Software Update For VZW Storm Owners May 31st?

By Bla1ze on 28 May 2009 08:18 pm EDT
Storm MR2

With all the talk of the Storm 2 happening in the past few days, it's good to finally see some news for current Storm owners as well. The Crackberry tip line has been busy for the past few days with scattered reports of a new OS to be issued to Verizon customers. 

From the information in this image, it looks as if tommorrow the software will see technical acceptance, and then be issued to customers starting on May 31st.  This of course assuming it actually gets approved by Verizon, since we all know what happened last time.

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Software Update For VZW Storm Owners May 31st?


.203?! what?! i have a feeling this is just a leaked beta we've already been exposed to, but rebranded/with a new version number.

then again, like someone else said above me, since its being pushed out on the 31st by vzw, it must either be perfect or theyre desperate for anything. lets hope its the amazing OS we've all been waiting for.

lyricidal, get ready, it sounds like ur gunna be cranking out a few more hybrids once this hits ;)

DUUUUUUDEEEES AND DUUUUUUDDEEEEETSSSSS who are holders of the VZW Blackberry Storm 9530, PRAY TO THE GOD(s) that this passes.

I'll bet we will see this leak saturday night! Who wants in? haha. Since it is my older brother's wedding that day I will have to keep checking on my Blackberry to see whether it has dropped or not. Which will be a bummer :( haha jk.

the release # for .148 is .203, so I would guess it is .148 we have been testing for the past week +. But then again I would not mind being wrong on this one.

.203 is the package version for application version .148 which yes you already have been exposed to.

There are multiple numbers associated with each OS version. Package, build, release. Leaked OS .148 carries the package number .203. Combined with the fact that we've heard reports within the past two weeks that Verizon was in final testing stages of .148, it only makes sense.

Something tells me Verizon is going to pass this one...I have been running .148 and have had MINIMAL problems. If .148=.203 this update will be perfect.

*fingers still crossed though*

But again, the picture reads: "Commercial package:". .203 is the PACKAGE number for release .148.

Someone in the OS discussion just posted the screenshots that basically show that 203 is Version 148. I brought up my DM and now see that also.

If you are already running 148 or lyrical's 148 hybrid there is nothing to see here.. if your company has been keeping you down with .75... you will be a happy camper.

With me having it since it leaked here i have come across 3 or 4 bugs ,one major one is if your typing a messege and then hold down phone button to go to keypad it, when you type it types letters insted of numbers, you then have to restart the dial app ( big hassel lol ) in order to get it to work again .

I only had my storm a few weeks now and like it but it is laking what my curve was like so i hope this makes me happier lol

I hate to bitch, but, is anyone else sick of these "projected" dates and RIM not following through!?!? FB 1.6 was "supposed" to be released at 5 PM today...BIG SURPRISE!!

OK, done ranting. Anyone else agree?

RIM and VZW are two different companies. RIM has builds with application version in the .2xx but VZW isn't ready to test those yet. So don't blame RIM for the lack of OS releases.

As far as facebook 1.6 not coming...o well.

Clearly It Says In the Loader Files:


So correction rim has already stoppped production of which they stopped at for the storm and is now working on 5.0.0.XXX and is currently on

RIM and Verizon Are Two Different companys and RIM finally decided to leak .203 to and ONLY Verizon for testing..

Hopefully this is going to be a major UPDATE FOR THE STORM VERY EXCITED TO SEE AN OFFICIAL DATE!!!

Wrong!!!, the package number is .203 not the platform!!!!

the platform is and the package number is and the application os number is

So you my friend are wrong!!!!

Rel203 is It CLEARLY says The only time this format is used for all Storm OS's is the build number. 4.0.0.XXX for platform number and 4.7.0.XXX for build number. Don't be stupid people. They are reporting the build to be .203.

Well let's hope everything is fixed.I hope upgrading from .148 doesn't give me us storm users a problem....well what am i saying Verizon still has to pass this o.s.

Wondering how much tech experience any of these wingers have... It takes FOREVER for any software to be released AT ANY company that is this complex.

The fault lays in Verizon for not following up with customers, at least in an apology, how about 50% off accessories for a month? I'm not a Storm owner, my hubby is, and actually his is fine, but not perfect. That said, I am a professional sales woman and amazed that Verizon hasn't come up with any tactic to try to at least communicate or pacify anyone with anyone so far!

Then you would know you never admit that there's a problem with your product unless it explodes or the govt. makes you recall it.

What strikes me as odd is when we purchased his phone THREE months ago, the rep told him that the new OS was coming out by the end of February... then after that everytime he asked it was "Oh any day now..."

So did VZW leave their reps hanging too?

Seems strange why they would have given 1 release date for the original update, giving their reps full blessing to acknowledge the issue, and not give any updates since?

Name Version This is how it reads on my bb manager after loading a leaked OS There is an issue when locking the phone.

i wonder if there will be color branding? I am running .148 and have had no problems. Color branding is so minor bout it would be a great fix/update

i wonder if there will be color branding? I am running .148 and have had no problems. Color branding is so minor bout it would be a great fix/update

Package = .203
Build = .181
Version = .148

It's that simple. Kick and scream all you want, call people idiots, whatever, but it's version .148 that leaked two weeks ago.

I'm sure this might be answered in the forums, but I thought it might be easier to get an answer here.

I'm running leaked version Do I need to downgrade before I can upgrade to this new official release?


no need to downgrade. The only ones that should need to downgrade are those running OS 5.0 or a hybrid incorporating bits of 5.0

Anyone else agree? I honestly became an addict until I just realized how far ahead the iphone is as far as flexibility. I understand Blackberry has the business side of things and isn't specifically consumer based but, I guess it's just that time for me.

I have typically always had some sort of lag problem with my blackberry storm. Not until just .148 was I able to get above 30MB at startup. Unfortunately for me having to do this being a pain, I have decided to switch to AT&T and get the next generation iPhone for the new HSPA+ 7.2 Mbps speed increase. Because Verizon's lack of true support for the Storm and RIM and their updates, Oh, long with the slow lag of the OS' I have made my choice. I don't care now what version they release, and I also think that the BlackBerry App Store is pitiful, even when not comparing to anything else. Pitiful, slow, laggy, oh, did I mention no flick scrolling :-/ Sorry V.

seriously? hahahaha, dude that will be awesome! If there are major noticeable and relevant changes, heck yeah!

This is without a doubt the worst mobile device I have ever owned. As a phone it is bad. As an internet device it is extremely slow. As an email device it is cumbersome in the extreme.

The human interface manager for this product should be fired. The technical development manager should also be fired.

I'm anxious for the next iPhone with HSPA+ 7.2Mbps down "theoretical" throughput lol. Really, the storm nearly had me wanting to chuck it on concrete ground just so I'd have an excuse to get a different phone.

im running .148 and i see no indictation that .203 is the same there is nothing in .148 that even says .203 if so please point it out i would be more than happy to be proved wrong

give me a screan shot of .148 with any mention of 203 and ill shut up other wise u dont have any idea what ur talking about we are all speculating at this point dont knock it till u try it

give me a screan shot of .148 with any mention of 203 and ill shut up other wise u dont have any idea what ur talking about we are all speculating at this point dont knock it till u try it

Hang tight guys, we will see whats really up in a few days....I've been running .148 since it leaked and the only problem I've had is battery draining issues....if this is addressed when .203 drops, I'll be a happy camper. If not, this baby (storm) is goin to ebay...ABANDON SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

still no screan shot thats what i thought none of us work with rim what they are doing is light years ahead of what we have so chill out and wait n be happy u have a bb

Plz don't let the .203 be the leaked .148. All of these leaked OS suck a$$ on my Storm. I love my phone, but I am beginning to hate it at the same time.

I would love to be able to pick up my phone and place a call without seeing the "thinking clock." I am so very dissappointed in RIM for this soNOTfabfoolishness!

Dear Lord,

Please let the official OS be something new, exciting, and someting that actually works.

A Storm Owner

i have none of the problems every one else is having granted im on the att network with an unlocked storm but i would think it would be worse for me and still i dont have ANY of these isues look at what u yourself are doing maybe its not the phone its u
dont be mad ask for help LOL

sorry if this is a dumb Q, but what does that mean at the 1-2 30k ect....? and when i do an update will i lose all my apps?

When I was in my local Verizon store on Tuesday, a rep said they were trying to get one out by the end of the month and I was like ya, sure, heard that before. I even thought about mentioning it but was afraid I'd be burned at the stake for another Guess What My Local Rep Said post. OMG!! LET IT BE TRUE!!

ok so out of all releases, does anyone know how they come up with this number such as .203 and .148? i know this is a stupid question, but i just want to know?!!

I really want to see this happen. I am still on .75 and would love to upgrade for real. I am on a Mac, so its not easy doing the leaks. What are the odds this will REALLY happen May 31st??

everyone misses the news that VZW announces that they are picking up the Palm Pre and the Google Android phones...

Awesome...can't wait to install .148 legally and then trade it in for a new one because of all the issues my phone has with .148.

My fingers are crossed, Ive been holding out myself and have yet to install a leaked version...Maybe I shouldnt have...but with my luck! Come on May 31st!!!

From the home screen, holding the device portrait...
(This was posted in the forums a while back...)
Hold the escape key, and press the top left side of the screen then the top right, top left again, then top right...
The "Help Me!" screen shows up and it actually shows:
App Version

thats cool. i didn't know you could do that.

i was reading all of the comments and didn't know what to think about this release.

but now that i have seen this, i'm gonna have to agree with everyone who says this is still .148.

it's all good since .148 has been the best OS i have ran so far

For what it's worth. In the properties of the .exe file of .148 is this:


storm is getting traded in making my third one in a 6 month period.. then I guess We'll see what VZW has going for BB then.. hopefully tour.. or heck, i'll get an HTC, i dunno, just tired of having a phone I can't rely on and have to baby like the POS flip phone i deactivated with horrible battery life and constant battery pull to get my Voyager which royally upset me because it was the biggest piece of shit ever.. I just want a nice phone that makes people envious, and lets me use it like its supposed to be used.

Wow how fuckin shallow are you? You want a phone that will make other people envious??? Hey dummy its a phone... no one is going to be envious of it or you.

Go get a Tour or a HTC or even downgrade to an iphone but NO ONE will be jealous of your phone. This has got to be the most stupid thing I have ever read here.

there hasnt been an offical os relase, and you complain? either take the chance and download the unofficial relase or dont. then wait. if youre not happy, then switch carriers and get yourself and iphone. and, yeah, enjoy the service. verizon is rejecting the past os releases because they want the best for their customers. realize that or dont. but, stop your bitching. for the love of god !! id take my storm over any phone despite the glitches any day of the week, and i still have the origional os that was offically released. i have no problems. but, to nit pick??
if this actually happens, then great. if not. then fine. ill wait. i guess you wont. you'll just bitch. lets hope this happens, but, if it doesnt. its ok. i mean, is the storm that bad? NO. and, what it comes down to is the service. what better than vzw? att? sure. if youre living un-domestically!!
let verizon decide what is best for their customers ...

I find it pointless to speculate on release dates due to the fact it is off or in rare occasion right. We are becoming like news meteorologist with our predictions. So will this be released on May 31st just like Facebook app. 1.6 will be released on May 28th. Am I missing something or have we lost the concept of time?

Well... seeing is believing.
Let's see if VZW finally gets off it's high horse and makes this OS official.

dudes and dudettes, why are you still comparing the iPhone and the Storm to eachother?!?!?! if your gonna compare, keep it to yourself, nobody wants to hear what YOU think is good about the storm/iphone... people will keep or switch their phones based on THEIR satisfaction!

so just shut the hell up and if your gonna switch over to AT&T... ALOHA! see you later, you will not be missed with whatever post you have made that was most likely ranting on this board.

if you decide to stick with Verizon because of this, then that's your choice also!

but just PLEASE stop comparing the phones already, I think we've heard enough of you guys going back and forth and always most of the time end up with the outcome of going to the iphone "cause I wanted games, I wanna be able to look up craigslist on my phone, I wanna be able to play basketball by flicking my finger, I wanna be able to play with my puppy on my phone" BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!

honestly, I have an iTouch and I am satisfied with having 2 music players, 1 phone, and 1 1/2 multimedia devices. I bet more than half of the iPhone users forget about their app store after a few months also. face it, blackberry's appstore might not be as HUGE and a hit like iphone is.

but I know for sure that MY phone worked GREAT for me and I guess it didn't for you, tough luck, maybe your better off joining the rest of the bandwagon and getting your kiddy little iPhone. ENJOY!


and I am also looking forward to this release =P

I'm starting to hate being a STORM owner, all the whiners are giving me a bad reputation. I don't want to be THAT guy.

Stop f'ng whining already, suck it up, get the leaks or not, wait for official, I don't care, but quit whining.

Wow. You really think the whining is going to make RIM/VZW really want to help you out more?

I doubt it!

This is verizon we are talking about! Even IF the that picture with the specs on it is true, there have been so many false VZW updates that I don't even bother anticipating any of their updates anymore

It would be nice if this comes out soon, maybe some of the crying would lessen.

.148 seems like a pretty good OS so far, so I hope it is released so those who can't randomly swap OS's or are reluctant to use a leak can benefit from it.

I won't believe it until I see it. And for all the people who say it must be perfect if VZW is approving it, I wouldn't go that far. It might just be GOOD, which is 500 times better than the official .75 that's out now. Either way, it's nice to see that with all the news of the Storm2, they haven't completely abandoned the original. It will be nice to have an OFFICIAL OS that actually WORKS!

last week, two seperate people asked me about the Storm. both were interested in buying them.... strangely, as much as i love my phone- i recommended that they wait for the Tour or Storm2.

sometimes this freakin phone frustrates the hell outta me. all i want is a phone that i can use for the better part of the day without it slowing down, draining the battery and having to do a battery/quickpull.

lately, ive been checking craigslist for a used Curve to use until the OS issues get straightened out. im on .132- and while its an improvement- i still think this phone is sub-par. definitely NOT what i expected from Verizon/RIM

I'm done with the Storm. VZW pushed this out before it was done, spent 100 million advertising it, made a lot of money off this business model. They will do the same for the Storm 2. The Blackberry Storm is slow, buggy and frustrating to use. The Storm will probably always be that way. Obviously VZW is not supporting this phone. I'm dumping it as soon as possible.

If you look close it says May 29th. It's already released and I updated me and my wifes already through the desktop software. The 'poke' on May 31st is when it will show up as an icon on your device. Plug your phone into your computer and it will show up right now.

WOW...are my eyes deceiving me or did i just see that we may finally get an official update for our STORM???

please let this be true, please let this be

The Storm is nothing but a big black cloud - that's the only storm happening! Verizon doesn't take the phone seriously for its customers. It's a joke that it has taken this long for an update!!! New update or not - I am ready to jump ship and go to AT&T and get the best out there which is an iPhone! At least Apple updates its phone on a regular basis and it works much better than the Storm. I have been a Blackberry fan for years but I think it's finally time to move on!!!!!

To all the nay sayers.

Verizon was waiting to drop the "new and improved" update right before the pre launch.

Now its happening.


over the weekend, customers will be getting text messages from Verizon to upgrade their Storm OS. A very reliable source of mine just got off a conference call discussing this update.

I know we have all been waiting but by June 1st we all should be very proud Storm owners...

good things come to those that wait...6 months...hahah

If they do release .148 do you think there will be any modifications to the leak version that was posted a couple of weeks ago. I can only imagine these leaks are, well leaked for a reason. For us to test them and give feedback.
While I like the .148 version, it seems it could be better.

Supposed to be released 50 minutes ago, so since there appears to be nothing... I guess it's bogus again.... April Fools

I am trying to upgrade to the new OS but I keep getting the message....not enough available memory to store downloaded files. Delete 21 MB of personal data from device memory and then resume download.

What in the world does it want me to delete that I haven't already??? Forgive me BB guru(s) but I ride the short bus to "gadget" school...