Some users in APAC are experiencing issues with BBM [Resolved]

By Bla1ze on 3 Oct 2012 03:53 am EDT
BlackBerry Outage

*UPDATE* - APAC BBM issues resolved as of 7:40 AM EST.

Looking in the CrackBerry Forums and on Twitter, it's easy to spot the fact there is currently some services down for BlackBerry subscribers. RIM is aware of the issue and is currently working on getting things back in order:

Some users in APAC are experiencing issues with BBM. We are investigating and apologize for any inconvenience. 

At this point, it remains a small percentage of users affected. On a somewhat related note, if you're having issues accessing BlackBerry App World from your device, it's not due to an outage. It's because BlackBerry App World itself is down for maintenance.

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Some users in APAC are experiencing issues with BBM [Resolved]


yes pertamax
gara2 gangguan BBM bisnis jadi terganggu
cuapek dech....

ayo dibenerin yang cepet RIMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

crackerberry, first to report false leaks and first to report outages! But seriously, define apac, thats the first I'm seeing it. I'm hoping its more that uganda from what I searched or I dont see the point of it being 'news'.

Edit: I'm wanting 2.1 news. So close.

Yea, what is APAC?

Honestly, maybe you guys should keep stuff like this in the forums. Other "news" sites are so quick pick up on negative developments, saying "oh look even more evidence RIM is dying" blah blah (of course when iCloud goes down for an entire day nobody bats an eye)

Actually, I was experiencing some troubles before I left work so the first thing I did when I got home was check CrackBerry for any news. Sure enough, there it was on the front page. So I found your updates helpful, thanks CB!

APAC means Asia PACific. I am living in Malaysia and am affected by this outage. Sending BBM results in a big red X. Hopefully RIM will fix this a.s.a.p :(

CrackBerry! Thanks for the info. My friend from Indonesia couldn't reply my BBM messages starting this morning. He thought there's something wron with his BB. Thanks to this info, I can assure him now it's not just his problem. Hopefully, RIM will fix it ASAP.

Torch 9860 + Playbook 64GB = Fun times!

Had trouble with BBM this morning but it works fine now.

actually, i suspect the mobile operators have other agenda regarding blackberry networks here. you see, if you googled it, operators here are in battles over the remaining unused 3G canals that's government will give to one or two operators first before they open the 4G/LTE for bussiness. After the government announcingt about giving the unused 3G canals, suddenly there were major drop in network service on almost all operators. almost all operators cried out loud that their bandwith are already crowded and they are the one who need the unused 3G the most.
it's almost a year now and the problem still hangs in the air, and more drop in network service coverage&quality occured. 3G network is really hard to get nowadays on certain operators (based on my own and some of my friend's experiences daily). i don't have connection problem when i use my office's wifi. but the moment i stop using wifi, the network dropped from 3G to edge or even drop to plain gsm.
i really wish the government quickly give the unused 3G canals and then open the 4G/LTE so we can use 4G gadgets.