Some of the technical details behind video chat on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Video Chat
By Bla1ze on 2 May 2011 04:26 pm EDT

While the General Session for BlackBerry World has yet to take place, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer Research In Motion, Mike Lazaridis has been dropping plenty of details about upcoming services launching on the BlackBerry PlayBook -- stopping just short of divulging to much right away. One of the services discussed was Video Chat for the PlayBook, where Mike dropped the following on us all:

  • Video Chat is maintained in the cloud and utilizes the RIM NOC
  • Initialized from the cloud but once connected is point-to-point
  • Developers will gain access to API that will allow integration with BBM Social Platform
  • Uses BlackBerry ID to locate friends and contacts
  • Will work behind corporate and individual firewalls
  • Newly developed SIP based system acts as he controller

As noted, these are some of the behind-the scenes technical details and may not mean much to a lot of folks but looking past that and taking it for what it is -- technical info. It does show RIM has placed a lot of thought on the video feature and how best to implement it for all. Makes that wait for its release just that much worse, knowing the work that was put into it.

Reader comments

Some of the technical details behind video chat on the BlackBerry PlayBook


no one to chat with....this should be expanded to be able to chat with skype users......or just provide a separate SKYPE app(just like the IPAd 2).......cant wait until skype comes out on the PB :)

I will video chat will all of you.

What I would really like is a stand alone BBM client on the device.. I'm using an iphone and would love to bbm all my buddies that will not give up thier BBs for anything.. Not even a free iphone lol.

you can take your free iPhones and feed them to some African wild cats my good sir!

Wouldn't it be kind of awkward to video chat with random strangers? What would we talk about? The weather seems like such a tired topic...

Looks like RIM is looking to the future with this feature. In the meantime, my good sir, we could talk about all things BB, which is what unites us as a community on here! :)

+1, unless the $25million bounty on OBL is given back to tax payers, I won't be able to buy all my friend a Playbook. Skype (cough cough)

This would be even better if all the new BB phones had front facing cameras too (and this app). Otherwise, I hope a desktop or web app is available for computers. Otherwise, I'm not going to have anyone to test this with that I know. I like the idea behind it though.

the fact that this will be using the NOC would mean that native email on the playbook is very soon

Now we just need OoVoO, Skype and Yahoo Messenger to chat, call, and video calls. Also, it would be so awesome if they could integrate OoVoO, Skype and Yahoo Messenger into this App. Otherwise this App won't get much use. Lastly, it would behove RIM to add a front facing cam on future Blackberry phones. On a different note, did anyone notice you can't zoom while recording videos on the PB? Please fix this RIM, its so annoying!

Forgot to add they should've added the video feature to BBM, it would get alot more use and be so swesome being able to call via voice or video anywhere in the world for free.

Please add a dock like the rapid charger dock but that has full size HDMI and USB out and if possible full size SDHC card to transfer/copy/view pics/videos on the card. Also that can sync to the computer etc...

I seriously need to get my hands on a Playbook asap or else I wont take advantage of all the near features/apps coming to the Playbook but will probably have to wait for Playbook 2 to be released in the near future but I am impressed that rim are hard at work and want a huge slice of the tablet market. I hope this brings them back on the table asap.

Please tell me it can video chat with standards based SIP video clients. Then I can get one to work on my video conferencing and my company can PAY for it. :D