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BlackBerry Apps of the week

Check out these new apps for your BlackBerry

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Social sharing app QuickPost gets an update

Social sharing app QuickPost gets an update
By DJ Reyes on 31 Oct 2013 02:14 pm EDT

One of my favorite apps on BlackBerry 10 just received an update. Until QuickPost landed on BlackBerry 10, I was actually using Buffer to post to all the social media accounts I have. However, Buffer is an Android port so I wasn't able to make use of the Share option via the browser.  So, I was definitely glad to see an app like QuickPost come in all its native glory.

This latest QuickPost update brings it to version With it comes lots of new features and a couple of new UI tweaks. What I love about QuickPost is that it integrates with the accounts you use on your BlackBerry 10 device. There is no set up required. And you can also post to BBM Channels.

What's new in QuickPost?

New Features

  • BlackBerry Z30 support!
  • Improved Quick Attach!  Upload photos and messages with Quick Copy!
  • Quick Switch!  Easily toggle between Quick Post and Quick Attach!
  • Quick-er Post! Skip the home screen, and begin a new post when opening or returning to QuickPost.
  • Auto Minimize!  After posting, QuickPost helps to keep you moving by automatically minimizing itself.
  • Touch Anywhere! Touch anywhere returns, allowing you to touch anywhere on the home screen to begin a new post.
  • Settings!  Many new settings have been added!


  • Quick-er Post toggle
  • Auto Minimize toggle
  • Touch Anywhere toggle
  • Enable BBM Channels: Toggle BBM Channels on/off.
  • Support QuickPost: If there is room, add #QuickPost to tweets.


  • Performance enhancements throughout, meaning less waiting and more posting.
  • Improved application menu with easy access to review QuickPost.
  • The Cancel and Post buttons have changed to fancy new icons!
  • Quick Attach image preview is now rotated correctly.
  • Quick Copy allows you to type your image caption once and paste it as you share!

If you haven't tried out QuickPost yet. It basically allows you to post to the multiple social media sites in one go. It certainly makes it a lot easier for me to share things to the various social sites I have accounts with. You can check out our hands on demo of an earlier version. The update is free for anyone who has already purchased the app. If you haven't yet got QuickPost, it will cost you $0.99 and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

Learn more / Download QuickPost from BlackBerry World



#superf!rst (constructive!) (superconstructive!)


Great application. Now if G+ could be added.


I use it daily and it's a great app.

BBM rocks, WhatsApp sucks!


My problem is. It doesn't change my BBM profile picture

From Zuri my Z10.

DJ Reyes

It's not meant to. It's for status updates.

Posted via CB10


Your review said the price was $.75, I followed the link to download the app and it said $.99.....who adjusts priced that quick

Posted via CB10

DJ Reyes

Apologies, $0.99 is the correct price. I was thinking of the UK price at the time.

Posted via CB10


Thanks for the honesty... I guess I

Posted via CB10


Can afford it

Posted via CB10


Wish we could post pictures to Linkedin. Otherwise, great application.


Sweet app. Just added it.

I've used it twice already.

Typed on and then corrected by my Z10. Pin:2B30530D


Regretting my Polarbear purchase. Polarbear needs to add photo support as soon as possible .

Posted via CB10


Yea! i bought polar bear as well and hoping for photo support and nothing. I even emailed the developer and got no reply. thats not cool!

Elmer Loyz

Thanks ku

Posted via CB10


+1 to polarbear buyers remorse. its just sitting there noting being any useful as QP handles photos


I just received an email from Polar Bear and they said "it's not possible to do photo sharing now but they will consider it in a future update". I now I wish I would have purchased Quick Post 1st. I don't want to have 2 social sharing apps.

Posted via CB10


Does this support Fan or Business pages on Facebook?

Posted via CB10


Still no Facebook pages support?

Posted via CB10