Fresh BlackBerry 10 L-Series images leak, check out the full monty including new icons!

BlackBerry 10 L-Series
By Bla1ze on 26 Nov 2012 07:08 pm EST

Although they're not the greatest pics visually, they're still mighty pretty to look at. Yes, the BlackBerry 10 L-Series device has leaked yet again and this time around, there is very little left to the imagination. Like previous leaks, there is no telling how old the images are but given the device is showing the new BlackBerry 10 icons on there it's safe to say they are indeed fairly recent. Especially with the voice control now in place. If you're looking for more, jump below to have a look at the whole set. As always, sound off in the comments or in the CrackBerry forums thread with your thoughts on the images.

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BlackBerry 10 L-Series

BlackBerry 10 L-Series

BlackBerry 10 L-Series

BlackBerry 10 L-Series

BlackBerry 10 L-Series

BlackBerry 10 L-Series

BlackBerry 10 L-Series

BlackBerry 10 L-Series

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Fresh BlackBerry 10 L-Series images leak, check out the full monty including new icons!


very thin! but these pics are showing different things! nice! i like! but the grey boxes around the icons, STILL even though theyre better then the squares. i think the grey box color type thing is what i dont extremely torn on the icons


I agree with you on the grey boxes around the icons! I hate them too!
I don't know why wouldn't they keep the same icons as the PB! They're good!

RIM: PLEASE UNLEASH TAT AND GET THEM TO IMPROVE THE LOOK OF THE ICONS! Overall the phone looks good, but better-looking icons means selling more BB 10 devices! This is true especially if you want to "steal" iPhone users.

People say TAT needs to work on the icons, but how do we know all the disliked icons weren't created by tat in the first place?

I like the icons but it appears I am in the minority.

I have a hunch that the grey boxes have more than one purpose and will actually have some cool customization options at launch. No inside info though.

The boxes do serve a purpose. They're there so that all the icons are the same size so none look like they're different sizes or shapes than others. It would look flat out sloppy. Yes, some of the icons on the PlayBook are nice-looking. But if you look closer, you'll notice that some icons are different sizes and shapes than others. Sadly I don't think there will be cuztomization though. It would be a great plus!
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Yeah I understand the size factor and yes that is true with the playbook about different sizes but they all look good! Haaha and they start on the bottom same size. I dunno..maybe they need to rethink one more time.

Yeah I understand the size factor and yes that is true with the playbook about different sizes but they all look good! Haaha and they start on the bottom same size. I dunno..maybe they need to rethink one more time.

exactly. I think they're fine as they are now.

but customisation would always be welcomed for those who love to change it up a bit.

I'm with you. I like the way the icons look and I honestly don't think that the "look" of the Icons are going to be a determining factor in sales as someone else stated in an earlier comment. It's going to be Functionality and the Availability of popular applications. I've had so many friends migrate over to the other systems JUST BECAUSE of the availabilty of apps like Skype, NetFlix, Instagram and a whole host of others. If the RIM-pire is to really strike back, then functionality and availability are the 2 words that they must focus on for this release.

I'm super excited. Seeing these pics makes me even more excited. I've been holding off on upgrading since December of 2011. I'm just waiting for my carrier to announce they're offering the new BB10 phones. If they don't, then I will definitely move to a carrier that does have them.

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That's a cool idea - allowing for some customization with the boxes around the icons. Would be like a mild version of themes. Maybe add in some colour options and a few different shape options to let the use make their phone feel more personal. I do not think we will see this at launch but hopefully RIM is listening and adds it down the road.

AMEN... +10 x +10 x +10. What do we gotta do to make sure they address this? The icons are visually unappealing. Absolutely NO wow factor in them!

It's like there's an unwritten rule that if you're gonna leak something, the pic has to be horribly blurry. Drives me nuts!

Done on purpose I believe, notice he has a Torch on his desk. Seems like he took the pics with the awful BB9900.

If there is enough ambient light and set it to macro mode, even the 99XX will take a super sharp, clear picture. It confounds me that all these "leaked" photos are so blurry.

I could take better photos with my 9900. I am waiting for this phone too, but not overly excited by what I'm seeing. Honestly, it doesn't look that different. But as long as it performs fast and smooth, better than my 9900, I will be happy. I have a love hate relationship with my 9900. It constantly freezes, locks up, or just turns off, usually right when I need to use it, and it's really making me hate it. I sure hope the 10's don't do this at all!

I see Print to go, Smart tags, Settings, Voice Control, Compass, Weather, File manager, Box, Dropbox, Maps, Youtube, Clock, Calculator and games

i dont see voice control. where is that? Plus, i just hope there are apps that can open a range of documents... there are some pdfs that i cannot open on my 9900.. :-(

I'm glad you pointed that out, even though it was done in such a childish fashion. Thanks.
The list is somewhat incomplete on my 9800 though.
Here... have a cookie... Feel better?

And assuming that is true then you can figure out which of @wyclef's 2 million followers also follow @authorwales. From that small list it is easy to spot the one who follows @crackberrykevin (and @AshleyEsqueda and @bla1ze and @androidcentral...) AND who also recently mentioned said picture in a tweet.

And just as an fyi,

These pics were taken within the past 8 hours.


That Wyclef Jean tweet is from 8 hours ago (as of 7:24pm EST)


That is not minor. It is a work of art. Lol..There is a video that shows how this clock slowly wakes up for alarm synchronized with the chime..It shows how attention to the detail has become an important step in design at RIM..anyway..can't wait...

I've been scrolling through all the comments reading one by one to see if someone had mentioned the clock. it's very cool.

just can't wait for this to be released, i'm in need of a new phone and i want this to be it. i'm just wondering about the price, it seems like the new standard for android high end devices for next year will be 1080p screens, how will the l series and its 720p fare

They would be crazy to price it higher than the iPhone, but then again, they did price the 9930 at Verizion for $249 when it was introduced. They really need to hold the price to the $200 arena if they are going to get anyone to choose it over the iPhone (even though I would pay more).

I disagree because pricing it far below the iPhone would tell me and others (perhaps) that it's an inferior product, when it should be portrayed as a superior option. Price it in the range of the products they believe their direct competition will be and make that pricing competitive.

As a good friend of mine JJ would say DYNOMITE! I cannot wait for this phone to be released. Come on BB10!
I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

So if the battery is 3/4 the size of the Torch, and the L series is twice the size of the battery, this is one big phone...

I wish someone could do a side-by-side comparison so I can decide if I want a BB10 or a 9810.

There was a side by side with an iphone5 recently on cb. Compared a friends ip5 with my 9850. Not bad at all. Wait for bb10

I Hope this may NOT be the final hardware... RIM can do a"L O T" better one than this!!!

What about Metalic sides Like the Bold 9900???? Make it Loook Great RIM!!!

Yes indeed. I Loive my Bold 9900. If RIM can make it look greater than the 9900 is gonna be a Hit!!!

The pics we have seen this far don't really do it justice, but from an undisclosable source, I've been told the bezel is actually a gun-metal finish and will be available in black and white, the materials are way higher quality then they appear

They are metallic, black metallic, same with the top And bottom

The device is not plastic, does not feel like plastic and does not look plastic. Anyone that says it does is basing there opinion on blurry grainy leaked pictures.

The hardware is actually very sleek looking. Everyone needs to chill.

As for the icons, the Grey background is extremely beneficial in making the apps stand out. Especially if you put a personal photo as the wallpaper. They are transparent and without them the apps and names of the apps would get lost in the background and would look sloppy. They are uniformed and simple.

Speaking of the playbook, everyone realizes there is one giant transparent box that houses all the apps right? The apps are the same, but instead of one giant transparent box blending all the apps together making it look like a mess, they have individual transparent boxes making them pop out

I dont really care to much about the metallic edges or whatever but you make a great point about the icons and totally agree. I think the icons look fine and I don't see the whole fuss about it.

The transparent boxes are great and I think its a better move than having a transparent box like they do with the playbook.

I just hope we won't see the same problems as the Dev Alpha B where some people were having problems with the gesture to get to the hub because of the raised glass or bezel at the bottom of the device. I wish someone could verify this. The hardware cannot be a hindrance on the awesomeness of the OS.


Any photos seen so far are only of Beta and Alpha series. At a BB10 presentation I attended they said the final version WILL NOT LOOK LIKE THESE.

Finally someone mentioning it.

Hardware-wise, this is probably the ugliest BB ever made.

I therefore cannot believe this is final material...

Software-wise, the most exciting thing i've seen yet.

Please deliver a substantial battery life for the qwerty phone. The battery in the above pic looks tiny compared to the actual phone. At least if it's going to be a smaller battery then make it the same battery as the 9900/9930 so that I don't have to buy extra batteries as I already have two for my 9930. Us qwerty keyboard user should be treated as VIP because were the ones that hold the company together, we are the glue and mortar. The Bold 9900/9930 is an excellent phone, make it the same but with BB10, better battery life and an auto-focus camera. I would be extremely satisfied.

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The LS-1 Battery is 1800 mAh. Current Bold 99XX/9790 JM-1 is only 1230mAh. I use a second battery for my Bold 9900 in extreme cases( I can usually get 12-14 hours on a full charge). Currently also using the Dev Alpha B aka "HIDDEN LONDON" and can get over 20 Hours of use off a single charge. In regards to the Qwerty Battery, Given the leaked images on the N series, and Battery Designs of past Bold 9000, 9700/90, 9900/30. Rim has repeatedly used the majority of the back to hold the battery, and with no doubt in my mind will we see the LS-1 Battery ALSO in the N series.

The size of the screen is 4.2 inches. 4.8 would be too nuts and bring it into the realm of battling devices like the Galaxy Note or Droid Razr HD

more like the galaxy S3 but I get your point :P

I think the 4.2" is a perfect size for RIM to hit it out of the ball park and just another reason to not be used as arsenal for overzealous iPhone users.

My 9900 is still working fine, so I guess I can wait until January 30.
But my wife is struggling with her old iPhone 3GS and needs BB10 ASAP!
My daughter thinks the world is going to end if she doesn't get a cell phone this year, so I guess I'll be buying three of these when they release!!!

Clearly RIM has exhausted visual appeal by flooding leaks 4 months ahead. Asthetics are vital in the mobile market down to apps etc....and now we have nothing left for the imagination unless they will release one in WHITE. Let's hope that the performance and selection of APPLICATIONS accentuate each other alongside the BlackBerry flow paradigm.

The App designs/place holders look basic and like everything else on the market. Was really looking forward to something fresh or more polished.

Nonetheless this will be my next it bad that the closer we get to launch that I feel like BB10 will not deliver to be competitive?

#blackberrybychoice?!...I guess???!------ sent from 64GB playbook.

if you're implying that RIM has leaked these on purpose, I would have to disagree.

I'm of the understanding that RIM, as well as all the other mobile tech companies, despise leaks of any kind, especially if they are of great importance.

So, no. I don't think they're 'flooding leaks 4 months ahead'.

I hope that you're right and that this isn't the final product. Do you honestly believe that these "leaks" are unintentional by RIM. I'm sure they could put a lid on quality control to keep everything proprietary. But in an effort to bridge the gap until launch... to stay relevant, they have to release DEV Alpha & Beta devices early and put L-series replicas with BLURRY pics out into the digital world.

you could always ignore these posts if you feel they're taking away all the excitement and intrigue for the launch?

I do understand where you're coming from but I think when you begin seeing proper documentation and press releases leading up and after the launch, it'll be a much prettier sight.

obviously, this phone may not be as eye-catching as say something from Nokia but like yourself, I think the BB FLOW, HUB and the little nuances that keep us with Blackberry are what is going ot keep you coming back for more. Most touch phones these days are covered up (might arent haha) but generally get a nice case ;)

Let's just hope RIM are holding more cards close to them that the launch can surprise everyone and not fizzle. Something I felt Windows Phone 8 did regardless how interesting I felt it was because everything was pretty much out and about by the time it was launched.

you'll be thankful for that shadow/box when it's released and you get one in your hands and change the background. these help to stop your icons from clashing with the background and keep them uniformed. Unlike OS6/7 and the playbook they used a box to contain the icons. these stand out a lot more!

Really??? The "Games" APP is an old school tube television set with a an ugly trophy in it.......why???????? $2 Billion dollar company and this is the best we can come up with on the verge of collapse? Ahhhh it drives me crazy!

No one plays games at the arcade anymore!!!! This should have been an xboxesque controller or gaming console or gaming discs with cover art or anything else!!!!

My God!!!GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF! !!!! Some people like the retro look. You can always hide the icon in a folder! :p

There are a few things that I have an appreciation for concerning a retro a watch, automobiles, etc....but a 2013 smartphone is just NOT one of them.

I don't get why a "games" icon exists in the first place. Seems like it would serve one of two purposes, either;

Launch App World to the games Category


It's a folder that holds all of your purchased games

Either way, it seems redundant. BB 10 already has the ability to create custom folders and thus no need for a unique folder called games, and if I want to buy a game, I know how to launch app world and select games from the available categories.

I have no opinion on the icon it's self, but I do wonder why it exists at all.

It's not a shortcut for App World. It's actually currently on the Dev Alpha as well. Think of something like Xbox Live or PSN but for mobile devices. It's kind of like Apple's Game Center application where it keeps track of your achievements, scores, etc. Run In Crowd on the Dev Alpha makes use of the Games application.

i like what i see. but i was hoping a bit more. maybe RIM should have a finger print scanner when you want to unlock your device.

We are up to face locks now on current android devices and it works exceptionally well once calibrated in different environments.

Overall the images of apps is fine except the rounded icons :p. But the icon's menu looks nice than before. I hope RIM will more improve it #LoveBlackBerry 10

Will the icons be customizable? External storage capacity? I have an Atrix now and will be making the move as soon as the L comes out.

I'm excited and I can't wait to get the L-series. The hardware looks good and the OS looks awesome. But those damn icons and the tool bar on the bottom of the screen are really not that impressive. It's like owning a badass Lamborghini, but it's painted puke green. You know the car is frigging awesome, but it just has a crappy paint job. I hope by launch RIM reworks the design on both the icons and toolbar. I still like the first version of the icons better, but that's just my opinion.


I don't think BB10 is anywhere near a Lambo but I get the point. To me it's closer to a 4 cylinder Lotus!!! With a bad paint job!

Looking closely reveals "VPN" connection.....could this be the screen sharing functionality that has been displayed on some of the bb demos that took place earlier in the year? Looks like RIM still has some secrets up their sleeves!

Imagine being able to click a button and share the screen your looking at with another bb, even being able to navigate while the other person watches....

I don't really care that much about the icons, I'm sure theme developers will make some supper cool things once bb10 is released. I care purely about a practical, easy and fun user experience and competitive hardware

64 days to launch!

That's a shame...but I guess they can't be the best at everything, hopefully the experience makes up for it

Look at the stock price. It's on fire.
I'm quite sure that a number of BIG INVESTORS have had a chance to play with this phone and they are loving what they are seeing.

Once the stock is up to $80.00 all the nay sayers will say .... "Buy the stock .... the phone is better then we thought".

FACT : 20% of the shares are shorted. Therefore, 20% of the negative comments are coming from the shorts. Please shorts .... hang onto your shorts until this stock is at $80. Then buy them up. YOU will be the ones that push this baby above the $100.00 mark.
Thank you shorts ..... no loving for you.

Hmm, from the last picture, this phone looks a lot like the one Heins was using at the NBA games and also looks like all the other leaked L-series hardware images. The exception is the extra picture with the back cover removed and battery showing. I'm still a bit on the fence as to whether this is the final hardware. I'll just have to wait and see next year.

Is it possible for RIM to hand out evaluation devices (like to carriers and employees to test) without the official final hardware skin? So that leaks like this will be impossible?

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Carriers require final hardware and things like the casing or even the paint on a device can impact the rf performance enough that they could have to resubmit it.

It would be cool if the top and bottom pieces were the color grey. Just an opinion it would make the look different from other devices

He got two LS-1 batteries. Does it come standard? Means what? BB10 consumes lots of battery or
these PICS were leaked purposely by rim staffs?

imho, I liked the design of the Dev Alpha A best. Not feeling the Top and Botton "Chin". Everything else looks good tho!

THE CLOCK!!! THE CLOCK!!! Look at that awesome clock. We have seen with a white face, but not black with glowing red numbers. I really hope that means I get to customize it to my liking.


Just wondering why different leaks of the bb10 always show the battery level of the device not full....!!! don't know if i'm wrong. how long does it takes to drain, someone knows? bbbychoice

Dont tell anyone but last night i drove to the RIM building in the middle of the night, and i came on the RIM sign in front of their building.

just sayin...

Are we going to be able to customize bookmarks in the browser now since that functionality is current not present in the playbook browser.

From these pictures, the icons have a gradient background, from almost clear on top to opaque on the bottom so that the white text is easily readable.

Ha ha ha, these photo's crack me up... only because the dude posting them has his name all over them as in his PIN... i'm pretty sure the chop is coming for him..

As a ex-RIM employee i'm actually disappointed that these images were shared because he's spoiling work we've worked so hard on.

Oh well hey, the best is yet to come.. :-)

I like the way the new icons look on the screen - uniform. Seriously, I . Can. Not. Wait!


Would love to get some leaked pictures of the N - series. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that RIM doesn't forget about it's loyal customers and gives us the track pad that we love so much.

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Nice, but doesn't mean jack until we get a peak under the hood! Will it be ho-hum dual core,..or quad core,...1gb of ram or 2gb,...6 hrs of talk time or 12hrs,...or 18hrs? Will it have a microsd slot,...or none, many are coming with these days. Will it have 8,..16 or 32,....even 64gb of onboard storage? Though prolly not 64gb,...but the first 3 options should be a shew-in,..even though RAm is cheap as hell. As for the price,'s a given, RIM will have to bring these puppies in at a range of $99 and $199,....I bet not one device breaks $200 barrier,...becuase RIM is in a hole,...a deep hole and there is only on way out - sales!

So, all this show 'n tell about the OS,..and screen size don't mean jack until we get some final info on the hardware to make all of that good stuff perform in an awesome manner!

The BB10 devices won't be competing with today's current crop of smartphones,...they will be competing with most mfrs 2nd and 3rd rendition of their current phones. Take a look at the Droid DNA's specs! They are truely amazing, it's released on Verizon's broad LTE network. Also, the iPhone 5s leaks will have begun, well as more Win8 options. For instance,...if the next BBs don't cut it for me,...I'v ealready done my homework for what will replace my aging 9810! The Nokia 920 is an awesome device,'s crazy fast and Microsoft has tons of cash to contiune developing Windows, etc.

So, if you wanna keep me, better release a V8! I'm just say'n!


Ho-hum dual core is an idiotic description, if your os is more efficient then you don't need to throw specs at it as much and can benefit from improved battery life.

As far as the storage, we know that there will be a microsd card, but as far as the onboard storage we have only seen a mention of 16gig and the odds are that will be all we will see for the obvious reason that it simplifies inventory if they don't have to try and guess which sizes are going to be most popular.

I know this and you know this,..but I doubt if the general public knows this. Therefore, it is my firm belief that if RIM doesn't pack a V8 underhood,...the devices will fail,..and so will RIM.

For instance, there was a time that DSLR buyers were chasing "megapixels",...thinking more is better. That is, until Nikon released the awesome D3 and D3s with a mere 12 megapixels which were extraordinaryly clean up to ISO 6400 and beyond. The D3 was so revoluntary,...Nikon couldn't make enough D3 camera bodies. The came the D3s which out performed the original D3. Canon on the other hand was focus on adding more megapixels! As a result Nikon gained more of the DSLR market share. Canon is now playing serious catch up to Nikon.

That said, I'm sure whatever RIM releases will outperform every other BB ever made. But RIM's competition isn't with itself. RIM cannot afford to compete with the here and now! They must also compete with devices that other mfrs will likely releas in the near future, the 1st Qtr of 2013, etc. No one will purchase a phone that fails before it hits the street, least not at "regular price". Case in point, the the HTC One X,...HTC failed with it because of 3 reasons,...1)no microsd slot, 2)only 16GB versions for the most part were available and 3)no removable battery!,...and a 4th reason for some would be the fact they didn't offer the Quad Core version in the States like they did in Europe,...hence the reason the GS-III sold like freak'n hotcakes at 4:am!

I do not want a 4-banger,...or a V6,..or a turbo of either! We loyal BB owners that are patiently standing by RIM deserves a V8 version of whatever RIM releases. RIM should let us choose with our wallets which version we want,..and not accept what the bean counters say should be under the hood.

So, it doesn't matter how efficient QNX is,...folks will buy the device that is the biggest,..and baddest! Big Red is gonna sell a lot of Droid DNA devices....

Having said the above, at least we know this,...if RIM fails with BB10,..there will be no beans to count!

Specs sell - Case closed!!


An inefficient OS needs more processing power. The thing about QNX is its peerless efficiency which negates the need for additional power consuming processors. It is a better mousetrap.

The nokia lumia 820 is 6.8mm thick see link

The Iphone 5 is 7.6mm thick, fact see link

A leaked picture of the nokia lumia 820 and blackberry L series side by side, see link

Its clear to see we have a very gorgious blackberry device on its way. I can’t wait to get one. Good job RIM! And it looks good too! I think the Icons are ok; we just need a good camera to take these picture. The shades around the icons are kind of translucent and will look good when you actually have the phone in your hands

I really love the phone. The icons look better than before but I would like to see RIM try them in two dimensions without the box. Can’t wait for January 30!

I really love the phone. The icons look better than before but I would like to see RIM try them in two dimensions without the box. Can’t wait for January 30!

The icons aren't such a big thing for me. I'm looking forward to getting the phone, but still I wish they would have kept the cut corners on the phone like with the concept was long ago. I think it made it stand out a bit more, that and being silver (which I heard you can get right?). Honestly this phone case looks just like every other phone. It'll still beat every other phone hands down, but I think the style could've been better.

Cant wait to get my hands on this device!!

Is it true this leak was from one of the Carrier Testers in Nigeria?

What about N Series leaks!?!? Everyone is so focused on the L series but as a die hard crackberry fan I'm way more excited to have BB10 on a QWERTY device. All the secrets are out for the L series for the most part. And I believe that it is a great phone that stacks up well against any touchscreen device that is in the market place. The true anxiety is for the N series now. I want to see what RIM has in store on QWERTY devices.

Ditto! I want to see how well the N -series works. I hate touchscreens and if the days of the track pad are gone then I want to see how the new N - series with BB10 works. Cause if I'm not sold on it then I'm going to start looking for my current BlackBerry replacement.

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The N-Series is like a supersized Bold 9900. You will get a glimpse once they start distributing the Dev Alpha C devices to app developers

Im just waiting for Jan 30! Im using a S3 right now and thought it would be a good device. Its nice but can"t handle a work load. I miss my BB and can't wait for this one. Life then will return to normal. LOL!

Is that a red faced clock? I was just talking with my wife last night abuot how I hate the white faces at night as a nightstand clock.

The icons are ok now, still nothing special. I'd say they're good enough.

But seriously, the "action bar" is offensive and needs to be dealt with. Either hide the damn thing in the peek gesture and make it easily user accessible from within any app, or make it a dock with user customizable apps a la sailfish. The current implementation a la Symbian with three predefined white icons is hideous and makes the entire UI look dated right off the bat.

Why make the OS "for the next 10yrs" look like something that's years old already? Weren't you guys supposed to be making a beautiful UI not just a functional one that looks ok?

why are't more people worried about how ugly this phone looks. We have seen tons of pictures and videos about the OS it will be atleast up to todays standards, but what about how ugly the phones looks. For the love of god I hope this is not the finish product!!!!

I don't understand how, when there's a leak, people go up in arms claiming this shouldn't be the final product. If some take the time to frequent the blogs more often, they would understand that at no time did anyone from RIM claim that these Dev Alpha A/B devices are the final product. Please read carefully: DEVELOPER ALPHA.

People need to complain.

Like me...I hate QML/C++, and the APIs are complex compared to the Android programming I've done.

We should be more concerned about the design of our apps. If you don't use the Native code, you will have a completely different app with different-styled buttons and sliders. Ick.

Is English your second language? Did RIM confirm this? Please take the time to read and comprehend. Thank you. Have a nice week.

It's my third language actually. Assuming English is your first, it's quite embarrassing that you can't even read the fucking title. You can also Google the Dev Alpha and the Dev Alpha B and compare with this. You might realize they are not the same you useless twat.

Some people here have not done their homework on BB10, but that doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is the responses that they're being given. If they don't know, educate them, don't bash them. Some people don't have as much time as others to know everything that had been announced and leaked.

Now for those that make a comment with questions that are in the article, shame on you. At least state that you didn't have time to read the article.

Lets give the icons a break already. It's my impression that with the flow experience one will not need to bounce in and out of icons to open and close apps. You'll have 6-8 apps running in their minimized format on the homescreen and you'll flow from one to the next. So I am guessing that the whole user experience won't be so "icon" focused but rather will revolve around the minimized homescreen apps. For me that should work just fine, I typically have 6-8 apps running anyway and so BB10 will hopefully bring a new UI experience, can't wait!!!