Songza now available in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 25 Jan 2013 12:31 pm EST

The other day there was plenty of 'rumors' based on some comments that Songza would be coming to BlackBerry 10. Here we are now a few days later and Songza has appeared in BlackBerry World. As it stands right now, it's an Android port but having been testing it out for the past little while it works pretty seamlessly on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices.

If you're making use of a Dev Alpha, you can download it right now. For those of you who will be picking up a BlackBerry 10 device when released, you'll just have to hang onto the satsifaction of knowing it will indeed be available to download as soon as you fire up your brand new device.

Download Songza for BlackBerry 10

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Songza now available in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10


They should bring a Native to the table. I am guessing they ported just to be on BB10, because they had no time to make a proper Native release.. It's a little glitchy at times, just like the side loaded one that had issues.

Short answer: yes. Some are not too horrible but I have yet to try one that runs half as well as a native app.

Just about every port I've played has had some issue. To be fair, most have really been minor. One of my favourite games is a port (WordHero) and it has only a few issues (although some people seem to have more problems with it than I do). Overall though many are quite good and the problems are minor inconveniences. But some of, some should never have been released.

Every time I read a post like this I kick myself for sending my Dev Alpha in right away.
Hopefully RIM will surprise us all by shipping all the LE Devices on the 30th.

Songza is awesome!! for anyone that doesn't know, try their desktop website and you'll see why. Very handy at work :)

Good question for me too. The article is unclear for people that unknown Songza. I just hit the link to BB World for read about it.

It's pretty slick for an Android port. They've done a good job or porting it and making some elements be very BB10.

I have a feeling BlackBerry is going to pull off the comeback of the century !!. Every thing about this launch and device feels right; from the organized leaks that generated excitement to their strategy in international markets (read about what they are doing in Asia and Africa), to the support they got from carriers globally, and last but not least genuinely useful features.
For the record, i am a google fan and own several android devices, but to ignore what is happening at RIM is foolish. Personaly, i am done…DONE!..buying devices from manufacturers that pump out 50 devices a week with no intention of keeping them up to date despite capable hardware.Looking forward to BB10 :)

So when you say Android port is it like on a Playbook where it opens through the Android Player and you have the software "back" button?

I hope the tunein radio app makes it to BB10. I use the pro version of that radio/podcast app a few times a day. Songza definitely looks like an app to check out though. We'll find out soon..

Believe it or not i had never heard of Songza until this post. Browsing it now and i like it. any news about Slacker?

When I open the link on my BlackBerry Dev alpha, it says not available for this device. In blackberry world.

Why does Songza for BB10 (android port BTW) need access to my Pictures, music, and documents?

"Allow this app to access your pictures, music, documents, and other files stored on your device, at a remote storage provider, on a media card, or in the cloud."

I have the same question and decided to delete the app. The app requires access to the Internet and all Shared Files. I understand the former but not the latter.

Not working in switzerland??? W T F? I have quit apple and sold my iPhone 5 for the BB Z10 and nothing works on this device... No spotify no songza??.