Sorry @WestJet, that wasn't a very "Proudly Canadian" response

Not Proudly Canadian
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 May 2014 01:01 pm EDT

Earlier this month, Canada-based airline WestJet rolled out their app for iPhone, following up on their Android app which was released late in 2013. When WestJet announced their Android app, they were socially savvy about it, going so far as to embed the tweets of people complaining about their historic lack of apps into the app announcement post on their WestJet blog.

Since twitter complaints seemed to work for Android and iOS users, I'll follow the same logic by bringing some attention to @ammccloys' twitter conversation with @westjet this week regarding WestJet's development —or rather lack thereof —of an app for BlackBerry.

Shunning the idea of porting their Android app over to BlackBerry 10 (which wouldn't be a big investment and would make a lot of Canadian BB10 users happy at a minimum), WestJet further went onto explain that there are not enough BlackBerry users to justify their return on developing a native BlackBerry 10 app.

For a company that prides itself on being "Proudly Canadian", it's not exactly the type of response I'm overjoyed at reading. Also, if there's one place where there is a high concentration of BlackBerry Smartphones, I tend to find it's on Canada's airlines. Definitely on Air Canada (which has a lot of business users flying out of Toronto), and I also notice a lot of BlackBerry phones when I fly with WestJet too.

Since I'm proudly Canadian, I actually try and spread my money between both Air Canada and WestJet. In fact, just last night I dropped $1,414.65 with WestJet booking my ticket for Montreal/Miami next weekend. Good thing I didn't see this tweet until this morning. Had I read it last night I would have went with Air Canada, who was proud to release a BlackBerry 10 app.

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Sorry @WestJet, that wasn't a very "Proudly Canadian" response



What really makes me sad is that WestJet is normally pretty awesome... they even let me board early one time because I grew out my Movember 'stache!

Give 'em hell. It's all about supporting your country and the companies that make it great. I have a lot of love for WestJet also ... amazing this came from their PR team the way that it did.

Wanna add insult to injury? CB collaborator James Richardson just posted on the same day that South Africa airline just released a native application....

Way to go WJ!!

Z30 Vivo Brasil

Hmph. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, eh ?

Next family vacation I think we'll rent an RV and enjoy the countryside rather than fly ... HAHA

Maybe we need to have West Jet customers complain and say their disappointed and will take their business to another competitor that doesn't support a Canadian company!!!

That's exactly what happened with Rogers when they didn't want sell the Z30 and customers complained and Rogers listened no choice!!!

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We'll not use them anymore for my company until they have s bb10 app. Air Canada has a better loyalty program anyway

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TELUS and Rotman University just published a Canadian Mobility report and the numbers in Canada were still near 1/3 of the mobile market (27%).

Sounds to me like a Developer is just pushing their weight around. Let's rally our support and show West Jet that 'we care' and want an app for BlackBerry World.

Too bad I don't use Twitter to reply to the thread directly!

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Hopefully you can grind them to change their decision Kevin. Until then they will never see another dime from me or my extended family.

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The fact they couldn't spend the extremely minimal time to even put their Android app on BB10 is especially a low blow.

It takes all of 60 seconds to port an Android app. You don't even have to be a developer or even know anything at all about coding to do it.

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The best part is that (a) porting takes no time at all, and (b) mobile app development in general is hardly an investment.

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They can even have a simple webworks app that links to their existing mobile site. They're just stupid and lazy.

Maybe you should look at using Crackberry as a lobby group for BlackBerry.

Use the members to show numbers to the Canadian companies. Tell them that we need their apps. Once they see this, the eco system off BlackBerry will grow then followed by more sales of the bb10 devices thus more crackberry followers..

Just follow the way large business is played in the states... lobby...

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>>In fact, just last night I dropped $1,414.65 with WestJet booking my ticket for Montreal/Miami next weekend. Good thing I didn't see this tweet until this morning. Had I read it last night I would have went with Air Canada .>>

Good news you can still return the ticket and purchase elsewhere.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

...hell I would, with a note for head office that said that he didn't feel that there was much point flying with a smaller airline, and that he has booked instead with Air Canada'...

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That's a good one. West jet has lost a lot of its charm. It also has no issue screwing over small businesses that do business with it.

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...I'm not buying this explanation that these companies give anymore Kevin, maybe my reply can be yours next time they feed this nonsense to I'm more than sure you're aware, many, many smaller companies take the time to invest into a BlackBerry 10 App, why can't they, as a larger company, do the same. One such company always stands out to me as I listen to Y108 from Hamilton all day long...they advertise that their Corus radio app for Y108 at least 10 times during my day...and they always mention that it's for iOS, BlackBerry, and is getting tiring to hear this lazy go to excuse 'there isn't enough demand for BlackBerry'. I would think that every developer on BlackBerry World would disagree

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While I understand the want for either an Android Port, or a native app, I must give them credit for being transparent. Why should we shun companies for NOT building for BBRY, instead of embracing the ones who do? But moreso, how many companies tote the line to try and coddle BBRY users saying an app is coming, or it might be coming, or they will see if it is coming? Lots of companies do this and we still don't get those apps.

At least this company has the stones to say what it is, the number of users doesn't justify the need. No big deal, like you said if it bothers you so much speak with your wallet. Just like they are.

Regardless of their supposed transparency, why they decided on that course of action (or lack their of) is faulty. As someone else already posted, it's probably a developer pushing his weight around.
Your right, in the grand scheme of life, it's not a "big deal" BUT.....generally speaking, shunning companies, making noise, drawing attention etc. tends to be how services get provided. As annoying as it can be and as obnoxious as some people are about it........even if the majority don't "need" it, the squeaky wheel does tend to get the grease.

Fly Porter. They have an app and fly to more places now.

A slow climb to the top is always more rewarding. Sent using my BlackBerry Z10.

Good for you posting this. I find Canadian business are always behind the times rather than in front of it. This is a perfect example. I'm in the construction industry and find when I try to return things to a US based company its easy and instant. A Canadian company will treat you like you just robbed them. Blackberry was behind and now a head of the game. Its time for people to get back on board.

Kevin, with both WestJet and Air Canada, you have 24 hours to cancel your ticket at no charge as long as you buy from their website. Full refund, no fees. Call them and get that refund!

Hey, it's not every company that goes as bold as to say those kind of statements. +1 for zero BS response

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Well this is the response I received from them.

Your original message (5/29/2014 12:05:13 PM)
Up until today, I have ensured that every single flight is first possible with WestJet. I am a proud Canadian, who is willing to spend a little bit extra to support products made at home, voice the importance of such decisions to those around me loud and proud. I am a BlackBerry user and this goes way beyond the company being Canadian. Seeing as WestJet can't pull a few man hours together to help support a Canadian company by porting an app to BB10, tells me a different story about what I thought this company stood for. Looks like profits have clouded your judgment and cleared mine. I really hope this was an oversight on your part and do right by your decisions.
Company reply (6/3/2014 1:14:09 PM)


I think they really should consider building an app for BlackBerry. Im not even canadian but I feel it.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

I mean, when it comes to big airlines and big banks in Canada, we really don't have that many. All of them should have amazing apps for BlackBerry, ROI be damned. It's simply supporting Canada.

Not blaming the US, but blaming the general consensus in US that BlackBerry is dead, which isn't as present in Canada, but still spreads over here which gives a false reality. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

Well at least CrackBerry has a native app for BB10.
It is sad but currently BlackBerry users take up about one percent and within that one percent how many are BB10 users and within that how many are WesJet users?
Ideally I would like to see BB10 apps for everything but I learned to accept this fact and use other means to conduct my daily routines. And to be honest, it makes me feel empowering.

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Sad reality that every Blackberry 10 user face. We are outnumbered but that does not mean we don't merit quality apps. A good company wants to serve all customers without discrimation. All this app concept is flawed we need web based things. Banque Natianale has solved this no app just an awesome website that works from any device anywhere. Airlines should do the same... I hate when I feel discrimated against because I chose to be efficient with blackberry 10

They are in business to make money, patriotism is the farthest thing from their mind. By your statement Blackberry should also be doing much of their advertising in Canada and by extension, North America, ROI be damned. Blackberry, however does much of its outreach outside of North America. Why? They are simply following the money. West Jet is a corporation, answerable to its shareholders, not to Canada.

Blackberry always.....

How is "proudly Canadian " not patriotic? They wrap themselves in the flag when it's convenient for them. They use the Maple Leaf the same way they use their app - for purely marketing purposes. Let's say I believe them that they are "proudly Canadian". Then they should support Canadian companies and not play the marketing game with the flag.

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Agreed Kevin. Thanks for pointing this out. With WJ decision to not support me, I'll not support them and consider instead AC for my Canadian air travel.

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You're misrepresenting the logic offered.
In his latest comment, Kevin didn't say to boycott companies (as you're suggesting) but that national companies should offer national choices in their service to customers.

Good thing you're not running the company then. Sorry, but this is one of the first assinine comments I've seen you make. Decisions are made with rationality, not emotion. And all this over an app...Seriously? #firstworldproblems.

Better? I'm not sure on "better" (I never recommend lying...karma is a bitch)... but had they responded that way you probably wouldn't be reading this post right now. Solution? Build the app!

Agreed. The hardest part is signing up for a BlackBerry world account, even though it's free. The rest is easy, like less than 1 hour easy. At least they should try it. I would respond to their twitter feed and say, did you even spend 2 hours to try it, or is 2 hours not worth the investment to keep a few thousand customers happy?

Exactly. This probably isn't a difficult or arduous investment. They probably aren't even aware of how easy it is to port the Android version over. Someone should tweet them and inform them that a couple of hours of their time is worth the goodwill and image they promote. Proudly Canadian - only when it is convenient to be!

Where is the Canadian support. Calling them out should get the attention of someone with the ability to move things forward.

My Z10 has a Flow

Even BA (British Airways!) has a BB10 app - shame on them :(

Slainte, Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

I normally will pick westjet over aircanada on price alone but this response will make me think twice about it. Not the response you want to hear from a Canadian company.

That's definitely lame, but I can't say I'm surprised anymore when I hear about app developers turning up their noses at BB10.

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That's sad, I really love WestJet. I do think though with a little pressure, they would eventually do it.


Hell, I just sideloaded the android app onto my Q10 through snap and it works a-OK. Surely they can find some genius in their marketing/IT department to do the port and put in the BB World.

We prefer to have a native app. Don't get us wrong, we aren't even considering making one.

That makes no sense! Just port the android app if that's your attitide!

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I know!

If a tiny airline like Porter can make a native app, WestJet can surely spare the 60 seconds needed to port their Android app.

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Just posted this to their fb page

Proudly Canadian? Not really. No BlackBerry app, no business from me.

BB Proud owner of a Z30.

My point exactly! The moment WJ posts a cheaper flight than AC, these people will be on it in a flash. It is not life or death people!

Blackberry always.....

...and that mentally is why products in general these days are shite...(not saying AC is better as I don't fly anywhere to know)...people are so focused on price over quality they will chase a POS all over to 'save' a buck than buy quality to begin with...

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It's more than that. If the company isn't willing to satisfy their loyal customers, then they don't deserve your business. Sometimes things go beyond price.. but I doubt you'd know much about that now would you?

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I like your logic about that if the company does not satisfy the public, then they are not deserving of the business.

How has Blackberry treated it's customer base? Have they been loyal. The point is that ALL these companies are out for the money first. It is only the consumer that lives and dies with the brand.

Blackberry always.....

Not about thicker skin, it's how they come up with such a ludicrous response? They taking head counts on BlackBerry users on flights?

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I understand you're passionate about blackberry. Try to look at the issue from an unbiased point-of-view. As a business (especially an airline) your job is to maximize profits and reduce needless expense. Why would they put money, time and resources into something that a small percentage of the population uses? There's virtually no return on investment.

If you feel strongly enough about it, switch airlines. As a consumer it is certainly your right to do so.

So with your thinking, that would mean there would. Be no BB10 apps. Late I look in BlackBerry World there was a few there.

Don't be ridiculous Jeff. I stated my point quite clearly. It's not easy for airlines to turn a profit. Just look at how many are currently subsidized or have declared bankruptcy in the past few years. Why, if profits and expense minimizing is so important, would they decide to invest time and money into something that only a faction of the population uses? West-Jet made the best decision for them, and as usual, the blackberry community is up in arms over it.

You name me one company that is subsidized by any government that doesn't cry that they don't make money.
They will loose more than the app would cost to produce, with bad publicity.

I think the BlackBerry community is up in arms because West Jet tries to appeal to our patriotism without actually being patriotic. As a patriotic Canadian, I will support companies who give back to Canada in ways that BlackBerry has in developing Ontario's tech industry and sponsoring Canadian sports teams and events. I agree with you that it is a business decision that they are free to make, but if there's one place in the world BlackBerry 10 has succeeded at all it is in Canada. Even a merely symbolic entrance to the App World would be good enough. The quality of West Jet's flights are dog shit so who would really judge them if the app was a dog shit Android port. Hell I'll do it for them, since I'm actually proudly Canadian. Last point - if proudly Canadian BlackBerry loyalists are not worth it for them to worry about then we should be more than entitled to snap back, rightly or wrongly. No one is up in arms over a lack of an official Instagram app, but lack of West Jet does strike a nerve. As a proud Canadian, I get disgusted at the way people actually root for a great Canadian company to go under. Not saying this is one of those times, but the symbolism of a bb10 app available would give a lot of credibility to their claim that they are proudly Canadian and not just hungry for proud Canadians' money.

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Just because BBRY is a Canadian company, not making a app for them does NOT make another company not "proudly Canadian". Since when is BBRY synonomous with patriotism? You people are daft.

It takes literally minutes to load the android app on the phone and let it convert it, they could tell people or give simple instructions how to do this or they could go through the 2 minute process themselves and post to BlackBerry World for there customers. What they are stating is a cop out and lazy, it would take very little to make this happen.

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Let's look at it from the economics. We have a local regional airport here in Waterloo, home of Blackberry, that is serviced by West Jet. If a flight has a capacity of 200 people and it flies each day that's about 6000 passangers per month. Let's assume that West Jet profits $10/passenger/flight, that's $60,000 in one month. I'm guessing that building a native app could be had for that number or less. Porting an Android app would be even cheaper.

West Jet doesn't have a BB10 app not because of business but because of perception. They don't think they need to care. I wonder what happens to their load level at Waterloo Regional Airport if the good people of Waterloo were to realize that West Jet doesn't want to support a large local employer?

It's one thing to urge West Jet to build an app it's another to stop flying with them because they don't have an app. That's where the rubber hits the road.

Well, you know, the cost of porting/developing an app these days is in the billions of dollars. At least that's the impression I get from companies that don't want to give BlackBerry users an app to use.

All kidding aside, great comments. I have never understood why companies would say no to money. If it is going to bring customers, why say no to making an app. Money is money.

It's not that much cost if they simply rewrap their Android app as a bar file and list it in App World.

Their APK works just fine.

This blows my mind??...seriously?? app, they can't support BlackBerry and it's users that pay x amount of dollars on business or leisure flights within canada?...they got my reply on they're twitter page, and everyone else should let them know just how many devoted users they're are

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I use the Air Canada app almost every week. Porter Airline has one. C' mon WJ!

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Investment?, it's not like it's going to break the bank, what is it, the equivalent of a two full page ads in a national paper.

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Not very Canadian for a Canadian company. I wasn't sure if I should keep my westjet credit card but now I know what to do with it. If they won't support me, I won't support them. Sorry Westjet, hello Air Canada.

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What I really don't understand is the whole "we're too lazy to make a native app and we're not going to bother porting it because we either want native or nothing."

Just port the damn thing. You don't lose any customers by porting and you gain some people using your app. The only reason you wouldn't port is if you planned on making a native app because you don't want people to use an inferior port and then decide not to download the native because the port was bad.

Simply shameful! BlackBerry creates employment here in Ontario and some of these employed folks patronize WestJet. SMH.

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Hey Corbu, I was going to do the same. Already submitted my feedback and for those that are interested in how I feel.....
Up until today, I have ensured that every single flight is first possible with WestJet. I am a proud Canadian, who is willing to spend a little bit extra to support products made at home, voice the importance of such decisions to those around me loud and proud. I am a BlackBerry user and this goes way beyond the company being Canadian. Seeing as WestJet can't pull a few man hours together to help support a Canadian company by porting an app to BB10, tells me a different story about what I thought this company stood for. Looks like profits have clouded your judgment and those resulting actions cleared mine. I really hope this was an oversight on your part and do right by your decisions."

This is their response.

Your original message (5/29/2014 12:05:13 PM)

Company reply (6/3/2014 1:14:09 PM)

Thank you for contacting us online.

I understand you are disappointed that WestJet currently doesn't provide an app for BB10.

Currently the implementation of a BlackBerry app is not supported as only 3% of our mobile users access our information with BlackBerry devices. We are continuously evaluating and assessing options and will be taking the feedback of our guests into consideration when looking towards the future.

Kind regards,

Specialist-Guest Relations

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Went hard after Rogers when they didn't want to carry the Z30 so I do believe it's time to let these Canadian companies know that as consumers we expect them to support BlackBerry. If they don't then we should straight out go to a Canadian company that does!

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That is pretty insulting. A port is what, a couple hours work? A native app under 20 hours? Speaking on behalf of the many Enterprise users that tend to make up the greatest percentage of the western world's business fliers, I'm sure I can find my flights elsewhere. In fact, I'm sure I know a substantial number of Travel Secretaries in A-list law firms that believe their time and energy are better spent booking a flight on their smartphones rather than running to the nearest computer during 'off hours'.

Piss off, if you need to book a flight off hours do it yourself. Leave the poor secretaries alone. Where do you get off buggin people to work in their offtime?

First off. Pull the stick out, its causing brain damage. Second no one who works in Big Law has anything that resembles off time. Every associate, partner and legal assistant is on BB 24-7. Our support staff is rarely asked to do anything much during off-hours, but they are occasionally asked to and expected to. AND WELL COMPENSATED for the trouble. A paralegal with a bachelor's degree and 5 years experience averages over $100K a year with overtime in Big Law. Our legal secretaries are usually called practice assistants and make more than many country lawyers make.

You sound like like many of the 'it's owed to me class'. When someone is hired to do a job - any job, there is a bargained for exchange. These are the terms of the job, this is what we will pay you for it. It is not complicated. folks at my firm are provided meals when they work late, and car service after dark. Support staff gets paid overtime for every minute of their time. And if a client in Hong Kong or Winnepeg or Brussels decides they needs to meet face to face on a Sunday morning to discuss an impending $200M restructuring, then someone is booking those trips on a Saturday. If you don't want to be bothered during your 'off time' fan-freakin-tastic. Then I'm sure you will be paid what you are worth. For those of us who decide that it is a worthy sacrifice to do overtime - whether it be word processors, reprographics, tech support, legal assistants, case assistants or secretaries we would all very much love you to mind your own fking business.

PS Most Associates and Partners are expected to bill 2,000+ hours a year. DO THE MATH. In my world, it is not like Office Space. No one just skates by. No one is an overpaid pretty face. Partners are here often before 5AM and almost always the last to leave. Associates who want to make partner , practically live here. Those who want to provide support to associates and partners understand their role. And are willing to do what is necessary because the pay is great. Not unlike the military, except instead of pay, the motivation is national pride. It's not surprising that so many ex-military find their way to the tops of their fields. I wonder where people like you find yourselves.

Good to hear they are being compensated. You called it off-time, off time implies uncompensated to me.

Notice your rant is 5x the lenght of mine, so who has stick up ass? Clarity, brevity, it's a wonderful thing. :)

P.S. Your "assumptions" about "owed to me", "skate by" and "pretty face", pretty much sum up your arrogance.

People like me - top of our fields :) Hard work, ethics, and doing what needs to be done does not require taking advantage. But hey, maybe that's just me. You know...respecting others.

Have a wonderful day :)

True - It does gets there when inbred, self lovin hermaphroditic on-line bravehearts tell me to piss off. In-person, we'd have a different very short convo.

I would have thought that the Canadian business market, and government market is strongly BlackBerry. Strange west jet will not make the modest investment. I di not believe in nationalism so I do not care. It's up to BlackBerry to fare on its own. Seem less integration with android should be it's best decision, and soon.

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WOW! Even South African Airways has a native BlackBerry 10 app.

How much would it cost the airline to develop a suitable BB10 app?

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If everyone here making statements that they leave Westjet actually do it, they will probably be losing more than hiring a programmer for a *native* Westjet app.

Hope it's lesson learned for them.

I had asked them the same thing a while back and got the same response. I've flown to Toronto 4 times since with Air Canada. I quit flying with Air Canada years ago as I felt West Jet had better customer service, things have changed since then and I have had nothing but good service from Air Canada this far.....

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Not buying a Westjet ticket (period) ! Are they that flush in revenue that they don't want any additional business?

We have a strong "Made in Australia" and "Aussie made and owned" movement here.

Our pollies sell off the country, but the average bloke here is supportive of Aussie made stuff. If BBRY was Aussie, we'd be all over it, I'm pretty sure.

Her Majesty's northern hemisphere subjects....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Westjet could have paid a developer company to develop a BB10 app .

They could oversee the app and make changes where they see fit.

They call themselves business people?!!!

I call it Lazy and worthless....

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But how much does it cost?

I'd like to see CrackBerry do an educational piece on how much it costs to produce and maintain a native application of that calibre.

I don't blame the airline. With BlackBerry market share in the toilet world wide and the mixed message JC is delivering I see Dev's dropping BB10.

Why should a Canadian company do anything different than their U.S. Counterparts?

Welcome to the rest of the World!

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

Then welcome, citizen of the world.
I am a citizen of Canada, and expect a company that's « Proudly Canadian » to act accordingly. That is, aside from the lost customers and bad image they are giving themselves to save 1000$ for a developper to port the Android app.

I think the term to use would be "Opportunity cost". How much will it cost to develop the BlackBerry 10 app and how many tickets does that equate to?

My guess is that the cost of having a suitable app developed would be insignificant in the greater scheme of things.

Why not support a national brand when the cost is so little?

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Are we really criticizing them when there is as of right now no native or port version of other mobile nations sites aside from andriod central???

I mean if porting is as easy as people claim it should have been done long ago. Just saying. :-/

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

I don't know how much it cost to build a app. But how many BB seats would Wet Jet have to sell to pay for a BB app?

How about Banking? TD Bank app only allows the phone payment function to legacy BlackBerry phones.

I would love to see all Canadian Banks to start including BlackBerry 10 into their app portfolios.

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I just requested a bb10 app, told they don't have any plans for that right now....not wise at all

From my Zed 30 running

They said they have other priorities right now, they prefer to build native and there research has shown that there aren't very many BlackBerry users on their flights (?)....they were nice about it, but still is disappointing they are leaving out one segment of the market, wouldn't be hard to port the android one and then develop a native BlackBerry one air Canada did

From my Zed 30 running

I too tweeted westjet as per their lack of a Blackberry app and my response was, "Hopefully we'll create some tech that you can use in the future."
Not holding my breath.

Hmmm. I guess we're not significant enough to let Westjet take our money. That's okay, I see Air Canada has no problem.

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That type of response are giving by lots of companies, but they don't put it to everybody to see it, but you know it when you talk to them

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They wrap themselves in the flag only for convenience. Things like this show their true colours. Green as in $$. It's such a minimal investment thing, though, so it just seems narrow and arrogant.

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I fly Westjet, and perhaps they should open their eyes. There are lots of BlackBerry users. Well perhaps I will open up options to flying other than Westjet. Keeping with their Proudly Canadian Way!

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Hmmmmm, maybe the next time I fly to the US instead of using West jet I will drive to Buffalo and use JetBlue

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This is insulting to me as I have tried to support west jet although it seems only my wife ever actually gets to ride their planes. I don't have twitter but will look for a complaint page online.

Reg Q10SQN100-1/

Why ask them for the app because it is a Canadian company? Blackberry is a much more universal tool - it does its job everywhere on the globe and I use it in 3 different languages. Going down the road of economic nationalism is not going to help the company.

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Because I'm a business traveler that uses all three airlines (WJ, AC and Porter). It would be nice if WJ kept up. I see lots of BBs on a WJ flight. WJ is not as pleasant an experience as it used to be.

Well, if they don't support BB, then why should I support them, they are no longer on my list of airlines that I use. "Because they just don't have as many planes as alternative airlines". Just booked flights for the wife and I with Air Canada, that's another $3600.00 WestJet won't be seeing.

I know I won't be flying WestJet... I generally use Porter when I can, they're a very small airline and have a native BlackBerry App.

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Porter's great but their activities trying to fly jets out of TOIsland Airport and lengthen the runways 400 m into lake ontario is abominable.

Posted via CB10

Billy Bishop is the only reason why Porter can even exist. It's typically very difficult for a small airline to even get space in an airport like YYZ.

Wow, there are not that many BlackBerry users? Really?. Haha. Idiots, my wife and I own a BlackBerry, in fact she was the one who converted me. In line at the Jays game on Sunday I saw BlackBerry users, a party I went to on the weekend the people hosting it had both had a BlackBerry, my sisters do. I can go on forever. Westjet is full of shit. I am Boycotting them.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

Even though they, as a company of business have their policy, it's very unprofessional to tweet those statements. The person who handle Westjet twitter account needs urgently some ethical tips.

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

Speak with our pocketbooks... I'll be choosing AC over WJ if the cost of the fare is reasonably close (say, AC no more that $30 higher than WJ all in).

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I am flying to Quebec tomorrow and just happened to be on Air Canada, and I usually get WestJet. I used the Air Canada app and it was great! Tweeted that to WestJet and Air Canada, and Air Canada was the first to reply, wishing me a safe journey. Thanks Air Canada!

Posted via the Z30 on CB10

Bye bye West Jet. I just booked Air Canada all the way from Saskatoon to Toronto then to Montreal and back again with AC. usually I combine AC & WJ. Sometimes one or the other only. Now it will be AC forever or some other little ones.

By the way I love the BlackBerry App from AC. I am also in the process of increasing my stock in AC. Just sold WJ stock. Bye!#$

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That's sad to hear. If I was a developer, the first platform I would support, even if it's easier to go another platform first, would be for one made in my home country. Sad to hear news like this.

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Yeah, especially if the app is what puts food on your table. Yup, I'd starve too just to support another Canadian company. 'Cause that is patriotism...

You people whining about this are all insane.

It's good to see BlackBerry users being vocal about this kind of stuff. We may be a small percentage of overall users, but that doesn't mean we aren't a lucrative group for business' to target.

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I do not travel with WestJet as Air Canada us my preference. This just cements my position even more.

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I will always book Air Canada. I will be using the BlackBerry App for Air Canada to book. I was a loyal west jet user. Not anymore.

Don McAskin, Z10. I don't Type...I swipe.

Did this company actually do a cost-benefit analysis before making such a statement? I find it had to believe that the cost if creating an app, let alone an android port, would outweigh the benefits of the number BlackBerry users in Canada.

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I feel like the frequent flyers are those who are most likely to own a BlackBerry and would probably actually benefit from an Airline app.

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I was on west jet a couple of months ago round trip Vancouver / Calgary saw a number of BlackBerry's. I made sure to use my Z10 in front of some business men, one had a 9900, one had a older model bold. The other three had iPhones and one HTC . P.S. I knew a jazz pilot up to last year and she is a die hard BlackBerry person and so are a lot of pilots. They use BBM because they need to know when a message is sent or received to the second sometimes. Time is critical ,delivery speed and knowing it has been received is important , airports are huge ,and noisy. ,parts and people are on the move constantly.

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This shouldn't be an issue of nationalism or support for Canadian should simply be good customer service to those of us who frequently fly WestJet and are Blackberry10 users. Get your act together Westjet!

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Curious how many of the people who are suddenly outraged and promising to boycott were even aware WestJet had an app for any platform to begin with. Instant outrage is superficial and companies take it for what it is. I agree it would be nice to have an app, but it's not so fundamentally important to my existence that I'm going to rework my life and potentially inconvenience myself over it, as some people appear willing to do. Save your personal capital for something you truly care about. I think Kevin had an appropriately measured response.

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They just have really thick skin. People are all over them on Twitter and Facebook and they are just brushing it off. Bunch of wankers

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Once Westjet lead the way..lately they are falling behind..look back in Westjet's past and then ask them why they would not build a secure app for the BB10...

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Let's give them some time. I don’t Tweet, but I sent them my disappointed to their website's "Contact Us". So everyone, Tweet them, Facebook them or Contact them and let's see what they do. I bet they will come through like Rogers did after we complained.

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Boo Westjet !!!
I cancelled my Rogers cable, and got Bell satellite, when they dropped Z30. I like to shop at Canadian Tire as they deployed Z10s throughout their corporation.

TCB on Z10

One more reason that I flew on AirCanada this morning. Which I started doing when I had a challenge with their service. But I'm sure that it doesn't matter to them as I am so few in number and prefer to do my e-commerce on a secure device that happens to be awesome and built in Canada. Bets that the person that send the message wears plaid and horn rimmed glasses?

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Funny how some of the people showing relative indifference to WJ's position are probably the same ones complaining about the lack of apps. When WJ was smaller, they probably would have done anything to garner support. However, now that they are trending successfully, they take such an ignorant position towards making an app available for BlackBerry.

Just maybe the persons responding to the tweets are social media employees regurgitating the usual drivel. WJ needs to understand it is not always about ROI. Sometimes there is that little matter of goodwill, something on which no one can put an actual value.

Come on, WJ. Remember you humble beginnings and stop acting with such arrogance. Do the right thing and make the WJ app available to BBRY users!

Eff you west jet. Guess what. I live in Ontario and my babies grandmother is in BC

So that used to mean a lot of flights on west jet, not anymore

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I downloaded the app, then went over to the Westjet Facebook page and made the request for Westjet to port the app. I recommend we all do this. Make your voice known in a hurry! Flood that page!

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Thanks for the note, I already tweeted them asking why can south African airlines do it and not them

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I agree.. screw West Jet.. I'll stick with Air Canada. There's no excuse.. especially when they can at least port their Android app over...

I'm Canadian.. but a lot of Canadian Companies really piss me off when they do crap like this to other Canadian Companies.

Remember Rogers begging for Canadian support when Verizon wanted to buy Wind Mobile and the government would allow them to use Canadian cellular infrastructure. Yet they won't stock the z30 and have their employees state that BlackBerry is no good and won't be around.. I have no sympathy for Canadian Companies like this and there's a lot of them.. smh..

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We don't need a port over. We need the real thing!

I would like to know, how long does it take and how much does it cost to build a good native app? Are there any maintenance costs...

As competitive as the airline business is, why not offer a native app to it's loyal customers? It's one more convenience to keep their customers coming back and happy.

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Not enuf blackberry users? WTF response is that? So Air Canada released a bb10 app just for d hell of it? I expected better with WestJet!

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I am sick and tired of Canadians bashing Canadians. Weather it be Canadian performers, companies. Why can not we support and be proud of our own. Especially when they need it.

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Look I'm not Canadian, but this really sucks!! If I was Kevin, I would dump a printout of these blog responses on the MD's table first thing in the morning.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

Come on WJ, head out of the sand or are you going American on us. I used to use the Air Canada app almost daily. Don't travel as much but I did use WJ to go to Phoenix but paid their partner AA as they were over $300 per person cheaper than WJ.

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Ontario Government and City of Toronto employees are all upgrading onto BES 10 as we means there are some non-bb options, but most are going with bb10 devices. Does WestJet want this business?

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Oh and to all those apologists talking about decisions to maximize profits, the truth is that porting a BAR file to BlackBerry World would likely cost less than the lost profit from ONE SINGLE Business Class User switching airlines, so by that logic it actually proves that this decision has nothing to do with maximizing profit.

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I think they are influenced by other parrots that say the same thing. All it takes is one dumb big mouth parrot for rest of parrots to mimic.

Don't be a parrot. Do some research .Get hands on with Blackberry 10 experience . Create your own thought.

Then Like me, you will never look at android or Apple phone again.

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

Anyone else blasting them on twitter? Or just me.... twitter guy is answering tweets, so he ain't that busy! !!

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I hope this hits the news. Just brutal they claim they have higher IT initiatives. Over customer revenue generators like a good app. They just don't want the business traveller that spends the money. No wonder guys like me that travel 50-100 segments a year don't travel on WJ.
AC all the way! I just flew home today via VCR from San Francisco and most people around me in row 12-17 had BB's. Boy have they ever got bad advice.
I spent the whole day yesterday with BlackBerry in SF and something they are working on the business side. They are transforming that's for sure. Very exciting. WestJet will retract this soon and apologise. I put money on it!

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Thanks for putting the pressure on. In fairness, though, I think that WestJet's response is honest and respectful. The way of rebutting it is to provide some kind of informal poll collecting numbers of BB10 users who also fly WestJet and would use a BB10 app. Then, do the math on what it'd cost to develop a native BB10 app -- I'd estimate around $3,000 using a couple of certified developers I talk with via Twitter, but I understand they'll be picky about clients that interact with their servers, so let's say $8,000. You're probably looking at a couple of coins per current BB-WestJet customer. That doesn't factor in future BB-WestJet customers who are enticed by the app. Frankly, the BlackBerry community isn't what it used to be, but it is still fairly activist and driven. WestJet's marketing department should understand why developing a BB10 app is a no-brainer even if the Mashable-reading social media manager and CNET-reading tech people don't get. (Just so it's clear, anyone worth a damn is a mobile nations-reading BlackBerry user... :-)

We have to remember it sounds like IT people made the decision at WussstJet . That was a mistake. It should have been a business decision. #flyWestJetneveragain

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What a bunch a morons at WestJet! Air Canada must be laughing at all this all the way to the bank. If WestJet asked me politely, I would write an app for them for free because I truly am "Proudly Canadian" and a developer. Time for WestJet to stand in line with Rogers. Boycott these hypocrite companies.

But don't forget about companies that do. Look at Tim Hortons we had tap and pay six months before anyone else. They could have gone to android first but they didn't. They even displayed a z10 in on of there commercials, upside down but still.

What gets me is isnt half of westjet customers business people. I know since Husky Energy upgraded to bb10 all i see is z10's.

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For your next flight, call them but just before giving your CC ask if they have an app for your BlackBerry. When they say no, cancel your request and let them know you'll be going to porter who does have an app. ;).

A slow climb to the top is always more rewarding. Sent using my BlackBerry Z10.

Westjet blows. My 2hr and 20min flight from Winnipeg didn't serve me a meal because the flight has to be 2hr and 30min to serve dinner. Cheap. Real cheap.

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I tweeted them asking why they wouldn't support a small Canadian company, like answer yet

My WestJet reply

I thought WestJet was a Canadian Company and would support other Canadian Companies. You just released a new app for US and other foreign phones BUT no versions for Canadian Blackberry models. Shame on you. Maybe I should support the biggest not the local Canadian Company?

Company reply (5/27/2014 11:32:15 AM)Hello Art,

Thanks for your email, and I’m sorry for the delay in my response to you.

We are currently working on our mobile strategy at this time and a Blackberry app is currently being finalized as we already have developed an Android and iPhone app. After detailed research and guest requests the Blackberry app is least used by our guests; I am sorry you are disappointed while having to wait a bit longer for this.

We don’t have a set roll-out date yet; however you can currently check a flight status by typing in WS ### (the flight number) into the Google search engine. This will take you to which will give you the most up to date information on every WestJet flight. You can always call our Contact Centre for assistance at 1-888-937-8538.

Thank you for your feedback and your patience, and we look forward to welcoming you onboard soon!

Kind Regards,

Specialist-Guest Relations

WOW! I cannot believe the vitriol towards WestJet regarding the lack of a BB app. Nothing is more pathetic than seeing sheep whining and complaining, when yesterday all was great & good. Seriously people, you didn't know previously that there was no app? Does no one know how to type "" into their browser? Oh the world is ending, WestJet is Un-Canadian.....get a life FFS!

Screw West of the shittiest airlines outhere! Expensive, horrible customers service, crummy airplanes . I guess if they could charge passengers for the air they breathe on the plane, they would!

Since they pretend to be a "proudly Canadian" company, here is my "proudly Canadian" advice for them, kiss my ass! Fuckers!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I expect this kind of response from an American company, but never from a Canadian company. Shame on them.

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