Social footy app Soccer Ticker headed to BlackBerry 10

By Simon Sage on 4 Dec 2012 10:31 am EST

The winner of the JamHack 2012 competition was Soccer Ticker. It's a social football-watching app for BlackBerry 10, complete with hand-curated live score updates, chat rooms for mid-game banter, team stats, voting on outcomes, betting odds, match schedules, and lots more. Each event in a match has its own entry which can be liked, disliked, commented on or shared out to BBM. The user interface in Soccer Ticker was particularly well-done, and surprisingly simple provided the breadth of functionality.

It was a really close race between these guys and Hive for the grand prize winner for JamHack, but ultimately Soccer Ticker had a much more broad addressable audience. Soccer Ticker will be available at the launch of BlackBerry 10 at the end of January, with a lot of potential to spread across new sports and geographies. A free version will let users to follow a limited number of games, while a subscription will unlock unlimited access to specific leagues.

So, who's a big football soccer fan out there? How do you keep on top of your matches? The only other app in this space that I know about is Bantr, and it's still stuck to iOS.

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Social footy app Soccer Ticker headed to BlackBerry 10


Cool idea, but to have any real interest in North America it will need to Have NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, Nascar, CFL and much more. Can they ramp it up to serve those markets is another question. Seeing is they manage the data in house.

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Yeah. What they need (after winning $10,000 for an amazing idea) is them adding the sports famous on the country where blackberry is loosing ground (usa) and adding the sports that don't add up to 10% of the 3 Billion people that follow soccer
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But adding more sports sounds like an idea for another developer!

If you even watched the video the developer clearly stated they may add more sports in the future. Limit yourself to only one sport won't get much exposure in the North America Market. Especially if they want to make a buck.

(Football aka soccer) is far from the most popular sport in the USA or Canada..

Football or "Soccer" is the biggest sport in the world - period. You can't just look at the U.S. market. I'm British and live in Canada, so I'm glued to the Premier League in the UK through Satellite TV every weekend. Still I wouldn't mind giving this a try when I'm forced to be away from home!

This is great. It's good to see a soccer (football) specific app come to BB1). There are others, but for most of them soccer is treated as an "addon" to other sports and has limited feature or is a poorly done Android port or doesn't work at all. There are plenty of apps for North American sport, but few that are soccer specific. I often have to use more than one app to get all the soccer/football info I need. It won't need to add other sports to be successful. If it is a good app there are more than enough soccer fans to make it a success.

The developer didn't know what active frames are :(
Cool looking stuff though. Great cross platform app that I would use with my friends all the time.