Sony microSD memory cards are ridiculously cheap right now

Sony MicroSD memory card
By Simon Sage on 27 Jun 2014 11:03 am EDT

Amazon is having a pretty massive sale on microSD memory cards from Sony. We're talking $32.99 for the 64 GB card, which normally goes for $114.99. (That's 71% off, for those who don't feel like doing the math.) Unfortunately, Sony's line doesn't extend up to the 128 GB denomination we've seen elsewhere, but you will find every other size under the sun, and even some solid prices on the full-sized SD cards.

You can snag the 64 GB card from Amazon here if you're in dire need of an upgrade. SanDisk also has some of their cards on sale, including a 64 GB card with blisteringly fast read/write speeds. It's too bad there aren't any discounts on the full-bore 128 GB card today.

How many of you are still using 32 GB cards or lower? Is your memory card running out of room?

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Sony microSD memory cards are ridiculously cheap right now


I got mine 2 weeks ago. Sale from amazon too. 64gb sandisk ultra for 29.99 usd. I'm using it on my surface 2 now.

I'm still using an 8gb card I had from my Pearl 8130! Time to upgrade now I think.

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Almost all devices can handle the 64GB cards, you just have to reformat the card to the correct file system. I think it comes as NTFS and has to be formatted to FAT32 or the other way around. It's fairly easily done with Windows or common disk management software.

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I think they are xFAT but any BlackBerry 10 device can reformat to standard Fat32.

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With the latest OS, BB10 devices can use ExFAT cards too.

Using ExFAT allows two things :
- they work with Windows and MacOS (better than NTFS)
- they allow files bigger than 4GB (better than FAT32). A 720p video of just 40min goes over 4GB...

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If you have a 4 GB file on your BlackBerry smartphone you won't be able to vew it anyway due to insufficient RAM.

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I'm still running an 8gb card from years ago as well. The card is completely fully but my phone still has 8 gigs free haha

I never get why people need such ridiculously large as cards on their phones...

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I have a 32Gig one, but just ordered this 64Gig one. Have no idea why lol.
Impulse and couldn't pass up a great deal. I guess my backup device with now have a 32Gig card.

Frosty White Q10/

Me too. Since a week after buying the Z10, been rocking 80 gigs on my phone!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I just bought a UHS Kingston 32 GB card with 90 MB/s READ and 45 MB/s WRITES.

My god is it fast when hooked upto a USB 3.0 outlet! SD cards are getting faster and faster!!

This is amazing for when you want to backup your SD card right to your computer, makes the process much quicker : ) and for me i put a lot of stuff on my card but 32 GB is sufficient.

I think when I had issues with my storm I hucked it at a wall hoping to break it....key word hoping... and it actually ran better for a few minutes

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Saying BlackBerry storm Is like saying joe mack's winnipeg blue bombers. #laughingstock #mismanagement

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I was using the card from my storm 1 until January. I got a couple of 64GB cards on boxing day sale from amazon. I like to have movies on my phone all the time, so a 64 GB card allows me some variety.

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I would of never believed I would need anything larger than 32gig. But I only have less than 4gig free space. I need a 64gigs

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I never taught I'd need a gigabyte hard drive for my Windows 98 machine
I never taught I'd need a 512 MD SD card for my digital camera back when they first came out
I never taught I'd need a 8 gigabyte SD card for my STORM
I never taught I'd fill up the 1 terabyte drive on my DirecTV Genie
I never taught I'd fill up a 3 terabyte NSA

Please it's "thought" not "taught". I suspect (and hope) you know that, but are mimicking a 'Tweetie Pie' accent, for some reason.

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Please say it's NAS and not NSA ;-p
Me I hoped I'd never fill my 10 TB NAS, but... only 0.8 TB left :-(

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I got a 64GB micro SD and a Leather Pouch for free with my Q10 purchase. That was a great deal made by BlackBerry at the time.

Does anyone know what current gen and next gen BB10 hardware read/write speeds are?

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I've already got a 64GB card. I can't remember where I got it from online but, I know it was on sale. It was either Amazon or Froogle (Google Shopping) - my two favorite online places to shop.

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$114 for a 64 gig is an outrageous price. These aren't good deals. Check out the Samsung evo cards

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Thanks Simon ! Ordering a new one for my Z30, it's the same price I paid for the 32gb when I got my Z10...

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Uh that's not a good deal. You can usually find 32gb for thst price or oven lower and 64gb for 30-40$. I got a 128gb for 40$!

I'm on a class 4, 8gb with media card encryption on, I wonder how much a class 10 would change things.

Check out the official IWIK BBM channel C002FA57C posted via Q10SQN100-1/

I had the same card and was using encryption, too. I recently upgraded to a class 10 32 GB card, and the performance increase has been very noticeable. You will not be disappointed.

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Hmmm thanks for the feedback. Maybe I'll give it a go

Check out the official IWIK BBM channel C002FA57C posted via Q10SQN100-1/

I have a 32GB, almost full...i may have to invest in a Z30 and a 64GB!

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Yup. I just tried to order a couple. Can never have enough memory laying around. Pretty sucky they won't ship to Canada and is not offering the sale on memory cards either. Once again we lose out.

That's what Ship Happens, The Letter Carrier, and the like are for. Just get them shipped to one of these drop-ship companies and pick it up yourself.

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Recently upgraded from Samsung 16gb Class 4 to a Sony 32gb Class 10. Got it for $19 from Amazon.

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Be careful also if your running 10.3, I had to go back to 10.2 because it couldn't download the drivers for the 64 gig card. I may pick one up just as a backup!

The Z10

I had a 1Gb Card in my old Blackbeery 8520

But now that i have a new Q5 decided to buy a 8Gb card to upgrade :)

Don't really need anything bigger since i don't store much besides photos and the odd video

Newegg had a shell shocker for 64gb Hugh speed card for 29.99, I almost bought one and I don't even need it

Via Z10

I'm using the Sandisk 128gb card on my Z30. exFAT support in the latest 10.2.1.x builds is great for this. That support is currently still missing out of the leaked 10.3 builds or I would have upgraded by now.

Nice! I thought 64 (well 60 ish after formatting) was the max for a Z30. I still have plenty of room but 128GB is very interesting...

There are probably other places to get it but it is not yet available in Canada. I got two of them for $120/each at B & H out of New York.

It works really well. You need exFAT to make it work for either one of Windows7/8 or your BlackBerry but I assure you it does work.

There is a great table here ( which shows that after BlackBerry 10 OS and later the sky is the limit for card size.

Terrific thanks! That's the best news I've heard all day.. okay it's a slow news day but still, I'm very happy about this. Since my card was 64GB and your card is 128GB. You used the device to format it and it was all good? I let my Z10 do it then I transferred it without issue to my Z30 a few weeks later when my Z30 arrived or is there something special to make it exFat. I also popped it into my laptop which is Windows 8 and it worked like a charm to load up media. Much faster than OTA although sometimes speed doesn't matter.

Yes - just let your current BB10.2.x format it and it'll all just work. I took the card out of my own handset and used one of those multi-format-card readers to read it just fine on Windows7 too. My little card reader was USB3.0 so I just used that to transfer 65gb of my itunes collection over to the card and then re-inserted it into the Z30. Much faster than the alternative ways.

Note that no current 10.3.x build (none of them ) support exFAT yet. You must remain with 10.2.1.x if you're using a big card.

Finally: The cards all come pre-formatted for exFAT - right out ot the package. In fact there is no easy natural way to make them FAT32 without downloading a special utility for Windows as FAT32 isn't strong enough (and almost nothing supports NTFS in that size/format)

I'm running a 4 GB card that I've had for as long as I can remember.. I think I got it 5 or 6 years ago for around 50$

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Can you format a 120gb card to exfat? And will it work in a z30? I seen somewhere that the latest update allows 64gb+?

Storm to curve 9360 to z10 to z30

Too bad the PS Vita cards aren't on sale, kind of a slap on the face considering these particular cards on sale are from Sony themselves.

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+1,000! C'mon Sony! Time to bring the price down on Vita cards already! $80 for a 32 GB card? No wonder you're not selling enough units!

Scandisk 32gb on my Q10. Started to get the 64gb but didn't want to bother with the formatting.

I will max out my Classic/Passport when it makes it to the USA.

Sad to see CrackBerry pimping for retail predator Amazon. You guys really miss the forest for trees sometimes.

Via CB10, Z10 rocking official 10.2.1

Lol, never enough for me. And I had to write a few verses about my never ending quest. Sorry if it's not great, I'm not a regular writer. :)

A gigabyte here, another there,
In no time my card can't bear
Yet another one. 
It's done.

Two, four, eight, sixteen,
Thirty-two they have been.
A race to fill the space just when
The pace quickens with my Z10.

Ah, sixty-four I'll adore!
Till its no more 
Than the filling in the card.
I'll take it hard.

So off again to seize
A bigger card please,
As never will it be
Enough memory!

Just bought a Sandisk ultra 64 gb on amazon for $34.99. Upgraded from a 32 gb SanDisk. I ended up filling it up with the $.99 movies from bbw.

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I have a 8 GB and its been running low so thanks for the heads up and just put one on order to replace it. Also its a Sony so can't complain about that.

I have a 16GB SanDisk memory card. I only have my music on it right now, but it is close to 800 songs and continually growing!

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

16 GB, but getting short of storage. It's my device storage that is the problem - not enough room for all the apps I'd like to keep on it!

Q10  The Other Crackberry Pirate  Z30

I use an old 16gb from my storm 2. It, along with my z10, are both full of music. Been contemplating the 64 & at that price I may have to jump on it.

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Yeah I am still using a 16 gb card on my Z10, I surely need to get more memory.

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Still rocking 16gb. I guess if I keep downloading movies I will need to upgrade but not yet thankfully!

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Might grab this as it is indeed a deal to be had. I ran out of room on my 32gb card a few years back just due to music alone - of 29.7 available space, 25.6 is taken by music.

Though I agree with Simon...128 is the next card heading to use once the price drops.

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HOLY CRAPOLA! I can only imagine how expensive that sucker would be.

Update: "It's not forsale - If You want to buy an SDXC 2tb you will have to wait a bit as they are not here yet. The sizes of currently available SDXC amd micro SDXC cards vary from 64GB to 256GB and microSDXC are usually at least one speed slower and about 50% more expensive than full sized SD memory cards."

Oh and I had to spell a lot of words correctly in that little snippet I pasted above too...that site is some blogger's apparently (who can't spell and I don't think English is their primary language).

Anyhow it's vaporware....

I have a 16gb card with 300 pictures, 600 songs (a lot of 10 minute long songs) and 9 apps and still have half of my internal and half of the SD left. I'm upgrading regardless though.

Double typed without the help of AutoCorrect. Q10,

I got both the 64GB and 128GB micro sd card but had disastrous experiences with both. Had to switch back to my 32GB card

I formatted both cards in exFat and seemed to work fine only to later realise that my phone, Z30 couldn't read any of the files I had out on it. My device could identify the card but couldn't read or write to it. I formatted the card in the device as well, to see if this would improve the situation but only made it worse. It got to a point I was afraid I had corrupted my cards. I even wiped my device in the hopes that if I reinstalled the exFat drivers, things would change but its didn't help. I lost a lot of data from moving them back and forth and then eventually having to wipe my device but didn't get the same "flow"/experience I had with my previous 32GB card.

I suppose I'll give it another go after the update.

Only used 8g on my 32g. But knowing the cost of memory, I better pick one up.

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I'm still using the 4gb one that came with my Bold 9700!!! Probably should upgrade soon buy I haven't even used all the 4gb up anyway as only really use my phone for a phone lol

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That's normal, especially when such politics are pushed from Apple, Google. . In near future we won't have any memory cards. Only clouds and solid memories, not for cheap :-)
Guess why apple sells phones without any mc support? Guess why Google is forbidden write to mc (kitkat and up) by default? Some years forward and cameras won't have mc slots. . . :-)

Thanks God, bb still supports it :-)

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32Gb, but had to delete numerous contents to make room for my vacation. This will come handy. Thx!

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Bought 64gb Samsung from Amazon the other day. 70mb/s. £32. I think.

You need to watch out with these size cards... you really need Windows 7/8 to use them on pc.

Also though the super fast read speed is often quoted the write speed isn't and it can be rubbish!

lots of fakes on the market too.

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Yeah...I only mess with BlackBerry..... I trust them.

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Uh, you can use them with just about any operating system (ie. Linux, OS X/hackintosh), not just windows. ;)

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Yes but exfat works well natively in Windows 7 (for windows users) where as you may have to format it to fat32 on vista or xp to get any use out of it... and losing half the storage. not tried it on Linux yet so couldn't vouch for that side! Even though I use lubuntu daily.

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I'm using 32GB but it's getting full...

Anyhow, that's a good deal for Americans. In Canada, I found a SanDisk 64GB for $45.90 and free shipping

This is what it says: SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10/UHS-1 Memory Card Speed Up To 30MB/s With Adapter- SDSDQUA-064G-U46A (Label May Change)

From the 731 comments: "Works Perfectly in BlackBerry Z10. Put this in my brand new BlackBerry Z10 and formatted it. Worked perfect. All the space I could need and no problems with connecting or speed."

Wow! I was just on ebay looking at memory cards! It is a shame the 128gb are not discounted a bit. I think $89.99 would be a good deal.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

I tried two different 64Gb cards on both my Z10 and 30, but they somehow both got corrupt after about 2 months. Just recently, BlackBerry put out a fix to properly support 64Gb, so maybe I'll try again.

I bought a SanDisk Ultra 64Gb 8 Months ago in the US for $34, and at that time, it was a fraction of what Canada sold it for ($120).

LOL Sony card made in Korea, eh?

What are the disadvantages of formating 64 gb card in BlackBerry z10,and what advantage will 32 gb will offer if I retain it?

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I have been using a 64gb card for over a year now at a similar price anyone paying $114.99 for a 64gb is out of their mind that was the price in 2012

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I ran into this two days ago: 10.3 only supports fat file system if you're rocking 64gb. This is an issue because fat file system has a 4gb single file size. exFat supports unlimited single file size, but as of right now, in 10.3 leak, exFat cards that are larger than 32gb will not work.

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ExFAT is limited to 8GB apparently, wikipedia should confirm that.

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I'm using a 32GB microSD and have roughly 20GB of free storage on it. Ugh 32GB card has 29.7GB of available space ~.~;;
All my videos are on my 64GB playbook.

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I've got a SanDisk 64gb. Had a problem with files mysteriously disappearing on z30. O/S upgrade fixed the problem.

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I'll list the ones I have, that I use regularly:
MicroSD: 28MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 32GB.
MiniSD: 256MB, 512MB, 1GB (neighbor has it currently)
SD: 8MB, 256MB, 2GB.

I don't think I need anymore. Lol.

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Normally goes for 114.99... ummmmm the 128g u have listed is 119.99..... 114. is not the normal price anymore once the new one comes out, we know this

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Simon - Can BB10 devices even utilize an 80 mg per sec. speed? I thought they were topped out at Class-4?

Still on a 32gb card. And it's full. I just haven't had time to go sit in front of my PC and deal with BlackBerry Link to save and change over everything to the 64gb San Disk I've had for months. Lol.

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You don't have to use BlackBerry Link to transfer things. You can can just transfer all from one memory card to the other. That's what I did when I upgraded right when I got my Q10. Good luck!

Cheap usb card readers will work for $1.00 from a dollar store. Same with an SD adapter. They're harder to come by but ebay has them. I bought two on there for like $2.00 shipped.

I have a 32 in my windows 7" tablet, and a 16 in my Z10. No problems. if I wanted to sync everything I have I'd need at least a 1 TiB card

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Awesome, Thanks Simon! What would be the benefit of higher write speed on a memory card if I put it in my BlackBerry Q10 or Z10?

May sound silly, but can Canadians get the same pricing on or is this only available to our friends south of the border?

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I have a 64GB card in my Q10.

I have +/- 1000 Songs, about 30 ebooks and 20 movies.... and I still have about 8GB to spare

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Seeing as how you can't save apps on an sd card, my phone is sitting on 4gb of free space while my 32gb card has only 4gb used. So it's safe to say i don't need a 64gb anytime soon.

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It's nice that Sony has these discounted microSD cards, but I wanted the best, so I upgraded to Sandisk 64GB Extreme Plus, and it's one super fast card, holy shite! I'm satisfied!!

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Is it really so special? A lot of 64GB class 10 micro SD cards on Ebay at about the same price or lower (shipping included).

Who cares about 128GB if it isn't supported anyways. I'm rocking a 3/4 full 32GB card atm but as a Canadian this is over $50 on sooo... That's that I guess!

Too bad Amazon only accept credit cards, I don't have one. I pay everything with PayPal, but Amazon seems to be behind in payment options.

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Bummer, that Sony 64GB is up to $39.99. I was too late. Thinking about the 32GB though for $18.95. I'm still using a 16GB with my Z10 and have to delete things now to make room for new stuff that I want to keep with me.

Had to delete a bunch of games I got for free during Xmas, one because they took up a lot of space, and two because I rarely ever played them.

Music takes up most of the 32gb card's space. Kinda tempted to get a 64gb just to not worry about having to delete stuff.

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Just received mines and it's the wrong thing had to call them. They sent me a 32gb SDHC memory card

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Hi..I have Z30 and bought this Sony 64 gb Micro SD. However, when I insert it my dies not allow me the access to the card thru my says Handle is invalid....

Any solution for this?

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