Soti Pocket Controller-Pro updated to v7.01

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro
By Alicia Erlich on 27 Jan 2011 09:05 am EST

Soti, Inc. has released an update to their desktop and device software for Pocket Controller-Pro. This updated version comes with some brand new features as well as minor improvements and fixes. If you're not familiar with Soti Pocket-Controller Pro, it allows users to remotely control their BlackBerry from their computer and comes packed with ten features to increase efficiency. If you have clumsy thumbs like me, this will make typing emails and texts a breeze. Changes include:

  • Performance - Remote Control performance has been enhanced to consume less bandwidth and be more responsive. CPU usage has also been reduced considerably.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Easily access the event log from your desktop by typing in ALT-LGLG from your keyboard; Use the Shift and arrow buttons on your keyboard to select multiple files or text for easy copying or deleting; Use the ALT button on your keyboard as if it was the ALT button on your Smartphone.
  • Smartphone Orientation Detection - Automatically updates the skin and screen of the device to reflect when the Smartphone is opened/closed or rotated all in real time!

Soti Pocket Controller-Pro is available for $35.99 for all devices running OS 4.6 and higher and for PC's running Windows 2000-Windows 7. Existing users who purchased the software within the past twelve months are eligible for a free upgrade. Both the device and desktop software must be upgraded to function properly.

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Reader comments

Soti Pocket Controller-Pro updated to v7.01


If you really need, 36 is worth to pay for it. They have promo 30% till end of Jan. You rock Soti. I'm your fan and keep rocking!

So I got the trial up an running. Seems really cool. There is a bit more lag than I would like. I am not sure how to launch the app switcher from my keyboard (hold on the menu and alt+esc do not seem to work).

We are surprised to hear about more lag as our testing showed much faster response times over both USB and Wi-Fi. Which connection type did you use? If possible kmbauer, please contact our support team ( and we can create a SOTI MobiAssist session to remote control into your device and desktop and debug this further.

Regarding the Application Switcher, a quick launch button for this feature is being worked on and will be in the next release. Alt-Esc on the keyboard is reserved by Windows unfortunately, so that can't be used. Thanks for bringing this up!

If you use the skin of the device, you can technically click on the alt followed by the Escape/Back button on the device and this would bring up the Application Switcher.

Thanks for the response. I tried the wi-fi and the USB. The lag on the WI-FI was much more noticeable. On the USB it was usable but still a short delay between clicks (less than a second but noticeable).

It is good to know about the app switcher key that will be useful). I did not care for the skin since it took a bunch of space for a virtual keyboard that is not needed since I would use my laptop keys.

The other problem I had was when I did connect via USB I go into mass storage mode so I could not use any data from my SD card (media, chat logging etc). Maybe a way I can config so that I could get around it, but this bugged me since than none of my enterprise massager chats were getting logged.

I am very impressed in what you were able to do.

I think the problem that you are facing is due to the Blackberry Desktop Software (BDS), which constantly activates the Mass Storage option on the device. So in order to remedy this problem just make sure the BDS is not running before you connect to Pocket Controller Pro for Blackberry.

How can I upgrade version for the device? seems Blackberry App World is still the same version that I installed. I'm currently using 7.00.1545 and just bought that on last december.

Hey Thetnaung,

Apologies on that as there was a slight delay in App World update. Just checked App World and the latest version is up there for you to update with.