Software Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of Find My Berry!!!

Find My Berry!

* Winners Announcement: And the winners are... cnitzken, nimicus, GoCryWolfe, mprice, airshorty20, MetalGie, Maxberry, Chaz, maggie_may and summertyme98. Winners will be contacted by email on how to claim their free copy of Find My Berry. Thanks for participating!! **

It seems December at is give stuff away for free month! First the 12 Days of CrackBerry Giveaway launches, then we release the Holiday BlackBerry theme, and now we are giving you the chance to win one of ten copies of the new BlackBerry app, Find My Berry!

Published by Mobireport, the same company that released the popular Pimp My Pearl app that allows you to change up the color of the trackball LED on your 8100, Find My Berry is a simple but effective application that allows you to find your misplaced BlackBerry by shooting yourself a quick email.

Find My Berry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Dec 2007 05:21 pm EST

* Winners Announcement: And the winners are... cnitzken, nimicus, GoCryWolfe, mprice, airshorty20, MetalGie, Maxberry, Chaz, maggie_may and summertyme98. Winners will be contacted by email on how to claim their free copy of Find My Berry. Thanks for participating!! **

It seems December at is give stuff away for free month! First the 12 Days of CrackBerry Giveaway launches, then we release the Holiday BlackBerry theme, and now we are giving you the chance to win one of ten copies of the new BlackBerry app, Find My Berry!

Published by Mobireport, the same company that released the popular Pimp My Pearl app that allows you to change up the color of the trackball LED on your 8100, Find My Berry is a simple but effective application that allows you to find your misplaced BlackBerry by shooting yourself a quick email.

You'll REALLY appreciate this application if you are one of those people (and there are many of us these days) who have done away with their landlines and rely solely on their mobile device as a phone. Misplace your BlackBerry in your house and don't have another phone available to call it and listen for the ring? No worries! Or have your BlackBerry on silent mode where it won't make a peep even if you call it up? No worries again! Just run to your computer and send yourself an email.

By default, typing "findme" in the subject line will stir your misplaced BlackBerry into a frenzy as soon as the email is received - a unique tone sounds, the LED flashes Red & Blue and the screen goes on and off. Seriously - it causes the BlackBerry to have a serious fit...somebody will find the device. And in the case where you've really lost your BlackBerry and are hoping somebody/anybody picks it up, upon being found it will display the contents of the email you sent, thus allowing you to send retrieval instructions to the finder (like return my BlackBerry to this address for a big cash reward!). And though not marketed as such, it's a lot of fun too! I sent myself about 15 emails yesterday with the words findme in the subject line just to see my Curve dance into action! For more information on Find My Berry, click here.

Win a Copy of Find My Berry! 

Mobireport has given 10 Copies of Find My Berry to give away to our loyal readers. Want to win one? Simply be logged into the site, and Leave a Comment to this post telling us either:
a) a situation where Find My Berry would have helped you in the past or
b) what you would do/how you would feel if you lost your BlackBerry?

Winners will be picked/announced Monday morning, so get your comments in now!!

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Software Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of Find My Berry!!!


I lost my BlackBerry recently and spent a good 15 mins trying to find it before I remembered that I put it in the center console of my car! It would've been nice to email myself from my husbands phone to find it! It also would've spared me not only the grief of losing it, but the panic too!

Just today, I got home from campus, BlackBerry in hand. I went to put a can of soda in the refrigerator, then proceeded to check my e-mail at my desk. 20 minutes had passed before I realized that I didn't have my BB. I ran around the house frantically looking for it, my little puppy in tow.

Ten minutes later, I opened the fridge, and voila! There was my Pearl...sitting next to my can of Diet Coke. Thankfully, "Bogart" still works. I may have to get him a new skin to make up for my 30 minutes of abuse.

The previous comment was from me! I apparently had gotten logged out somehow before leaving it. Thank God I checked back today! Does it still count?

I lost my BB about 3 month ago and almost lost my mind. Luckily someone found it the next day and actually answered it when I called. I was able to make the exchange for a cash reward and Im back in business. That was close...

Point One: Bad news: two weeks ago I lost my 8700, never did find it.

Point Two: Good News: Went down and bought a new Curve.

Point Three: If I had Findit, I might never have had to deal with Point One but I do love the Curve :-)

BTW: Tried the demo. If a BB has the keyboard lock on, findit makes lots 'o noise, but no message (keyboard/display locked) and you can't turn the noise off nor view the message until the lock passwd is entered. Hummmmm ......

This would have been helpful when my niece got a hold of my sister-in-laws BB, she got the BB to fit nicely inside Barbies convertible beetle. We must have looked for days never thinking to check the toybox.

I BB is glued to me hip, but if I were to lose it I would hope I had Find My Berry. If not I'd probably assume the fetal position and rock myself back and forth until I was calm enough to search for it.

I lost my blackberry for three days while i was on a ski trip. Turns out i left it in one of my sweatpants that i was wearing under my ski stuff.

I don't know what I would do if I were to lost my Blackberry. Just the other day, I lost all my emails, messages from the time I got this phone. I went into this panic mode, where I looked like a chicken with its head cut off. I would definitely turn my house/office upside down just looking for it. My blackberry is everything I need/have. I think Find My Berry would be very helpful for those who leave their phones laying around everywhere and forget it. I would certainly use the feature just to make sure its near by.

Seriously--I just bought a throwaway phone last Friday so that I could call my BB when I misplaced it. If I'd just waited......

Losing any phone is bad but if I lost my BB my world would come crashing down. Since getting this wonderful phone my work flow has increased and the time spent at the desk has gone down. This app sounds like something that all BB users would want.

would have helped me about two weeks ago when my wife and I were at my mother-in-law's house. My mother-in-law noticed my BB on the counter near the kitchen sink, so she "put it someplace safe" so that it wouldn't get damaged. Turns out, she forgot where she put it. I had it on the "vibrate" profile, so calling it did no good. I was about to rampage her house, but my wife managed to keep me calm and we eventually found it. Having a program like this would have made things much easier.

My blackberry has everything: calendar, texting, etc. I just need it. Period! I depend so heavily for my blackberry, I even do it for TV shows, when to leave the house to go on a date, etc. I just need my blackberry. More specifically, I need to know where it is. There was this one time (I remember it too well), I needed to get to work in 15 minutes (and i lived 30 minutes away), and I just could not at all find my phone. I didnt know where to look anymore! I ended up having someone call it until I found it. It was on vibrate and took a while to hear. I had to go to an area and listen really really closely... Luckily, my boss wasn't too mad and understood.

I shudder at the thought. I'm a new BB owner and in a couple of short weeks have grown so dependent on it, just the thought of losing it made me finally break down and make a post. I may have nightmares tonight caused by dwelling on the mere idea.

Well, I've never lost a phone to not be found before, but I have misplaced it or had it fall some place only to find it later. I've been lucky. All the phone numbers to my family and friends I've acquired from my years in college at UNC Chapel Hill are stored on my phone. I gave up writing things in a "little black book" long ago. I just type them into a little BlackBerry now. :) If I lost my phone I don't know what I would do. Make new friends? Find a new family? These are things I do not want to think of.. So as you see, if I lost my Blackberry I'd have to start my whole personal and related by blood life over with replacement people! NOESSS! Also, I would never know when the train into NYC from NJ was experiencing problems when I was waking up going to work, I wouldn't know if where I parked my car to catch the train was going to experience biblical flooding and I'd lose yet have another car declared a total loss because it flooded while at work, and... Movies!! How would I know what time a movie was playing without being able to check my BB!? So yeah. I'll stop typing now.. Life without my BB would be VERY depressing.. :(

my girlfriend loves to be clean which means she puts things away where "they should be" but sometimes she forgets where "they should be" is so I can't find things. She did that with my phone. she put it somewhere safe and forgot it. I looked for hours it made me so mad and fustrated! and having this would have been great! finally it was in a box in a drawer full of other electronic stuff. god i love this girl...

i lost it in my girlfriend A car seat as i dropped her off, did not realize until girlfriend B called it later that night... now no girlfrind A or B.

point of this story don't take your phone with you on a date!!

I have small children and I am always trying to find new "hiding" places for my BB to keep it safe from them. I frequently find great new places to put it out of their reach only to forget where that great place is. Ugh!! This app is great for people like me who use their BB for everything (including their memory)

Wait, there's life without Blackberry? I think I would probably sleep forever since my blackberry is my alarm clock, but if I managed to wake up I'd probably do nothing since it's also my planner. If I managed to do something, I wouldn't know when to do it, since it's also my watch. I couldn't let anyone know I was going to be late, because I would be completely unable to communicate. All my emails would pile up and crash servers, ruin IT people's days, and cost time and money. I'd probably fail out of college cause I wouldn't be able to contact professors, get emails with any timeliness, or know when class is. In essence, my life would come crashing down around me. The thing about Crackberry is not only is it addicting, it consumes your whole life, and when you don't have that's dangerous.

If I lost my blackberry I would undoubtedly cry. Then I would probably curse numerous times and suffer massive blackberry withdrawals, as well as drain the rest of my bank account buying a new one (I'm a college student you know!)

I discontinued home phone service 2 years ago. If I couldn't find my BB i'd be totally stranded. Losing it is not an option. I don't even have insurance on it right now either, and couldn't afford to replace it (with another BB anyway).

Part of the reason i now wear a holster is to keep track of my Pearl. Since i have gotten it, every one wants to touch/roll-the-track ball/play with the little bugger. A few times, showing people the berry, i foolishly let them actually touch it. It seems when this happens, people's first instinct is to disappear with it to parts unknown at my school or worse yet, show other people like it's theirs and let other people try it out. I have yet to find away to permenatly attach it to my hip via chain or some sort of bluetooth leash but the findme berry program would have been very handy in finding out where the devil it runs off to with other people.


If I lost my BB, not only would I be lost, but my wife would go nuts not being able to play Brickbreaker every night!

This software would have definitely been a great help to me last year. I was on a vacation and misplaced my phone. Needless to say the phone was on vibrate, and I had no idea how to find it. I still don't know whether I'd lost it somewhere in the hotel or in public. Although I did have insurance on the phone and was able to get a replacement phone after paying the 50 dollar deductible, it wasn't until i returned back home - there was no good way of me having to send the phone to the hotel, as i was visiting multiple locations during my trip... So.. this was a very aggravating trip as you could imagine - no phone for 5 days!!!

I have only had my Berry two weeks and every time I need it I have to go looking in my Kids room. Each one get it and plays the few games I have and the internet.

I have actually had to go to work with out it and look for it when I come home. would love to know where it is before I go to work if I cant find it.

I almost won $500 in a drawing, but I had misplaced my crackberry and it was on vibrate. I tried finding it for two hours beforehand, to no avail!

You didn't have to be at the location of the drawing to win, but you had to be available at the time of the phone call or they drew again. I missed the call!!!!!

Gah =(

i would love to win, i'm a newbie here, i bought my BB 1 week ago and i fall in love with it, the best smart phone :),

i almost thought that i lost my BB and i was searching like hell for it and after 3 hrs searching everywhere for it and find out that my BB fall down behind the couch while i'm setting there, thank god i didn't lost cuz it's gona be disaster for me cuz i can't live with out anymore.

cheers :)

What would I do if I lost my Berry? Well, I would rip every shred of my house apart until I found it. If I didn't find it, I would look in the car and tear it apart. Then, think everywhere I've been for the last 24 hours and retrace my steps, tearing everything apart on the way. Then if that all didn't work, I would take out a 2nd mortgage on my house to buy 100 Blackberrys and lock them up in a safety deposit box at the bank, so if I ever went through the tremendous pain and torture again, I would always know where to find a backup.

Please "Find My Berry", help save me from the potential horrors and torture I would have to endure if I lost the most important part of me... my Blackberry

A real crackberry lover never loses their BB,cause it's always attached in some way shape or form lol.

A real crackberry lover never thinks about losing their BB
and finally a real crackberry lover has a backup of their device information and a back up device as well :P

However, my girlfriend could use a copy of this as just the other day we spent an hour looking for her berry only to find out our lazy dog was laying on it the whole time.

If I lost my BlackBerry, I'd probably attempt looking for it, followed by calling it repeatedly, followed by crying while filling out insurance paperwork and handing over 50 bucks for the deductable to get a new Pearl.

If I ever lost my blackberry, I'd call in an insurance claim. While I waited those long 2-3 business days, panicking about loosing my job over poor organization skills I've been able to compensate for through the convenienc of my little friend, I would beg to just overnight me a fricken loaner until my replacement arrives. Don't make me get crazy dude. It's in the best interest of all of society to just let me have that "find my blackberry" software before any bloodshed.

To answer question a).

I certainly could have used the 'Find My Berry' software last week when, at some point during tobogganing with the kids, my beloved red Pearl must've leaped from my inside pocket into the snowy hillside.

I was cold, on my hands & knees for ages &.... looked like a prize idiot for the best part of an hour! I eventually found my baby by dumb luck but luck isn't enough is it!?

This is why I need the software... please sign me up!

b) what you would do/how you would feel if you lost your BlackBerry?

I would be not unlike Tyrone Biggums without his peanut butter and crack sandwich. I'm talking about some serious withdrawals. Just the thought of going back to the Samsung Sync makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

b) what you would do/how you would feel if you lost your BlackBerry?

Without my BB by my side, it feels like I'm missing a part of my life... Just an experience from yesterday, i left home and forgot my BB... Thought i lost it in the office or dropped it somewhere, good thing my wife called and she said i left it back home (sigh...)... Then what i did, i asked my boss that i'm gonna leave for a while w/o even knowing that i actually went back home just to get my BB... Crazy you think but can't blame a man who's BB is important to him!

i am a dealer of rogers, so i get a lot of important informations on. So i will be sad too lost all my client informations. i get the 8310 with gps and now i no longer search for place to go or adress of my client this apps will be good for me

first of all, i didnt go farest than 1 meter from my bb, a crackberry cannot pass more than 5 min without ( maybe in shower or bed!!!) but in other sirtuation my bb is near.
But i am a rogers dealer and get a lot of informations on my blackberry so if a day, i loose him i will cry like a baby and be ready to offer more than 1000$ for him.

I travel to several locations each and every day, and often set my BlackBerry around when busy. The most important thing I want it for is to keep up with it at home. Even though my 8 year old daughter has the home phone she can txt her friends with she keeps taking my 8300 to use because it is easier to use. It would be nice to have this app to simply give her a jolt when I need my phone back...Should scare her pretty good.

I am a T-mobile dealer, and I would pretty much be dumbfounded without my 8320. It has all of my work email, along with my school email, along with all of my contacts. Granted, my contacts are all backed up, but I would almost feel as if I lost an appendage. Having the 8320 on my hip, keeps me in touch with the people that matter most, both jobs, as well as friends and family. As for what I would do, I would probably spend the 360 dollars and buy another one, thats what credit cards are for!!!) But the lost feeling would pit my stomach for a little bit of time, atleast the 2 weeks or more until I get my replacement! My 8320 completes me!

I know this would've been helpful last winter when i fell on the snow just outside my house and misplaced my phone, didt know if i lost in my house or outside, looked everywhere, went outside and out of anger kicked the snow, with it, my blackberry.

First off, as many of you who deal with Verizon know, things are not always as simple as they would seem to be. Getting my new Blackberry Pearl from Verizon was quite a hassle (for reasons I still cannot understand) and after having to deal with all of that nonsense, and then going ahead and losing my new Blackberry? Haha, I'd rather not.

As for a situation I could have used the 'Find My Berry' application, is a funny story actually (Well, I think so at least). The day I get the Pearl, naturally I head over to my brothers house to show its superiority over his Treo. After some time of comparing devices, we decide to go get a pizza and watch the football game. Since, Verizon disabled GPS :(, I couldn't use it to find the closest pizza place, so we used his TomTom, leaving my phone at his house (Dumb). When we get back to his house, we notice that things are not how they were when we left, the TV was off, and some things seemed misplaced, including my new pearl that was nowhere to be found. I ended up tearing apart his living room looking for it, until his girlfriend came home and said she took his laundry to the drycleaners and noticed she saw my new phone in plain view of the window in the front, so she moved it to the kitchen for safety. Needless to say, I felt foolish and could have saved a lot of time if I had this application, as well as not missing any of the game haha. Chances of something like that happening again? - Slim. But, better be safe than sorry!

Let me start off by saying I lose everything!!!! Keys, money/credit card!!, socks, remotes, and unfortunately my berry. My grandmother, trying to help me out b/c she knows how paranoid and frantic I get when I lose my BB, tells me to picture whatever I lay my Berry on blowing up. To my surprise... this actually worked! (for a little while). I've pictured my kitchen table, computer desk, coffee table, bed, car seat, arm of the couch, window sill, side of the bathtub (I am totally addicted)... all exploding into a fiery blaze. So now that I've pictured everything blowing up... I'm back to square one.. and can't remember where I lay it. I can live with my car keys, and even my credit cards(you don't know how hard it is to say that).... but I can not live without my blackberry. I would definitely be grateful for a copy of FIND MY BERRY!!!!

Also, my evil co-workers like to play jokes and hide my berry just to see me freak out! I'd love to put them in their place and email/find my berry without pleading with them... haha


I usually have my BlackBerry next to me at all times.. even sleep with it next to my bed... but I will admit that I did drop it in my car once. How, I'm not sure.. but it happened to fall under the seat so I spent an entire day searching all over the house, having coworkers look all around the office and going nuts.
Luckily when my wife came home I used HER Blackberry to call my own. One BB saves another... it's a beautiful thing.

I've been scared to even put my BB on vibrate for fear of not being able to hear it in this type of situation.

Once you HAVE a BB... misplacing it is like when the power goes out and you realize since you can't watch TV, listen to the radio, turn on the lights.. you just feel LOST.

Well this is the story of my brother losing his phone, but its something I would never want to deal with if it were my curve.
Being huge Georgia Bulldog fans we both went down to the Georgia vs. Florida game in Jacksonville, Fl a few months ago. We originally thought we were going to have tickets to the game but it didn't work out so we sat outside the stadium and watched the game on the bigscreen. When the game ended (and the bulldogs won!) we all walked back to the car and my brother tells us that he didn't have his phone with him. I quickly called it and spoke with a woman that found it, where it had apparently fallen out of his pocket, and agreed to send it back to him. His phone's battery was about to die so she gave me her number so that he could call and give her the details when she could better hear him. I wrote the number down on a napkin and gave it to him, but the next day the napkin was nowhere to be found. He was never able to get in touch with her to retrieve his old phone, but luckily he was able to get a replacement from the insurance through t-mobile (he has a t-mobile dash, this is not the case with BB's). All-in-all, he only lost the microSD card that was in the phone and some contacts, but nothing irreplaceable. This made me really think about losing my curve, and I realized that I have WAY too much information stored in my phone that could not be replaced. I think that this program could help prevent such a disaster from happening because I could have simply sent her the email from my brother's phone right then and there with all the information she needed.

My Blackberry is my swiss army knife, my trusty sidekick, my own personal Jack Bauer. Without him (animistic, I know), I don't know where I am, where to go, what to do, or even who to call (wouldn't be able to call the Ghostbusters, as even their number is stored in my BB).

Just the prospect of losing my BB causes me to shudder uncontrollably, so I try not to think about it. At least not too much, anyway. Are there opportunities for me to lose him? Absolutely. I'm a college administrator with a packed schedule, surrounded by students every day, working in a dorm room converted into an office on the first floor of a busy residence hall. I have a three-year old daughter who is at a developmental stage where she likes to hide either herself or things that don't belong to her. She's gotten pretty good at it, too, and even better at forgetting where she's put them afterwards (she's trademarked the phrase, "I don't know"). Just the other day I found a portion of an uneaten sandwich hidden in a floor heating vent. It was hard as a rock. She loves hiding cell phones, Palm pilots (In BB times-"before blackberry"-, I was a Tungsten E user) and remote controls, causing me and my wife to aimlessly search room after room, like zombies, muttering nonsensically to ourselves about how we've developed early-onset Alheizmer's.

I have a dog and a cat who love consuming things dogs and cats really shouldn't (don't get me started), yet consume them anyway. It was amusing the first couple of times it happened, but there's nothing amusing about a beagle crouched down trying to pass a baby wipe while you're standing outside in December. In -15 degree weather. In Minnesota.

I'm shuddering again. Time to go.

Wow! I could definitely use this software. Since I first got my BlackBerry 7130e, I've been completely addicted and love everything about it. The BlackBerry culture and community, where people can connect with others and share ideas and their love for their 'Berry.

I now almost have my entire digital life in my 'Berry, except as a MP3 or Camera since I really need to upgrade, but I'm holding out for the 9000 series! If I lost my 'Berry, it would be devastating to say the least. It be like my best friend just died at my mother's funeral on the day on the anniversary of my child's death. Get my meaning? It would be like apart of me is going, and quite literally since it's always on my hip. :-)

I'd be heartbroken and lost without it, as my entire schedule is on there, my important emails, and other stuff. I hope I win this software because I would definitely give me a sense of security knowing that I now would have a resource of finding it, and prevent my nervous breakdown. :-)

I would be in a lot of panic considering I use my phone to monitor my network from home and it's my only phone that I have at home. I would be looking around my house like a mad man trying to find my berry. This software would be great to have in such an event!

I'd feel like I was out a couple of hundred buck, plus all the info., music and pics stored on the thing!

Easy, i would feel ill and probably throw up on myself. I probably wouldn't see a blackberry for a while since my wife would get me the biggest non-blackberry phone there is, i'm guessing a bag phone.

I work as a sound mixer on a film set and one winter night on the way to dinner in some god forsaken abandoned building my Curve must have fallen out of my holster. When I realized I didn't have it on me I panicked. And, of course, it was on vibrate since there's nothing worse than a take being ruined by a ringing phone, especially the soundman's - that's punishable by death by embarrassment. Well, I had half the crew scouring the grounds in staggered lines tring to find it before we could continue filming. It was upside down on a grassy hill. All I thought was: my life, my life is in there. Find My Berry would have given me back the couple of years I lost that night.

It's my only phone, and my primaly line of communication to my girlfriend and family during my busy work days.

"a) a situation where Find My Berry would have helped you in the past..."

usually i put the BB in the exact same spot each night, but one morning i went to fetch it and it was gone...i started to freak out, but then tried to calm down and retrace my steps from the night before. remembered that i had been using it on the couch before i fell asleep. went to the couch, but no BB. called the BB but it was in vibrate so that didn't help too much. removed all cushions, pillows, blankets, etc to no avail. began tearing apart the house to find it, while constantly calling the BB in the hopes that i'd magically hear the vibration or see something move. after 3 hours i pretty much gave up and was going to call the IT dept to see what to do. then i noticed my jeans crumpled in a pile on the floor. yeah, the BB was in my jeans pocket. stupid me...but Find My Berry would've saved me the stress, the worry, and the 3 hours' worth of time.

What would I do/How would I feel, if I every lost my BlackBerry? I can only answer this question by making up a poem!!

"Help me please," I wailed one night
While searching for my phone,
The BlackBerry Fairy then appeared
And asked, "Why do you moan?"
"My appointments, tasks, and numbers, too,
Are gone, all gone away!
I cannot function on my own,
Not for one single day!"
"Oh, silly girl!" I heard her sneer,
As she shook her wise, old head
"If you'd only purchased 'Find My Berry,'
You'd be making calls instead!"


A. I am a valet and bellmen part-time atop my day job, and you won't believe how many of us lose our cell-phones. Most of the time, they are in our pants pockets and on vibrate so we can feel them when they ring. And with dress pants, they do on occasion slide out the pocket while parking a car or getting out of one. Then hours later, you go to look to see if you have any texts or voicemail, and your pocket is empty, and you have NO idea which car it is in.

This happened to me once. Thankfully, it was on the floorboard by the gas pedal, and when the customer got home, he called the hotel. Fortunately, I was lucky that i didnt slide between the seats or under them, and they prolly would have never seen it.

B. I do not own a watch and, with working two jobs back to back, am gone from 7:30am til 11pm at night most days and have no access to computers or personal email. If I lost my pearl, I'd have no idea what time it is (conveinently, that is). Also, I use Opera's IMDB search feature a LOT. It's super easy to search on IMDB when you dont have to navigate to the site itself. If I lost this phone, I'd be in utter despair!

I have one word... "DUDE"... thats not even funny. If i lost my berry (god forbid), i would fee utterly and completely naked. As if my clothes and pride were stripped right off of me... Life without my berry is like a bird without wings, Jordan without a basketball, baseball without steroids...get the picture? ;-)

I often send myself emails of papers that I write for classes also important notes and other things of this nature. Well anyway I had a copy of an review sheet from my poly/sci class saved in my inbox that I could have used to cheat on my final. But of course not my phone had been lost in my bedsheets and I was running late so I didnt even have time to spend digging through my entire room and retrace all my steps so I went without my blackberry. That could have been the difference between my C and the A I could have had.

Wow...never really thought what I would do if I lost my berry. I really have no idea until then...but I can tell you that will not be a good time to be around me. My berry get more love than my g/f. The first thing I look at when I wake up before even telling my girl morning, and the last thing I touch/look at after kissing my girl good night. Between morning and night...its all bout my BBerry.

Please give me a copy of this. I misplace my Blackberry Curve at least 5 times a day. I am old, but I love my blackberry... Thanks in advance.. Cyndi

Ok, first of all when you lose your crackberry it honestly feels like a drug addict has misplaced their crack! And this has happened many many, times for me (losing the phone)!

You try to remain calm in the begining, you begin to search the "usual spots".... You search them all, you run out.. uh oh.. So what do you do now?

Now you begin to sweat a little, honestly! your heart rate kicks up a few notches and energy from within that you never thought you had emerges, you start tearing off the couch cushions, shove your hand deeper in all the crevaces. For some reason you think it helps to look in the same places again (Like you really "missed" it!).

Nightmarish images flash and race through your head, you begin seeing horrible things in your head that could have happened to your crackberry, its almost as if you have begun hallucinating.

You become frantic you re-check places you just checked again, randomly. You check places you weren't even close to in the first place.... you begin to try to "wish" it up, you have begun to lose all reality now. You think back much further at every thing you have done with the crackberry, trying to come up with the "separation point" --you can't think of it!

Then in a last ditch effort, you check the car.. even though you haven't used it in a while. Preliminary inspection yields nothing! You return to the house. Now what? For some reason you naturally enter the fetal position in the corner and begin rocking, repeating that old phrase to yourself, you used to be told as a sort of sense of security: "It will turn up."

Later in the evening you must go to the store to get a few things. You wonder how you are going to make it the 5-blocks without Google Maps being at your finger tips! What if your car breaks down on the way, how can you call anyone!? These are all very scary thoughts.

After leaving the car I happen to look down at the seat where it meets the floor and could have swore I saw that unmistakable rounded edge of my curve peaking out. That was it!!!

I remember now! I did go out to the car this morning to get my hat, it must have slipped out.

This is a TRUE STORY. Similar things to this happen all the time, and I do only have this as my primarary line NO LANDLINES! This will greatly help so that I can quickly rule-out where it isn't, and I would have found it the first time looking in the car.

If I don't get this I don't know what else to do but rig a chain to my crackberry and lock it to my wrist.

Merry Christmas everyone! And keep in close proximity of your crackberry, the separation anxiety and withdrawels can be brutal.


I have this awful habit of losing my BB in my own apartment, so this app would definitely come in handy.

Trying to leave home and realizing I don't have my BB throws me into panic mode, as I start retracing my steps frantically. How great it will be to just send an e-mail and have my BB go berserk along with me, and bring about a much quicker reunion!

sometimes my husband borrowed my phone (until i got him one) it would have been funny to play a trick on him by making it go crazy. lol just thinking about it.

If I lost my curve 8310 is there software that can through email activate the GPS antenna and reply to my email with the GEO coordinates?


Well, i was running real late for work and forgetting things left and right. Well I was trying to find my BB with no luck. I said screw it, I will go a day without it. Well sure enough, in the midst of the craziest morning ever, my dog grabbed my phone and chewed it to pieces. So I had to buy a whole new BB and holster for it. Needless to say I was in the "Doghouse" with the wife.

Well, i was running real late for work and forgetting things left and right. Well I was trying to find my BB with no luck. I said screw it, I will go a day without it. Well sure enough, in the midst of the craziest morning ever, my dog grabbed my phone and chewed it to pieces. So I had to buy a whole new BB and holster for it. Needless to say I was in the "Doghouse" with the wife.

A) Find my Berry would have helpd me a couple weeks ago. I left my phone at my friends house (which happens often) but no one was able to find it. My phone was on silent because I was at a meeting previously. I turned my entire house, car, and room around just looking for it. I even searched my girlfriend's all my friends cars and apartments to see where it was. Finally I found it under my friend's couch. I ripped half my hair out of my head during this prolonged process.

B) I would lose my mind entirely without my Blackberry. All my office and school documents are in it. My entire life resides in my Blackberry and without it I won't be able to live!

I lost my blackberry last night and remembered about the Berry Locator after 4 hours of searching for it.... after emailing myself, my neighbor called me to tell me she had my phone... thank you! My emails, contacts, pictures, ringtones, etc was saved!

Friday night four of my friends and I decided to check out this new lounge one of my friends was promoting. So we GPS'd the address and drove 20miles into the city and spent a ton of money for a table which was horrid, a few drinks later everyone was ready to leave. As we're walking out I reach into my pocket and realize my phone is missing, I freak out and run back into the lounge. After giving everyone the third degree, searching everywhere imaginable and paying a bouncer cash to let me into the DJ booth to make an announcement, “100 dollar cash for finding a red blackberry pearl and turning it into the dj booth upstairs” no one turned it in and I felt absolutely helpless. The next day I told a Sprint representative my sad story and all they could do was deduct 50 dollars from the sale price of a Curve 8330 or charge me the standard 50 dollar insurance rate for a replacement. I opted to upgrade and spent the 500 + dollars on a new blackberry curve 8330.