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Someone wanting to join RIM - We like his style

Luca 1
By James Richardson on 2 Jul 2012 03:07 pm EDT

Yes, you did read the title of this post correctly. There are still people who ready and willing to work for Research In Motion. Well, Luca Filigheddu does at least. The Italian entrepreneur who co-developed the social media web application Twimbow has successfully joined up with RIM as a BlackBerry Developer Evangelist.

Many will ask why he would want to join RIM in their current state, but for Luca, it would appear the decision was straight forward.

"There are a couple of reasons behind this choice, first and foremost the great challenges RIM has been facing in the past months and the incredible effort they are putting to change the skin of the company completely before the launch of their new smartphone based on BlackBerry 10 OS.

For this reason, I am very proud to have been chosen for this important role. RIM is creating an outstanding Developer Relations team around the world, headed by VP Alec Saunders, dedicated to help developers bring their great apps to the new upcoming operating system.

BlackBerry 10 is gonna be an incredible revolution for the smartphone market, a truly open platform, capable of running Android apps natively and also the platform that is easiest in terms of porting any application to. Moreover, it's the only mobile OS truly multi-tasking, open to possibilities that could have been never imagined before, with outstanding performances.Once again we are seeing that there are people (apart from us here at CrackBerry) with faith in RIM. This is hugely encouraging in a time when most articles we are seeing on other sites are detailing the downwards spiral for RIM.

As Kevin said earlier today: It is time to buckle up and buckle down. I'm holding tight, just like Luca -- I am here for the ride.

Source: The Next Web 



I am going to ride it out. I don't expect too much from a phone (at the end of the day, it is a phone). The things I do expect from it, my BB does well.


I dont think anyone should develop for a company that cannot get its s*it together. It supports mediocrity.


nice opinion. they've been on a downhill since 2 years back and i guess the companies they acquired more than likely did not have the same opinion as you or others that think otherwise. honestly, there is hope. it's unfortunate that people who think otherwise does not want to give hope or faith that this company deserves. it's not over until the fat lady sings. although she is preparing to sing, i hope that she doesn't.


good opinion too.

what ticks me off the most is that the Jam tour tells devs to come on board and develop for them, telling them they will make money, while at the same time their own software is delayed and that they cannot get a polished piece of hardware running quality software, finished at launch.

i have a S2, probably the sole smartphone in the past couple of years that didnt get a major software upgrade (no OS 6), paired to a PB, that I really like but gave me a fair share of nightmares with the ;very soon' email upgrade.

I feel like im stuck with RIM but fed up with their mediocrity.


i see what your saying and in certain ways agree but rim was so messed up before thorstein that it is going to take a while for everything to finally come together nobody that reads these articles about how rim is delaying the phones actually seems to know how long it takes. people also seem not to realise is that he wants these to be perfect and dont you want it to be perfect as well? or do you want a half ass phone like the storm. i dont think anyone does and thats why they are delayed. to create perfect it takes time.


nice opinion too... but a little comparison...
Apple was going downhill from mid 90's till 2005....
sometimes a company needs a set back in order to grow again.

A lot of people seem to forget that RIM was a company targeting only businesses... not normal people but that it suddenly became popular because of BBM...


It's an exciting time to work at RIM. A great opportunity to get involved with a reinvigorated company!




your comment takes the cake!


exciting? ask a laid off RIM employee if he or she agrees with you.


Do you think he is the only one? I want to join them as well.



The mobile industry is destined for mediocrity, cus everyone is churning out simialir products. No matter how many external changes all these companies make to so called new "product", and yes Rim is gulilty of that as well, its all the same. you pick up one device and you pretty much know how to use theother 99%. I hope this Luca Filigheddu and Rim is successful in trying to think outside the box with this new os.


Congrats to Luca Filigheddu. Like him there are many who are not so easily discouraged.
We're in it for the long haul as nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

Rock on RIM!


This guy must really need a job.



Why do we never read about this in the Newspapers?? ... BlackBerry 10 is gonna be an incredible revolution for the smartphone market, a truly open platform, capable of running Android apps natively and also the platform that is easiest in terms of porting any application to. Moreover, it's the only mobile OS truly multi-tasking, open to possibilities that could have been never imagined before, with outstanding performances.

Who knew it could run Android apps natively? Does this truly mean that we would be able to download any Android app and it works without having to run through some weird 10 point installation?

Also found this online... Part of the reason is that power budgets are a bitch and in the mobile space they cripple you. Linux is a nice operating system and so is BSD; I have run FreeBSD for nearly two decades and worked with Linux since Linus released it. But neither is truly suitable for small, handheld, battery-powered devices, even though both Android and iOS try to prove otherwise. The 3-hour battery life on your cellphone when in use says they both failed.

QNX, on the other hand, was designed as a real-time, small-kernel, power and resource-efficient operating environment. It's the missing piece, and being POSIX-compliant dropping it in is not a re-write of the entire Android environment -- it's a drop-in of the underlying operating system support.

Would appreciate views.


Agree 100%!

And... I would also LOVE to work for RIM!!!


"QNX, on the other hand, was designed as a real-time, small-kernel, power and resource-efficient operating environment. It's the missing piece"

Could not have said it better myself. One other issue though is that battery tech has not really progressed at all to keep up with these rapid advancement. LIpo is the best to date but its also somewhat unstable. Until we make significant changes to battery storage designs mobile tech will always be somewhat crippeled in its ability to sustain any real long term use.

And you are right about qnx, if Rim and sucessfully intergrate it it into its global networks Rim will be a global leader again. And i suspect thats where the hurdle is, which may explain all these outages Rim has been suffering from.



You can all this from a single (but often repeated) canned demo of a product that nobody has seen and doesn't have a solid release date?

Amazing! Can you give me the lottery numbers as well?


Because he got it from the demo???
You're not keeping up...


i don't think that could have been said any better. i like android as a platform you can put apps and organize them how you would like have lots of widgets and the design of the os is good. ios is also pretty good but just to much cant see any of the screen and just very unorganized for me. blackberry is the perfect os for me organize things into different pages nice folders and notifications and the blinking light and the different screen for downloaded and stuff. they have good style with functionality. like the playbook speakers in the front where they should be two hd cameras great screen and option to tether if you have a bb. and their phones are the same way just very good. what they can do is done great.


I would love to work for RIM -- but I would insist on a lucrative termination settlement agreement!


I am so rooting for RIM and if I knew how to do anything useful for them- I would be signing on as well! I, too, am in for the long haul!


These days are bleak. RIM seems to have awareness of the rapids they navigate. I'll stick with them and and try to help paddle away from the waterfall.


If I worked for rim there would be cascades libs for playbook. Heck I'd release a beta bb10 for playbook. Laser like focus with turbo.


Again another propaganda like fluff article to make it seem all isn't so bad at RIM. People simply aren't that gullible. This guy Luca is probably at a dead end in his career and has nothing to lose by joining RIM.


That must be it. And your comment is deep and informed...


i live in waterloo no one wants to apply there around here. everyones flockng to com dev, toyota, etc


" Cheerleader James" is giving cardiac massage to an already dead patient !


Like what you are doing with Steve Jobs?


And the next hiring will be for a "BlackBerry Developer Pope" , to be responsible for christening BB10 or performing last rites! lol


If it's going to run Android apps natively, how about just using Android 4.1 with Blackberry skinning and be done with it?