SocialScope Amps Up The Twitter Game

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2009 01:06 pm EST

While traveling for CES last week I was in pursuit of another Twitter application to use so I could update my own feed via TwitterBerry as well as the CrackBerry feed from one device. On Friday I finally received an invite to Socialscope the newest player in the Twitter game (keep reading after the jump - we have 200 free invites to give away!).  For the longest time I had been a big TwitterBerry fan, since it was the only app that came close to how a "true" Twitter application should look and function.  Yet from the minute I opened SocialScope, I was instantly drawn in.

The interface is clean and smooth. It is still only in Alpha, but already shows a ton of potential. SocialScope integrates your standard Twitter feed as well as Facebook status updates which is really cool. When you start up the application after registering, you are taken straight to your friend feed. The screen layout is plain and simple. Your friends timeline is shown including their avatars, tweet and post time. The feed is split up by day much as the standard BlackBerry message list is. The cool thing here is that instead of the "10 minutes ago from web" time stamp, the actual time the user posted is listed which I personally think is a better way to go. The other thing to note is that your friends show with their real name instead of their Twitter name (so my name would show as Adam instead of azeis).  Also a cool feature, but the option to choose which name to display may be a nice addition. The tabs on the top of the screen give you quick access to your Twitter feed, Facebook, replies, direct messages or your SocialScope which includes everything.  Clicking into an individual tweet gives you a number of options like reply and favorite.  You also have the option to add the user to your address book, which will add a URL with the users feed in your contact list. The More From Sender option opens a tab dedicated to that particular user which is a unique feature.  This is useful if you have a large number of friends, and want to be able to quickly view posts from certain users. 

Some features could be tweaked in my opinion, like the image cache for avatars and how the app recalls new messages. The avatars don't get cached as normal on your device which uses less space and makes the application quicker, but it seems that most times when starting SocialScope the images load fresh again and sometimes take a bit to appear. Also, having a "Mark As Read" like the standard message list would be helpful, since it seems like lots of times when starting the application fresh you have to scroll through a number of messages to get the icon to return to the read state.  

Updates are rolling out every few days with new features and it seems like the folks at SocialScope really look into user feedback. Notifications are on the way soon (as of now only the icon changes).  Overall I feel that SocialScope is a force to be reckoned with in the Twitter application race (however small it may be). Now that we've got Kevin (@crackberrykevin) addicted to Twitter maybe the race will heat up. We know Twitter functionality is coming to Viigo soon too. It's good to see new apps like this come down the line as it keeps things fresh and competitive.  






Get Your SocialScope Invite... HURRY!!! has received 200 Socialscope Alpha invites that will surely be gone fast.  Click the link below to sign up and download Socialscope Alpha now!

If you missed out on the 200 invites you can follow @socialscope on Twitter and send them a Direct Message to try and receive an invite. 

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Reader comments

SocialScope Amps Up The Twitter Game


I am liking SS so far. I use it for FB and @rrrebo, and I use Twitterberry for @MaxRebo. I'd like to see SS add support for multiple Twitter accounts. It already has multiple tabs, why not a second account shell? Good to know alerts are in the works.

I received an email telling me I was in a few days ago and still nothing. I signed up again using this invite and same result. GAH.

I got an invite about a week ago - :P

I have noticed since I installed it my batter goes down much faster then it used to.

It's a great app though.

Though its not actually compatible with the STORM (which they mentioned before downloading that it wasn't) Once you disable compatibility mode it works well.... Thanks again!

Been using this since alpha invites opened on berryreview. Excellent program and does not use too much recources! Tested on BB vzw curve with

I got an invite off the link above and still haven't received the email with the download link. :( I DMed socialscope on Twitter about it as they requested and still haven't gotten anything yet. *sigh*

Just wanted to give you a quick update - we've gone through our quota for the day...but were adding more capacity tonight. We'll get to everyone that signs up asap.


I signed up the other day for this. This program is pretty sweet, except I had to re download everything and now I can't see my facebook on there

Got the invite, thank you! I've been using it for the last couple of hours for both Twitter and Facebook. No problems and looking good so far.

This is going to be great.... I already put in my request. Anything where you can have more than one social app is great. They use to have something like that for AOL/Yahoo/Messenger... Now it's all about Facebook/Myspace/Twitter, so this will be great as I use them all....

Wish I had this app to try, it's one app that I've actually been waiting but I guess I have to be more patient and be jealous of everyone else who has it! :(

Got an invite a few days ago. Between Facebook & Twitter, hopefully, I can use only one app instead of two.

Was looking for a single app to manage both status updates .... all we need now is to be able to comment on Facebook updates and we'd be MONEY!!!

Somehow i got the initial email, then the follow up but when i try to register it I get a message saying "unauthorized".
I used the proper 'invite code' sent on the second email but still no luck. Filled everything else (new login, password, name, phone etc..)

I am running on STORM with compatibility mode disabled and I get the following error:

Error:Internal Server Error - C (1)

Is this on my end or SS's?