Soulja Boy Instagrams photo of BlackBerry Z10 running Skype Beta

Skype (Beta)
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Mar 2013 08:28 pm EDT

We don't have the back story on the photo (above) that Soulja Boy posted to Instagram tonight, but I'm guessing the Porsche Design BlackBerry in the background is his, while the Z10 in his hand belongs to somebody from #TEAMBLACKBERRY. With the BlackBerry Z10 hitting the USA next week, it makes sense that some celebs and VIPs would be receiving early demos. 

The real question is... what's the bigger bling in this picture? The chain on Soulja Boy's wrist, or that copy of Skype Beta at the bottom right corner of the home screen. Personally, I'm going to say it's Skype!


David Hoang

Sorry I can't agree on this one. Definitely his chain. Lol.

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Yeah that chain is crazy! You probably could buy a few Z10s with that chain.


Rockin a white Zed 10, booya!!!

I'm looking forward to the US launch as I think it'll mean Skype is just around the corner.

Bring it on!!!

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The only app I really care along with BB Travel. You cant really blame app developers when even BlackBerry didnt release all its apps to BB10 yet..


I love BB Travel. I am amazed it hasn't been released yet. What's BB's excuse? Get on it!


Im waiting for BB Traffic. I guess RIM is hoping they can be sideloaded like everything else.


Nice catch Kevin!

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I have that on my PlayBook and Dev Alpha. It's just an older Skype version that was sideloaded. Before you ask me to share the BAR, it's not fully functional, so wait for the official release.


I have the same SkypeBeta on my Dev Alpha.
It's just an older Android version.

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Hope this means that we will have skype bey the time BB10 launches in the states.


Ive never used skype before but will give it a shot if its a good app coming to BB10

Young Z

I never use to use Skype either until recently when I had to start calling the US from Canada a lot.

They have a great Unlimited Canada/US deal for $2.99 a month that allows you to make calls to land lines and cellphones. Also, if you go for 6 or a yearly plan, it's like 30% off. Been using it for 6 months and I think MS is actually getting this right.

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Good to hear for all those Skype nuts out there


Also an Evernote app visible!!


It could be a sideload as I have it too.


what's the point of separate evernote app if evernote is integrated into remember where you can store text, voice, picture, just about everything?

The Me

Haha, evernote is already deeply integrated in the OS...

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Either that Z10 is huge or Soulja Boy has tiny little hands. Either way, I can't wait for Skype to show up to the party!

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Maybe it's the juxtaposition of that HUGE bracelet and the z10...


Try holding your BB the way he is. I think the bracelet's playing tricks on your eyes


If you notice, there's instagram in the social media folder. Either someone sideloaded it for him, or it's a beta too! (but there's also Google Navigation on the grid too, sideloaded prob).

world traveler and former ceo

great news!!.. Would be amazing to see Blackberry launch Skype and Instagram very soon!! ...


Did nobody but me notice the other apps he has going on? Google maps and Instagram is in the social media folder!


He's still relevant?!


Yes 2.3million followers says he still relevant


Im I the only one that see Instagram to the left inside a folder?


Kevin did the Google Navigation icon honestly not give you enough of a clue that this is beyond any bit of doubt side loaded? -.-


That icon looks exactly like Blackberry Navigator on my 9930.


That is an old android port of Skype, video doesn't work.


Yeah, I was just about to say. Theres nothing special about this picture in terms of "Skype" being on the phone. It could easily be a Android Port. But that is one good looking chain!


Skype beta, cool.

Don't get too excited about the rest though, he's not an idiot guys. I'm sure he can figure out sideloading like the rest of us.

I'm pretty pissed, he has a z10 and a white one at that....WITH NO VERIZON BRANDING!!! :(


If it is verizon, skipe is pushed to verizon units i heard....somewhere on CB.....

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If this is indeed an old android port at least one good thing came out of it. We now know you don't have to be a "Crackberrian" to be able to sideload and that it is a feature being used by many.


I had to carry a GSII while visiting the US so I could use Skype on WiFi to make calls... good lord I absolutely HATE skype on Android and on Windows Phone, it's bearable on iPhone, but I am weeping because skype on BB10 will be the Android port.... I pray a TAT employee will fly to wherever the main Android development (and BB10 development) of Skype takes place and rain down some righteous anger on them if they eff this up.


I also have the same Skype (BETA) app side loaded.

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Where did U get it?
Mind to share?


Me too, but its not working


Pretty sure that looks like a sideload of an old skype....if you pay attention to the one on Andrew Bocking's screen when he was sharing his screen at the launch event, you can see skype, but it doesn't have the word "BETA" next to it. You can see it here:


I wonder if whoever owns that device sideloaded that Chase Bank app, as it currently isn't offered, and Chase has said that they will discontinue the app in April...


What. Are you serious. I was looking forward to a chase app.

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Yeah, my sister is a banker at Chase and they were given a memo a month or two ago, telling them that JP Morgan Chase would be pulling the app from App World and that the current Chase app on legacy devices would cease to work in April (I think like the 20th or 21st, if I remember correctly).

I have the Chase app on my 9900 and 9810, and it still works great. But if you search in BlackBerry World, you'll see that it's already gone. It's really annoying though, because there's no reason a BB10 phone couldn't deposit a check using the camera. I guess the browser will have to do, unless Chase changes their mind down the road..


I have a Chase App too on my 9900. I Finally figured out how to take the picture correctly to deposit checks on the phone! They can't do this...maybe it's just where you're from. Hopefully that's the case. I 'll have to ask my Chase Bank here in Texas.


hey did anyone notice it has a calendar app! but on a serious note, what did he take this pic with? a crAPPLE?


I can see blackberry leading the smart phone
world again after seeing the s4 unveiled. Go blackberry is your year.


I call sideload. Everything on the bottom row is exactly how it looks on my friends Z10.

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Side load people....

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Good point on that Chase app..if they're discontinuing it then is that a sideload, browser shortcut, or are they making an official on for bb10 they haven't announced?


If I'm not mistaken, didn't Soulja Boy pay/ask for someone from the CrackBerry team to send him a device? We all know Soulja didn't sideload anything himself.


I noticed the Porsche BlackBerry nearby too

Ahmed Hanif

I got Skype beta .Bar from the reader site.

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What if it's side loaded.



I also have the same Skype (BETA) sideloaded. Spoiler: Doesn't work.

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Oh dear! That chain is huge!

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The comments on Instgram are hilarious! A whole bunch of people dissing the Z10 while trying to sound "street".


I really really dislike Soulja boy and what he has done to hip hop... but I love the fact that celebs reppin BB :D


he also had some words to say about vets overseas while dressed up in a costumy uniform,,, let him & his stupid bling get their asses in a foxhole in the afghani mountains & see what he has to say then...


I have Skype beta ported as well... doesn't work for me. getting network issues- can't login, says can't connect to server

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Same, I have a sideloaded beta version. It doesn't work.

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Also evernote and chase bank app and instagram in the social media folder.


Good God, who gave this twat a Z10?


Was the porch black berry in the pic a z10?

I hear from my man on the inside BlackBerry travel drops tomorrow!


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Skype would be nice but I want BB travel and protect. Currently I have the Bold 9780 and as a busy person travelling a fair bit I can't do without BB travel, it is the best travel app going. I am holding out for a Q10, side note my wife has the Z10 and it is a good phone, if the Q10 doesn't have BB travel and protect I won't be buying one until they do. As a business profession I could care less about Instagram or Netflix on my phone. I am one of those people who keeps Moving.


Pretty sure Protect is integrated into the OS. Check around, I was concerned about it but I found the answer I was looking for.


that z10 looks super greasy. i had the same problem with my playbook. no clue who BB uses to make their glass but it would be nice if they had some anti-smudge on the upcoming models or something. they look super greasy and dirty man, i would actually be embarrassed to release that photo to anyone with the phone looking like a grease magnet

Mr Gill

Why does this clown even have a Z10? I'd honestly rather not have his publicity.


he also had some words to say about vets overseas while dressed up in a costumy uniform,,, let him & his stupid bling get their asses in a foxhole in the afghani mountains & see what he has to say then...


Maybe that's an official Instagram port too lol

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Skype fo sho bro! YO!


If that chain is must weigh at least a few pounds.

Anyway, this is cool...I don't think he has really made any music recently at all and he may soon end up in debt, but, at least Soulja Boi will make the younger crowd want to buy a Blackberry


I'm not into SB that much but you know I like the z10 bling!


This is a good one. Hopefully, more apps are coming to z10! Blown-away.


I just want to know how he got that chase app next to the Skype app.


When has this kid been credible?? haha!


That rapper should melt down that bracelet and ask BlackBerry to make him a gold plated Z10. At least that's what I'd do.

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Can't wait for Porsche Design to get their hands on the Z10. THATS GOINT TO BE BLING!!!


I honestly rather have Justin beiber repping it than soulja boy tell Em youuuuu

Ps- watch angry boys s.mouse for soulja boy parody

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Green sweat pants with yellow strings. Now that is some crazy sh*t right there!

ramin mayar

What's a soulja boy??

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Midnight City

Yass, Z10 get those rappers fans


It's definitely side loaded.. seeing as he has "Navigation" the side loaded Google maps, as well as instagram in a folder on the left.

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Who cares...

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:/ shoooooo go away you wackasss wrapper.

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I love Blackberry Z10 but I can't tell you how much I hate Soulja Boy


Hahaha I'd suggest that it's probably the sideloaded Android app but Soulja Boy's not smart enough to sideloaded!

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I don't know. Soulja Boy has to be relatively intelligent guy. He became a millionaire when he was kid.


S.O.D Gang! If celebrity start buying and using the z10 over the iPhone you know blackberry is really back to a cool factor with this phone.

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No Kevin, the real story here is those sweats he's wearing. Looks like they came out of the 'thrift shop'. Wake Chris up will ya?!

We need another PODCAST. (and no, I won't stop asking until we get it).


I don't understand what this blog is about? Is Kevin promoting an app that doesn't even work?


You can side load Skype in 20 seconds but it will crash when you try to launch. I know for a fact the poster knows this so nice try at getting views on a post.

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Ive already commented this in the forums. But below the bbm app. Is a folder that contains instagram. Could it be? :D


not really a fan of rap 'artists' but even still.... if you think this 'solja boy' character was rockin a z10 with skype, i've got a bridge to sell you. At best, someone asked if he was fan of BB and he said sure, and he got a picture taken with a BB10 device.

Picture moment at best. Any publicity is good publicity.


Your statement is as valid as this "disagree"


Souja boy has always been a huge blackberry fan. He likely reads this website a lot and side loaded those apps himself.


I like the side loaded apps :D

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Harold Thompson

Bb travel is not important

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Really?! Well I think Netflix is not important. And it's not. To me at least. What's important to me is BB Traffic. Use it 80% of the month. And just as I rely on that app some rely on the Travel app. Just as some rely on Netflix, Instagram, or Skype. What's important to one person may not be important to the next. But that doesn't mean it's not important overall for the platform to have all the popular app's on the market.

Harold Thompson

Lol agreed that phone does look super greazzzzy

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I swear the Crackberry team never sleeps

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This one is sideloaded. I had it from some website (i forgot which one) but it doesn't work coz its outdated

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may be or that is just FaceFlow

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I have tried skype beta, it doesn't work.

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Um... Is that a google voice app?? Or the native app??


The irony is he had to use an iPhone/Android to take his Instagram photo because BB10 is yet to deliver it. Sigh.


Its just a sideload I also have Skype (beta) and instagram sideloaded.

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Oh and i forgot to mention Skype does not work. Can't connect to server error

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Louis Belshaw

Main things I'm waiting for now is Skype and BlackBerry maps to be available in Qatar.

With these, I can safely say my phone owns everybody in my company with I phones and Samsung galaxy's. They are all already jealous and want the BlackBerry Z10 over their other devices. :D

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Wish I could get the WHITE Z10 on AT&T but no.... Just big red will have it here in the states. So not fair. Unless you are a star and you can get what you want.


Great, next we need another celebrity to giv a photo op with the q10 launches and Bbry will overtake iphone in the market share


Ha Ha Ha !!
I got the same on mine ...but no one is presently speculating on it :) But forget about the chain.

I have sideloade Skype (BETA) [But its NOT WORKING on the Z10], Also Instagram, Evernote ..
I could have join my screen shot (but did figure out how it is possible now)

For the one who believe that Skype is useless ...I was working on a project in South-Africa (from Canada) and at many occurences we did 1-2 hours conference calls ...let me tell I was avoiding regular phone call. So calling there using Skype is really one on the most affordable way. I'm also using it for most of my long distance phone call in North-America for only 50$/year unlimited call


And I see Google Voice there too.


Hope he didn't want to instagram from the z10. :(.

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Winston Loh

Skype for Z10 is more bling anytime... Sweet...


He even has the Porsche BB :D


That Navigator app looks remarkably close to the one I have on my 9810, BB Navigator, mine is a Beta.


Skype it is! Loving my BlackberryZ10. :)

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Am I the only one who see's the Porsche design blackberry sitting beside him?
Looks like SouljaBoy is a Crackberry to me


Skype as a sideloaded app is cool still. The skype app that'll be in blackberry world, as confirmed by skype themselves (microsoft, inc.) Is going to be an android port well designed to run with the android runtime.