Football fans - You must check out Soccer Ticker for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 11 Apr 2013 04:29 am EDT

Here's one for you football fans. Soccer Ticker is a super native BlackBerry 10 application that will give you a ton of information - most importantly you can view minute by minute live commentary on your favorite matches. I though initially that the app was just a UK one but from the menu tab you have the option to select which league you wish to view. Looking at the app updates in BlackBerry World it's clear that the developer is adding more to the app each time which is great. So as I write this the options are - English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue, Eredivisie, UEFA Champion League and UEFA Europa League.

Once Soccer Ticker is launched you are presented with three tabs at the base of the display. First up is 'Matches'. Here you have a calendar strip across the top of the screen so you can jump to any day to check out past results. Under that, matches are listed and with the majority of them you can dive into another screen to see more info including stats, a preview and the live ticker - clearly the ticker is not that exciting for past games but when it's match day it will be a whole different story.

Back to the home screen and the second tab is 'Ticker'. There are two sections here and switching between them is achieved using the two tabs at the top of the screen. News is first - where you can view the latest gossip from the football world, including images. And then next up is 'On Twitter' where the app automatically pulls in Tweets from football clubs and players - good stuff.

The third tab on the home screen is 'Season' and here you can view a bunch of upcoming stuff including match fixtures, the current league table and also a leader board.

Soccer Ticker is a free download from BlackBerry World. If you are football (soccer) fan you will absolutely love it and I can guarantee that!

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Football fans - You must check out Soccer Ticker for BlackBerry 10


Downloaded it yesterday. It's an awesome app! Native, smooth, and simple. Much more smooth than ScoreMobile on the Z10. Now I can follow my Gunners when I'm not in front of my TV or computer!

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I agree. It's a great app, but it could use some improvement. Like allowing for multiple leagues. Or watching the live scores of all games for that specific date. Have an app on my Playbook that does it like this. I'd use it on my Z10 as well but it's an android port so it caches the logos to the pictures folder and that passes me off :p

Another thing to add could be instead of having the exact same options on the left menu slide, to put the leagues here for one touch access to all of them. Having The sections both on the left overflow and on the bottom seems redundant. And since this is being done, make the "Settings" and "Information" sections by dragging from the top instead. :p

Finally love the Ticker feature. Since it gives access to articles, but they should try and fix the foematting if how the stories show up. The authors name and title show up within the article instead of as a header. Minor quirk, but still ticks me off. (pun intended)

Those are my 2 cents and on that note, it's still, great app. I would recommend it to any BlackBerry 10 user who follows Football regularly and intensively.

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Hi amp323, Soccer Ticker here.

Great input. We've been toying around with the idea of putting all the sections on the left hand side, and none on the bottom. That's indeed a redundancy. Nobex is doing a good job with it.
And yes on reformatting the RSS feed to make sure it comes out properly. Tricky job that one. Wish I could pun here too, but got none.

Scroll down and you'll find my post about more features/fixes planned in the near future. What do you think of those? Which one should be prioritized?

Lastly, thanks for the recommendation.

It's very good when compared to Score Mobile FC. The only difference being you have to choose between what leagues you wanna check scores for instead of being able to see all the scores simultaneously for the date you're looking at, like today. :p

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Been using TheScore but from initial play think I'm going to prefer this especially like the "Watch" feature. Will give it a week and if so bye bye TheScore!

Love My Z10, Posted via Excellent CB10

What leagues does this cover as most apps at the moment only seem to cover the Premier league with the lower leagues in the UK getting forgotten

English premier League, Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italia), Budesliga (Germany), Ligue 1 (France), Eredivisie (Netherlands), Champions League, Europa League

App requires far too many permissions! Won't even start unless you grant them or have BBM set up. Rubbish... deleted. Waiting on Sky Sports Football Centre.

In the meantime, you can sideload the converted bar file of the latest android version, it works perfectly.

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What I am waiting for is the Sky Sports Live Score app to come to BB10. I really miss how the app connects with your calendar and adds the dates of your favourite team to it, so you never miss a match cos you get a reminder. I'm hoping it comes to BB10 soon

The latest android score mobile fc version works perfectly for me. I will stick to that until a native one is released

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Yeah, isn't the Z a great eye-pleasing phone? It's so sexy! I often admire it sitting on my desk. It begs me to caress... errr swipe it!

Access to contacts and needs its own separate login? No thanks. Also not much of a help if the a games are all hard set to another time zone.

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Apologies about the time zone thing. We worked on that awhile back. Thought we crossed the T's and dotted the I's. Let me double check. Thanks for calling it out.


Soccer Ticker

Thanks James, just what I needed when I'm stuck visiting relatives and my son can't watch the game... Especially since the league is so closely tied 5 games till season's end, and we are rooting for Ajax!

Hi all, Soccer Ticker here. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate 'em all.

Regarding the localized time zone, I thought we took care of that a few updates ago. Probably a glitch, let me double check on that real quick.

Regarding access to contacts, that's an honest rookie mistake when we set it up. Obviously we never intended to breach your privacy and/or make use of your contacts in a bad way. But enough talking, let us do some fixing. We'll be sure to leave your contacts alone.

Regarding calendar, great idea, would you like a soda with that? Just kidding, that's a legit idea. Gonna remember that.

Again, thanks all for giving it a try! We'll keep working to make it a better experience for us all.


Thanks for listening to our comments. This looks like a great app, buy I can't get it to open because of the BBM access requirements. Would it be possible to bypass this as I don't use BBM and have no intention of setting it up just to use this app? Cheers.

Thanks for paying attention. I appreciate you making the privacy fix. The app should not demand access to things like BBM, but allow the user to choose not to link to BBM. It's great that you've got a nice looking native app and folks won't mind paying a dollar or two for it :)

I would love for an app like this (or even in this app) to be able to follow FIFA World Cup and qualifiers as well as Euro too.

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Are you considering adding South American leagues in the app?? This is what in most interested in.

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Hi JC,
Soccer Ticker here. Not at the moment. Lots of our users are from UK, Canada (surprisingly), Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. But now that you've mentioned it =D we will definitely look into it.
What's the equivalent of the European Champions League in South America? Perhaps you could tell us more.

I was willing to try it but all the permissions scared me away. If they fix that i will try it out. FYI the score mobile FC told me they have no immediate plans for BB10 app and directed me to there web site to use off my browser. That email from them was dated Feb 8 not sure if anything has changed since.

The tide is turning! Folks are beginning to speak up about their privacy concerns. Why this app needs access to your contact list is just an indication of how important your personal information is to others. I won't even run the app if it asks for permissions if doesn't need.

I hope developers everywhere are listening!

More leagues and an active frame which flicks through latest scores would be great.

It appears you are addressing the permissions issue so will leave it alone.

Would like it in the review if James could highlight permissions concerns.

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I have already deleted some photography app because of this privacy issue.. I don't think that is a 'ROOKIE' mistake.. imagine someone can delete your contact or take their pin numbers for god knows what. This is not just about my privacy but the privacy of all my contacts..

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I've sideloaded Futbol24 best football app around! Scores come in quicker than Sky Sports. Would seriously recommend it!

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Hi again, Soccer Ticker here.

(Scroll up to read my reply about privacy issue, and localized time zone. Will fix 'em ASAP. Totally unintentional)

AND, I hear you all loud & clear. More leagues, active frame, optional BBM integration, got it!

We've released six updates since end of December - that's almost 1 update per two/three weeks. Your feedback would help us prioritize our long to-do list, and your feature could very well be on the next update.

Here's a list of features we've been hearing slash working on:

- Alerts (goals, red cards, et cetera)
- Active frame for quick viewing
- Facebook integration beyond just sharing
- Twitter integration to include timestamp, hashtag, follow and RT
- Video highlights
- Live podcast
- Badges for loyal fans and some sort of gamification
- Calendar reminder
- Optional BBM/registration
- Cross platform chat
- Q10 optimized

Anything else? Do checkout the app and help us validate the experience. This often goes unnoticed, but the minute-by-minute live commentary is actually not static. Each of 'em is an event where you could tap on it, comment on the event, like/dislike, and share to social media. See if you'll get a hang of it.

Appreciate y'all voicing your concerns and ideas so openly. Sorry for taking so much space. =D



I am from South America so the best thing is to have the best leagues here in America which are:

Copa Libertadores (equivalent to Champions League in Europe)

ConcaChampions (Equivalent to Europa League from CONCACAF)

Mexican La Liga

Brazilian La Liga

Liga Argentina

CONCACAF (Tournaments, WC Qualifiers from CONCACAF)
Conmebol (Tournaments, WC Qualifiers from CONMEBOL)

And Leagues from Europe the must are:

Spain (1st and 2nd Division, Copa del Rey)
Italia (1st Division)
UK (1st and 2nd as well as King cup, FA cup)
Germany (1st)

Thanks :D

Hi kmflame,

Concerning Europe, we got EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Europa, and Champions. Will work on adding more divisions. Getting lots of requests for South America.

Content aside, how about features?

Sounds like an amazing road map. I look forward to all of them. Specially the BBM integration and the cross platform chat sounds interesting if it would be accessible from anywhere within the app no matter where you are in it. And if we're both following the same match making the score/stats visible within the chat. (not sure if this could be possible but made me think it would be interesting) . For that gaming proposition. Maybe linking that vote to win feature into the chats, would be interesting seeing it available within Group chats.

One more thing I'd love to see is lineups. But a fresh take on it. No other app does lineups like when you watch it on TV and they show where on the pitch they are going to be positioned. Meaning formations. I've always wanted an app with this feature as I like to try and get into the manager's head and figure out what tactics they plan on using and whose marking who. But sure, this might just be me and my over analyzing brain :p

Again, a live matches screen is a must, even better if one could customize it. Not just what league but what specific teams to follow. I like to follow most of the G14 teams. A customizable live tile would be perfect for such a thing.
Honestly, if I wanted to follow a specific league's matches, I'll go to that specific league. That's it.

I will say this. Love your app so bring me those updates coming to keep me loyal and if my crazy brain comes up with anymore ideas I'll send a support email. :p

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The BBM integration is happening now. You can share the play-by-play, news, scores, et cetera to your BBM friends. You can also chat with your BBM contacts from inside the app as well.

Interesting you said this ... "And if we're both following the same match making the score/stats visible within the chat. (not sure if this could be possible but made me think it would be interesting).." coz that's exactly what we're currently working on at the moment. Hopefully we can make it happen.

You spelled out a lot of ideas, and we'd certainly bring those ideas to our discussion. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Nice having the Dutch league in there. Don't often see that. Hopefully upgrades will bring us North & South American results.

I just realized it from Indonesian dev. I've installed it the first day since using z10
for instance its kind of weird if you put a date of calendar at the top, users like me always confuse is it past game or future game,
nonetheless, this is great apps, no bothered if the apps req access my contact info( though it for future updates maybe)

Pokoknya ini apps keren masbro, ngga nyangka eui buatan asli indo


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You mentioned sports practiced mostly in the USA. Soccer is not only popular in Europe, get your facts straight...

If I had such a dumb opinion to share, I don't think I would be drawing attention to myself by shouting.

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Soccer is ONLY popular in Europe, South America, Central America, Africa, Asia, Oceania. Soccer is ONLY NOT popular in US (even in Canada it's popular). Which list is longer?

ScoremobileFC was the best football app I've used coming from the 9900. I had high expectations for this since it's native but got turned off because of too many permissions. Now I understand why if didn't update at all since I didn't give it permission to access bbm. One major turn off to is they got some of the logos wrong! As a man utd fan, I can't believe how preposterous for you guys to have Liverpool's logo under Manchester United! Troll!

Posted from my Z10

LOL, Soccer Ticker here. That is indeed the biggest sin ever, I myself a Man Utd fan, and I have disgraced us all with that unintended switcheroo.

It could be one of these two things:
1. The image is still loading and somehow got stuck while it's still flipping due to bad connection.
2. We made a mistake with the image caching.

If it's consistently showing the incorrect logo, then it's no.2, if it's just a one time thing, it's very likely no. 1. Either way thanks for calling it out.

Glory, glory, Man Utd. Looks like we're bringing home the title, again!


I will give this a try! Soccer/Football rules! Best sport in the world unlike American Football (NFL), which should really be called Hand-Egg.

Hi Crohns, Soccer Ticker here.

I think you must =D. We got 95 reviews saying you should at least give it a look. It's FREE! Do let us know your 2cents after you've tried it.


Slick little app. You should also look to include MLS you you plan to add leagues in the Americas since you have a large user base in Canada.

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Hi all, Soccer Ticker here.

We've fixed it! Thanks for putting us to work.

What's NEW on update (CRITICAL update):

* Real time PUSH alerts
* Match schedules optimized according to local time zone (FIXED)
* Contacts permission no longer required
* BBM permission is no longer required, but encouraged to enable content sharing
* Squashed some filthy bugs

Alright, what's next?!