Soonr Arrives For All Your Document Needs

By Bla1ze on 12 Sep 2009 10:21 am EDT
Soonr File Solutions

A new application has hit BlackBerry App World that I'm rather excited to see. Soonr has gotten plenty of great reviews for its services offered on the iPhone and now it has made its way to BlackBerry as well. While the application is web based, that does not take away from the usefulness of Soonr if having your important documents at hand when you need them is of vital importance to you. Between the web applcation on your BlackBerry and the required PC/Mac application you should find Soonr a valueable tool. Let's get to the details:

The Soonr service Protects critical business documents with real-time backup and keeps users Productive by giving them on demand access to these documents from anywhere.
  • Protected - If your PC or Mac crashes or is stolen, Soonr’s active backup technology ensures that your critical files are backed up offsite and ready for you to restore to another computer.
  • Productive - View, collaborate, and respond to documents and presentations that reside on any Windows PC or Mac; directly from your BlackBerry smart phone. Whether they are documents you created or those being used by a group of people collaborating on a project, Soonr and your BlackBerry will keep you connected and productive anywhere you are.
  • Send – Files can be attached and sent from the cloud using your browser like a remote control.
    Print – allows you to print to any remote printer directly from your handset.
    Fax – leverages your eFax account to send faxes to any fax machine.

Soonr basic accounts are available for free while premium services are reasonably priced starting at just $7.95 and going onward from there. As an individual user you should find that the free account will do you fine, but as a business owner you'll likely want to look at the premium services.Soonr also handles over 42 document types so you should never be left with the inability to read/view your important documents.

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Soonr Arrives For All Your Document Needs


This is killer - Soonr now gives me access to all my files on my BB. Soonr has the best document rendering i have seen so far - even multi MB's powerpoints are shown in a few seconds!

Its so cool that anytime, I make a change to a document on my laptop, Soonr automatically backs it up, and I immediately have access to the document on my blackberry, where i can view it, forward it, print or even fax it (works w. efax).

Thumbs up on this app - thanks for sharing this news.

Hello CrackBerry fans! I'm so excited that we've got special support for the Blackberry now. I am with Soonr and wanted to give you a few links to some guides that'll help you get going on Soonr faster. You are the owner of your account, but you can extend the goodness of Soonr to at least 2 other people. Here's the information on how to to that. It's a great way to work on things together no matter where you are.

QuickStart - Team Leader

QuickStart - User Guide

Of course you can view these right on your BlackBerry!

Soonr is great. I just sigend up. I had originally signed up for another one that was mentioned on CB, but the app was way too bloated for the amount of use that I would have.

But, even though it's a browser viewable program for blackberry, all of my documents look amazing. I'm glad now that I uninstalled Docs2Go (which was 3mb, way too much for an app that I barely use).

I really like this as now I can view PDFs that I have saved elsewhere. It is a great program/site. I am having problems printing files from the site, but other than that I love it. If anyone can offer help in how to get printing to work with a mac, that would be helpful. Thanks.

Just send them an email at, they have been very responsive to me on the questions I have had. I am also a Mac user, and have printing working, please be aware you can only print to computers where the Soonr agent is installed.

Mobile_viking correct about printing with Soonr. What we do is render the files as a PDf and then send it to a connected computer. The agent on that computer communicates with the printer to provide the output.

This becomes extremely powerful when you share printers with others in your company/team. You can share printers just like you share Projects of Folders/Files. If you have a co-worker across the country, you can print on his printer if he shares with you.

One of the hidden advantages of this is that you'll never have to deal with network configuration or driver installation issues!

Finally, if a printer is offline - Soonr will queue up the print job until the computer is online. When the printjob is finished, you can have it SMS you on your phone to let you know. It's really a nice feature if you travel to different offices.

cdf3 - how is the upload going? Did you find the speed control adjustments in the desktop software? Also I should mention to folks here that the different levels of Soonr accounts also come with increasing speed. You get about 10x the allowable bandwidth if you move to a paid account. You can try a paid account for free for 30 days.

One heads up though, you can't go from a paid back to a free account because we can't anticipate what we can delete to get the account down the the free account space. If you don't keep your paid account, what you have to do is create another free account.

PS: I am one of the Soonr folks.