Sometimes analysts say unfounded things and Forbes quotes them.. BlackBerry 10 phone w/ QWERTY keyboard WILL BE HERE before June

BlackBerry 10 QWERTY Phone
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Dec 2012 11:49 pm EST

This afternoon Forbes posted an article titled RIMM: No Qwerty BB Device Until June, Analyst Says. The headline caught my attention as, well, that would be horrendously horrible if it were true. Forbes staff writer Eric Savitz wrote the article based on a research note that was published earlier that day to its clients by Boston-based research firm, Detwiler Fenton. 

In my many years of covering BlackBerry news I have never heard of Detwiler Fenton before, so was a little surprised to see Forbes allow this kind of headline to be published based off a report from some analyst who has zero history on dropping RIM rumor bombs with no fact checking beyond that. 

Upon reading the Forbes post I immediately reached out to RIM for clarification, and received the following...

Details of the commercial availability for BlackBerry 10 will be announced at the global launch events on January 30. Our executives have made it clear that the touch screen device will be available shortly after launch with the physical keyboard version to follow shortly after that. 

RIM obviously isn't going to state the availability date -- there's a launch event coming soon that'll take care of that -- but it's pretty obvious that you'll be able to buy a qwerty BlackBerry 10 phone before June 2013. As noted in the RIM statement, RIM execs have been on record plenty of times now saying the physical keyboard model will follow shortly behind the full touchscreen model.

Think back to our interviews with RIM's CEO and CMO, and they confirmed that. CEO Thorsten Heins told us that when RIM pushed back the launch date of the first BlackBerry 10 phone, the shift in timeline did not interfere with the planned launch of the qwerty version of the phone, but in fact compressed the launch time frame between the two devices. And CMO Frank Boulben told us what to expect at the BlackBerry 10 launch event. He told us both the full touchscreen and physical keyboard versions will be announced at the same time, but with separate launch dates attached to them, with the full touchscreen coming first and full qwerty coming soon after. But when it comes to marketing BlackBerry 10, you'll likely see both devices marketed together. There's just no way you'd see RIM announce the qwerty BlackBerry 10 phone on January 30th and then say it'll be available in June. Let's also remember that I already played with a working version of the qwerty literally months ago (I would have handed over $$ to buy one then) and the Dev Alpha C is just around the corner.

Also, if a rumor of a delay like this had any real truth to it... it would be material. RIM's share price stayed pretty flat today, which makes me think the street's B.S. detectors went off just the same as they did for me on this one.

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Sometimes analysts say unfounded things and Forbes quotes them.. BlackBerry 10 phone w/ QWERTY keyboard WILL BE HERE before June


The Forbes "author," Eriz Savitz, is very well known to be a RIM hater. I've read his articles for years as I've been following RIM for a long time and I can tell you that he only writes negative articles on RIM.

It's a well known fact that "certain" shills place negative news/articles to sway opinion and also to gauge sentiment. Sentiment is a LARGE factor in stock price movements, always has been, always will be. RIM for the most part is being gauged on sentiment at the moment with the anticipation of BB10 just around the corner, so it's easier for "certain" shills to play you, don't fall for it for even a second.

BB10 is one hell of a phone/system that is actually scaring the bejeezuz out of the other phone makers, so expect the negative shills to ramp up their negativity, that's what they get PAID to do,shrug it off for what it is pure 100% BS.

Ok, lets move on to more important things. :)

Tom, you took the words right out of my mouth. It is so transparent. I often wonder how most people CANT see the blatant and obvious attacks against RIMM. Its clearly a tactic to drive the stock price down. I firmly believe that there are US investors in other phone makers who do not want to see a Canadian manufacture succeed. Maybe it killed them to hold a Canadian BlackBerry in their hands at work.

Team Blackberry 4 Life.

There is two things I removed from "to read list" - Anything having to do with analysts and anything having to do with Digitimes, lol.

Gizmodo is by far the worst. They just posted a story about RIM regarding BBM integration with Facebook, saying that "this is great for the 3 people that still use BlackBerries". The "3 people" thing was in the headline.

The last time I was on Gizmodo, they posted an article about the PlayBook where they said "If you're one of the poor unfortunate to people who own a PlayBook, we feel sorry for you..."

They posted another article where the author referred to the PlayBook as "a silly little toy".

Both the PB articles were written AFTER OS 2 update btw.

Just now on Twitter:
@savitz why don't you do the world a favour and fact check before making rediculous comments about #RIMM? #hater

I should also have added to this post.... if I'm somehow wrong and I can't buy a BlackBerry 10 phone with a physical qwerty before June.... just shoot me.

Hi Kevin, Not to be overly negative here or anything, but going by RIM's past judgment of what "shortly after" and "soon" mean when it came to releasing products, its actually quite a long time by most people's standards :( I have a 9700 now and looking forward to the QWERTY, i think June is too long :(

Just thinking it through here: the OS and apps need to be "tested" on the QWERTY (should take a few days IMO), and then it has to go for carrier testing yet, which should take 2-3 months. So that's April or latest by May. Not June :) But I am hoping more like end of Feb LATEST! please RIM! my 9700 might not make it that long!!!

I'm a little surprised that Kevin is still so trusting of what RIM says. After all, I was in the same room with Kevin, Chris and Adam when RIM and Thorsten said 'BlackBerry 10 will be available in calendar year 2012'. Reread that quote over again in a TH accent and then imagine hearing it repeated at least a dozen times right before RIM announced BB10 is delayed 6-9 months. Seriously, it went from for sure coming out during 2012 to being delayed by 6-9 months in the time span of a few weeks.

With RIM, I believe it when I see it. Because they have shown that they have no problem lying to their customers, investors and the media. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this analist is correct.

I guess you were still in that same room, without access to the Internet, when Kevin said in the article that he has used the finished product, the ready-to-launch hardware?

If you're on a BlackBerry fan site, and you're still bitter over mistakes made a year ago, and despite evidence to the contrary you still think it's a lie... if Thorsten Heins said that you can get a Big Mac at just about every McDonald's restaurant in North America, TODAY, would you think somehow that he might be lying?

I've been around long enough with RIM that the answer to your question would be an absolute yes. Why? Because RIM said it. I have been bitten for too many times with dates seemingly being pulled out of thin air from RIM CEO's only to watch them come and go with nary an acknowledgment or apology from regarding missing these dates. And as a Playbook owner, the word "soon" and the phrase "its coming soon" is pejorative.

I may think that RIM has turned a corner and is ready to truly compete in today's world - and I will be the first in line to get a BB10 phone when they are released. But at the same time, I understand the skepticism and cynicism that many individuals - consumers, businesses, governments, and analysts - have when it comes to whether or not RIM can deliver in a timely fashion. History is not on their side on this issue.

carrier testing is for the software and not exactly for the phone per se. The phones will somewhat be the same configuration.

L series will be available by Valentines day

N series will be available early March.

Remember I said this here and if I am wrong you can all do whatever you want with me, I'll sell my body and soul to CB.

Do I look worried?

*checks mirror* nope

This Forbes dude (who, by the way, is a Crackberry member who trolls the forums), seems determined to be right about BlackBerry being wrong.
The analyst? Well , we repeated his name. 'Nuff said.
By my calculations, QWERTY should be available end of March, latest.
Not to worry.
Are we not used to complete fabrications by now?

Thanks, Kevin.


These analysts are bunch of high school dropouts,

You all know this was only posted because RIM's stock price has been rising again. Expect a few more rounds of bad-news op-ed pieces and analyst reports, at least until the price drops back down to around $8. Then they'll lay off for a week or two, until it starts to climb again. Seems like a cycle we're currently stuck in.

ohhhhhhhh dont say that......i bought RIMM for 10000k at $6.24from my credit card . i am all in for BB10.


You went into debt for shares!? Thats grossly irresonsible of you!

No one can say you don't put your money where your mouth is!

We won't see RIM below $10/share before the BB10 launch. I'm pretty comfortable saying that.

You raise a good point though. There are a lot of investors who have been short on RIM and are out a lot of money since its recent run-up. Rumors like this may be coming as attempts to short the stock.

You won't see $8 again,lol. The stock is consolidating nicely in a range now and the chart looks like it wants to explode UP. ;)

If you are just DTing the stock at least put your sells at $15 to catch the shorts.

Disclaimer: I'm not a qualified broker, do your own research. :)

Fenton says June. That's completely plausable. This is RIM we're talking about, 'shortly' is what? 2-3 months to them. Announce just before feb, full touch released in early April, qwerty in June.... Sounds perfectly believable.

Full touch releasing in early April?? RIM has said they will release the full touch within the next 30 days after the January launch event. Releasing the phones in April will be far too late for RIM...

Full touch screen BB10(the real deal not dev model)available
for dev's to play with at Blackberry Europe Jam Feb 5 2013. :)

Gotta luv when a plan comes together.

Is it more or less believable than:
- touchscreen in mid feb, QWERTY in late feb
- touchscreen in late feb, QWERTY in early march
- touchscreen in early march, QWERTY in late march

etc. etc.?

Why is your guesstimatation more or less "believable" than any of the timelines that fit the pattern above? Just because a "month or two" seems about right? If hope to galosh that RIM has better SCM techniques in place. I'm sure RIM will want to go to market with Carriers with BOTH the full touchscreen AND QWERTY models at the same time, and not screw over carriers will 5 months delay between launch and delivery to customers.

For your "sounds about right" timelines to be correct, Thor would have to be willfully doing more of what he has acknowledged as a failure: missing launch dates without warning and setting market expectations incorrectly. You really have to mistrust Thor and believe he was 100% pandering to the media when he issues mea culpas.

Wasn't the rumor stating that was actually AT&T, T-Mo, Verizon and Sprint the ones delaying the phones availability?


Eric Savitz will not change his "journalism," regardless of one's civility. Smear campaigns are not swayed by facts, or kind words, or rational debate.
Eric Savitz consistently, in fact ONLY, posts RIMM bashing articles (which I would find completely acceptable IF they were even moderately balanced and objective). He is without a doubt the most shameless shill I have ever encountered

Most shameless shill ever? I guess you don't read Gizmodo much. Those guys should be on Apple's payroll for all the marketing support they provide. ;)

I think Eric has a problem of wanting way too much attention.
He will get that attention when his wife finds out that he is cheating on her ..... with a MAN !

Maybe this should be filed under the heading Sh*t Analysts Say.

Analysts are like armchair quarterbacks. They sit back and talk in coulda-shoulda-woulda all the time.

Meteorologists are the only other people who can be consistently wrong and not get fired.

What do you get with 10 analysts in a room? 11 opinions.

What do you call 10,000 analysts at the bottom of a lake? A good start.

Ba-Doom -tishhhh

thank ya very much, I'll be here all week... (j/k)

No man, let's be fair here... The joke about 10,000 at the bottom of the lake it's with lawyers, not analysts...

The analyst may just be saying June 2013 as the date for general U.S. availability. I'm guessing this could occur because of the likelihood of a short term agreement giving AT&T exclusivity on the physical keyboard BB10 model. There's some precedent for this in the U.S. market, AT&T cut a similar deal for exclusivity on the Lumia 920, and AT&T has the bulk of Blackberry subscribers who are yearning for a replacement phone with a physical keyboard. All the other carriers would probably be able to pick it up around June.

In case you are wondering, that's just pure speculation. I wouldn't sign an exclusivity agreement with AT&T when physical keyboard users on other carriers have been waiting for over a year to replace their handsets. You can talk all you want about "owning the QWERTY market", but there's a big hole for someone like Samsung to come in and introduce a top-of-the-line BB-style QWERTY with racehorse hardware and Android. Many BB users would remain loyal in that scenario, but there's little doubt that the marketshare would bleed significantly if BB is still just promising BB10 QWERTY at the time.

I've been saying this for a bit also...god help Blackberry if, within the next 2-3 months, there is a qwerty android phone released which feels like a bb. Anylist won't need one to devalue rim stock.
And I don't mean a bb kinda lookin phone, like the droid pro or admiral (god I type that a lot) I'm talking about a 'lawsuit phone'...a sheer, purposely copied out of demand, qwerty bb imitation. Maybe rim can dust off the patent attorneys (huge sarcasm) and regain some lost revenue due to the late roll out.
Lastly, I use and have used bb's...I own an android tablet and a 9930 as my phone. I'd like nothing more than to have congruency in my devices, but I can not rid myself of my Blackberry Bold 9000 style keyboard. I am certainly sure there are many many more like myself. I'm just amazed, that in this competitive world of phone tech, some other manufacturer hasn't already knocked rim off the qwerty mountain yet. Its true, profit margin is horrible on hardware vs software...but there are exceptions when it comes to certain 'stuff'. Do you mean to tell me there is noone out there who wants the king of qwerty title?

I've also been amazed by that. And, as far as profitablity goes, I would personally be prepared to accept a €100-150 markup to be able to own a good qwerty phone over the glass slabs that everybodybis selling. So, perhaps there is a businessmodel there? Just because nobody has jumped on it before doesn't mean it cannot be done... But it is just as well, BB is keyboard king for now and that's the way I like it. Let's hope they keep that market in their pockets!

June would be too late to keep me on the BB bandwagon, I'm sorry to say. My 9810 has hit the floor too many times and I need to replace it sooner than later. February: maybe... March: maybe not... April: Droid.

They have been saying that the qwerty will follow the all touch for some time now. Not to mention appworld has been pulling in apps built for the L for months with nothing for N. Add the dev alpha C announcement and cmon its plain to see Qwerty is gonna take a little more time to launch. June though??? No way! I can't believe Forbes allowed this publication. Dude got blasted in the comments :)

On another note I heard a rumor that all your BBOS apps will carry over to your new  10 device. How though? Well it could be something like the Android Player but I'd be speculating ;)

RIM's CEO said.....! Frank Boulben told us.....! Everybody's talking it seems!
RIM guys are not famous for keeping their word.
I don't believe anything until I have the phones in my hand ! :)

so is there still people out there claiming that there is no hidden agenda for these people? With RIM using words like it is "clear" it will come out before june, and kevin using using words like"obvious", it is without quesstion absolutely crazy to try and claim someone that says it is not coming out until june has no larger, malicious intents then informing shareholders.

We all know that "shortly" takes a lot longer for RIM.
Just like the calendar and email functionality was added to the playbook shortly after launch.

Therefore June could be the date for global availability of the keyboard version. It's clear that the emphasis is being placed on the London form factor. We have been waiting for years now so as long as the phone doesn't feel outdated at launch we should be fine.

IMO you are talking about two different companies. The new RIM is not pleased with the reputation of the old RIM, I'm sure, and I believe they are going to do all they can to change it.

No kidding. The old RIM didn't typically talk much to the media. The new RIM does. The old RIM didn't usually admit mistakes, the new RIM does. Different CEO, different COO, different CMO. Major VPs no longer there.

Not really 'the same'.

Wow are you serious right now? RIM fans seem to have selective memory or something.

Here, let me help you with that. Is Thorsten consider part of the new RIM? The new RIM that is trying to fix the bad reputation of old RIM?

If so then yeah Thorsten has proven that he is willing to lie. He did it repeatedly during BlackBerry World 2012. Remember? If its a new RIM, that is trying to fix their bad reputation then we should all be able to buy a BB10 device right now. How did that work out?

Nothing has changed. Name one promise that Thorsten has kept. Name one reason why he is so trustworthy. I can name at least one huge lie that he has told. Just like Mike and Jim would have done. Same ole RIM

Cool story bro.

New RIM vs Old RIM is a pointless debate.

Thorsten has shown much credibility and ability to lead since he's taken over.

You should really take your bitter, hater glasses off or go somewhere else where your vitriolic drivel will at least be valued.

I could be wrong but I had it in my head that both phones were to be released together per RIM's CEO and this was in part his explanation for the delay.

The amount of sabotage type information out there is incredible. In the past 3 days I've gotten into 3 debates about cell phone technology and where it's going (and I'm not even a techy). One fool saw my phone and immediately went into a rant about how dumb blackberry is, AFTER telling me he didn't even know RIM was still open. We had to sit there for 20mins and I had to punch holes in every single rumor.

I understand that we are both cults, and the isheep cult is a lot larger than mine, and has more in the bank. But this is getting ridiculous, the amount of false information out there, the amount of negative AND calculated smear campaigns is making me sick. Yes, I can listen to music on my phone, yes my BOLD has touchscreen capability, yes I can go to youtube. I had to show this guy all this stuff.

RIM just needs to come out with the Products and stick to the timelines they have 'set', not Precedent. New CEO, new commitment to doing things right. Best way to combat stupidity & ignorance is to show them. It was pain staking keeping my composure as I educated this fool, but it was so satisfying to see him with absolutely nothing to say after the lecture.

What I'm looking forward to:

Verizon sending me my BB10 in the mail; and me taking 30minutes out of my work day to open it in front of everybody at work and watch them beg me to play with it. I'll oblige too. I already know who the most vulnerable isheep turncoats are- I've been keeping them in the loop as to whats coming.

PS: How bout them Clippers?!

Wish I had a dollar for every person, including my sister, who couldn't believe my 9930 existed! That rim had a touch phone qwerty that could play youtube, and has apps. Unreal.

right now I just stay quiet when my iphone and samsung friends boast about how cool their phone is.... what they dont realize is their phones were released loong after my 9930 yet its STILL comparable, not victorious but comparable. However, when I get my BB10 they will have to pay me to shut up!! lol

@dbarz: no need to stay quiet. Cool is subjective.


I own a PB (64Gb), a BB9700 (upgrade from BB8820) and a SGS3 International version. I also used to have a business iPhone 3GS and a business iPad (1st gen). The best experience I have and had with a smartphone, is still with a BB. It just works :)

Some months ago I had a mild discussion with the corporate sales manager from a local carrier about the future of RIM. He tried hard to convince me that RIM would cease to exist somewhere beginning of next year and that the company should think about offering Droids to corporate clients in the near future. RIM was too late, as he stated, in bringing out anything new or refreshing.

This is a sales manager who should know more about the (ever changing) mobile market then myself, and still claimed all these non funded statements!!
I just smiled a lot during and punched holes in every negative non funded statement he came up with. A big chunk of our (yes I used to work there) corporate (and individual) customer base still uses a BB btw and this chunk of mostly corporate, keeps on growing in favor of BB.

Just let the haters hate. We'll show them who has the last laugh. Can'ttt wait to showoff my BB10 phone. Now which one should I choose: the touch or qwerty version?? Decisions, decisions ...

I follow for updates on the haters and the analysts who base their advise on facts. It's quite entertaining to read all the nonsense of the haters in there :)

Yeah, it goes back to the same tired argument of there is no bias/campaign of misinformation against RIM. If there is it's their own fault for not correcting it, or ensuring it did not happen in the first place.

All points lead to RIM's fault. If there's going to be any credibility in the tech industry, we REALLY need to define the boundaries and codes of conduct for tech specialists vs tech enthusiasts. At the moment there's too no independence and objectivity. Too much insider info, speculation/manipulation. Add in the financial/investment implications and how is this not a serious matter?


One more ...
The way the apps are shown neatly arranged as icons in rows of 4 (more or less), one Droid dude told me that BB copied that from Android!!! It made me laugh so hard until my belly ached.

He doesn't seem to remember that even the earlier BB models like the 7200 had this already wayyy back then.

For all the haters: bring it on, but get your facts straight first!

I believe June as well. RIM has a launch event on Jan 30 for BB10 OS and the L-Series plus other tidbits. Then the L-series will have to move through various channels and into stores then into your hands. Do you guys honestly see yourselves getting one before March 1 2013?

Then the keyboard version has to come out which is probably a longer Bold 9900 with a better camera, April-May (shortly after)....knowing RIM with their nonsense, June it could be.

I am more interested in BB10 for the PB, that should be damn well available on Feb 1 2013 to all PB users, we should not have to wait for that.

That's the culprit here. 'Launch event' WTF is a launch event? You either launch something or you talk about it being launched. The space shuttle doesn't have a 'launch event'. It announces the launch date, maybe DELAYS (a word rim is terrified to use) it a few times, then the shuttle launches. George Carlin would love this uber redundant phrase 'launch event' lol. Is that like a 'terrorist situation'? Or a 'wintry mix' or 'rain event'. Love it. Such corporate redundancy and word trickery. The point being: stop the talk, and start walking or everyone here will.
I sure do hope the rim of old is gone and the Blackberry of new is here. Although, I have not much to base confidence on. The new regime has already delayed the launch, the launch/ announcement, launch event, or whatever the frig is going to be "SAID" about bb10 on January 30th. Nobody is going to be holding a new blackberry in any north american stores on january 30th. Am I correct? Or not? Because I haven't heard one person say that Verizon, AT&T, Rogers or anyone will have a BB10 device ready for use anywhere near January 30th. All I've heard is this newly created 'launch event' word. Seems the new phrase did its job. A lot of people here seem to think they'll be holding an L series by then.

someone once said... "where facts are few, experts are many"

I'm sick and tired of people, analyst or otherwise that spew negative news about RIM and blackberry without any facts to back them up..... I'm patiently/ impatiently waiting on BB10's launch to silence all the naysayers...... Blackberry by Choice!!!

There's another saying.... Something about a vacuum filling.... If RIM weren't so obtuse and evasive then these discussions would be moot.

There is a big difference between when RIM makes the phones available and when the carriers make the phones available.
It may very well be that the carriers will not release the phones until later, that is out of RIM's hands and they have stated that before more than once.

I feel they should release them both at the same time that way we can make our choice on the one we want to buy. Now I will have to wait a month or so longer so that I can see them both b4 I choose one. I still think that is not good but I will wait. BB4Life

You tell them Kevin. It's sad when these so called analysts are making up these rumours. I can tell that it really upset you Kevin, otherwise you wouldn't have said you had used the device months ago.

I can't wait till the device gets unveiled and all the haters are silenced (for a while)

A market analyst on CNBC (2 weeks ago) was predicting RIMM's higher stock price would retreat after loyal BB consumers realized the much hyped BB10 would not come out with a qwerty keyboard. He went on to say that this decision was not a good one and would work to Apple's advantage. He used this "information" to advise against buying RIMM.

Where did he get this...?

I keep reading that same conclusion all over the internet as well. That BB will not make a qwerty phone anymore. Where do these people get their so called facts??

L2R is all I want to say to those jokers.

Think back to what the carriers were telling Thorsten & BlackBerry. They said that BlackBerry could own Q1. Releasing products in June is not consistent with that statement.

Welcome on the rumor wagon.
Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all time.
Thank you !

These aren't idle rumors. Too much money at stake. Some folks are still shorting RIM but more and more are also seeing a potential for a significant gain. A false rumor or two will only work to lower RIM stock artificially. Feds should step in to ban derivatives -- these are the tools used to speculate. They are abused by most investment houses and it makes investing a two-tier system. The individual investor is always shafted as they don't qualify for the exemptions the investment houses get.

For RIMS sake, I really do hope it is within an acceptable time frame after the announcement this Jan. If the QWERTY model is delayed til June, that is not only a major screw up on RIMs behalf, but a fine way to drive a few(not all) loyalists who have been waiting for BB10 away. Releasing both at the sametime would not only be appropriate, but would def. do a great job at generating more buzz around the new launch, and certainly wouldn't hurt their stock...

Good article Kevin, and its nice to see you guys stay on top of it!

Thanks for clearing that up Kevin. I believe the US media will say anything to keep RIM out of contention. Everything is definitely slanted to erode support for BlackBerry.

CB Kevin is one of the few people who is straight up for both good and bad. Analysts should really be more like kevin. Anyhow thanks for clearing that up.

You guys have blind faith.

We are in Dec, what in goodness name is "shortly after" ? You mean by now they aren't sure? Obviously if I was sure of something I would say it, saying "shortly after" leaves speculation and given their track record, comments will be negative.

But we shall see.

Am I the only one who thinks that Thor will launch the new BB10 software and say "just one more thing, we're taking pre-orders now for release next Friday."

Sounds best case scenerio but RIM has to do it right and best case is the only case.

I wouldn't put it past him. He is one understated cool dude. And, when you want something engineered right and delivered on time, you call a German (at least that's how we look at our neighboura here in NL). It's a prejudice, I know, but I don't think they'll mind....

"Details of the commercial availability for BlackBerry 10 will be announced at the global launch events on January 30. Our executives have made it clear that the touch screen device will be available shortly after launch with the physical keyboard version to follow shortly after that. "

I see nothing in RIMs statement that denies this. They simply vomit forth what they already said.


I would love to see the two types available close together, because I would naturally be inclined to go for the qwerty phone, spoiled rotten as I am after the 9000, 9700, 9780 and my current 9900. The ONLY thing that has made me willing to even consider a full touch is the reporting on this site about the coolness of the new touch keyboard. So, as soon as it hits the stores, I'll try it for myself, but even if it is easy to use, I would want to wait to see what the qwerty experience will be. So, however close to january 30th you launch the full touch, my money will most likely only be spent at the moment that I can do a side by side 'physical' comparison.
But don't worry RIM, I WILL spend moneynon you guys, buying one of these phones and lots of RIM made accessories...

Oh hey we haven't bashed BlackBerry in a while. They are gaining some momentum. Let's try and knock them down a few clicks. Given the roll Heinz has been on with the media lately no where has he said Qwerty wouldn't be available till June . So Heinz in his own way will strike back at the statement by Forbes. So I for one can't wait to quiet them all. MUUUUUUAAAH!!!

But Kevin why haven't we seen as many leaks as the all touch device....the qwerty seems far away. Why we don't c any video demos with the qwerty bb

Has anyone considered that perhaps the reference was to the A-series (Aristo) devices, and not to the N-series?

That would only slightly alter my view of their journalistic aptitudes, though - since it would indicate the articles weren't malicious, just painfully ignorant. ;)

I mention this possibility because I thought I saw a projected A-series availability of June...but that L- and N-series would obviously be available close to the January 30 launch event.

RIM added autotext & multiple calendar sync. I'm a believer! :D

I don't think I can wait till my current contract expires. I'm lining up for a BB10 device on day 1 :)

RIM had better produce sufficient quantities because I can see these things flying off shelves. Feb can't come fast enough.

Again we have people speaking out of there Butts instead on there mouth, but what can you say about Apple analyst putting down RIM.

It is clear that when they announce both devices on January 30th, the sweet spot availability should be 2-3 weeks for the touch and 2-3 weeks later for the keyboard version.

By common sense, this is to keep consumer interest. Anything longer than 1 month starts to lose heat and sales. RIM is in no position to play with launch dates.

Good old Eric :-)

Your post, Kevin, shows you are a newbie in the world of investing. Let me give you a little bit more color on the whole business.

Yesterday Eric published not only above cited article about RIM but also an article titled “Netflix: Seeing Issues With Disney Deal, Caris Cuts Rating“ (

Eric is in this article (as usual) quoting one of the analysts. This time it is David Miller from Caris & Co. The article implies that an exclusive steaming deal which Netflix signed few days ago with Disney may not be a „Bargain“ for Netflix. After the deal was announced Netflix shares rallied more than 10 %. In other words Street perception of the deal was more than positive. And now getting to the core of the matter: Netflix shares were heavily shorted at the time of deal announcement.

Deal announcement was very unwelcome surprise for short sellers (not a few) who bet/worked on Netflix shares decline. Higher share price (lets say above 87,5) would mean that many Netflix options expire worthless today. Current negative articles about NFLX (not only from Eric) have, in my opinion, only one goal. Lower the share price to minimize losses of those who are shorting NFLX.

Welcome to the world where the hedge fund managers, potential acquirers and so-called journalists are all in one boat :-((

Investment houses planting rumors through obscure sources to buy in at a low. Day trading should be outlawed to prevent the markets from dipping based on false rumors. Investment houses are taking in too much money on these ploys. It's shameful!

These rumors have no basis whatsoever and directly contradict what RIM has always said.

Don't get me wrong. I am waiting with CC in hand for the qwerty. I want it TODAY but, I have a feeling Just is not far off the mark:(

The scary part, is that puts it VERY close to a year late

The word "shortly" is relative to the individual's interpretation. My personal perception of actual time "shortly" means depends on many variables. In this specific situation "shortly" to me means a few months. So, June is not a ridiculous prediction to me.

My take is that Detwiler Fenton is actually one of the office cleaners. No credible analyst is going to put out this contrarian garbage. But I see that before the markets opened, RIMM was trading down as low as US$11.65. No doubt some poor investors got spooked and sold out.

The scenario is this... they said "Hey, Detwiler! We've noticed that you're doing a great job cleaning the toilets and have decided to give you a bonus - also... do you mind if we use your name in a small announcement we want to make online?" "Hell, no... please go ahead - thanks for the bonus!"

Just the usual BS Analyst spreading rumors to make a buck. These scum should be thrown in jail. Nothing but slim.

I don't like the word "shortly" but "immediately" is better. BlackBerry users have been waiting a long time for this and if they don't deliver in timely manner after the announcement then I may not switch back from my iPhone 5 to a BlackBerry N-Series (unless I win one). Apple and Amazon release their products almost immediately after announcement.

I'm not really all that concerned with this misinformation. I've been a BB user for about six years, always had a keyboard model and loved it. Once the L-Series drops, I'll be running out to rogers for one. The L-series fits the market where RIM wants to grow, if THAT one is delayed that would be bad.

Has there been a survey of CB users, on what series peeps will be buying? If Not, lets have one!

L-Series or N-Series?

Why haven't we seen any real leaks of the upcoming QWERTY in any way, shape or form (aside from the keyboard)? RIM is notorious for changing the goal posts at inopportune times. We have seen numerous photos and videos of the L-Series, nothing from the N-Series. Why is that?

Thanks for this Kevin. I hate the lying reports. Some of these fibbers should shut that big pie hole in their face.

Approximately 22% of the shares are shorted, so you can see how many people are trying to knock the share price down. But I guess that it is not working. I wish someone would wright good stuff. How about, " What will happen if BB10 is the number 2 platform ."

Folks - lets be real here. Eric Savitz reported what an analyst at Detweiler Fenton said. Yes its a bearish report saying things few others have reported. Savitz is quoting an analyst the same way Kevin is quoting the unnamed individual at RIM who basically said a whole lot of no comment. Your disdain is more appropriately directed at the analyst.

I am not in stocks but I do work in Commodities. Many times i get unsolicited reports from analysts looking to make a name for themselves. A few times, analysts will say things that can be considered "speculation" and sometimes the touts are out right unimaginable. Why? Umi - if I said folks who issue analysis that agrees with the general dialogue - they are unlikely to be remembered, but the guy who went outside the box and was right has a chance to be noticed - would I be wrong? Everything you issue can't be crazy or folks will just dismiss you out of hand - but the guys who take a shot every now and then - on things they think they have a line on that no one else saw - and report outside the general conversation - take the chance they will be noticed. Happens all the time.

On another note - lets define shortly. The Samsung Galaxy SIII was "launched" at a Samsung event in London on May 3rd. The device was released in 28 European and Middle Eastern countires on May 29 and then progessively around the world. The SIII was on about 300 carriers in 150 countries by July. (from Wikipedia - quoting the Daily Telegraph). The iPhone 5 was launched on Sept 12th and Apple began taking direct preorders on Sept 14. The phone was released on September 21 in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Austrailia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. By Sept 28th it was generally available across Europe, and New Zealand. (again Wikipedia - quoting CNET and Apple press releases). Thats what they are competing with.

Savitz is a perpetual RIM-hater and a tool. I don't think he's done a speck of actual research in his life -- at least none that his published drivel would indicate. All he does is quote anybody who says anything that fits his anti-RIM agenda. I am not trying to be a conspiracy-theorist here -- it's just my opinion that he's a lazy, talentless, ambitionless hack looking for attention and page hits.

yup, that will be my next phone!!
bought myself a samsung and well it didn't quite work for me!!
i just missed the qwerty and the fact that it's a beautiful phone instead of a brick like the one i have now.

so yup this will be my phone definetly!

These analysts are just trying to manipulate the market for their clients. The don't give a shit about the facts and they should be banned from posting anything unless they have provided evidence to back up their anal and they get away with it!

And I subscribe to Fortune and will be writing them a letter that they should do their due-diligence before posting commentaries... or being cynical are they in cohoots with these market manipulators?