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Football fans fill your boots - Soccer Ticker gets updated with additional live commentary plus a ton more

Soccer Ticker
By James Richardson on 10 Feb 2014 10:51 am EST

For you football (soccer) fans out there that already rely on Soccer Ticker for BlackBerry 10 to keep you up to date with what's happening on match days, you'll want to grab this latest update as it's quite a major one. 

If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out as it's without doubt the best way to keep in the loop with the latest scores plus more. As you'll see below, the new additions in version 1.3.1 are pretty hefty and this should certainly provide you with a one stop stop if you can't sit in front of your TV screens to view matches. 

The developers are certainly grateful to all of us on Team BlackBerry that not only downloaded the app, but also gave feedback: 

Over the past year we've seen more than 100,000 downloads with users coming from more than 60 countries. Our top 5 users are still UK, Canada, USA, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. We even top the Football category in some countries. 

We look forward to keep developing for BlackBerry 10 platform. It's been a little Cinderella episode for us for the past 12 months - from small time indie developers to winning regional JamHack and being featured by the likes of Bloomberg, Esquire, and more.

What's new in v1.3.1:

  • Live match commentary now available for every major European league (no longer exclusive to just EPL)
  • Public commentary now available for users to root for their clubs 
  • Player profile/stats
  • Club profile/stats/scoring minutes
  • Match line-ups 
  • Head to head stats dating back to +/- 50 years ago (last 5 matches, biggest victory/ defeat) 
  • Multiple odds from popular bookmakers 
  • New UI implemented for some features (e.g. match highlight,vote, commentary, stats, standing, et cetera)
  • Curated RSS feeds from popular sources (e.g. Goal, Skysports, Football365)

Soccer Ticker is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free - just how we like it. 

More information/Download Soccer Ticker for BlackBerry 10



I live their app, just hope they add Copa Del Rey.

Posted via ZCB10



Posted via ZCB10


CDR this week (: ucl next. Some sweet moments in the season

Posted via CB10


Great app. Hoping they can add match highlights of recent games much like how footylight does it on the iOS and Android platforms.

Posted via CB10

Iggy City

+1 for calling it football. :)


Do they showcase content from south American leagues? That would be of my interest..

Posted via CB10


Thanks for the heads up - great for a new BB user like me.


Just downloaded and will give it a go. First impression is that I'd prefer if the leagues were on the side menu and you could swipe to it

Posted via CB10


You mean soccer (not really football)

Posted via CB10 on z10.2.1.176

Sean CueTen

No, he means football (the real kind).

James Richardson

Our invention ;-) 

Football refers to a number of sports that involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ball with the foot to score a goal. The most popular of these sports worldwide is association football, more commonly known as just "football" or "soccer".


No, football (real football) and not American football that the ball barely gets kicked :p .
Seeing how crackberry is a global site and a greater percentage of global users refer to it as football it's more politically correct :)


this should clear up any lingering confusion:


Great soccer app....

Sent flawlessly from my Z30!


Amazing app for us footy fantastics but I do wish they had Major League Soccer added to the league selections.

Perhaps in their next update?

Posted via CB10


This app keeps getting better every time. S/o to the devs. Keep it up!

Posted via CB10


Thought you were able to favorite a team for receiving news from them :(

Posted via CB10

Lawrie Sherratt

Doesn't have the lower divisions in the English league.


I agree, want details on the Mighty Millers....


I wish Crackberry would say soccer if it's soccer and football if it's football.

Posted via CB10

Iggy City

Sorry Crackberry doesn't conform to your selfish American ways. :p

Soccer is known as football in the vast majority of the world.


As North Americans we should embrace the rest of the world as equals and comply with the 'majority rules' way of thinking instead of trying to impose our way on the entire world just cuz we think we're better...

Hmmm I think this can also apply somewhere else... other than sports...

Posted via CB10


Or maybe since Blackberry is a North American company and a lot of us are located here our overseas friends can be understanding about using a term that helps differentiate from one of our main pastimes. ;P

Also, for what it's worth Americans are not the only ones who call it soccer, and the term soccer itself comes from England.

Posted via CB10


I think the majority of people on the site are in North America and soccer has a clear meaning.

I don't mean to be "american" but soccer is a better name and when the world cup is played its soccer not "football".

Posted via CB10


Definitely a must have app for football aka soccer in NA. Just as football is the #1 sport in the world, so will be the app that gives the best coverage of same. Keep improving and updating!!!!!

Swiping & tapping on my amazing ZeeTen. STL 100-3


Since I got this update am not receiving any notification has it been removed

Posted via CB10


Ohhh it's Soccer not Football.Cool.

Ericsson GF198(GSM900) im D2 Privat Netz


Anyone having the same problem am having

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The best soccer app is live score addicts. it is available on android and ios but if you are running 10.2.1 you can have it directly.


What happened to the push notifications for selected matches??


I was wondering the same thing. It's the reason I downloaded the app to begin with.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Dave Drisk

Not finding much in the South America leagues. Is there any good apps for that?

Posted via Z10


That what I was asking about the notification

Posted via CB10

Gilang Gil

Nice one

Posted Via Z10


Does this app push live score alerts to the device? I've searched high and low but can't find such a feature.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10


Sadly I think that feature has been removed in this update