Official Sochi Guide for the 2014 Olympics arrives on BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 19 Jan 2014 06:13 pm EST

The XXII Olympic Winter Games are set to start 19 days in Sochi, Russia and just like every Olympic event, the Olympic Winter Games will see thousands of athletes from around the world attending and participating in events in an effort to claim the gold for their country. As a lead up to the event, the official event guide apps have been released and you can now grab the BlackBerry 10 version. 

Where it is an event guide, it's pretty much just for folks who will be in Sochi as it offers you ways to find venues, events to catch and photos along with push notifications of when events start but it's still a great app for those at home who want to follow along.

I'm sure there will be other apps released as well for folks not in Sochi to keep more up-to-date with medal counts, videos and such but if you want to check out the event guide, you can grab it via the link below.

Download the Sochi 2014 Event Guide

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Official Sochi Guide for the 2014 Olympics arrives on BlackBerry 10


Then why write:
"and like every year, the Olympic Winter Games will see thousands of athletes from around the world"

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I know I've been on the site for too long today I thought the title said the

"Official Sachesi .2014 arrives on BlackBerry 10"

Pretty cynical. Nothing wrong with getting the world's best (somewhat amature) athletes together for great competition. Give you a reason to show national pride for a couple of weeks. The app looks to be well done too.

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Could be. BlackBerry removed the minimum requirement listings from BlackBerry World so we dunno what OS version apps require any more.

I have a Q10 and the official verizon available os and I can't download this... :.(

Posted via my Q10, USA

Damn you Verizon! They should spend more time on getting the update released and less on commercials.

It maybe the nicest designed app I've seen so far, they really spiced up the GUI and it's even has headless push notifications.

That's what i was thinking they really put an effort into this app, this app should get the built for BlackBerry certification.

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They definitely did a really good job on this app, looks like high end BlackBerry with all the customisation that the developer would want.

A great show of what can be done in native apps for blackberry!

Soon android will be running a BlackBerry runtime!

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Going to Sochi for olympics is like skiing in Auschwitz. Every normal nation is boikoting them. Bb10 doesnt need a guide to that Auschwitz skiing resort too.

Posted via Z10 from Lithuania

Bullshit. By the way, it's the local Lithuanian nazi collaborated with Hitler, serving in local Waffen-SS units and killing Jews in Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, like their German colleagues did it in Auschwitz, and now these local nazi are proud of it and supported by Lithuanian goverment. Please read this Wikipedia article:

especially these sentences: "The genocide rate of Jews in Lithuania, up to 95–97%, was one of the highest in Europe. This was primarily due, with few notable exceptions, to widespread Lithuanian cooperation with the German authorities".

So please shut up. Your comparison between Sochi and Auschwitz is just plain stupid.

Sorry but if u cant distiguish Lithuania from Latvia, the u are plain stupid :D then my next question would be: which is in Europe: Australia or Austria? :D if u dont know history and even geographics - dont even try to troll :D sorry but the post put a big smile in the morning, thanks for that :D

Posted via Z10 from Lithuania

About genocide of jewish lithuanians - yes. But about ss, lithuanian coloborants and other nonsensand lithuanians - your fantasy or mixing with Latvia :) we ware fighting Germans and Soviets the like ;)
yet my post was not about ww2 opressions by soviets, but about current state of Russia. Dont mix these things, as modern Russia does not have a lot in common with soviet Russia ;) and common Russians are gret people, yet due to the government - olympics should not be organised in such opressed country ;)

Posted via Z10 from Lithuania

This is a very nice app, very well put together with lots and lots of features. Seems to also be for people such as myself who will follow, but not be at the Games. I've already bookmarked some of my favorites.

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If I was going to Sochi, which I'm not, the only app I would be interested in is the escape routes. When the US, who knows everything about everyone and everything, is putting out state dept warnings I would take heed. Dangerous place.

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I'm sure it is a beautiful place, and less dangerous than Chicago, Illinois, in the US under normal circumstances.

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"Sochi (Russian: Со́чи, IPA: [ˈsot͡ɕɪ]) is a city in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the Black Sea coast near the border between Georgia/Abkhazia and Russia. The Greater Sochi area, which includes territories and localities subordinated to Sochi proper, has a total area of 3,526 square kilometers (1,361 sq mi)[4] and sprawls for 145 kilometers (90 mi) along the shores of the Black Sea near the Caucasus Mountains.[citation needed] The area of the city proper is 176.77 square kilometers (68.25 sq mi).[4] According to the 2010 Census, the city had a permanent population of 343,334,[5] up from 328,809 recorded in the 2002 Census,[12] making it Russia's largest resort city. It is one of the very few places in Russia with a subtropical climate, with warm to hot summers and mild winters."

See the last part of the last line... and mild winters. Winter olympics and mild winters don't go well together...

Oh the app looks very good.
Take care.

Are you sure? The same Wikipedia says that Vancouver has average temperature in February at 4.9 C, while Sochi has 6.0 C. Not too much difference. And in the mountains (and near them) there is a bit colder.

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Come on! There are plenty of places in Russia which are much more suitable for winter olimpics than Sochi. Sochi is the worst possible choice.

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Actually its one of the best, because other places are not convenient and dont have the needed infrastructure. Also putin hopes to atrack more tourists for Sochi in summer. Open space events will all be in mountains rougly 20km away from sochi, so they are way colder. Sochi itself is a beutiful town and doesnt look Russian at all. So as long as FSB and other security agencies provide good security its totally safe. Much safer then Moscaw or Petersburg ;)

Posted via Z10 from Lithuania

I'm not so sure about that. Of course, there are plenty of mountain terrains in Russia, but most of them have continental or sharply continental climate. You will not want to go skiing in -20 or lower, don't you? Relatively mild climate is a way better for that.

The app looks awesome. We'll see how well it updates when the games starts.

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This is NUTS! Not available for 10.1?!!!! I know about installing leaks and all that, but still....

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Beautiful App,looks like the long range forecast is calling for 3 and 4 degrees C,for the opening and the day after.Looks like these Games are the most expensive ever,$51Billion,they spent $8B just on 1 road,which is more than it cost to hold the entire games last time.

Is this only a Canadian app. I have a z10 but it's not available on my phone. Humm. I'm on the port huron/ sarnia border.

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nice that there is an app for this, but I'm boycotting these games. Human rights are getting dumped on far too often over there, and Uncle Vlad flips the bird at the international community. So nope, not going to watch any of it, not gonna download this app.

I absolutely love the Olympics with a passion and i hate to associate politics with them but what Russia nationals have done with Human Rights almost makes me want to boycott them. I can't though ...