Songza curating multi-million dollar bid from Google

Songza curating multi-million dollar bid from Google
By Sam Sabri on 6 Jun 2014 03:05 pm EDT

Hold onto your headphones. Google is apparently in talks to buy the popular free music streaming and recommendation service Songza. Founded in late 2007, Songza has built up over 5.5 million active users. Google's own Larry Page is allegedly leading the charge to acquire Songza for $15 million.

In the world of free music streaming, Songza has set itself apart by offering up curated playlists based on your current activity. There aren't any algorithms are work to make these playlists, instead music experts create these for specific occasions. Songza has apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, BlackBerry, Sonos and a web application.

$15 million does seem awfully small for a music streaming service. Afterall, Apple did just buy Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion, of which less than $500 million was for the streaming component. It also pales in comparison to companies like Spotify (valued at $4 billion) and Pandora (market cap of $5 billion).

Good move for Songza to be aquired by Google? Do you use Songza? Sound off below!

Source: New York Post

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Songza curating multi-million dollar bid from Google


Yeah a company which is struggling to run its own BlackBerry 10 division, why the hell would they blow $15mill on a music streaming service, remember BlackBerry Music?

BlackBerry does not have enough BlackBerry 10 handsets in circulation to justify purchasing, nor does songza have the brand like Spotify or iTunes.

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I didn't realize it was an android ported app. I thought I was using on my torch before I switched to BB10 when it came out. Back then, it had no ads unlike today. Either way, I use it and love it.

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Used Songza for a few months since they were developing a native app. Since they didn't deliver, I stopped using them. So apple buys beats, twitter is in talks to acquire Soundcloud and now Google for Songza. Wtf is going on here?

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Big companies buying up the competition or other services to get the edge. Nothing new here.
Not that I like it anymore than you do but it's a fact of life.

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I think he is referring to the fact that these are music streaming companies. And those companies are not competitors with google, twitter etc.

Fair enough. My point is that there is a move towards these music streaming businesses. Maybe big corporations feel like these are the next big thing.

Same here. I used it for a while, since their rep came to a BlackBerry audience last year saying they were building a BB10 app, but nothing today. I sent them a lengthy email explaining them why I love Songza and why I want a native BB10 app, and they didn't even answer me.

No buggy Songza Android port for me anymore, even more if Google buys it.

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As long as they don't cut services and force us to pay for G Music or place ads, which will probably won't happen or they can't make a benefit.

"There aren't any algorithms are work to make these playlists, instead music experts create these for specific occasions. "


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I use Skooday more than songsa - but I do use both. I'd really rather my music not be in Google's hands but c'est la vie.

I think 15 mill is a bit low though.

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If the states has a Competition Bureau i think it's time they step in. They tried to stop Microsoft years ago for offering browsers and other things competing with Netscape. Google and Apple are controlling to many areas of the market and its killing competition which eventually will hurt general public.

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I tend to agree, but it's a harder argument to make when there are three of them. It's an oligopoly. Question is, will those be the only three that matter going forward?

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I don't see how you count 3. Apple and Google make 2. If you count BlackBerry and Microsoft (which you shouldn't because they don't hold a large enough share of the market) that's 4.

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The 3rd internet powerhouse buying everything is facebook. Whatsapp for 19 billion?

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

Don't use Songza. I use Slacker, Hype Machine, Nobex, and Skooday, depending on the mood I'm in.

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TuneIn I use to love on my Bold but it doesn't play the radio stations in St.Kitts on my Z10, so I don't use it anymore but I use to love it.

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Could care less. Crap app. I would sell if I owned it because I know it won't last long so why not get paid.

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Use it on the computer and it works fine off the BlackBerry Browser. It is a good service. Curated song lists is the way to go I think. Pandora's algorithm became too repetitive for me.

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Nope, have never used Songza. I already own an enormous amount of music that I like, so I don't need a 3rd party to create playlists for me, thanks anyway.

Arg. I'm never signed into Google, never need to be. May delete my account. But I use Songza every day. That and Twitch.

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Well there goes another application.. Skooday no longer supported ever since exfm closed shop

Tried songza and hated it. It only played crap music. I mainly use slacker or my own collection of music.

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I wish blackberry could purchase from bose or Harmon and kardon and move to the same stream as Apple and Google hopefully someday in terms of their hardware and technology to implement them in their handset

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Google IS the Internet now, at least for Joe Doe

Not single site out there without a friggin' doubleclick tracker, ajax.googleapis, googletagmanager, Google Ad Services, and -oh no- Google Analytics running on them.

Add twitter, Facebook and Adobe to the mix.

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I don't use them. Tunein (provides access to many radio stations) is all I need, plus my AM/FM/SW radios.

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I don't want Google to get them. Remember back when we thought Google was a good company? "Don't be evil" and all that crap they sang to us... back before they became the biggest, most unapologetic threat to personal privacy the world has ever seen. Before they drove their cars around sniffing for open networks to invade and plunder. Before they became glassholes. Bleck. It seems like an incredibly low valuation for Songza. Who wouldn't buy them for $15M? Sadly, even if it were $15B, what Google wants, Google gets.

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I can't take credit for it! But it's catching on, which I like. :)

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I don't want to be the bad guy but the title is all wrong! It sounds like Songza is buying the service from Google.

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OMG. Google is taking over the world. This is dangerous. Privacy is being assaulted. We must protect it at all costs. Soon there will be no competition in the marketplace to maintain balance. All power will be concentrated with just a few tech companies. Sound familiar? Banking, government etc.

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I love Songza, it's great, I wish they made that native app like they said they would. However the new update you can only get from Snap (not sure why) works smoothly for my Zed10

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Don't be surprised when BlackBerry devices can't access Songza. We're slowly getting pushed out of picture.

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Interesting timing. Bloomberg Businessweek had a recent article on the streaming music business and how no one is making money at it. If that's the case, Google will be flushing money down the drain. Mind you for them $15 million is probably a rounding error.

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I use Slacker across my home WiFi. I can say I enjoy it more than other ones that I have tried, including Pandora. It's the free version, so there is the concessional Home Depot ad or something. Usually the ad is quick and not really annoying. So, I'll stick with it.

Had Songza, didn't care for it. Been using Slacker since I got my PlayBook and have it on my Z 10 too. Definitely has the best metal genre!

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I use it with the room tunes app and Sonos app. Android version on BB is slow. Great on IOS.


15million, pocket change for Google. Google is an awesome company , buy shares :)

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The BBM music service should get revamped and integrated with BBM for all. Apple has itunes, Google has their music service and BlackBerry needs to compete.

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I'm not as foolish as those who feel Google is their friend or cheering on Google. I distance myself from Google as much as I do NSA, Yahoo, MSN, and Apple.

I don't expect Kevin or many on Crackberry to understand why, as they are overcome and distracted by technology to notice the implications of what Google is about.

I'm uninstalling Songza.

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That's why I say it's not good to have huge cooperation

They control too much and then start to kill the market.

That's why if blackberry was in a solid third then the market would be more balanced.
Can we get this word out to the general public. for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

The first purchase I have read about that makes sense price wise.

Beats is still baffling.

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Great buy! I'm a fan of Songza but how well does a million dollar purchase price reflect the music streaming services industry? Other tech acquisitions have gone for way more.

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If I were the owners, I would explore other offers. That is a low bid as far as I am concerned. The user base alone garners a higher selling price. Apple buying Beats has a lot more to do with the headphones division in my opinion than it does the streaming service. I can't really understand what Google's play is (no pun intended), in regards to Songza. I can see a couple scenarios, but nothing more than they are already doing now, such as information gathering, targeted ads, and an already useful music streaming service.

Songza has been a perfect music partner for my morning runs. I can pick and save a series of songs or pick a theme (workout or running; easy going or rocking) and Songza recommends a match. They have not been wrong yet. 15 mil is too little for the service they provide.

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Noooooo!!! Songza is awesome, please don't sell your soul to Google. PLEASE!

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