones isn't really the best starting point. Good soil helps the seed grow, and as far as your seed goes, this is Sahara dry my friend.


I find it redundant to have the phone app icon on the page of apps. The phone button is always at the bottom

Josh Brolin

I think cbk is a bit star struck, this soulja boy is not a good person to champion for using a z10. This guy instagrammed a picture of "dinner" which included a picture of codeine beside it,all this while the other idiot lil wayne is in hospital for codeine seizures. He also instagrammed a picture of his iphone 5 which he says he loves.


LOL Crackberry is getting excited over a one hit has been commercial rapper having their app? hahahahaha


Much ado about nothing. You gave this moron more exposure than he already had.