Some more BlackBerry Torch 2 images emerge for your viewing pleasure

By Bla1ze on 8 Apr 2011 07:33 pm EDT
BlackBerry Torch 2

On top of the bevy of spec sheets leaked today, the BlackBerry Torch 2 has been getting lots of camera time as well. We'd really like to say we're excited for this device as a whole but really, the other devices such as the BlackBerry Bold Touch and BlackBerry Touch excite us a tad bit more -- again, they're new designs and new hardware so they certainly have the lead advantage. No matter, personal preferences aside, check out these newer images of the BlackBerry Torch 2. A couple more can be found after the break.

Source: jeruknipis

BlackBerry Torch 2
BlackBerry Torch 2

Source: Jeruknipsis

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Some more BlackBerry Torch 2 images emerge for your viewing pleasure


I'm sorry but the vertical slide design looks so archaic. Side by side, the storm2 looks like the newer phone to a non crackberrian.

Then u start using the phone side by side ;)

Is it cause it has hardware keys unlike all the generic touch only phones coming out using the same old candybar form factor?

The torch closed looks like a storm so I doubt that opinion speaks for many. I think the silver and not the sleek black all over can be deceiving to some.

What's with the dual BlackBerry logos? Not feeling that! And yeah the back cover looks too flashy. I'll pass, bold touch all the way.

Prefer the dark gun metal look of the original!

Love the slider form factor though cause if gives u the best of both worlds

hmm ya right that- dual logos-looks totally dumb.

Back cover is for those who want bling, haha

I'd be very disappointed with this if i didn't already know i'm getting the bold touch.

Bling it is flashy. I would like to try one out not for the bling but just because I like my blackberry 9700.

The second logo on the bezel is part of RIM's marking the phone as a RIM owned product. It won't be on the finished product.

about the double logo..chill guys.. it is a pre-production device and so give it a rest, upon release there will a lot of changes like carrier branding etc.

The torch 2 looks good on the outside but i still think there could be a lot more be done regarding specs

With the same old battery, gimme a break........They should have gone with a bold 2 battery...So the phone will still die within a day.

my Torch goes 2 days on a full charge with moderate usage. I don't see a problem with the battery. This has a good CPU and moreover a GPU unlike original Torch to save CPU cycles to conserve the battery.

there’s not much difference, come on RIM whats the point of this upgrade? they really need to step up with there hardware

nothing special to this Torch 2, not worth upgrading from Torch 1

it would be awesome if they made the screen as close to the edge as possible so more display, alot of wasted space there from the side and the top where the blackberry name is

I don't know about that... HSPA+ (14.4mbps), almost double the processor speed, OS 6.1 native, higher resolution, more RAM... Compared to the "jump" from the 9530 to the 9550, or the 9700 to the 9780, this is a massive upgrade. Yes, I am a Torch user.

Exactly. Double the processor speed is huge. The original Torch lags on quite a few things so this should prevent that.

That said, with the same old battery, I'm guessing it'll drain the power down to 0 even faster.

There is a hell of a more to this Torch than the Torch 1. This is what the Torch 1 should've been. The Torch 1 is somewhat mediocre. This is a definitely welcomed improvement. Although, it's the BOLD TOUCH or the Blackbery TOUCH for me.

What's with that dual logo thing I'm totally not feelin that and the back cover 'GROSS!!!!!' looks like something from outta space RIM should have went with a nice black leather back cover and when are we die hard fans of blackberry phone get a front face camera???? (ARGHHH!!!!!!!) Anyways I got my eyes on that bold touch 'SEXY!!!!!!!!' Good going RIM

I agree that the back cover's not got it, but if the battery life is adequate I'll be pickin' one up. My Pearl 8100 is getting pretty old, and I like the original Torch - except for the display and lagging. This should fix both of those issues. If it'll run a full day with moderate usage, I'm in.

I like the old back cover too,but the new one looks good also. It would not keep me from getting the phone I know that much.

I do like the specs of the phone, a much needed improvement, and the back is cool looking too. I wonder if they made the bottom ridge of the slider wider or thicker so that the phone can be slide up with one hand. I have big thumbs, so it always slips and hits the trackpad when I am trying to slide it up with just one hand.

yea that back cover looks bedazzled.i too prefer the black look. but besides the cover, this device is nice too as the bold touch.

Torch is a great phone, I just have a comfort issue when it comes to typing on it. I owned it for a week and had to switch to the 9780 Bold. Sliding open everytime I got a message was getting old too lol. Other then that it was a great phone, but Bold suits me better ^_^

Stuffed the old bland torch with up to date features and slapped a 2 on the end of it's name. It's like your aunt's left over meatloaf that your tired of, she brings it out for dinner again and sprinkles some seasons on it for some more pizazz ( the pizazz being the battery cover, that one won me over smh).....thumbs up for the specs, but its seems like their design department is falling asleep at the wheel...or not present at all.

WOuld you guys cut it out! :D

It's still a pre-production device... Nothing's frozen yet... Maybe it'll get a new battery... Maybe it'll get a new screen... Who knows... :)

Coming from a person who owns a Torch herself....I don't see any difference. Besides the unusual looking battery cover? Kinda disappointing...

I DO like the main idea of the slider-touchscreen, full qwerty kbd device.

But I do not like the screen resolution of the torch-2, which could be higher, in order to fully benefit of the large screen.

And I do not like the design, which orients more on the old torch-1, than on the sleek and elegant new devices, as e.g. the new Curve - which is the most elegant device which BB will ever have launched so far.

Higher screen resolution? You do realize that in terms of dpi (pixel density), which is the only measurement that matters, this screen has some of the highest in the business. Its better than than the Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus One, and iPhone 3GS (by far).

All of which are almost a year old or older by now, which is forever in industry time. So I don't think you should compare something coming out THIS SUMMER to something that was released almost a YEAR ago.

There is nothing this phone can do that the original torch can't. Seriously? why is everyone up in arms for this phone. It looks exactly the same as the first, the camera stinks and it has the same bland OS. this device should have been released LAST year. And not even that it should have been released the day the original iphone was released. I love blackberry, I do, but there is no point in buying the same exact device as its older brother a year later. There isn't anything diferent aout the device. I'm sick of seeing these kinds of photo's pop up. For all you guys know, this couold be the original torch with a fancy back door. You can't tell the difference. The Bold touch is another device that should have BEEN released. It has a touch screen though and will be QNX capable for better mobility and convenience. Yet the Blackberry curze 8330 can operate better than ANY of these phones. Try to argue that and you'll find yourself trapped behind ONE conclusion over and over. A touchscreen.

Spot on!
I have a Torch as well, but seriously; why would I wanna waste my money to buy the same device...all over again?
Makes absolutely no sense...whatsoever!
If it had a bigger screen: maybe a 3.5 or 3.7 (it's very possible), better screen resolution, and a better battery...why not?

Bigger screen yes, but the resolution is on-par with the rest of the highend smartphone business.

I don't care for the double BB logos @ the top of it and do NOT like the silver looking back cover....other than that this seems to be a wiinner with the specs it has....

Is there anyway to find out when all the new blackberry set to release this year will be on which carrier? I’d like to upgrade my 9700 on tmobile and do not want to switch carriers

The back is interesting but the logo disappears in the pattern. Does anyone know if this will be released in white like the original Torch?

i honestly like how the back looks on this phone... but honestly what difference is it between the 1st torch and the second beside the software on the phone... they should at least make it have facetime so their product can be in competition with the iphone 4 that would be a great improvement but if this is all the bold 2 is and the price is gonna be different compare to the 1st one i'd rather get the 1st one... it wouldnt make much of a difference