The latest Sonos app for Android works on BlackBerry 10

Sonos BlackBerry Z3
By Adam Zeis on 27 May 2014 05:14 pm EDT

The good folks at Sonos have yet to issue an official app for BlackBerry 10, and sadly the Android app throws connection issues as soon as it starts up. Thankfully there are some third-party options, but they still leave out some of the newer features (and cost money). Today I came across this thread in the Connectedly forums however, where one user stated that the latest version of the Android Sonos app was working on the BlackBerry Z30. I haven't had too much luck in the past getting the official Sonos app to work at all across any of my BlackBerry 10 devices, so I didn't have much hope.

With fingers crossed and Sonos on my mind, I loaded up the latest official version of the Sonos app on my BlackBerry Z3 and much to my surprise (seriously, I didn't think it would work at all) it connected straight away and I was up and running in no time — that's the good news. The bad news is that it doesn't seem like it's working for everyone. Kevin tried loading the exact same version on his Z30 with no luck, getting the same connection issue as before. So it unfortunately doesn't look like this will work for everyone. It could be any number of issues as well — device, OS version, Android version, your Sonos setup, router, modem — you name it.

So if you're a Sonos user and also have a BlackBerry 10 device, give the latest Sonos app a shot and let us know if it's working for you. If you do get it running, hit up the comments and tell us your setup and maybe we can get a better idea of what's going on. And Sonos, if you're listening — this version is super close to working on BlackBerry 10 — so make it official!!

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The latest Sonos app for Android works on BlackBerry 10


What!? There has been a thread ongoing about this on CB. Nice job pushing people to Connectdly.

Posted via my Z30

I don't have a sonos. However I'm looking at a Bose system and seeing how I can hook it up to my Z10 via blue tooth, if that's possible

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I purchased a BlackBerry mini speaker that has the 3.5mm out and connected it to my Denon home theater receiver with a 3.5 to rca audio cable. Works like a charm.

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I bet this works for everyone once 10.3 is released. Apparently the latest 10.3 has much better Android compatibility than 10.2.1 (as drastically faster load times).

People have reported that apps (like the latest Candy Crush) that won't load on 10.2.1 now run perfectly on 10.3.

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Can't wait to try it out after today's update to the OS as it wasn't working for me on. 2102

From my z30

Yeah they've known about this in Crackberry for months. But he spotted it on Connectedly what?

Trust me - had I known it was fully working we would have posted it ages ago. You think Kevin would have let this slide given his passion for Sonos?

I don't know, there's been quite a popular thread called "Sonos Android App" on the forum for quite some time now.

Whether it works or not is dependent on the Android runtime. This has also been discussed on Crackberry, but I guess the author of this article doesn't read Crackberry.

Been working on my Z30 for about a month now with the last couple of 10.2 updates

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I just wait until the official Sonos BB10 app comes out! In the meantime I will probably get another play5.

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Hopefully they'll actually make one or at the very least, make the Android app available in BlackBerry World.

Hopefully! That's all I want for Christmas. Well and something like Google Now would be great too. :-)

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Me and the wife both have a Z30 on the same firmware, connected to the same router and sonos.
I downloaded the app and sent her a copy if the file.
She installed it 1st and linked up with no problems. I immediately installed it to mine and it won't connect at all :(

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Some conflict.

IP address conflict? Restart router? Restart device(s)? Check DHCP? Reinstall app?

Check the forum thread or post your issue there.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I'm using 10.3 leak & I'm able to use the Sonos android app. Before 10.3 I wasn't able to get it to work

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Been using it on the Z30 since it was released. I was surprised to see it work because other apps like Tivo, or the Pioneer app does not.

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I am on the official OS from AT&T. It works great. I actually just got a Sonos system on Friday and didn't realize that it never worked. Mine works perfectly, I even used it to set the system up. I am using the latest version downloaded via Snap.

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I recently tried Rdio again and it's working for me on my Z10.
Adam, when will we get a Connectedly app?

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Sorry to rub it in boys but my Logitech Squeezebox Touch works JUST FINE controlling it from my Z30 using the Logitech android app. :) Been working great since 10.1MR or 10.2 when sideloaded (Now loaded native apk).

I'll hold onto my Squeezebox Touch a little longer before I jump to Sonos. :p

I second that about using Roomtunes. Will Sonos even more people are using the Android version on BlackBerry? Probably just looks like more Android downloads.

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The Room Tunes developer will have to step it up. While the Android app is slower to load, the gestures might be odd at first for BB10 users, and it's weird getting notifications telling you what you are listening to, it is rock solid, fast, full featured, and the price is right.

OMG! It's finally working on my Z10 with the OS that came out today (Rogers I've been waiting for this to happen for months.

I'm STOKED!!! Tried it on go...updated to today's official and....we have lift off!!
Thank you BlackBerry. :)

Posted via a Device with Z and a 30

Been working for me since they released the Beta App. I have Z30STA100-5/ but even older OS works with the beta. Previous to this, I have been running Room Tunes but it never was able to play music from my mobile device. The Sonos beta app worked flawlessly so I switched. It's not a native UI but at least it doesn't crash. It just takes awhile during initial load.


After updating the OS to Rogers the Sonos app is finally working just fine on my Q10!!

Posted via CB10

So it's official then...Even though I think it's smug and off-putting that Sonos would not port one over.

Hey Sonos...we are customers too...and better get native building cuz BB10 is "the next big thing".

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RoomTunes still works better. It's too bad we don't have an official native Sonos app, but having used both I doubt Sonos would be able to do better than RoomTunes .

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Latest RoomTunes does play music local to my mobile device. No issues noticed. I use weekly, I would say.

-via CB10 on STA100-3

I had to download a beta version a while back. The latest version might have been updated. It works fine for me now.

Just buy Room tunes
Works great..$10.00 on top of the cost of a sonos system
Is not a lot to pay. Plus it works at all your friends home that have a sonos system

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There's an app available called Room Tunes available in BlackBerry World. The price is $9.99.

It's a native third party app.

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Sonos and room tunes both been working great. Latest version of room tunes supports streaming from local device. I prefer the interface of rt.


Just waiting for 10.3 update on blackberry and what all it will bring. Just wish blackberry to release one flagship device soon to counter Attack LGG3 QHD display and IOS+ camera. # blackberry#no#waiting#justdoit

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It is working on my Z30 now! I haven't had time to really test out everything and compare to RoomTunes but I'll put it through the ringer this weekend

I have 2 play:5, Amazon cloud, my music on my NAS and a Z30. it is working great with the sonos app on snap!

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I have the new Sonos app running on my Z10 with the recent update. It worked no problem. I agree with other posters, the Room Tunes interface suits me a bit better, maybe I'm just used to it. It is nice to be able to have the settings options available in the Sonos app, like alarms.

Cannot download the apk either directly or via my dropbox in order to testen it on my z30. Anybody who can make it available for me, please?

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Downloaded today from Amazon the app to operate our Sonos Play5 onto my Z30 and it works like a charm. It takes some "playing around" to find out how to navigate between screens. Sonos support indicated third party potential but could/would not identify source/reliability.