Solo Deck Solitaire now available for select BlackBerry Smartphones

Solo Deck for BlackBerry Smartphones
By Alicia Erlich on 5 Nov 2011 02:46 pm EDT

Not that long ago we told you about SoloDeck for the BlackBerry PlayBook and that the developer, Chef Delivered Ltd., would soon be releasing a version for BlackBerry smartphones as well. The wait is finally over. Now you can enjoy Freecell, Klondike, Scorpion, Memory and Gaps anytime you want on your device. Just as with the PlayBook version, it is designed to give you the maximum playing surface available, with no distractions. Graphics are designed with detailed card images, that scale automatically for the solitaire card game you are playing.

Game features include: 

  • Shortcuts for legal multiple-card moves when possible (Freecell)
  • Multiple levels of difficulty (Gaps)
  • Fully integrated with your BlackBerry Smartphone's touch user interface
  • Intuitive drag and drop game play
  • Game statistics including hands played, won, lost, and best time, saved between sessions
  • Popup context menu for game options
  • Optional on-screen score board for game time and current progress toward winning
  • Undo move, restart game
  • Statistics can be reset
  • Selectable card face and card back
  • Animation you drag cards over target piles, the targets appear to "pulse" with a heartbeat
  • Adjustable audio level
  • Some games feature auto move, which can be turned off
  • Some games have hints for available moves
  • Alternate screen layout for Klondike, more convenient for right-handed players
  • Backed by our website that provides game information, and links for support 

You can grab this multi-game solitaire app for only $.99 from the CrackBerry store or BlackBerry App World. It is only compatible with 9810 and 9850/60 devices. 

More information / purchase Solo Deck Solitaire from BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

Solo Deck Solitaire now available for select BlackBerry Smartphones


So the new game is supported on the OS 7 Torches but not the OS 7 Bold. What have they got that the 9900 doesn't, other than much larger screens so all the graphics don't appear to be crammed? Oh wait.....forget I was even here. :(

I just downloaded this card game from the crackberry site and it stated that it was compatible with 9900 & 9930 ! It works fine on my 9900.

The app requires screen dimensions of at least 480x640, which matches the 9810 spec, and is even better suited for 480x800, as on the 9850/9860. It really comes down to what is practical to show in a layout using realistic card designs, and be able to select and move by touch. Even so, I think it does a pretty good job of replicating the look and feel of its "big brother", the app of the same name for the PlayBook.

On BlackBerry App World, apps for sale are listed by specific model, and it was decided not to include 9900 and 9930. Although these do have 640x480 screens, they are physically a bit smaller, and it was felt that the experience would not be as good as on larger screens with the same number of pixels. But if it works for you, all the better! (Listing an app on CrackBerry is by physical specs, such as screen dimensions, rather than model number, which is why CrackBerry allows downloads to 9900/9930 at all).