Solar Slideshow - Automatically Rotates Wallpapers!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jan 2009 04:33 pm

I'm pretty sure you're looking at the first of what will become a trend in BlackBerry themes... themes that automatically rotate wallpapers!

Bplay has just released their new Solar Slideshow theme for the BlackBerry and it is pretty cool. In this theme, 10 images combined of the sun and nine planets in the solar system rotate on your screen's background. The image changes once per 30 minutes, so your device will continually look fresh with stunning celestial imagery.

Solar Slideshow is available from Bplay for $5.99. Still no theme love from RIM yet for the Storm or Curve 8900. Have patience... hopefully the new Plazmic CDK will be released to developers soon! They better... I'd hate to see a "WE WANT STORM THEMES" rally outside RIM's headquarters in Waterloo take life! But if it does, I'll be there holding one of the picket signs!

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get something like this where our pics get rotated, that would be a new trend indeed!


Really nice feature, i'd like to have that a lot w/ my own pictures


Cool implementation. NOW why can't RIM include this into the BB's OS???? Or even into the new CDK??? You know it probably never will be.


I want a desktop wallpaper that has the sun rising over the horizon of the Earth, matching the time of day. This one is... meh.

Spaulding Smails

And I'd like $100 million and a date with Cindy Crawford.

Give them credit for trying to do something new.


an app that does this without having to use another theme? I like my BB theme as it is but would like for my WP's to cycle through. That would be slick! Anyone ever seen an app that does this?


Ha! I knew someday someone would make an app that rotates background. people said it couldnt be done...look at em now~!


Yes, rotate MY pics is what we need.


If I am not being too much of a smartass... there are only 8 planets... Pluto lost planet status...


I love this theme. This is the coolest theme ever. I'm new to the Berry World with my curve 8310. I've had it since August of 2008. I like how different themes change icons, text and backgrounds. More and More...I've been trying different themes. This theme is like several themes wrapped in one. The background changes as it states in the artical. The picture is clear and a breath taking view. The icons are really nice. They are little small for my taste with the text being a little small also. I usually like bold 8 so I can see numbers as I may need to call someone when I drive. Other than that small downside of it. It's worth $5.99 and I would recommend it to all theme seekers who like change often and nice clear pictures. PLEASE PLEASE make some more with different stuff besides Solar even though this one is great. Some Ideas like the Ocean.


I trully like this theme, I agree on some of the comments, and I am absolutely happy with this theme, I'm just twicking the icons, I have a Curve 8310 and it fits pretty well, I like the icons and although it seems to slow a little the performance is not such a big deal.

The screens look very cool, and the pictures that change are great!!, I was concerned about the theme version (to be higher than 4.5), the curve I have is version 4.5 and I could not find anywere which version was needed to support the instalation, because I read on the crackberry site that if you try to install a theme that is not supported by your device version you may nuke it, so I had to gamble and fortunately nothing weird happened.

Thumbs up on this theme!