Soonr adds support for touchscreen BlackBerry smartphones

By Ryan Blundell on 30 Aug 2011 11:06 am EDT

It’s been a while since we spoke about Soonr. Soonr provides safe and secure access to documents, media files, projects and recorded actions for you and your teammates to works on. It’s real-time access and backup whenever you need it. All of this is captured in what they call the Dashboard. Any activity, including addition and modification of files, progress within projects and more is recorded here. Rather than calling up a member of the team to see what they have done, the answers are right at your thumb-tips. Soonr offers Premium and Pro accounts that include a Versioning service, which helps you retrieve previous versions of compromised files – which is a lot better that starting back at square one. Soonr continues to use an extremely intuitive web-based application that enables it to maintain a footprint of only 4kb on your BlackBerry. The launcher is called Soonr Workplace Classic.


  • Access all your PC or Mac files
  • View documents and pictures fast with optimization for 57 file types
  • Collaborate with online Projects
  • Instant notifications of changes with SMS support
  • Instantly search across computers and projects
  • Secure computer files with set it and forget it backup
  • Print to any shared printer in your team
  • Fax any document through your connected eFax account

Earlier this month, Soonr announced that they now support touch screen BlackBerry smartphones, which makes it even easier to access your files. You still need to sign up for an account and install the desktop software. You can start off with a free 2 GB backup account for yourself, with the ability to add more storage (and users) with a variety of available packages. The Soonr Workplace Classic launcher itself is free from BlackBerry App World

More information/download Soonr Workplace Classic for BlackBerry Smartphones
Visit for more details and packages

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Soonr adds support for touchscreen BlackBerry smartphones

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If you are a fan the native ExSafe for Box on BlackBerry integrates seamlessly with docs2go. Worthwhile if you want to edit documents/spreadsheets etc on BlackBerry and store them back into Does versioning for Business users as well.