Some Vodafone customers experiencing BlackBerry outage *Update* - looks like it is back up and running

By Michelle Haag on 21 Sep 2012 04:27 am EDT

Vodafone users may be experiencing a bit of an outage this morning in Europe. An anonymous tipster emailed in letting us know that BIS services are down following some planned maintenance last night. While it's unclear so far whether the problem is Vodafone's or RIM's, we're hoping it will be resolved shortly. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you're on Vodafone and your BlackBerry services are down this morning. We'll provide updates as they become available.

*Update from RIM*
We are currently experiencing a BlackBerry service issue impacting some users in Europe, Middle East & Africa. All relevant support teams are working to resolve the issue. We apologize to any customers who may be affected.
*Update* - I have now been able to BBM my Vodafone friends so looks like things here in the UK are back to normal. Everyone else ok? (James)

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Some Vodafone customers experiencing BlackBerry outage *Update* - looks like it is back up and running


VOdafone Italy BIS services down...Just Vodafone and mostly business SIM cards. Other operators apparently have no probs.

Vodafone blackberry services in Scotland is down, not sure if it affects all the UK though, texts and phone calls okay at moment

This just came in my mailbox

Blackberry Services Issue - Msg from RIM

We are currently performing emergency maintenance on our infrastructure in the Europe region.

Subscribers may experience delays in sending or receiving messages or using other services such as BlackBerry Messenger. Subscribers may also be unable to create new accounts, add (integrate) third-party email accounts, or use BlackBerry subscriber web sites. BlackBerry Enterprise Servers may be unable to connect to the BlackBerry Infrastructure.

Services should be restored within 2 to 2.5 hours at the most.

We will keep you updated on the situation

It's a good thing they're keeping subscribers updated on the minor outage. Nothing to get riled up about, thankfully. An outage is like a vacation to me. Lol.

Hoping for our fellow UK/Europe users to have servvices restored soon.

My Work e-mail was down on bb from 10.21 last night, startd receiving mails again in the last hour, my work colleague still not getting his emails though. We are in scotland.

how do you qualify a 5 hour outage as 'minor'
its another nail in the blackberry coffin for sure

and this on the launch day for the iphone5. brilliant timing :)

Im on the vodafone network in London and my blackberry service has been down all morning. A year ago just before the release of the iphone4s blackberry servers went down, now on the day of the release of the iphone5 blackberry server is donw again.... Should we be reading anything into that?

Before people think I am a troll; no I am not.

I need my smartphone.

I am a Blackberry user/fan for a long time (my first BB was the 7230). Today even when the fault is by Vodafone and not at Blackberry it's over for me. The complete package (Hardware/software/services) is in my opinion not "businessgrade".

I rely on my communications. I love my Blackberry 9900 + Playbook. I love the keyboard.

Due to testing (I am a ICT consultant) I had to use a iPhone 4S fo the last weeks. Honestly; I hate the device, I hate Apple and even worse; I hate the Apple fans. But the activesync method does work.

But that been said; my e-mailacounts, as wel as my business (MS Exchange) and my private, do work! People can reach me. I can reach people. By the way I use a Blackberry BES Enterprise server.

I also can use a SIP client on the iPhone :-).

The availability of Blackberry services is a disaster for business people at the moment. You can almost feel that Blackberry/RIM is dying... I hate to say this actually. But it seems to be over.

Please excuse me for my language (English is not my native language).

Vodafone UK down for me but Orange working fine.

Re iPhone, Didn't they just have a massive imessage and iCloud outage? Amazing how people ignore that.

Please realize that Blackberry (BES) itself as a businessgrade solution. In my experience the last two years; it's not.

There are people like me who rely on their smartphone. Even if I switch to a Android/Apple primary device I will use the Blackberry 9900 by BES for the excellent keyboard and usability.

But as a primary business tool; no.

BES is a business tool for the employer, not the employee. My point was it happens to all other platforms out there, for business a backup is essential. I run a contract Vodafone, business but just BIS and an Orange pre pay backup.

You must me kidding me? So in your opinion a Blackberry device + Blackberry BES subscription not a businessgrade solution?

Then I must be wrong all the time. Thanks, I will switch my base with smartphones to a environment without BES Enterprise but with 'just' Exchange Activesync Android/Apple/etc. devices.

I really thought Blackberry was a business tool :-) hahaha

You must me kidding me? So in your opinion a Blackberry device + Blackberry BES subscription not a businessgrade solution?

Then I must be wrong all the time. Thanks, I will switch my base with smartphones to a environment without BES Enterprise but with 'just' Exchange Activesync Android/Apple/etc. devices.

I really thought Blackberry was a business tool :-) hahaha

By the way; In my opinion was the employee and his/her connectivity essential :-)

Working fine on Rogers in Toronto. I have a feeling Vodaphone screwed up the upgrade because other carriers have also upgraded without problems.

this is the main problem..vodafone portugal down, and now?? i have wifi and nothing work..i dont want a phone that only works if the operator wants..and the bis is payed like gold price..
blackberry is going down

Getting calls from Vodafone business users in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich now. Seems to be Europe wide but all on Vodafone. Such a pain.

Aha! Just found out RIM did an update last night. Don't they ever test these things?

Vodafone Malta still without BIS everything else seems fine. It's time to go retro and send some sms's and stop saying rim is dead for a data outage. All companies go down once in a while, it gets the tech guys going. My playbook is still working fine and if I'm not mistaken the BB10 will utilize the Wi-Fi as well to send data and BBM etc. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I love BB, but RIM really has to step up big time between now and the BB10 launch. A service outage on the day of the iPhone launch just looks bad. I would assume RIM Would make sure there are no service outages since the last one was made a lot of BB fans drop it first chance they got. C'mon RIM, this kind of stuff shouldn't be happening.

Incoming email 2 minutes ago

Blackberry Services Issue - UPDATE
We are still working to get ALL services restored.

Some users may see their deivces are working again, however there may be others still affected by this outage.

As soon as we have any further information - you will be informed.

Well this is interesting. I went to see a movie today and had no problems going in and when I came out I had no issues either but apparently for 2 hours the whole world was exploding...

Blackberry Services Issue - UPDATE - Msg from RIM

BlackBerry Services issue has been resolved.

Wouldn't you know, the media has ignored RIM for the past several months. No news is good news, right?

As soon as there is some "hiccup" by RIM, like a temporary disruption on a specific carrier, all fixed within a few hours... The media are ALL OVER IT! I tell you, they are like VULTURES, VULTURES, VULTURES!

Headlines today:

"Major Blackberry service outage hits Europe and surrounding region"

Does this affect basic use of the phone? Does this affect regular data and SMS? Does it affect the majority of your phone apps? No No No! As far as I know it is just the BES/BIS infrastructure which most private individuals on plans don't really use, and the service is being fixed or whole thing already over.

Why does the media have a vendetta against RIM? Or do they just know that people like to see blood and gore and this is a way to feed the public frenzy?

Come on. I am one of the biggest fans of Berrys. But that you are telling is completely wrong.

Imagine we are a big multinational company and we have more than 300 bb users that they cant communicate each other.

Email is the number one service for enterprises and enterprises is those who gave rim the boost to conquer the consumer market but it seems that rim is not offering any more enterprise level services.

Our exchange with more than 5.000 users has less down time the last two years than rim.

I know that every upgrade may go wrong but you must be prepared. Today the first think i done this morning is to call Vodafone support. They didn't knew nothing. After that i have called rim (we have besc) and after 45 minutes of testing they told that their is an outage.

This is not a crisis management. You are not upgrading your pc at home but a service that is going to affect millions of business people.

Tell me now what i am going to tell to my CIO that he wants to switch over to iphone and android ?

P.S Sorry for my poor English but you get the point.

The media doesn't ignore RIM at all. I often read news articles about how more and more businesses are moving away from BB in favor of the iPhone. Apple, Android, MS regularly make the news. Why? Because they always have new technology coming out.

People have been waiting for BB10 now for a year. What is it exactly you want the media to report on about RIM, when there is nothing to report unless something like an outage occurs?

Look you lot, for those who are complaining about RIM, the real problem is that you chose Voadafone. Frankly I'd see that as grounds for complaint at the end of every month when you receive your phone bill ;)

All working fine on Orange obviously, this is nothing even close to the great outage of 2011. I would like to extend my thanks to Vodafone customers though, who have obviously tested this faulty update to ensure that those of us on other networks don't have to worry about it. Good on you all.

RIM must think its customers and investors must enjoy quarter after quarter of getting a sock stuffed in their mouth, bent over a barrel and then taking it up the whazoo. Oh yeah, I forgot all the good stuff is coming soon.

OMG RIM is dead!!11!!1!

It is actually good that RIM communicates in a professional manner and acknowledges outages, or any other issues with their service. That way spoiled users are reminded that these things happen with technology.

Meanwhile, I will continue cracking up every time I see an IOS6 3D map! xD


RIM isn't going down, they aren't going out of business and they ARE NOT RIP'D. Sheesh. Vodaphone obviously had an issue and it affected allot of it's customers but everybody else... Is fine. These things happen, nothing, I mean, NOTHING is ever perfect with ANY technology.