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Songza going native for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 14 May 2013 04:18 pm EDT

One of the most popular streaming music services out there is Songza. As most folks know, their app in BlackBerry World right now is an Android port. That said though, it won't be for long. During the BlackBerry Jam keynote today, Eric Davich, from Songza took the stage to let everyone know they'd be making the switch to native for several reasons. BlackBerry users that make use of Songza are extremely engaging, Songza wants to leverage the power of BlackBerry Messenger and tap into the access that BlackBerry offers through NFC. And finally, demand. Songza has heard BlackBerry customers loud and clear -- they want a native solution. As of now, their isn't any expected launch date for a native Songza release but just knowing its in the works should be enough to hold folks over.


Joshua Ward

YESSSSSSSS! Was missing this when I switched from iphone to Z10


It's available today on the Z10 in a pretty decent Android port....he is just saying they have now decided to do a native BB Cascades version. But if you miss it, use the app that's there today. Works great for me.

Joshua Ward

Oh okay thanks lol

Posted via CB10


Hopefully this is just the beginning of a trend



Posted via Vader10


I've yet to download Songza but I will be downloading as soon as it's available natively.


Only used couple times, but the current version has worked fast and flawlessly for me.

So if you want it, why wait?
Plus now you can know you're supporting a dev that makes native BB10 apps, even though it's not here quite yet.

This is how you CB10, son!


I think I'm going to cry I'm so happy!


Then freaking cry man. Cry to your hearts content. Cry like a girl. Go on. Cry.

Posted via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK)



Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Dave Bourque

Cool I got you on my must have apps once it's native.

Posted via CB10


Now I don't feel so dumb for sending them an email through their iOS app on my iPod touch, encouraging them to bring a native app to BB10 that's on par with the iOS app haha.


Hopefully they can turn the master volume in the app up as it is very low in the port currently.

Posted via CB10


Android and IOS won't have bbm integration with third party apps I bet. More reason for developers to work on native blackberry apps.


Posted via CB10


I am so happy to have played a hand in their success. Ever since I repackaged their Kindle android app for the playbook, and was the first to tell the Songza creator how much I am enjoying it, encouraging them to go ahead to do it officially... till today.... my eyes are tearing...


The one currently in BB World is amazing considering it's just a port. I'd love to see a native app made, though. Always better to see companies truly supporting BB.


Awesome, let the wave begin, android port function but rarely captivate.

Posted via CB10

El Platanero

This is awesome. I love the app but can't stand that its ported.

Posted via CB10


This is fantastic news!! I'm so happy!! :D


Awesome. Love songza.

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Posted via CB10


Incredible, top 5 app for me!

Posted via CB10


Awesome! This is how you treat your fan base. I'm pretty happy with this decision. This is the kind of response that BlackBerry was hoping for when they incorporated the Android runtime for BB10. Hopefully other major app devs follow suit.
Now you know people! You want an app on BB10 or you want a currently available android port to be native, then message and nag the developers! Let them know and when they see the demand, they will have no choice but to invest some time developing native.

Posted via CB10


nice to see a porter eventually decide to convert, a good sign!


The Android port is a little laggy. Thumbs up for a native app.

Posted via CB10

Aljean Thein

I can't use this app in my phone. Keep saying my connection is bad or something and won't play any songs. Been having this problem for weeks till I decided to delete it. Even reinstalling it doesn't help. Hoping for the native will work..

Posted via CB10


Good on Songza. I don't use their app, but respect where respect is due.


Great News! I love songza!

Posted via CB10


I didn't even realize what I'm currently using is a port.

Posted via CB10


I know! I thought it was native too!

Posted via CB10


Wow, same as others have stated...I didn't know it was a port. It's up and running connected to my vehicle radio every morning. I haven't listened to the actually radio stations in weeks since I started using this app. Awesome news!

Posted via my Zee 10



Posted via CB10


I love this app now even as a port but i'm excited to see it as a native app. Hopefully, others will follow. Very exciting times in TeamBlackBerry


Downloading just cause they are going native

Posted via CB10


Maybe it's cause I kept bugging them to do it. :)

Posted via CB10


This bodes well for BB10. I kind of remember the Songza guys originally including BB10 users as a customer base, but not too seriously (in the beginning). Thus, the Android port.


Great news Hopefully others will follow suit .

Posted via CB10

Jimmy Fong1

Cool beans. The Android port is good enough for now. Can't wait for the native app. Thx BlackBerry and Songza!

Posted via CB10


Songza has just gotten themselves another steady user (+ who knows how many others?)


Excellent. I love Songza.
... that being said, I didn't really have any issues with the port. Worked fine. But sure, native is good too!


I think this is BBs plan - make it easy to port Android apps, allowing initial users to have *something*, and proving to the developer there is demand ... then having them build a native application. I hope this starts a trend!



Posted via CB10


Use thus app daily, can't wait for a native app.

Posted via CB10


SWEEET! I luvs me my Songza!

But to be honest, I could barely tell that the current version wasn't native! It has always run super fast on my Z10.

I wish apps like Kindle and ebay that REALLY REALLY need a native version would go native.

But anyhow, this is great news!

Posted via CB10


Great app already as a port, it's not like it's a complicated program, but glad to see a native version with more flow!


Any chance of a UK availability any time soon


Huuuuuge vote for why the Android runtime is worth every penny of investment and time....their strategy is working.

Tanya Draper

Not available in the UK. No update to os either, why are we left behind? Having said that, I really love my z10!


This is a great app!!


I used 8tracks way more than Songza - but now Songza is going native, goodbye 8tracks!!!


Yay. Songza native app is greatly appreciated.


The android port is good and I use it often but nothing beats native :)

Posted via CB10


Hopefully news like this makes other streaming providers take notice and make apps for BB10.


Love Songza. Great news.

Posted via CB10


Why can't I download this app in the app world? Seeing it as not available :(

Posted via CB10


Sweet I just discovered songza and can't stop listening it. Native is going to be great

Posted via CB10


Good for bbry! Now we need instagram and we're good

Posted via CB10


Port is crappy, on my Q10 only the first few rows of options are available and it doesn't scroll. Making the app very annoying to use when I want to select one of the options that doesn't show. Fix this shit