Some Fun Free BlackBerry Apps for the Weekend!

Free Fun BlackBerry Apps for the Weekend!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2009 08:50 am EST

The weekend is here and hopefully that means you can all find some time to relax. I'll be working get ready for this next week on the blogs... you may not realize it, but the BEST week of the CrackBerry year is coming... CrackBerry Birthday week! If you were a regular reader last year you'll know how much fun we had and this year we're going to try and top it. You'll want to stay glued to this week. In the meantime, a few new and updated free apps popped up in the CrackBerry forums this week that you'll want to check out for some weekend fun!

Free Fun BlackBerry Apps for the Weekend!

BBTetris Updated: CrackBerry member papped has updated BBTetris to version 3.2, which is now available for the Bold, Curve 8900 and Curve 83xx. Papped has been listening to user-feedback and has steadily improved the free game. To see the change log and to download, visit Papped's site. And if you love it, be sure to send a paypal donation his way. 

Storm Piano: Feeling musical? Thanks to member dmglakewood you can now play the piano on your BlackBerry Storm! He dropped this on the forums back on Feb.10, but has been steadily improving the app, which is getting a ton of positive feedback from users. Click on over to the Storm Piano forum thread for more information and the download link.

Staple's Easy Button: This one made me laugh. You can drive your coworkers crazy with CrackBerry member mike240se's Staple's Easy button app. He calls it the "ultimate useless fun only app." Yup! But that doesn't mean Storm owners will want to download this one like crazy. Jump over to the Easy Button forum thread for more info and the download link. 

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Some Fun Free BlackBerry Apps for the Weekend!


This is awesome, woke up today, and BOOM! some fun piano app and Staples app to use, ahaha I love the Storm

Just loaded this game on my BBBold and within 10, my bold shut down and restarted itself. This was not happening before.
Love the game, just wanted to inform you of this restarting.


hey guys mike240se here, maker of the Easy Button. to get the latest version of the easy button and my other apps (storm taser and screen smash) go to it has all my OTA's. also check out the threads in the bb forums, i update them regularly.

i hope to get a bold/curve version of the easy button soon.

How long is it gunna take for the blackberry storm to catch up to the iphone? I'm so sick of waiting, the iphone has got a nice app store and all the apps work ten times better. iphone also has hella free stuff along with a super fast OS... Am I not going to get what I want with this blackberry storm or what?

calm down it is not like the iphone came out and had 20,000 apps in its app store 3 months after it came out! the iphone been out two years and the storm has been out 3 months!

I downloaded the easy button and the piano..not even 24hours later my phone.
Started acting weard it kept shutting down and freezeing up everytime I tryed
Opening the piano it would freeze once I pushed the screen..I ended up takeing
Both the easy button and piano out of my storm. And boom things are back to
Normal . I will never put them back on my phone.

Seriously, this game is not really free. Well, its "free as in beer," but not "free as in speech." The last thing we need on this platform are more independent developers producing free closed-source apps. What we really need to truly grow our software ecosystem are more open-source apps.

It doesn't take long to find areas where a game like this could be made better, or where parts of a game like this could benefit other similar games. If it were open-source, at least we could help the developer improve the game, and/or make other versions of it.

Then don't install it?

If it's the "last thing" the BB community needs I would think you are basically suggesting I take the app down.

Try telling all the game developers out there to hand you their source code for free... Or perhaps I should charge for this game. Then the expectation isn't that the the source code should be available because that would be stupid if it was a paid app.

I upgraded to the latest version of BBTetris (3.3, from 1.52) on my 8330. Version 1.52 worked great, but wouldn't retain my high score, so I upgraded.

However, when get just over 4000 points, the program now automatically closes :(

I downloaded tetris and can't get rid of it now! It's on my microsd card and it says it's write protected. Please help, I need this off, it won't work and I keep getting errors!???? What happened????