Video shows the Sony Smartwatch 2 is working great with BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 5 Dec 2013 12:52 pm EST

While many smartwatch makers aren't directly supporting BlackBerry 10, we've seen some third-party apps for devices like the Pebble that make sure BB10 users aren't left behind. They may not have the flair of native apps but they still get the job done so users don't have to give up their BlackBerry just to use a smartwatch.

Forums member Eir took things one step further and got the Sony Smartwatch 2 connected to a BlackBerry Z10 thanks to the latest OS leak, the updated Android runtime and a few tweaks. Everything works without a hitch for the most part, though as Eir notes in the forums, some items aren't fully functioning. 

It's very cool to see this combo at work together as I'm sure there are many users who have been holding off on a Sony Smartwatch, unsure if it is BB10 compatible. As you can see in the video it works great --  I've been seeing more and more people get their smartwatches doing some pretty cool things and this is just another +1 for BlackBerry users.

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Video shows the Sony Smartwatch 2 is working great with BlackBerry 10


Does President Obama use one of these? I ask because this topic usually generates such level-headed, awe inspiring discourse.

If I have a smart phone, I don't need a smart watch.
Nice idea, but it's not for me.

Z10 on Telus

I just can't see whether the smart watch idea is going. Simply speaking watches are passé and unless they bring a level of functionality to the mobile computing experience we haven't seen, I think this idea will go nowhere.

What I don't get is why type a number to call on your watch, and then use the phone? Does it save time? No pun intended...

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Yup. And they look hideous and super needy. Guys and girls do your love life a favour and if you wear a watch buy one that's got a fashionable classic look.

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Glad to see it working. But smartwatches just don't jump out in appeal to me. I'm happy with my Q10 and a standard analog wristwatch.

I'm with you.. I upgraded my Zed10 to a Zed30 so I could have a bigger screen to see and do things on... Don't get the want to have a smaller screen, plus I wear a watch as a fashionable accessory. I guess each to his or her own.. that's what makes the world tick...

Posted via CB10 using my new Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

exactly, That was a terrible demo.... took him a full 2 minutes to send out a 7 word text haha Yeah I really need one of those :S

I dunno, this seems like a technology that needs a lot of development before it becomes a useful product ie. flexible/curved screen so it can actually be big enough to be useful. But it's gotta start somewhere. Look forward to seeing where this goes.

Smart watches area complete waste. Everyone complains their phone screen is too small. Now they want us to buy a watch? No thanks

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

You're absolutely right. Plus, everyone I know always has their phone on them at all times (even in the bathroom lol).

It's a very niche market but it's not a waste. Being a senior manager who sits in a lot of meetings, seminar's and other worthwhile snoozefests, I am eagerly looking forward to simply looking at my watch to see who's calling or emailing or texting and being able to decline the call or can a reply to a text all without touching my phone which looks rude when someone else is presenting.

Like I say, Niche market but I don't think it's a waste.

With all due respect, your points made in supporting the benefits of a smartwatch are illogical. As a Vice President, if any of my senior managers began checking their watches during one of my, or other, executive management meetings they would be singled out and I am most certain that would never occur again. This idea that you can "decline" a phone call implies that there was an option to take the call during a meeting in the first place. Really?

Furthermore, responding to a text without a phone must surely include some level of interaction between you and your watch. Engaging in this behavior would indeed, be just as rude. In summary, I conclude that the smartwatch is little more than a smaller version of the very electronics that already consume a persons attention, even during the most inappropriate if times.

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I was thinking the same. Somehow, glancing at a silenced phone siting on the table in front of you, seems a lot less obnoxious than checking your watch (especially multiple times) during an important meeting.

Excuse me Mr. Vice president but not all meetings are of such critical importance as yours. People generally have work to do and sitting in meetings where nothing ever gets accomplished is not productive. Not all calls are personal and there are times when you need to excuse yourself from a meeting to actually do some work.

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It has little to do with the importance of a meeting, but rather, being respectful of those whose company you are among. Your tone indicates to me that you are neither a polite person nor one who is capable of coming to such conclusion. I was merely responding to the OP within the context of his post. Your apology is already accepted, so please do not feel as though you need to respond.

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lol, typical VP response. Someone do up a Powerpoint for the VP, he needs help to understand what is not on paper.
That's ok Mr VP. We Senior Managers will put together a presentation with little pie charts and KPI's and after you have a better understanding of the topic at hand, you can make an informed decision.

As I said, it's a niche market and NOT for everyone. But then I do not summarily dismiss that which I do not understand.

And I will gladly accept and use said presentation. Then I will fire your cocky ass and hire your replacement for less money.

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Some one sounds a wee bit insecure in his position. But for all we know you, given that this is a web site discussion board, you could in fact be a 12 year old girl.

To fire some one merely because of a cocky attitude, and not an accompanying lack of job performance, with intent to replace with a less experienced individual who requires a lesser salary is a reflection that you are more worried about maintaining your position in the company then what is actually best for the company.

That, and most of your points against the use of smart watches in meetings have pertained respecting your superiors.

If I were CEO of your organization I would likely be looking to replace you in spite of your good manners.

Complete waste? Sure but so are Apple Iphones and people still buy them and make other people want to buy them...

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

smarth watch with slow messaging :) laggy phone and before you know you lost a hour of time to send someone a message. I don't know what is the hype?

I don't need a watch to tell me the weather or update me on FB, or even tell me the time. I have a perfectly good mobile computer with me at all times, aka Z30, Z10 or both.

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Z30 :D - The Final Destination - 859 Portage ave, Winnipeg Mb Clothing|Footwear|Headwear|Headshop|Tobacconist|Tattoos - C00016D82

It's a shame that BlackBerry don't wanna innovate the latest tech in the market, every1 in my region is moving to android, I seams to be the only one using the z10 in my area! Cos they all sold it and move to galaxy

@ freddy, no u r wrong, I almost got it when it came out, but found out its the same phone as the Z10 the only difference is that the screen is larger,

Uh, Efe, I owned a Z10 and now own a Z30 and you, apparently, know little about either..... so "keep on trolling, Baby"....

Read all abt it on crackberry and gsmarena, no big difference at all, BlackBerry just have to innovate new and smart tech like the Android, note 3 nd s4,

How about way better battery life, bigger screen, much better speakers, miracast, better gpu. Honestly it's much better then Z10 after using Z30.

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I love gadgets but I cannot think of one single reason why I would want to type on a small lagging smart watch screen in preference to using my larger, much speedier Z10.
Why would I look at my watch to see who is calling when my phone is nearby? Betting is, I reject a call faster on my Z10 than on that watch too

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i actually think blackberry can use a curved display watch to go with a normal bb10 device ...this would be actually useful ....curved screens for watches an not for phones

It seems to me that the whole "smart watch" app ecosystem is very reminiscent of the peak of PalmOS circa 2001. Low Res, limited processing, single function utilities. I loved those days! :-)

Rolex or Sony smartwatch?

I'll take the Rolex.

Posted via CB10 on AT&T BlackBerry Z10 / soon to be Verizon BlackBerry Z30

@ bj.... get the Z30..... I had Z10... very good phone... Z30... AMAZING PHONE.... I looked at LG G2, Galaxy S4 (too much like the S3 I had that I did not care for), small screened iPhone 5S.... walked out with a Z30 got it "unlocked" and slapped it on ATT (that was not very easy for the ATT Tech Boys - but they figured it out)..

Did I say... "Get the Z30"???

Couldn't agree more. I take pride in wearing a nice watch. Smart watches are hideous.

Posted via CB10 on my beloved Z10

The Samsung watch looks really good,I was surprised when I saw It ,it even has a camera ,which can easily take pics or video discretely,I truly was impressed, and think this watch thing ,has legs.

Aside from attempting to pump up Apple stock with the "iDick Tracey Watch Vaporware".... what the hell is the point of these contraptions?

I'm with you on this one, I don't see the point of a smart watch. I'll stick with my assortment of Skagens.

The Dick Tracy wrist radio was the 1st thing I thought about too when I heard about these coming out.
Back in his day it was cool. I just don't see it as being anything other than a stepping stone to something larger down the road.

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No need to take a poll.
Look at the responses to this Topic.
There is an overwhelming lack of interest in this device.
Maybe it will catch on, with limited sales, in some tech product oriented counties like Japan and Korea .. elsewhere .. not. Then again, where is Sony HQ? Japan. There were similar products shown by LG (Korea).

Watching that guy type a text message was painful (the screen is too small to interact with). A smart watch would only be useful for looking at stuff, not interacting. Taking a peak at your messages, calendar, etc. Normal PIM functions, but more for at-a-glance experiences. I could see them being good as an iPod type of device with wireless ear buds for working out (see what is playing, change music, etc).

The smart watches needing a smart phone is similar to how the PB needed a BB phone to get info via bridge. BB could have totally done a smart watch if they wanted to. I think it is wise they didn't.

I own two watches (Citizen Eco/Luminox) iand I rarely wear them but I would never wear a smart watch unless it was another Suunto watch.

Keep The Faith

I like the smart watch idea for checking notifications.

There are also many exercise and monitoring applications.

I don't think the goal is to actually type on the watch very often. The information they display would usually be very simple (the time or temperature or speed etc...) and would make sense on a small screen.

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I just don't get the allure of a smart watch, the screen is just to small to use effectively and efficiently. I'm into watches so maybe I'm a bit biased, but why not just take the phone out in the first place?

I'll be sporting a smart watch and Go ogle Glass so I too can look like a big smacked a**

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And is there a reason why crackberry is NOT selling the Sony Smatwatch 2 w/ stainless steel band!?

Posted Via CB10/SQN100-3 luvn leak

That is one ugly watch. And evidently difficult to 'quickly' command something when the touch screen is so small.

Cool that it works with bb10 but not interested

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Now that it is winter and I am wearing a zipped up heavy coat it is hard to get at the phone on my belt so being able to push back a sleeve to answer a call could be useful. Need a lot of work before replacing my watch though.

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Smart watches with flat faces are soo last month. Where are the smart watches with curved faces? That's the future! I've seen it!

Lol! Jk. I think smart watches are gimmicky, and would prefer an actual time piece on my wrist any day. That's just me though.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Do any of you work for Sony? How about Samsung? LG?...then how do you know what the will sell or what device is useless....if more than one company's R&D team deemed this watches useful/marketable/ with some type of demand then I'll side with the watches aren't for everyone but neither are the Other countless devices on the market today....definitely not useless or stupid plenty of you bashers will want one when you see it whether you admit it or 2 cent

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Haven't wear a watch for decades. Not likely to get this one just for clumsy typing. Functionality of a watch like this is limited. This day, watches are mainly a piece of accessory nothing more nothing less.

Well, I seem to be the only one who sees the potential in a SmartWatch. Set aside the current look of the devices. Imagine a Porsche Design watch with a subtle area blended in the design when no notifications are present? Showing the CallerID when your phone rings so with a flick of the wrist you can see if it's important enough to answer (like being in a restaurant / any other intimate candlelight / cinema setting with your partner, no need to reach uncomfortably to your pocket, getting your phone out, flipping the lid open and look on the bright screen)? That same area could also be used to show the Hub Icons, filled with Social Media stuff you can decide to keep you phone in your pocket. E-Mail could trigger you to see name and subject to quickly filter importance.

When on a cozy picknick at the park with your phone packed in your picknick basket pumping the sunny vibes trough a bluetooth speaker it enables you to skip a song or even limited playlist scrolling.

Sporting a SportsTracker like Endomondo or RunKeeper you can strap your phone to your arm or in a pocket, you don't have to pull it out or wait for the audio coach to know your current speed or heart rate. Just flick the wrist again and you know if it's time to speed up a notch, or just go with your Runners Flow. No need for buying expensive GPS enabled Sport Watches, cause the Functionallity your phone is already carying just reflects on your Watch.

I can't wait to get my SW1 from Santa, it extends the use of the LED which enables me to only peek on my phone to decide if a touch is actually needed.

I guess some kinda Fruit will turn some minds when they deliver ;). Who needs a tablet, right!?

I can definitely see the value of a smart watch if it is properly implemented. I'd prefer to not have to look at my phone screen every time it makes a noise or vibrates. I'd like to be able to check my watch to see if it's important. I don't want to be typing text into a smartwatch, but voice dictation would be good. Also, with BBM half the time I don't even need to respond because the sender knows that I got it.

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By properly are you referring to over the 44+ until unique apps for it and growing?! :) or the 2-3 day use and ability for real watch band compatibility?!

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The idea is awesome, first for its "coolness" factor. I was always a big Dick Tracy fan. This can work so long as its optimized for the user experience. The screen real estate (or lack there of) puts this interface in a whole new category. Its not a phone, nor a tablet, so I would expect a new set of UI interactions to develop in order for this idea to successfully be adopted by the larger population. It has the potential if the right people work on it. And by right people I mean usability specialists, but I'm a little biased in that area ;)

As a new sony Smartwatch 1 user, I can say that I love the watch. Weather, music, rss, and email alerts on my watch are surprisingly convenient. I'm a fan, and the SmartWatch 1 is pretty cheap.

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Guys! Guys! BlackBerry has always been all about innovation, so it's strange to see BB users having resistance for trying out something new, and even stranger to see reviews for something you haven't even used! Give it a try, and then speak.

Typing is far from being a major function on the watch, it's just a demo of an app. The same app, btw, uses templates which make sending an SMS much faster than taking your BB out of your pocket, not to mention typing on it.