SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro updated to v8.50 - adds OS 7 support and more - 25 copies up for grabs!

SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro
By Alicia Erlich on 7 Sep 2011 10:33 am EDT

The good folks over at SOTI let us know they upgraded their popular desktop and device software to v8.50. This updated version brings with it OS 7 support, an exit option, as well as some other improvements. Pocket Controller-Pro is a wonderful application that allows corporate users and consumers to remote control their device from their PC (including my personal favorite - BBM!) as well as being packed with other great features. Changes include: 

  • Support for BlackBerry OS 7.0 In our commitment to the BlackBerry platform, SOTI is proud to support all of RIM's latest smartphones. Native 7.0 support means better application performance on BlackBerry's latest devices.
  • Pocket Controller-Pro now supports gestures! You can now perform gestures using your mouse or touch screen monitor! Swipe, scroll, and navigate your BlackBerry exactly the same way as you do with your touch-screen BlackBerry smartphones. SOTI Pocket Controller Pro for BlackBerry now gives you 100% of your device's touch screen experience on your desktop!
  • Cut, Copy and Paste using Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V! Additional keyboard shortcuts have been added to save you time. You can now use your keyboard to Cut, Copy and Paste on the BlackBerry using the normal shortcut keys that you're familiar with on your desktop.
  • Automatic Zoom! SOTI has added the ability to see the entire BlackBerry when you first connect to your device.
  • Pocket Controller-Pro now has an Exit option! By popular demand, you can now easily exit the BlackBerry application when you're not using Pocket Controller-Pro and also prevent it from starting up at boot time so it doesn't use any system resources improving your BlackBerry's performance and boot time.

Soti Pocket Controller-Pro is available for all devices running OS 4.6 and higher and for PC's running Windows 2000-Windows 7. Existing users who purchased the software within the past twelve months are eligible for a free upgrade. Both the device and desktop software must be upgraded to function properly. 

Contest: Pocket Controller-Pro is normally $35.95 but we have 25 registration codes to give away for the desktop software courtesy of SOTI Inc. To enter simply leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please remember that multiple entries will not be counted. Good luck!

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SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro updated to v8.50 - adds OS 7 support and more - 25 copies up for grabs!



This is great timing! I was thinking of buying this program but can't quite justify the need to go with the price tag on this.

Hey Crackberry, I would love a copy of this app! Especially the BBM functions. Please pick me :D

i love this and i am using it for my 9700. i asked them to make app to connect from PlayBook to BB but till now there is no such sign of developing. There are other apps already for PlayBook to remote access to BB. Hence there is no reason to excause for the technology. It may just the matter of SOTI not to contribute great effort to our community. P.S - dont count me for the contest as i already purchased since they appear first time in CrackBerry Review.

dear lord.... keyboard controls for copy/cut/paste?! gestures?! ... makes me happy in the pants. if i write on my forehead in permanent marker and walk around with it for a week will that increase my chances of winning? :3

I would love to win one of these marvels but on a Mac, so on to a better contender :). Cool features!

Just like all other contests at Crackberry AWESOME giveaway, great views. Definitely #1 source for info on Blackberrys with really good software.

Fantastic App! Would love to use my new BlackBerry Bold 9900 without even touching it.... Remembered many years ago when I was using Window Mobile and how I can control it on my laptop... now with this... sure allow me to enjoy BB in another dimension! =p

Would love to win this! It would go perfect with my Bold 9900 that I finally get in the mail today. Thanks SOTI and CrackBerry!

I would love to win one of these registration codes, I've been wanting this application since the release of version 8, but I keep missing the sales. Please pick me!

Count me in! Great looking app, could definitely use this on a day to day basis!

Thanks CB and Soti!

RIM needs to acquire this and integrate it into the OS / BlackBerry Desktop. This should be native to the OS, period.

I most say this seems to be a very profound dare I say prolific app. I cannot logicalize any reason why I would not use this application on a daily basis. With that being said please by all means consider me as a participant in the contest to receive one of your free copies of this application.

I would love to have this software. I already have the ability to access my 9780 and computer with my Playbook. Pleaseeeee pick me.

Hello, great fan of this site from Singapore here. Just switched over from the iPhone 4 to the Bold 9900. Please pick me! :D

Hey there CB community! Well, ofcourse I'm posting to try and get one out of 25 of those reg codes for this wonderful app I've only heard about from contacts on my BBM ... And since a lot of the apps' compatability are slowly becoming available to BB7, I would have gotten the old version for my tour. because I was gonna slowly work up to BB7, my plan was to get on TMo before they were infiltrated by the death star and get the 9780 that could actually get BB6 ... I'm with the few carriers that wouldn't allow BB6 on Tour device ... US Cellular!!! But ,y phone was stolen (who steals a 2year phone ... Without WiFi?!!!! Anyway, an emergency came up and wasn't able to go into TMo and start off how I wanted ... (I will still go TMo in 3 weeks) so still needed phone, short on cash at the moment, certainly wasn't going to use my upgrade for the 9650 ... So I HAD to get the 9850 .... Because to tell the truth I think 9900 & 9800/10 are awesome, come on ... The physical qwertboard is BB trademark!!!! Right now I could be typing sideways, but I'm not!!! Long story short, I would really like this app, only sorry I couldn't trial and error it on BB5 or 6, would have loved to.

have been using it since the windows mobile era... now a chance to nab it at no cost. can't loosen my grip aite?

I'd love to have this for when I'm doing school work and work work at the same time. Itd really increase my productivity.

This is a must have app for os7 devices! It would be an awesome birthday gift for me :D


Oh, my. I can visualize several ways this program could be beneficial. (Mind going 110 MPH.) While I almost never win things, it never hurts to try. Well, except bull riding, but I digress!

I had a similar app from my palm treo days, and really missed it. I would love to have this app for my bb.


I tried the free trial of this app and I love it. Its so handy and interesting. Winning a copy of this app would be fantastic! :)

I have found out about so many apps that I never knew existed. Amazing how many apps were not available on my Curve 8330 running BB4.5 LOL

I played around with this app awhile ago. Love the fact you could use bbm on your computer and leave your phone charging on its dock.
I would love to win a copy of this!!
Pick me!!!!

Awesome I'll never have to look away from again! With this I can just stay on my PC and handle all my phone business....

Have looked into it before but didn't like I couldn't exit the app. This solves that, and it would be great to pick it up for free!

WOW! Never thought this app would have a chance to given out for free. Always wanted this app since it's last version. Been saving up but yet to have enough to purchase just yet...

If there ever was an app to win it would be this one. The ability to all the things on your Blackberry from your PC while you are working or just surfing is epic. Would love to have this.

Ive sooo been waiting for a contest like this...count me in.....havent won a contest in a while......***crosses fingers***

I want one this would be awsome, i wont a contest on here before but was never contacted about my prize, but i didnt want the app i won anyway so I never folloewd up on it but this app is amazeing i would love a copy.

Wow! Amazing! :D With this app I can control SOTI's pocket!?... No, wait, is this a controller for SOTI from my pocket .-.? Aaaaaah!! This is too confusing for meee D:!!! ... *kills himself x_x*

Wouldn't mind taking another spin with this app. I got the free trial a few months back for my Torch 9800. Worked OK, but I found that navigating my smartphone with the mouse just wasn't that intuitive. Made it hard to justify the price tag. This coming from someone who laid down $40 for RDM+ (originally on my 9000, now on my 9800). Honestly, even with the new update, I'd only ever use this app enough to justify the price tag of "free".

Whoa wait, so there is an application that lets me remote access my phone like this! I was hoping for support like this through blackberry bridge as well... this would work amazing for my job!

Give me a chance to test-drive it and I know I can sell a few copies to colleagues!

Please pick me :)
I totally need this app 'cause i started using my pc headset for cellular voice calls.

Oh man, pick me!!!! I've been looking at this and it would be so nice to own, but $36 is a lot to toss to just try out something. Would love to have this, plus besides....... It has the same name as me, lol

I used to use this on my Tour when I would be in the classroom teaching High School. Stayed up to date on all my messages and didn't have to whip out my phone!

Call my name, let me control my berry on my pc like a real man. This app is the bomb, so send it my way crackberry.

This app sounds great and would like nice on my shiny new 9810
Good luck to everyone :-)