Anyone for a game of cards? Solitaire City comes to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 12 Mar 2013 01:27 pm EDT

Solitaire must be one of the most played games on any platform. We have had it for many a year on our Windows PC's and then smartphones - and if I take a trip on the London Underground I can guarantee to see folk playing it. Solitaire City has come to BlackBerry 10 and it offers a huge range of card games within the app. If you like Solitaire you need to check this one out.

I'm not a huge fan of card games but the sheer fact that there are 65 variants within the app attracted me. Playing any new card game can be tricky at first but fear not as every single game in Solitaire City comes with a tutorial - sweet.

As well as the bonus of having Scoreloop integrated, Solitaire City comes with some sweet graphics. I realize that graphics may not be that exciting in a card game but the way you move the cards about the screen is pretty cool. The movements are so smooth and you even get a shadow under the card. I suppose you have to watch the video to really appreciate it. There are some funky realistic sound effects too which enhances the whole game.

Solitaire City is priced at £2.50/$3.99 so it isn't cheap, but if this sort of game is your thing you will love it. The developers have clearly put a lot of effort into making a simple card game feel as real as possible.

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Anyone for a game of cards? Solitaire City comes to BlackBerry 10


Always love to play solitaire; the app for BlackBerry 10 looks sweet. Gotta give it a try when it's out~!

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Not only do you need the apps to be competitve with other platforms but they need to be similarly priced. I wonder how much this costs in other app catalogs?
65 games is nice. Once I get a Z10 I'll check it out.

Think of the amount of effort was placed in developing this 56--in-1 card game NATIVELY. Learn to appreciate. There is NO such pricing "problem".

I've had this app for awhile now and it was just recently updated to improve readability of the cards on the Z10. I love solitaire games and this app has met my expectations. Yes it is pricey but your getting a variety of games and a quality solid application. Also it meets the Built for Blackberry criteria.

Its not BlackBerrys problem at all. The fact is Devs believe BlackBerry people will spend more on apps because....well they will lol.

Indeed. Developers who have done their research will know that BlackBerry users are more willing to pay for apps and games, and thus can bump up their prices a bit while maintaining sales. Simple economics. Many people who harp on app pricing versus other platforms do knot know this, clearly.

Is it still possible to play games with other BlackBerry owners like it was in wordosaur on the previous Os?

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Just checked this out. Although there is a free version for the iPhone, not all versions of the game are enabled. For the iPhone, Solitaire City "Deluxe" is priced at 3.99 on iTunes (9.99 for the desktop version), same as for BB!
It would be nice if there were a free version for BB, but I suspect that this teaser is offered (for iPhone), for free because of the very competitive nature of the app environment for Apple. To pay 3.99 for app may seem unpalatable for some, it probably truly represents the cost for quality app development.

Guys - we need to stop complaining about $4 for a great game. Seriously, making applications and games is far from inexpensive and can take months of time. Think about it - the CrackBerry BB10 app took a month to put together and there are still items on the roadmap. That's a month of someone's salary plus!

If we want good applications we need to be willing to pay for them. It's that simple.

From what I have seen I think we pay less for a lot of apps compared to other platforms. I have seen a lot of apps listed out and about online for iOS and android in the $3-$4 range.

I've owned this since it was launched on iOS years ago. The quality is worthy of the price.

As I heard the other day somewhere, people baulk at a couple of dollars for an app but happily spend well over the odds for a short lived coffee at Starbucks!

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This was one of the first games I bought for my Z10. Within days of leaving a review that the cards were too small to read, the dev had it fixed. It's now my favorite time killer. I have no problem supporting devs who respond that fast and no problem spending a few dollars on an app. I spend more on a cup of coffee that gives me a mere 15 minutes of pleasure. Letting my money do my speaking for me. Hey devs, bring us more great apps, we will pay for them. Quality will be rewarded.

Best solitaire game I've tried. Golf and cribbage squares being favorites.
I bought this for the playbook a while back and got the Z10 edition for free. 5 stars.
Good work Peter.

Developer deserves support. For those few: Quit complaining about the price, you shouldn't be "buying" it anyways if you won't download it OR support the developer's hard work.