Something wonderful is about to happen for BlackBerry PlayBook owners but what is it?

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By Bla1ze on 23 Apr 2012 05:34 pm EDT

Update: Well it looks like a lot of you were right. It's Angry Birds Space! (For real this time). Check out more here.

According to Anders Jeppsson, Head of Gaming Category at Research in Motion something wonderful is about to happen for BlackBerry PlayBook owners. To be more specific, here is what he had to say via his Twitter account:

@ajeppsson - Charge your #playbook! Get a full night of rest! Something wonderful is about to happen! Be sure to check #AppWorld tomorrow :-)

We have our suspicions on what it may be, but what do you all think it may be? Sound off in the comments.

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Something wonderful is about to happen for BlackBerry PlayBook owners but what is it?



Gaming Category?!?

Seriously, are they still in the mood for that?

Sometimes not doing anything is better than doing stupid things....

SURPRISE! Everything is free!!!! (to help soften the blow when we tell you you're actually not getting the BB10 update until 2014...sorry...)

Has RIM really not learned in the past few years?

You build up anticipation when you have actual things to wow don't build up anticipation to set up your loyal fans for disappointments.

I think that will be it for RIM if they announced that BB10 won't be coming out until 2014. BB users are really nice people and we haven't given up on RIM. :) Whenever people tell me to switch to iPhone, I just give them the poker face and it works...

I will NEVER get the iphone. I hate the iphone. It is so boring and un-customisable! I hate Apple, and I hate itunes. I tried going Android (Evo 3D) but swithced back to Blackberry when Sprint got the Torch 9850. However, if BB10 isn't what we're hoping for, I wouldn't mind going back to Android.


Microsoft Office with Explorer


BB 9800 n Playbook - Just received an Application Update 3mb doesn't say what and I have to restart. version

I wish, but please I don't care about those bird games. I want netflix and Skype but I know it's not gonna happens
Or all games for ten cents each for one day or to two or three days sales:)

The best part about Draw With Friends is that everyone with an iPhone or Android phone has it. It's become the standard - nobody wants to have two drawing games on their device instead of one.

There isn't much wrong with Sketch with Friends (except unstable servers, free version not working during different times not letting people play)

But the biggest problem is not everyone is using it. What is the point of a "Instagram" copy when it isn't the real deal? The copy does not have the same community or ecosystem.

Sketch w/ Friends is the same thing. Yeah its available for all android devices, but it's only available for iPads on iOS which is the deal killer

Since the tweet in question is coming from a software guy from the gaming area, I'm doubting he's hinting about Netflix.

It will be Angry Birds Space.

The guy is head of gaming, and "something wonderful is about to happen" is a paraphrase of a line from 2010, the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I just wish it was Draw Something instead.

Fingers and toes. Angry birds? Seriously people that is not a fun game. Tomb Raider has to be the best game ever. Even Master Chief aint got nothing on Lara either.

Skype was bought by Microsoft now, so I doubt they will bring an app to the Playbook. Except of course of if we see a partnership between RIM and MS like some are speculating.

Skype who? Netflix nobody. They are not required on the PlayBook or my BB. Ive never had an account with either nor do I plan on getting one.

GAMES, not skype and netflix. Read comment above, you'll have to wait 5 years* before skype gets off their lazy ass, same for netflix.

*best guess I could make and that's probably true. But they're STILL 3UK and Verizon's bitches right now.

If you bought something and aren't happy, then you should have returned it. Anyone who does their research should know what they're getting. I paid full price and I have to regrets. I love my PlayBook.

Is that check Appworld in the morning or at the end of the day?..

Ahhh .. I'm like a kid at Christmas.. CAN'T WAAIIITTT!

If its angry birds we knew that was coming cause YOU LEAKED IT. So don't try and surprise us with that please.... BUT would Still LOVE some angry birds space :)

The post advises to charge our PBs so it may very well be a major software update? But then again, we had an update last week...hmmmmm

No skype this tweet is from the head of "games" or whatever at RIM.
I'm thinking its gonna be huge like being able to play brick breaker via bridge!!!

Ok ok maybe its just angry birds space which is cool but not "wonderful"

Why do we need to charge our PBs for angry birds space? In any case, if the "big news" is angry birds space, it's no big deal...I have played it and it's just another game. Nothing to lose sleep over.

GOSH!!! Shut up and get AB Space if you like it or dont if you dont! All these things are surprises, since no one had any clue on this... ZEUS!! What the heck is wrong with des gens on these days...

Whatever it is appworld has to wake up and work before anything can be done over here error 0003-0005 all the time

I agree, how about fixing some of the existing problems, syncing, native contacts, calendar and memos that can live on PB, printing, etc

Hope something AWESOME, Im kinda bored with my playbook, Id rather use my TORCH or my ACTUAL Laptop...

Ivan S. Harris

...and not a game


I would be very surprised if it wasn't! Why else would it be tweeted by the head of gaming???

I hope it isn't blackberry posting a big hype for some silly game. If they want to make a post sounding like something epic is coming they better have something worth our time.

Come on guys the man is head of the game category, and he says its wonderful, it must be happy poneys or something! LOL!!! I can't wait... I'm so curious right now!



its the new angry birds space coming and some more games.


I hope this isnt like the time when Jim B said something mind blowing was coming and our minds were never blown.


I hope this isnt like the time when Jim B said something mind blowing was coming and our minds were never blown.


I've already played Ms. Pac Man on my PlayBook. Just install FCEUXpb (NES emulator ported in the forums), and you can play all of your classic NES games with ease!

Angry birds space, fruit ninja, Skype, netflix, temple run, wwe Wrestlefest, tiger Woods, infinity blade and others will all be in app world tomorrow!


Man. i just made an offhand comment about Angry Birds Space...everyone ran with it?

Or maybe I'm thinking too much of myself and my comment.

in any event, it "should" be more than one game. It might also be, hopefully, a series of games, maybe some new dev house got brought in?

I'm not putting my hopes up. I think it's Angry Birds, but if it is more than 1 new game, I will be happy.

It most certainly will not be Skype. How many times does Skype have to say that they are not interested; will not be interested; have never been intersted in developing or supporting the Blackberry Playbook before Playbook fans get the message that it's never coming out.

Personally, I'm really hoping that this is nothing about a specific game per say but rather some sort of announcement that indicates that RIM has arranged for partnership deals with all of the remaining game developers out there that have yet to support the Playbook, i.e., Big Fish Games, Digital Chocalate, Madfinger Games, Zen Studios, Squaresoft, Taito Games, PopCap Games (beyond their 1 title already), to name a few.

Basically, my definition of wonderful is not an Angry Birds Space announcement, I want to see all the major developers bringing over their apps to the Playbook. Now that would be wonderful.

@Olukunlea, had the same problem, set the date forward a couple of months, try updating your Blackberry ID, restart your playbook, set the date back and try App World again. See how you go.

Something BIG about to happen can't be because of a silly game lol. At least I hope it's not.. Dunno why it would be BIG if it's a game?

I've got a 9900 and iPad 2.
It really is so pitiful seeing all the PB owners go drooling for a game that has been on other platforms for weeks!! It's not your fault that developers are shunning you. It's RIM's!! They're doing a huge injustice to PB owners... Lack of apps, lack of calendar/email initially... Honestly RIM aint treating their loyal customers right. That HAS to change w BB 10.

Fortunately for me, I know;) that some aspects of the BB10 are honestly amazing (task switcher and camera functions r crazy cool), but I doubt RIM's administrative will get sharpened enough to cease the delays they have currently. They need major MAJOR restructuring efforts into getting products out to market.

Hope PB does get something cool tmrw. The damn tablet is the best 7.0 outt here.

Gotta be angry birds space.

"Something wonderful is about to happen!" Is a quote from 2010 A Space Odessy.

Please please please can somebody explain to me the big deal about angry birds. It's the same as frogger 2 which is an o.k. game but not great. Then you buy it four times each time with a differant backgound. Netflix needs to be renamed net-tv-series as they have very little in the way of decent movies, just old tv series. Skype would be very nice or a link to the video call app we already have.
What I would really like is the ability to print to a printer (wireless or usb) and an upgrade to bluetooth to let me use my Motorola S9 wireless headset

dude, the playbook already has A2DP... and there already is an app to print wireless (for real, no print2go)

Or perhaps an App World facelift (using Cascades) plus some highly awaited Apps and Games?

Here's hoping! :)

I would LOVE this!!! i know the guy is head of games or whatever, but doesn't mean its not something bigger than games...he might just be the one who said something!! Cascades App World would ROCK!

Would love it to be Words with friends, Draw Something, or the Tomb Raider game they showed a few months back. All three would be sweet. God I hope it's not just Angry Birds Space!

I hope it browser bookmark, or something that decreases the checkerboard.
Or maybe dlna, usb otg. Even a native kindle app for playbook not the sideloaded crap.
Or maybe the Thousands of games that was supposedly waiting in the pipeline.
Or maybe actually get some useful android apps and not the pathetic ones we have now.
The biggest surprise would be if hey say angry birds space was the surprise which certainly would be an Epic Fail.

What ever it is coming it will be good I am sure but I don't need more games at this point. I need business functions and a solid OS with solid features. The games will always be a hit when they arrive. ;-)

For games I say Words with Friends. Apps in general Skype is my #1. But what would really be stellar is if we could get a unified app store between hand held devices and Playbook. Won't get my hopes too high tho.

I hope it's not angry birds space, that would be horrible and lame. Hopefully it will be something way better, please no ABS. That would really suck for getting are hopes up.

Well, we will see tomorrow. Maybe angry birds space. Or maybe big dicounrsvon all games again wecwill see tmorrow

It will most likely be the release of a single game. A great game to be sure, but a game. The head of the gaming division isn't going to announce skype, netflix or an OS update. And it is just a tweet. So the most logical conclusion is a popular game is about to drop.

Okay he has me excited even though I don't care too much for games. Now I'm hoping Heinz wont let any of his employees hype us up just to let us down. Please let this message be from the new RIM.

How many times has RIM tantalise us with something exciting and then let is down. Sorry Rim, not getting my hopes up,
Look how much you havesunk yourself in a financial hole with all those freebies and price slashing .
Time for some useful apps for us BB faithful ... Not some darn game which I can play it easily on my laptop.

Friends, Its simple. Please read what the mesage was "Charge your #playbook! Get a full night of rest! Something wonderful is about to happen! Be sure to check #AppWorld tomorrow"
1) it cannot be any native email contact update because they dont go into apps world. It comes up on playbook when you open up.
2) why would you get sleep and charge the playbook? Perhaps a a game that would get you playing a long time.
3)getting a regular game is not supposed to be wonderful. that means something that everyone want. What game it good be?
My guess is it is a Game.
( Can the people in Aisa gets it tonight (Eastern time?)

We don't learn eh? Don't put your hopes up, it's RIM we are talking bout here ... Angry birds space is gon be a lil disappointing for me

Titanius, Nothing wrong with the last update. It was not the best and wanted like native contacts and calender but all working fine. If your wi-fi screwed up, then do a back up and do a factory reset you should be ok

So, looking at what's been said we know it has to do with App World. That could either be an app or something with App World itself, but since we're supposed to "check" App World, and I think App World only gets updated during OS updates, that narrows it down to almost definitely being a new app. Beyond that, I don't think there's anything we can say for sure. Since it was leaked by a gaming person, it's probably a game, but you never know. Whatever it is, clearly they haven't done a very good job of optimization, because it's going to guzzle our batteries (or it could just be such an addictive game that we'll play it all day...). My personal hope is either BBM Music or something new from EA (or a new partner) or, even better, and which would be awesome enough I'd need to charge my battery, a TAT demo compilation!

On the other hand, one random person at RIM saying that something good is coming would more likely mean that it's a game he wants, so I think Angry Birds Space is what it will be, but we'll see tomorrow.

If it's only a single app/game that exists on other platforms, this will be a let down. If it's an exclusive game that is coming to PlayBook first, or a collection of games being released from a developer, that would be more impressive.

my playbook just got an update to i've had a look in app world but no angry birds space. i cant see anything new. or is there another update to come?

The best announcement would be that they made a deal with Zynga. That would be an announcement of epic proportions. I'm bored with words and hanging with friends, but the PlayBook needs those social games ASAP.

Let's look at the clues a bit closer. Didn't RIM just annouce an ability to play games cross platforms on the PlayBook. I think this would be a follow up to that. I wonder if it is a game that is shared with the other platforms and RIM finally decides to crash the party.

Of all the things we need/want/pray for on the PlayBook, it's probably going to be some freakin' game....big wonderful whoopie.....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...... ( I still LOVE the PlayBook!!!!)

What a bunch of whiners.

Every new game should be welcomed in AppWorld! Angry Birds Space was released a month ago, how long did it take for the first Angry Birds games to arrive to the PlayBook? It took months!

If you or your kids are fans of Angry Birds, it's something to be excited for.

Stop being pathetic and enjoy your PlayBook.

Angry Birds Space _for free_ might be nice, but it's not worth getting excited about. Given RIM's history of "overpromise, underdeliver" I don't think I'll be getting up too early for whatever it is. I'd be happy to be wrong, of course...

I think it would be Angry Birds Space (the most logical....). I think RIM waited for everybody or most of us to update to os 2.0.1 before releasing Angry Birds Space (probably to limit piracy). Or hopefully Instagram....

I think its gonna be bigger than just angry birds space. Most likely a new partnership with a big name company. We will then see many new games all at once. This is probably going to be the first of many big announcements all the way to May 3rd.

Rims fighting for its life here that is no secret. Again,I sure hope to see something bigger then abs. RIM has to make these deals with the big devs for BB10 to have a chance. They have to be done before launch of BB10 not at or around it. Here's to hoping we atart seeing some of these deals come to life tomorrow and on into BlackBerry World.

As much as I would like this to be something fantastic, we all know that some of the ppl at Rim live in their own distortion field.

Skype, Netflix, Autocad WS (three that I really want but ironically the developers straightout said they WONT develop the app for BB)

Draw Something, Native Word/Scramble w/ Friends, Good Slide Show (picture app), GPS w/ turn by turn direction/voice, oovoo, application where you can take pictures and make 3d models for Revit etc.

Perhaps a bunch of new apps.... Including the new PaceMaker app and all of the above mentioned games... Whatever it is... It's gonna be BIG!

Its funny how a little twitter message can generate so much hype and speculation on the part of Playbook users. Now, there's two ways that this could be looked at:

First, and the more positive way, is that Playbook users are very enthusiastic and supportive regarding the Playbook; they look forward to anything that might be coming there way; their willing to purchase any apps that come out on App World; and treat any small tweet from RIM has meaning that greater things are on the horizon.

Second, and the more negative way, is that Playbook users are so desparate for anything that they will pin all their hopes on the smallest of tweets thinking that every one of their problems regarding the Playbook will somehow be miraculously cured; the birds will singing; and the angelic choirs will be heard from above proclaiming peace and prosperity to all mankind.

Tomorrow will be interesting to see what we truly are.

Something wonderful? - It better be a new game release, such as say Angry Birds Space2 HD (Released first on the PB). I understand why this cannot occur given the user base but its nice to dream.

BTW, I am tired of getting "sloppy seconds" from game developers (ie: last platform to receive the game release and then paying through the nose for the privilege).

i want my PB! Waaa!! wont get it till next week.... wonder what this will be?!! and if it will stick around till i get mine next week?!

I hope it's Angry Birds Space. ABS is a serious departure from the previous ABs and quite fun. It will be "something wonderful" if it is ABS.

No games will ever fall into the category of "wonderful" for me so I'll remain hopeful it's something more than just a game.

Here you go! 50% off all EA games. I am starting to download dead space.. then monopoly and so on.... Dead space is a 378 MB game for half price.. not a bad deal