Soccer Ticker updated with Q10 support for you football fans

Soccer Ticker
By James Richardson on 24 May 2013 06:09 am EDT

We reviewed Soccer Ticker on the BlackBerry Z10 a short while ago but today sees the roll out of version which enables Q10 owners to download the free application. With the Champions League Final taking place this weekend Soccer Ticker is the perfect way to keep up to date with the match on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Once Soccer Ticker is launched you are presented with three tabs at the base of the display. First up is 'Matches'. Here you have a calendar strip across the top of the screen so you can jump to any day to check out past results. Under that, matches are listed and with the majority of them you can dive into another screen to see more info including stats, a preview and the live ticker - clearly the ticker is not that exciting for past games but when it's match day it will be a whole different story.

Back to the home screen and the second tab is 'Ticker'. There are two sections here and switching between them is achieved using the two tabs at the top of the screen. News is first - where you can view the latest gossip from the football world, including images. And then next up is 'On Twitter' where the app automatically pulls in Tweets from football clubs and players - good stuff.

The third tab on the home screen is 'Season' and here you can view a bunch of upcoming stuff including match fixtures, the current league table and also a leader board.

The application has a bunch of great features including:

  • Push Alerts
  • Active Frame which previews news
  • Native Calendar
  • Social Network sharing

If you are into your football (soccer) go and grab this one - it's a beauty.

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Reader comments

Soccer Ticker updated with Q10 support for you football fans


Really want to use this app on the q10 but when I go to create a new account it tells me too many redirects and won't open the register page :(

Posted via CB10

Hey y'all,

Soccer Ticker dev here.

We got it fixed. Sorry about that. Stupid line of code. Please don't get mad.

James, thanks a lot for the heads up. This is why CrackBerry is awesome.


This is the best football app way better than the score, spoke to a rep and they going to but more resources to this app so those having problems bare with it because you would not regret it I also was hesitant at first but then it grew on me

Posted via CB10

Doesn't allowing it access to your BBM just make you able to share it to your BBM contacts? Or does it mean they can read and send bbms?

Posted via CB10

Yeah, that's actually the reason we have it BBM integrated, so you can share news and live update to your BBM contacts. It's part of the "BlackBerry" experience. You can also post 'em as your status update. But we understand it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

The BBM thing can be made optional actually after the initial registration, as in you can turn the permission off, and still run the app. That's the best we can do for workaround for now.

Regardless. I don't allow any access to my bbm. I prefer my privacy well and secure. Apps that require access to bbm or identifying my pin or stuff just don't get the on unless it's an app by blackberry. Sorry.

Posted via CB10

Downloaded this App to see scores and who scored...won't let me see who scored, only the scores.

I want to view it live, I don't want to just see BPL scores live..

We provide details such as real time play-by-play, stats, odds, goal scores, et cetera for some major fixtures (not all), but we're working to make more content accessible next season.

We're hearing you. It'll happen soon.

Only Premier League in the UK means it's useless for me. When the other leagues are added i'll check it out again. But tbh I'm really hoping Sky launch their soccer score app soon.

Posted via CB10

You can't choose other leagues? There are several leagues available. Just tap in right down corner and choose the league.

Posted via CB10

While the dev is on here...kickoff times appear to be EST. Can this be changed in a future app update so that the app picks up the phone's time zone?

Posted via CB10

any idea "IF" there's a similar app for BB- legacy OS ... (6 or 7)?

Thanks for creating teh app AND supporting BB10!! Cheers!