Something wonderful is about to happen for BlackBerry PlayBook owners but what is it?

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By Bla1ze on 23 Apr 2012 05:34 pm EDT

Update: Well it looks like a lot of you were right. It's Angry Birds Space! (For real this time). Check out more here.

According to Anders Jeppsson, Head of Gaming Category at Research in Motion something wonderful is about to happen for BlackBerry PlayBook owners. To be more specific, here is what he had to say via his Twitter account:

@ajeppsson - Charge your #playbook! Get a full night of rest! Something wonderful is about to happen! Be sure to check #AppWorld tomorrow :-)

We have our suspicions on what it may be, but what do you all think it may be? Sound off in the comments.

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Something wonderful is about to happen for BlackBerry PlayBook owners but what is it?



After seeing the beta in action this weekend it might could run Diablo 3... Sadly. Graphics left me wanting... Still going to tear it up though, with my playbook by my side lol

[Deadly duo - Playbook/Bold]

That's not even funny. I know it's not even possible but I still got giddy like a fool. It's Diablo II's fault from when I was younger:(

Perhaps it's going to be a fix so the .pdf reader actually works more than 60% of the time...
...And someone from the gaming dept actually figured it out and they are going to roll it out.

He came to RIM from The Astonishing Tribe ... Going to be a waterfall of Cascades-based apps. Scrapbook was the first.

i think we r gonna have more and more gameloft games for the playbook..............gameloft has already showed signs of that by recently launching 2 new games................
wow..................feeling super excited...............

Just had a 3mb Application Software update. OS shows as What. Was it previously?

BB 9800 n Playbook -

It think a major app is coming across to appworld. I think that's why they stopped side loading apps. Heard there was a major developer who refused to port their apps to the playbook until side loading was banned.

I know ... its tooo late for us in the middle east!

I hope its Skype


Playbook 64GB
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Ya, Chinese inputs would be most welcomed; but then again..... it's most probably on games.

Yeah did it say if it was game or app related though i know someone mentioned a post that said something but the tweet just says watch this space

I see a lot of replies blaming RIM for creating hype. Guys, this is some guy working for RIM and tweeting from his personal twitter id. Why blame RIM for it.
But, what ever it is I am all excited till it happens. Even if I am disappointed its not RIM's fault.

Love my PB & 9900.

I see a lot of replies blaming RIM for creating hype. Guys, this is some guy working for RIM and tweeting from his personal twitter id. Why blame RIM for it.
But, what ever it is I am all excited till it happens. Even if I am disappointed its not RIM's fault.

Love my PB & 9900.

What i find interesting is that, Anders' location is Malmo Sweden(HQ for TAT).
I wouldnt be completely surprised by a redesigned app world. "Something wonderful " comments are based on an individual's perception of what the phrase mean. Know the old saying. "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Same concept.

All I can see is that all EAST games are up to 50% off (big f$$$$$g woop) and the two free games from Gameloft Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus and Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, are now £1 but still in the Free tab (go figure)

Yup... Diablo 3 will make some difference here. Something the PB users can be proud of, but I really think they can't run that complex kind of game on a tablet. If they do it would be really amazing!!!

This is obviously something space-related as indicated by the "something wonderful" and "check" references in the two tweets. So, it is probably Angry Birds Space and that is kind of a let down because we all knew it was coming. We all want something truly surprising and new. Maybe next time.

Surprise---- App world still works. On a side note RIM once again proves what an Epic FAIL they are. This is fckd up.

For those of you still commenting you see nothing please wait until 9am EST.

Crackberry Mods: How about an update on the original post so people stop with the "I dont see nothing" posts

Angry Birds Space is in app world now!!
Sorry, got excited, it's seasons, eyes playing tricks this am

if you're going tweet the 2001 reference, OK, but maybe make it free for an hour or two. pretty loyal fanboy here, and even I was expecting something a little more than Angry Birds Space. should have caught it from the monolith plug, but a little underwhelmed…it's free on my galaxy tab

Forget angry birds space. It is not wonderful to get the angry bird space. It has to be bigger news. If not why would RIM get the people excited this much. Also I never heard time specific. but people talking about 9 AM?

i think it's cause they generally let things escape from RIM HQ at 9am has been with updates in the past for the PB

to be honest even if Temple, Draw and Angry were launched that would still be running a little free and easy with the word wonderful.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but 9am was never mentioned in the original post!!

Let’s just hope its something substantial otherwise all we will get is another RIM bashing again. Remember it’s not an official RIM statement but a worker of RIM on his personal twitter account.

Me personally I hope that TAT have sorted a few apps/games out that will really show us what our PB’s have been capable of.

could be i really hope it's something good and not just angry birds space which still isn't showingup in the app store here in england anyway


Up to %50 off all EA games just showed up. Is that the 'something wonderful'?

Sorry, guess it's been there already. :-(.

"@ajeppsson: 1.35h to go! A quick power nap to feel fresh! + there will be another HUGE one on Monday by the looks of it. Stay tuned!"
This one he wrote an hour ago, so if this post is also about the big thing, it should happen in about a half an hour ;)

Seeing as he's from gaming i suppose it's reasonable to assume it will be gaming related, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE LET IT BE A STANDALONE BBM APP!!!!!

5 hours he tweeted that it would be 9am est. but we are edt now. LOL

an hour ago he tweeted that there was 1.35 hours to go.

I really, really hope it's actually something worthwhile if only because the hype's got me all enthused and setting myself up big time for a letdown.

If this guy is Head of Gaming Category I don't expect anything else but games... So I guess no BBM or Skype or anything else...

So with this supposed "something wonderful" will happen gave me a wild dream. In my dream, I opened Appworld and discovered it was totally redone. It's not like how the Appworld is set up now. Also the we finally got the cool games even if we got it late like Ninja Slice, Temple Run, Draw Something, Jetpack Joyride. We also got seasonal background themes. Guess one can dream. Hope it's truly "something wonderful"........SMILE!!!

I think he should have kept it and release whatever the wonderful thing is at the same time it was announced, I just hope it's not disappointing, 7:52 central time here in USA and still don't see anything wonderful yet..

Someone at RIM really, really needs to control what high level employees tweet/facebook etc. We knew this was coming. There is nothing really exciting about this. This isn't a new game studio on PlayBook, just the third platform to get an existing game.

Save the cryptic hype tweets for something deserving, like a new game studio coming on board, or being, imagine, the FIRST platform to get a new release/version of a game. Now that would be novel.

They once again got people all hyped up about a non-event. In this case about paying $2.99 for a game that you can get for free on another platform (and have been able to get for a long time).

bored and i really could be bothered about angry bird space my wife got it on her iphone and finished really quickly and it'll cost £5 anyway on app world where as for ios it was £0.69

It is what it is I guess. I expected something else other than Angry Birds Space. Good to see Rovio supporting the Playbook.

Will- Ok so now we get to play Angry Birds..thats wonderful...can we talk a little more about this JayCut video editor demo that popped up? I bought the playbook primarily in hopes that I would be able to use JayCut to edit video filmed on the playbook...any word?

It is angry birds space. Cool.
Remember people, those who are disappointed, pls remember that it was not RIM that created the hype. It was a guy who works for them and tweeted from his personal ID. So don't blame RIM in case you are disappointed.
I am all excited though. Now can show off ABS to my apple and DROID friends.

Happy but not overwhelmed since we all knew we were going to get it sometime soon anyways. But the question is this. Will Rovio finally release new updates on the other Angry Birds games that we have on Playbook??? I think I will wait until we get those updates before I purchase this new game. BE BOLD!!!

Thats it. Ive kept hold of the PB since its launch hoping that something will change my mind to keep hold of it. I have the new ipad and galaxy tab 10.1 and after all this hype today finally made my mind up to bin the PB, literally bin it as i couldnt sell it anyway. Ipad and tab rock although each have there good points even the bad blows the PB out of the water.
SHAME ON YOU RIM, time for even more employees to leave and stick to enterprise.

Great!! Now i wonder what new game will come up next monday?! Does anybody have an idea!!! :D

I was hoping for something off the wall, like World of Warcraft on Playbook or an official game emulator or even a create your own 3D game/adventure, but I guess it's just another run of the mill bird. It's so not wonderful. These tears aren't of joy :(

Wow, I was happier with RIM before this crap. Why hype something like this?! No wonder my RIM stock is barely hovering above the value of toilet paper...

Boy am I glad I didn't stay up all night waiting for this. Again, more useless hype and less useful updates. Maybe RIM can figure out how disappointed everyone remains with them.

Anyone want to put an over/under date for a BB10 device to launch? I'd say October 31 is a good starting point.

Angry birds? Are they serious? The message should have read "let you playbook drain and stay awake all night" they must think all playbook owners are 12 year Olds.

I've had it, I already swapped my Bold 9900 for an SGSII, now I'm planning on swapping my PlayBook for a Transformer Prime
And ill be shutting down my CB account
Sorry guys, been disappointed one too many times.

Poor RIM, they just don't get it.

I now officially feel sorry for them. For the last 2 years I thought they were just stupid. Now I realize, they are just clueless.

Wahh. I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting free apps/games at least (never mind Skype, Netflix or Tunein Radio). I woke up this morning to check what was in Apps World and I couldn't find anything amazing or exciting.. I guess Angry Bird is exciting for RIM folks in Waterloo. I hope they are not tossing champagne right now cause would be... sad.

Wow, tough crowd...this same group was CRYING a few months ago that there was no Angry Birds franchise at all and now that all 4 version are available and in a relatively current release timeframe for the newest one everyone is bitching? Schizophrenic much?? :-P

If you're not gong to make good on your promises, please do not tell us stuff like "something wonderful is about to happen for BlackBerry PlayBook owners". Angry Birds? Only an incredibly small portion of Playbook owners give a shit. Tell us stuff we really care about like Netflix or Skype.

Yes. When you're ready to offer your precious allegiance (and the numbers are shrinking) something with some teeth (like nextflix or skype) then say something WONDERFUL is about to happen for playbook owners. To tell your faithful that they now have the opportunity to purchase Angry Birds Space (which I just saw is free on android) is setting your benchmark a little low. It's also quite frustrating that RIM can't, or refuses to place themselves in the same league as Apple and Android. Wake up! I want RIM to strive to be number 1. Make your faithful happy. Not frustrated!

Fire this idiot, Investors are watching, critics are watching, whats left of your customer base is watching...and you pull a lame stunt like this. The heck with some moronic bird game, give us Skype, Netflix and Hulu before there is No RIM period.

Nothing exciting happened today for PlayBook owners over 12 years of age!!!!!! What a lame & disappointing day for owners and soon to be ex-owners of PlayBooks. What part of "wonderful" happened today... Sure don't see any value added to App World.

RIM needs to wake up and deliver what they promise or just shut up.

I think firing the guy is a little harsh. I'm sure he meant well, and thought he/they were offering something of value. Just take away his allowance. All kidding aside, this really shows just how out of touch Rim is with their customer's expectation. Hopefully someone from Rim takes notice of some of their faithful venting their frustration on here and relays it to the right people, or the crackberry staff reads the frustration expressed by quite a few here, and headlines with a story about "Vent Day-Not So Wonderful" . .Afterall, everyone who has posted here cares, or did care to a certain degree, about Rim and their success. We are the Blackberry/Crackberry faithful. We count!