Software updates coming to Verizon for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and BlackBerry Curve 9370

By Bla1ze on 26 Apr 2012 06:20 pm EDT

Looks as though Verizon will soon be testing some new OS updates for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and BlackBerry Curve 9370. These updates will of course be BlackBerry 7.1 updates and will be released intially via OTA. According to the leaked documentation testing will take place on the week of April 24 and run until May 15, after which time, upon approval they'll be pushed out to consumers. That is, pending any further changes. The dates are always subject to change. Sadly, it doesn't state what OS' are that eventually be released but knowing they're coming is half the battle plus, we could always take a wild guess based off the most recent OS leaks.

Source: Reddit; via: Android Central

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Software updates coming to Verizon for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and BlackBerry Curve 9370


Hopefully this fixes the device killing sound bug we've been trying to get a patch for for months now in our enterprise.

If rim is paying attention to its customers than this fix should fix the spinning clock and freeze ups plus hopefully no more bricking. Its time for rim to get its act toghether before sales get worse and they go under.

It's about time. I need an alarm fix. My alarm doesn't automatically turn on my phone. Battery life can always use an adjustment.. Please be good, please be good!

since i have a mac, i am so happy for something official to come out. i updated last time via ota, but this time i am hoping i can get the download on my computer... the day my battery lasts longer than 8 hours (with not much use) i will be able to drop my enhancement pills.

Thank god. Just yesterday I was looking at some leaked releases to instal. I've got the random freeze ups/resets, the sound bug where nothing makes sound including music and calls, bad battery life and spinning clock. But still love it more than my galaxy s and the dreaded droidx

Actually it's probably windows 2000 (NT5) or Windows NT 4.x SP6.
Rock Solid, Stable and FAST. Just like Linux, when it's minimallist.

Don't hold your breath for anything new. It most likely will be a revision that has already been leaked. Also, if they release a version that has been leaked, it will not be different from the leaked version - except for the filename itself and the vendor file(s).

Verizon's so called "teating" of OSes is worthless.

In my opinion this will be the "official" for VZW. As all signs in the current leak point to it being a VZW build. If you dnt have the leaked .402 installed I would say install it now and forget about waiting for the official.


I'm gonna guess that it will be .342. Mobile hotspot doesn't work for me on .402 unless I do a battery pull. Same thing as .340.

Blackberry's BIGGEST mistake is not upgrading the BB users to the latest software all the time. Even the iPhone 3 gets the latest software. Hell the iPOD gets the update. If they want to start getting people interested in BB again. They need new software and web browser (aka BB 10), fast hardware (aka London), the BB keyboard everybody sticks to like glue (aka NOT London), impressive battery life (aka NOT BB devices when you put more than 2 apps on it lol), and ALWAYS give the customers updates to the latest software. It will not hurt to do that. At LEAST for 2 years. That way the customer doesn't feel locked in with the carrier's contract and an outdated phone. THAT is how you get people talking!