Critical Update: Empower HTML Mail Viewer PRO v3.0.66

By James Falconer on 5 Feb 2008 01:02 am EST

Empower HTML Email Viewer PROFor those of you that use Empower HTML Mail Viewer PRO, a critical update has been released. The latest build is 3.0.66. This update fixes an issue in the previous version where users are receiving error messages notifying that registration has expired when that is not the case.

If you previously purchased Empower HTML Mailer Viewer PRO from our Software Store you will have received an email notifying you about the new update. Be sure to login to your software account and download the latest version.

If you're not familiar with this excellent HTML Email Viewing software application, I recommend you read a review of Empower HTML Mail Viewer Pro by Ryan Blundell that was posted here at CrackBerry last week.

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Critical Update: Empower HTML Mail Viewer PRO v3.0.66


hi i purchased the smart viewer whenthe promo was going on, I haven't recieved an email to upgrade, but I went to my account to do the upgrade but it says download version 2.3, the version i have.

how do i get the upgrade?

The one-day promo was for BBSmart Email Viewer. This update is for Empower HTML Viewer.

They are different applications. Don't worry, you're good to go with your copy of BBSmart Email Viewer.

no need to thank me on that one! James wrote this blog post.

We're expanding our writer base so you'll see more voices in the blogs. On a post like this with software updates, it won't always be "as the news breaks". We typically do the post once the updated software makes our Software Store. It's not always instant - the vendor might have the update on their site for a day or two before we get the update within our store. Sometimes it's quick. So on this post, James wrote it up once we had confirmed we had the update on our software store site.

big news posts i will typically cover, and try to get up as quick as humanly possible. but we are blogs..not a press agencies, so cut me some slack if it's not instant. if i'm lates on a post, it's likely because I'm glued to my CrackBerry. :-)

Honestly if you were that upset you would have posted a name! Try not biting the hand that feeds you. Crackberry is free lets remember that, and they do a wonderful job.