New BlackBerry Z30 retail demo images appear in leaked OS

By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2013 10:27 pm EDT

With BlackBerry OS having leaked out, I took it upon myself to go digging through the OS to see what other goodies I could find within. Lo and behold, I found the full BlackBerry 10 tutorial demo for the BlackBerry Z30 packaged up inside and ready for viewing. This is of course, the same spot where the BlackBerry Z30 name information came from but alas, I thought you'd all enjoy seeing just a bit more of the next device to be released.

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New BlackBerry Z30 retail demo images appear in leaked OS


December 1st would be a disaster. That would mean it wouldn't be in stores in the states until February 2014 in the states (due to America's insane 2+ month carrier testing).

It needs to be launched by late September of this year so it will be in US stores by Thanksgiving weekend (the biggest holiday buying period in the US).

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No, that's a thing of beauty! Not only is the screen bigger than on the Z10, the battery is much higher capacity, and the screen tech will conserve power while providing a brilliant display. Additionally, while the CPU is only marginally faster than the Z10, the phone is expected to include a quad core, awesome GPU, which is important given how the OS, apps, and the new Android emulator may take advantage of the GPU. Finally, the Z30 is rumored to include 4 mics for increased noise cancellation and better call quality.

But, in the end, it's the best browsing experience in mobile on a 5 inch screen.

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yep... 4hr batt to 5 hr batt life won't make a difference when the motoX with normal usage has a 24hr batt life..

~ the Z30 looks awfully similar to the Galaxy SII ... wished BB can make a phone that looks and feel like the HTC One ^_-

The Moto X phone is designed for women. Its also laughably overpriced. You can say the same thing about Blackberry 10 in the beginning, but least it is original and a solid step forward.

I don't know how your battery is so crap, buz my Z10 lasts 3-4 day, unless I play 3D games, in which case it will last only a day.

K seriously comments like these make me mad. Unless you have your Z10 on standby the entire time or you send only 5 texts a day, there is no way you are getting 4 days on battery life. Moderate use and my Z10 is usually dead in 12 hours.

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Well mine works up to 4 days. NFC off, BT off, WiFi on, Media Sharing OFF (that bastard takes way too much power, with it you will last a day!) and it just works. Once it barely lasted a day, now it just keeps working. Check online for battery saving tips

Moderate to heavy use every day and I get more then 16 hours.
When you consider that it is always in bad reception area, then it would do better in the city.
Can't see getting 3 days on it with normal use, but 4 hours is not realistic either.

4 hrs? Seriously Are you using it as a it as a flashlight for 4 hrs? I use my Z10 fairly heavily during the day and can usually get through the day.

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Look, at the end of the day, I want to be able to NOT WORRY about having to recharge my phone during the day, at least 95% of the time. The Z10 didn't do it for me. It sucked. It was dumb. I had to consciously worry about it. I had to turn off wifi, BT, and change screen brightness down to 50% or lower. And even with all those actions. I still worried consciously about the battery, and it still wouldn't last me to 8pm, 60% of the time. Its battery life has a bad rep, which makes it a bad phone in general - for me and many others. Not for professionals on the go. And changing batteries is reserved for the early 90s. No one should have to change batteries in 2013.

When the Q10 came out, I bought the Q10 and sold off the Z10. The Q10 is awesome - the battery life is amazing. I leave wi-fi on, BT on, and screen at 100%. And it has NEVER died on me during the day. I don't worry about charging it during the day at all. This is the gold standard that needs to be achieved on all BB phones. I don't care about 24 hours, 36 hours or 48 hours. I just want to get through the day - and the Q10 was perfect for battery. I sincerely hope the A10 / Z30 will achieve that. I love the Q10, but I do want a big screen, and I hope to pick up an A10 / Z30 and love it too.

I love the z10 but I agree with your sentiments. If it weren't for the removable battery I'd be struggling thru the day. I can get thru a day with one battery sometimes but I consciously think about it unlike my 9780

Yes, I am having problems with my z10 as well.
If it wasn't for the fact that I drive a lot for work it would be a bigger problem. Since I can charge in the car I am usually ok. But the thing is, I need to get through the day and have battery to use sportstracker in the evening which uses the GPS.
I had 60% when I went on a two hour ride and my phone died just as I walked into the door.

I am thinking of getting a q10 now.

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If they make a phone that looks like the HTC One that would be fine. But the day Blackberry makes a phone primarily out of aluminum is the day that they lose their minds.

Since your cellphone is the most important object on your body nowadays, it would be nice for them to be durable and NOT aluminum.

Just thought of this....if this isn't the A series what will we see from BlackBerry? i remember TH talking about a device he's excited about but can't talk about it.
*fingers crossed*
Hopefully it's worth the wait!

Maybe it's as simple as 30% more screen? Thus I present... echo echo..... the Z30.....30. 30

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I think it's closer to 28% more screen. So they should call it the Z28 and maybe stick some racing stripes on the back of it.

Neither the Z10 or the Z30 look anything like the iPhone and/or the Samsung model. The Z10 is a better looking phone than the iPhone by far. As for the Z30, we will have to see the final results, though it so far looks awesome,

I hear this from a couple of guys all the time. Place the Z beside an iPhone and the only resemblance is they're both rectangular. It's a tired comparison.

I have a Samsung S4, seeing this picture it's obvious that the Z30 and S4 are not twins, but there are some similarity, with the amount of phone on the market it must be hard to design a phone who don't look like another existing phone.

I'm guessing it's 30 because 20 would evoke comparisons to Nokia’s lumia 920 which is already outdated and would make it seem as if BlackBerry is playing catchup.

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+1. I think the next few months will be a defining time in the smartphone industry. The big two and BlackBerry will introduce some critical flagship devices. I'm excited. Competition is so good for us.

Any body notice ooVoo in that render? Remember seeing that it was coming but that was forever ago. Guess they're waiting on 10.2?

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Blackberry seriously has to get away from promotional material talking about work and presentations and powerpoint slides. BLACKBERRY we get it. You do a great job at work! Now focus on what most consumers do and thats entertaining themselves on their phones. If you want to show off bbm, at least show a person typing, "You ready to go to the pub and get F'ed up tonight!?" LOL

Ah dude you couldn't be any truer. I hate hearing people say BlackBerry is for business people. I mean what's the point of having BlackBerry Balance if it's only for business??!!! It just eirks me.

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One major disappointment for me is Balance. I am a person that is in a suit during the day. After work like most people I like to unwind, grab a beer with friends, etc. I hate the fact that Balance is only operational with an IT department that controls it. I would love to have a "dumbed" down version per say for ordinary people. People like me that would like to have work material blocked when I want it block, "Weekends, weeknights, etc". Would be great if BB could do that. Yet have the more full version of balance for corporate offices. just my two cents.

Right now any kind of meaningful advertising would be welcome. They have seriously failed in that department since the Superbowl ad.

here there are 4 rows icons and on the post with the demo videos there are 5 rows of icons. Which one is likely to be end result? or is it adjustable depending on the size of the icons? thoughts and answers?

Ahhhhhh...... well that is obvious... cats and dogs link their arse. so the answer is.....Yes.

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Z5, Z10, Z30, Z50, Z70, Z90 ;)
Q5, Q10, Q30, Q50, Q70, Q90 ;)

In my opinion, I think BlackBerry should name this phone the ZX30 because it sounds great. But I am fine with the Z30, that too sounds great IMO.

The naming thing isn't going good but the phone looks nice. Make the marketing material "social mediaish" and go after the consumers BBRY. Pretty please?

(social mediaish...don't judge, I made that up)

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Shouldn't this be more of a Z11 or maybe 15 if we're being generous? I mean it's really not three times better then a Z10 so I'm not sure what made them make such a large jump numerically in naming?

Whatever though, just get it out soon so we can move on from the Z30 to hopefully a phone that will actually have a chance at selling.

prolly better to call it a z30 and keep it in the z range due to the lower specs that romoured and perhaps phase out the z10. release the A series when they decide to bring a phone to market with atleast a quad core cpu and 4gig of ram. no phone needs a quad core and 4 gig of ram but if ya wanna keep up with samsung it has to happen !

It's looks pretty sick. Very nice, and not too much bezel. Kind of looking forward to it :)

Z10? Why yes it is.

It has its own look. You can definitely differentiate this from an iphone and s4, the bottom bezel is what sets apart the most.

Z10? Why yes it is.

I like it more everytime I see it. I really love my Z10 but I think I will be getting the Z30.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

So it has become Z30 now? Not A10 anymore? But it looked kinda a little bit different with the A10 pictures.. nevermind, phone was cool!

5" display means as big as samsung galaxy note 2 isn't it guys?

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How many screen sizes do they need. Keep it simple stupid. I guess developers have better things to do than adjust apps for all the stupid device screens they keep farting out..

Key thing isnt screen size, but resolution ratio. If resolution ratio is the same (which it appears to be), no need for developers to worry.

I think X10 is a great name but whatever they call it, this one is definitely going to be mine!!!

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

Know what... I'd like to see a keyboard look 3d, but change its shape depending on the tip angles to maintain the keyboard looking the same to you all the time.

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No doubt this is one of the best Blackberry touch screen device TILL date but it does not do good to Blackberry unless their apps team gets Netflix, Instagram and many such apps and games which people love to use on such a 5 inch device. Fingers crossed that Blackberry manages to get these "must have" apps along with this phone launch. Else even now in the market there are far better and stronger 5 inch phones available which run on Android and have a far bigger app collection. Will be interesting to see what apple does as I somehow feel they are lacking big innovation. Android is certainly looking very aggressive along with their innovation (something they did for MotoX) So if and only if Blackberry manages quality apps it can do wonders.

This is the stupidest blackberry... if not the stupidest phone ever... but in all seriousness... I. WANT. ONE.(as a secondary device to my white Q10 ofcourse). Love my keyboards. but i do think this would be a great mobile "computing" device.

I can't wait!!!!! :) stoked to see the natural and great evolution of this OS! Blackberry will, it's due time, rise from the ashes to regain market share and the hearts of many old BlackBerry-ians :p

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I know these are demo screens and the top is where all the action is; but are they purposely hiding the ugly bottom??

Anyway, looks good so far!

none of it matters because Frank Boulben is an imbecile and nobody knows about this phone or any FAIL

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HA Bla1ze I've noticed over the years that engadget hardly ever talks about blackberry but it seems they are also excited about BB10 and have mentioned your Z30 post on their page. Just wanted to let you know

Ok, So I have just woke up. Am I right in what I think I'm seeing/reading here? The A10 is no more, well is, but is now rebranded as the Z30! Is that what's going on here?

Is that a Pearl 9105? Why yes it is!

Ils ont tous le même look arrêtez de sortir des téléphones pour le moment, là il faut faire mises à jour de l' OS et développer les applications !!!

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After all is said and done, Aristo is a much better name. Codes and numbers should be confined to code.
Its just cooler to say my BlackBerry Aristo than BlackBerry Z30.
Code names and numbers are too impersonal, esp for a device people will carry for two hears.

The good this about this story is that 80% of us are going to get this Z30, A10 wannabe..that mens we are going to sell our Z10's to our friends prolly Android fans or the end increase in BlackBerry market share and increase in overall customer awareness about bb10 OS bring it on BlackBerry...

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Probably going to get crap from android users because it looks similar to the galaxy s2 :(

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BB10 os sucks, why the fuck they didn't did like Amazon, a custom Android OS would be better than BBOS ...
They'll fall silently into the ground

You just came across as a "fuckin stupid Jackass"... not that I'm saying you are one. That's what my friend said. I'm more diplomatic. I suggested to him that you have a mental defect.

Love my Z10, but the Z30 or A10 or whatever it is called now, is a good design, clean, classic, minimalist. It goes well with the utilitarian nature of BlackBerry products.

People have often criticised the design of the Z10, but I for one like it. I like it's functionality, the UI and the practical nature of the OS. To a consumer like me, it always struck me that BlackBerry products are very practical in nature and that is the basis on which they are built and designed. Everything on it has a purpose and a well defined function
Now, that might not make for a very flashy and glittery phone, but personally I never cared much for those aspects.

Compared to the Z10 the IPhone 5 looks like it was dropped on its head at birth and the Galaxy S3 or S4 looks like someone sat on it and then farted on it too...

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I like the elegance and mature BB design including the textured battery cover, but the "size economy" isn't good enough in the Z10 and the performance is technically behind the competitors. If Z30 shall have the biggest screen size (5") in Z series, it must be accompanied by the state of the art performance too ! Please remember that practical screensize of a phone (!) has also its limit. Maybe BB plans the Z20 for the phone with "in between screensize: 4.5-4.7d/inches" as successor of Z10 ? Then the Z30 will be succeded by the Z50 someday ........

This Z30 looks beautiful and is more practical. A larger screen with 1280x720 res makes perfect sense as it will maximize the larger battery more efficiently. The keyboard will make the typing experience more accurate as the keys will be larger which will result in less mistakes. The increased GPU will increase the entertainment factor (movies games etc). In the end, I want a phone that can provide productivity. This device takes the cake.

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Looks good to me. I'm more then likely just going to hang on to the Z10 instead of upgrading. I find the Z10 to be a great size. Couldn't they have come out with a better name than the Z30? Blackberry will be up to Z100 in no time. What will it be called after the Z or do they just keep up the Z count going?

I just can't accept that name.

I'll call it A10 for life. When another 4.2" device comes that will be the second Z

Marketing is everything

Well, whatever the case, I hope BlackBerry does well with the Z30. Many thought the Z10 was going to take off before it was released. Too bad it didn't happen. Should have. It seems people think the opposite of the Z30. Many were wrong before, I hope this is the case this time around.

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I have phone envy with the S4. This needs to be just as good, screen wise and camera wise. Otherwise, it'll flop.

BlackBerry design needs to add a bit of sexiness to the Z line. The Q has it and looks upscale. This is better than the z10 but I worry not upscale or unique looking enough.

The name should also be Z1. The Z30 moniker is a bit of a dud.

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It's should be called A10 and each new model should keep the name A10 until bb11 then A11

Just like apple wants to get rid of numbers and every new iPhone is just "the all new iphone"

Create some brand identity BlackBerry!!!

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It's nice but I'm poor so I am keeping my z10.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

Z10 baby. The only reason I didn't go q10 is because my son likes to play games in my phone in waiting rooms.

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Poor or not poor, I will let my intentions guide the universe to manifest this material into my possession.

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After putting the latest 10.2 "leak" onto my Z10, I've been really enjoying it. Now I'm downloading it for the Q10 as well, as I would like to use 10.2 as a daily driver OS, the new features are worth it to me.

Why am I saying that? Because the Z30/A10 will have a more fully featured version of 10.2 I'm sure, which will be great for the entire BlackBerry 10 series of devices.

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Why not Z 360? Cmon Z 30 is ugly, take A10 for Phablet devices.

Z = Compact Touchscreen

Q= Keyboard Devices

A = Phablet Devices

S = Slider Devices

Posted z5

I also agree. I would rather Z only be similar sized.. Z10 shape/style phones. Let the Phablet have its own letter. Z30 is an ugly name in my opinion.

Will there be a new Blackberry phone after the Z30 that is going to be similar to the Z Series?

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For the battery discussion - mine wasn't lasting no time and it was because I had bookmarks saved to the home screen & after I deleted them it started lasting much longer :)

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