So you're a BlackBerry fanboy (or fangirl) and can blog? I want to hear from you!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Apr 2014 12:25 pm EDT

I'll get straight to the point. I've been seeing a few too many comments and forum posts around here recently suggesting that we're not being big enough BLACKBERRY FANS with the articles we've been writing as of late. That maybe, we've lost some of the pure enthusiasm we once had.

Now, I personally disagree with this — a whole lot —but I'm one who likes to focus on solutions and not the problems. You're either growing or you're dying, right? And I always, always want to be giving our readers what they want. So with that, if you're reading this and are a HUGE BlackBerry fan and have the chops and desire to be a "blogger" around these parts, then I want to hear from you.

To get on the CrackBerry editorial team you have to meet our high expectations. Don't bother applying unless your writing is awesome, you can record and edit your own videos (and you're comfortable on video) and you're passionate and know a LOT about BlackBerry and smartphones/mobile tech. If you're a regular reader, you know the content we normally cover around here. So you know the kind of things we do. I welcome change and doing more, so I'd love somebody who has their own awesome ideas too.

To apply, send me an email at kevin @ Laziness gets deleted from my inbox immediately with no reply. If you want to be part of the team, go ALL out on your application. Send me some writing samples, show me some awesome photos you took (we use a lot of nice photography on the site so you need to be able to do that too). Give me a list of some of the things you'd want to tackle if you were on the team. Attach a resumé for good measure. Heck, if you really want to win me over, make a video just for me telling me why you want the job and would rock at it and send me the youtube link (you can leave it unlisted). In terms of the economics and commitment, we'd get you going with a few contributions per week (compensation on a per post basis). That said, people who are amazing have often found a way to turn their part time efforts into the full time job of their dreams on the Mobile Nations team.

Ok, that's it. If you're up for the challenge, I look forward to your email. Hopefully we'll have a few new faces contributing around here soon!

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Kevin Michaluk

Two more thoughts...

a) Wow I was fat when that photo was taken. Lol. So much thinner now!

b) The video on this post is still AMAZING. Go Marco!


Marco is awesome

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Hire JC!

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Prem WatsApp

J_Caloy you mean?

Yes, get him on if he's keen!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Lol! His first post would be dedicated to those that post "first".

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I am sorry but that rap made me cringe. xD


I got motion sickness when looking at that lip sync...


if only someone else directed the video, and maybe someone kicked the beat a little harder - can we hire madlib?


I love the enthusiasm and dedication *but*....... yeah. Wow. Nuff said...

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I like the posts and blogging being written, perhaps some people are wanting to read more about the actual functionality and real life moments people have found BB10 has improved their life. For example I bought a Z10 for my a family member in Mexico City. They don't have the phone there or didn't at the time... He loves the phone and has many reasons why.

So maybe have a Wednesday blog article about real life stories of people who have converted from iPhone, windows phone, or samsung etc etc...

The multi language keyboard setting for him has now become a huge factor as he speaks and writes three languages.... many people in Latin America and around the world would benefit from know this small yet huge feature that works on BB10

Z30 Canada


You so hit the nail !!!

Ferrari ZetaDieci


Actually, I've already been writing LOTS of reviews of my great new BlackBerry Z30! Most of those reviews have been accepted and posted on a variety of sites, including,,, etc. I've also reviewed ALL the BlackBerry Z30 accessories (since I have them ALL), and those reviews have also been posted all over the net. Many of my comments and reviews appear throughout various forums on CrackBerry as well. Just look for me: TonyTheCanuck, or on some sites as "Tony in Montreal.". I've also participated in many on-line cell phone polls (ex: Techno-buffalo). There are many BlackBerry fans out there just like me who are already writing and posting comments and reviews on a variety of sites and blogs!! We all do this for free because we believe in BB!!!!

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For example, here is my review of the Z30 as posted on the site:

"Great handheld!!"

Ratings on 5:

-Battery life 5
-Screen 5
-Form Factor 5
-Ease of use 5
-Camera 4

I have had the new BlackBerry Z30 for one week now, and I can say this is an excellent device for the following reasons (I am not a BlackBerry nor Bell employee):

1) Great big 5" AMOLED screen. Big, bright, touch-sensitive and responsive. AMOLED also means less drain on the battery since it draws less current than a a back-lit LCD screen.

2) Great battery life; lasted me two days on one charge with moderate use, and 12 hours with very heavy use, including Web surfing, phone calls, watching videos and watching TV on the Bell TV app.

3) Big responsive virtual keyboard mimics BlackBerry physical keyboard with great predictive text technology; it corrects spelling and suggests words the user can "flick" into place. Also corrects and suggests words in multiple languages depending on context - great for BILINGUAL country like Canada.

4) Great BlackBerry "Hub" manages email and all messaging, including phone calls, BBM, and texts. It's easy to add email accounts.

5) Solid professional construction, with rugged build, and solid glass front. Not cheap and plastic like many devices.

6) Great Paratek antenna; The silver band across the bottom of the device hides the new Paratek antenna. It is very sensitive and picks up cell and wi-fi signals even in basements, underground malls, and lower levels of Métro and subway stations.

7) Great features like bedside mode with dimming clock with alarms.

8) BlackBerry security and BBM.

9) Fast chip to allow for fast Web surfing and quick and fluid navigation between screens and apps.

10) Mini-ports for connecting either USB keys or HDMI cables to connect direct to smart TV or monitor for presentations.

11) Great speaker sound from the 4 exterior speakers, ideal for movies or professional presentations.

12) Word-processor "Docs to go," power-point presentation and spreadsheet apps make it easy to work on documents on the large 5" screen.

13) Great additional BlackBerry accessories available, like BlackBerry power-saving pockets and holsters that have magnets that automatically turn off the screen to save power.

Cons: Maybe lack of apps, but mostly in gaming. This will change in 2014 as BlackBerry will soon offer update to allow access to all Android apps.

This is my second BlackBerry device. My first was the BlackBerry Torch 9810 which was a great device. The BlackBerry Z30 is even better with it's large bright screen and solid construction. Very happy with it!!

-Tony in Montreal


Yes, I recommend this product.

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Robert F Kennedy

To everyone trying to apply through commenting in this thread, read the post and apply the way Kevin wants you to.

"Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator, and change has its enemies."


Haha yeah seriously, i wonder if Kevin wants someone that can't follow instructions.



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I wasn't applying , I was responding to him.

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Sure you were.,...

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rizztazz torch

Great review btw, you covered all the major points I would have highlighted (nice battery, brilliant HUB, ease of use, good speakers ) and even, some that I overlooked (dual language keyboard input).

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.


Not a bad review though: I got a good jist of what the z30 is all about.

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Thanks - the Z30 is a truly well-engineered device. However, the competition keeps coming out with great devices of their own. I was hoping BlackBerry would come out with the Z50....

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How's battery charging time with the Z30? I have the Q10 and find it ridiculously long, with the original BlackBerry charger. Eg. any of the 3 laptops in our household charges WAY faster. Battery never lasts much more than a day but that's acceptable considering it's physical size I guess.

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Glad you asked! Charging for the Z30 takes moat of the night with the basic charger provided with the phone. However, the BlackBerry premium charger is VERY fast, and has a better linger cable with folding plug prongs. It is often sold in combo with other accessories like the back up battery. It takes only one or two hours to recharge with the premium charger. It's very fast!

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canadian nick

Great review good work.

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Thanks very much - I am truly concerned about the future of BB.

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"when the student is ready, the teacher appears"....



I'd like to nominate J Caloy. Super funny and mad skills.

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No way, he hates his BlackBerry.

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Prem WatsApp

.... you're right, can't have someone like that here ;-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Haha, scumbag. But seriously: 'may be' not "maybe". Fix your typo.


He used the word correctly. He is using "maybe" as a synonym for perhaps. The gist of the sentence reads "That, perhaps, we have lost our pure enthusiasm that we once had." If he changed it to what you are suggesting, it would be wrong.

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That perhaps may be true. But the last sentence of his first paragraph is not clear. Neither is the first sentence of his next paragraph. What exactly is he disagreeing with? One would assume he is disagreeing with the fact that he has not been positive about blackberry lately. But then he says he prefers solutions rather that problems in the next paragraph. It certainly leaves me a little confused as to where he is going with this. Again my assumption is that he is saying, "if you are going to talk the talk, then walk the walk."

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No. "That maybe" is wrong. It needs to be 'may be' to be properly expressed.


Nevermind, his comma is the typo. I skimmed and posted. the way the sentence began (with an introductory clause), confused me. He indeed meant perhaps, but the comma was unnecessary.

Brian Scheirer

Not to rain on the parade but Marco has since stopped using (and developing for) BlackBerry and has an iPhone :( ... Still a cool guy though :)


Kevin, it's a very nice effort that you're putting up with this blogging thing, but do you really think you're going to be able to change much if things don't start changing from BlackBerry itself? It's not to say they're not trying, but at this point, their changing business needs might be beyond what can be salvaged by all the nice blogging you do for them - just my thoughts?


That photo was you Kevin? Holly

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!


Yeah I don't have time for this, but I am a BlackBerry die hard




Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


Love BlackBerry/Playbook and appreciate the quality content from crackberry. Sadly, I am not a quality writer. That's why CB is awesome! Keep the standards high!

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Kevin, I can write, but I don't have time for an ongoing commitment. Would you accept guest columns?


Now that would be pretty nice... no commitment. that way you, Kevin, could pick the true gems and post them...

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canadian nick

Wish I had the time and the talent to do this, as a BlackBerry fanboy this is a dream come true. Good luck everyone

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Awesome stuff I am too new these days but I love the community and it's tempting to integrate but no matter what I applaud who gets this and will help them out :)

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I'm so jumping on this, but my writing samples and resume experience is going to be education-related based on my primary focus and degree.

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US


Just hire J-Caloy and you'll be fine!! He hates his Blackberry!!

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Kevin Michaluk

I hope he applies! He's fun.


I'll talk to the guy and try to persuade him.

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+1. He'd get my attention.

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Let's start a J-Caloy petition!
But then, maybe he'd rather stay independent? Worth a try though.


"cuz dats is what i want, long and slow is the way to go." "The slow stuff". That guy is total gold. Blackberry and Crackberry needs more of him. "What u nose about dat"


I read it wrong. lol I just scolded someone for the your and you're issue that's so rampant on the 'net.


Or the people who can't say hell.

They can all goto he'll



I believe I am even more die heart fan then CrackBerry Kevin


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That's a sick video!

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Total die hard (qwerty) fanboy.......wish I had the time for this!

Brandon Orr

I would be very interested.


Definitely a dedicated BBry user and likely will remain as such. Unfortunately my bigger love is my spouse, my 2500HD duramax truck and the land yacht I pull to enjoy those evenings in the mountains sitting by the fire under the stars..sans tech!

Bon chance to those that make it, I look forward to reading your commentary!


Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I


Kevin, I have been making these exact same criticisms and I appreciate you addressing them directly. Crackberry for the win.

Abhijit Saha1

Tell me z10 is the best pick u ever had

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I think it's really great of CB to look within the community for this talent!



I dont speak for everyone, but I dont want lunatic fanboyism.....I just want a little more focus on this site, its community, and the BB10 phones is all. I feel the big guys on the site haven't been really focused and in step with the community as of late(Blaze being the exception). I have noticed it a lot to be honest. I think others have too.

Unfortunately im not a great writer or a man with a lot of time on his hands. I hope you find a guy who can be focused, a fan, have a good gauge on what the community wants to hear, without being delusional haha.

Anyways we come to the site cause we're fans, and community is great. Cheers.

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True the focus hasn't been the same. Enthusiasm is good but there's always a need for balance too (and fun).

No doubt CB is active but some of the articles are barely relatable to BlackBerry... i can't remember ever feeling like this 2 years ago.

Eg vodafone UK/europe expanding their reach isn't specifically bb focus. Posting this on say a specific part on mobile nations would be much better.


Oh no, Kevin why? Please don't encourage those with blinkers on to run amock! Real passion is considered, informed and balanced, rather than 'OMG, X IS THE BEST AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES IS SUCH A HATER!'

You guys already do a great job and we get the passion, don't change CrackBerry to let loose the headless chickens.


There is a difference between product love and enthusiasm and immaturity


I hate to say it, but with some of the CB community it's a fine line, often crossed.

On the whole we're a great bunch though :)

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I'm pretty sure Kevin is going is not going to hire a troll. Just somebody who is passionate about the brand/product


I will be writing for sure. It would be great if it turned in to something, but the opportunity to know Kevin is reading/listening is more important. While he may only pick one person, that doesn't mean he will not get a ton of ideas. Ultimately that's what I feel is most important; entries that spark innovation when it comes to new columns here on CrackBerry. I would love to be a part of that.

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Where can I get a hat like that. I'll take two



Need someone from South Africa to write!!!!

Thatkidsimy's Z10 :)


Well...Malawi is closer I guess!!!

Incurable Q10 Syndrome


Yep agree let's get the South African story told

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10


i come from iraq/kurdistan i want


Blackberry should include that red * splat sticker with their phones. I would definitely put it on the back of my car and laptop to draw in questions. I even briefly thought of making one myself.

Kevin, Why not get permission from them and source these through the CB store? I would buy one or 10.



Excellent idea there Valas!

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A real fan would have it as a tatoo.



That's a fabulous idea, truly fabulous.

Apple includes apple stickers with their products, darn tootin'.

Dang, that gives me an idea for a meme... :D


I'd apply but I'm lazy, my riting sux, I don't do well on video, I'm a crappy photographer and I have no time. I am a huge BlackBerry and Crackberry Fan so I think I will stick to what I'm good at..... using my BlackBerry, reading Crackberry and sharing the good word through friends family and Social Media. #KeepMoving

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I looooove my BlackBerry!


Awesome..wish I could do it. But best of luck to all ya fellows attempting to be the next big thing here..
Nice Kev..keep moving!!!

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Why don't we instead focus on helping bbry rebuild back to greatness. I'm all for reading a deluge of opinion pieces but, your resources could be put to better use. What about spearheading a movement to inspire current users to go out and preach the word of bbry and get people to convert! Crackberry (or Mobile Nations) likes to show that they have 27 million users. Yet bbry barely sells a few million phones. So essentially, all of the articles and editorials aren't doing much to move the needle on new converts. Crackberry should partner with Blackberry and go on a year long tour of every major city and country where bbry needs the PR boost. Go directly to the people and influence their purchases. Counteract the negativity spewed by the wireless carrier associates. Hit the major mall for weekend events. Go to the major sporting venues. Sponsor the favorite concerts. Let's stop writing and start doing. So little time and so much to do. In the beginning it was just bbry and crkbry. I think you've forgotten where you came from. Take some action!


LOVE your idea of CrackBerry and BlackBerry going directly to the people in partnership! Spreading the love in an organized fashion with the power of knowledge presented " ENTHUSIASTICALLY "?! That would be a "Cool" recipe for "Success" (IMHO).


Currently XM Radio does something similar. They partner with a 3rd party company (Mosaic Sales Solutions in Dallas). XM drives interest and subscriptions to their satellite service using Mosaic employees manning the XM booth at almost all major outdoor concerts. Mosaic gets paid by the number of new subscribers they get. BBRY should do something similar. Imagine if they paid their 80 million customers directly if "they" acquire a new customer for bbry or bbm. Current customers become an affiliate for bbry. now everyone has something to gain!


How about a CrackBerry-branded BlackBerry?


Errrrr No mate.

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I'm out

 Slicing using my 

bob beausoleil

Firstly I am not applying for the job BUT I take exception to any suggestion that you are not a big supporter of BlackBerry. I want the truth not a story that is made to sound nice and sugar coats an issue. We see too much of that. Tell it like it is, you'll win in the long run.

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Parrillas NY

Yo soy el fan #1 en Honduras, y no permito que nadie se exprese mal de Blackberry



Don Diego endorses the Zed.


Hahaha, I'm loving CB as it is right now but there's always room for more craziness I guess.

Posted on the awesome BlackBerry Q5


I am VERY curious to know how much revenue the Mobile Nations Team is bringing in.


Sat in a pub in very north Scotland, a couple in front of me using iphones just asked if my phone (Zed30) was an HTC One. So, I just showed them the logo on the back. Guess what!! They recognised it straight away and said 'a BlackBerry' prompting from me.

Posted via CB10Zed30


They recognized the logo. Impressive.


I want more of the breaking BBRY related news that other sites seem to always beat CB to publish in a timely manner. It doesn't take a creative blogger to accomplish this.


Love my Q10! Love Blackberry!

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I think this is a great idea, I check my crackberry app in my z10 about 25-50 times a day...(I know there are never that many updates in the world of BlackBerry) but I don't want to miss a thing and I love to know all things BlackBerry NOW. I'm a contractor in Fort mcmurray so I make my own hours and this would be something I would enjoy taking on, but I'm not much of a writer, so kudos to whomever takes this opportunity to make the crackberry nation a better and more informative place. I look forward to reading all the posts as I do for every article I see. Great to see mobile nations is actually listening to their communities.

Shane Anderson 

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Think that vid needs more I want that ball cap with the berries. Good for you Kevin, have to agree been too many whiners on CB lately. I have no complaints as I find not many writers on here are biased...besides I think the M8 is a sweet job BlackBerry phone!

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 10


Sorry non BlackBerry phone!

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 10


Is can blog required?

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I love blackberry and crackberry and writing. I feel I'd be awesome here, not trying to brag just feel confident. Not quite so comfortable with the video aspect unfortunately.

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I'd like to see a no holds barred, critical and discriminating, no bull blogger to be the Ying of the Yang. I think a little more of this style would add more passion to the discussion....and a view from the other side is never a bad thing.

Keep up the great work CB!

Posted via CB10 & my kick ass BlackBerry Z30


sorry, but i'm on too many ignore lists to help you out w/ this... ;D


JC for president!

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Robert F Kennedy

To all trying to apply through commenting in here, try following Kevin's instructions instead.

"Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator, and change has its enemies."


Most of the folks want BlackBerry to succeed. I like that you don't have blinders on and we get the good with the bad. That has to happen, might as well come from you folks.


I nominate "J dog". "Long and slow is the way to go". It’s already been said he "hates" his BlackBerry. He'd be the perfect addition. Chant JC JC JC :)

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Hire J Caloy... that guy is superb...
And with crackberry... he will be heard and noticed even more... :)

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I was going to send an awesome video with a plethora of writing samples to, guessed it... I am just too LAZY!! Instead, I will continue to vicariously live through the writings of others who have more energy than this old guy. ;)


Awe crap, as much as I love all things BlackBerry and dream of being a CrackBerry blogger, I suck as a writer. :(

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I'd love to, but alas, I can not stand listening to my own voice.


How about getting Craig to submit an article. I would like to hear his thoughts on the enterprise side of things.

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This is a better idea in my humble opinion


Ok now I'm torn. I'm looking for something like this to do and although I submitted my interest in one of the News Room positions , this sounds great also.

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "


All I want to know is if Chris Umiastowski went through this process.

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Cool. But I'll leave it to you pros to do the heavy lifting. But I will support BlackBerry full force from the peanut gallery.

Posted via CB10


I like the posts yuz guyz been writing, it's fair and critical. Your pragmatic attitude, mostly Umi, is refreshing. Thank You for this!

If it was total blind fanboyism, I for one would stop reading, then stop purchasing CB product.

Many feel this way, IMO.

Thanks Again!


Will MN pay you instead of buying gold iphones?

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I can't blog but I wanted to post anyway

Posted via CB10


Good thinking, Kevin!
If I was any good at video editing I would definitely do this.
I have definitely noticed a decline in fan boy enthusiasm from yourself.
Understandable, given that these have been difficult and trying times.
I'm all for realism and saying how it is, but Rubino never misses a chance to advocate, while you sometimes seem like an apologist...
Having said that, I remain a huge supporter of you and the site .
Remember, Prem said it is a 3 - 5 year plan.
Love the Crack Master!


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I agree the stories around this website especially from "Kevin Michaluk" have been floundering lately. No wow BlackBerry is great... Just "this needs to happen to survive".

I Miss CrackBerryKevin... Just saying.


If there are any videos submitted will they be posted for us hard core BlackBerry fans to help decide?

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 10


What. That's you kev»



Hire a female blogger please.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Now THERE's an idea.... enough with the white guys (like me, LOL). This is why big companies go bankrupt; most consumers of cars, phones, etc., are NOT white men. Is BlackBerry listening? Are Ford and GM listening?

Posted via CB10



And that has been a perennial problem with BlackBerry's demographic and image: comes across as a product designed for stuffed-shirt white men, suits and fratboys.

Pity that Thorsten Heins made a limp attempt with Alicia Keyes, who turned out to be everything a cynic like me would expect: a superficial figurehead that did more harm to the company than good by siphoning away good money, not doing anything substantive, then going around posting things on social media from her iPhone... ugh.


Yeah, pretty lame marketing strategy.

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UM pretty sure DJ and Alicia are female.

Alicia Erlich

Thank you I think we are :P

Posted via CB10


Is there an age restriction on this?

Posted via My Z30 on


I asked JC and he said that he will think about it

Posted via My Z30 on


How rad!
I actually wrote up about why my favorite smartphone is BlackBerry recently. And how it's my favorite device being in real estate (messages all day long).


Is this a paid-per-blog article deal or purely voluntary?

I don't have the time to do it for free, but for some renumeration I might be persuaded to free up the time.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1


tisk tisk, "In terms of the economics and commitment, we'd get you going with a few contributions per week (compensation on a per post basis)."


I don't know about everyone else, but I read Crackberry for the facts and opinions of the bloggers and readers whether they be positive or negative. The last podcast was more on the negative side, but it was one of the best for me because it put a lot of things in perspective

Now if any of the bloggers aren't happy writing for Crackberry anymore and feel like they're just force to, then they should probably try to move onto something they do enjoy and let someone else fill your position.

Good luck to whoever gets the new position and I look forward to some new material. To the rest, keep up the good work and stick to you passions.



"Don't bother applying unless your writing is awesome".....quite the criteria you have, and way you set out to choose someone...this statement is quite bold to be honest. The one who wrote this sounds to be like a true jackass.

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I agree.... another BlackBerry miss-step?

Posted via CB10


Really?? I would love to apply but I know my writing is shit! There is nothing wrong with his statement.


So, you're advocating they hire someone to write blog posts who is a lousy writer? ROFL


I can't believe the arrogance coming out of this guy. If you'd be someone in HR who spoke out to hiring people like this, you'd be gone in a heartbeat.

Posted via CB10


Put yourself in Kevin's position - if he didn't try to make some of these things clear to people his inbox would be DELUGED. This is filtering method to ensure all(/most) who bother are serious!


Quite the way to recruit new bloggers. Be as arrogant an ass as you can be. Are you a bully Kevin? Sounds like you need some lessons on proper etiquette on dealing with the public...

Posted via CB10


...there is nothing wrong with his criteria or method


I'm not sure I've ever seen a positive comment come from "TightDebbie".


Thanks for posting this at the start of the weekend as it gives me some time to mull it over.

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Great that you're taking actions about this! :D Unfortunately, we can only see what you give us to read and watch, not what's into your heart. I think more CrackBerry 'crack' is needed, and I hope some good parts of the community postulate to inject some more Blackberry-dedicated app/news/madness into what's already here.

An initiative that I salute.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30


Nope. I have my own personal blog and is often geared towards BlackBerry, not to mention I enjoy typing away on my device to do so, but I'm neither talented nor particularly well educated in terms of writing, so I just assume leave that to you and your team. Keep it rollin'.


Have you ever thought about a blog in another language, Dutch for instance? I think there is a solid ground for all your crackberry news items, in other languages. In the Netherlands there is an iPhone club, they put every important English news item to dutch language ,so that EVERYONE can enjoy his/her phone to the fullest. Understand me, I never ever want an iPhone again, but I liked the "iPhone family gathering " In my own language



And no, I don't see it as Kevin being an ass, it's personality. I personally wouldn't want to see CrackBerry articles start reading like an Oxford dictionary.


I want a dualsim BlackBerry please!!! :(

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I'm in!

Posted via CB10


Can I quality if I'm still a student?

Posted via CB10


Sorry Kevin but I can see this turning out like crackberry idol


I would watch that show! Do it!

Alicia Erlich

And what was wrong with CB idol :D

Posted via CB10


CrackBerry idol! That got CB through a slow patch if I remember rightly! Alicia - I still (vaguely) remember your review of voice dictation software? I wonder what happened to the other contestants...

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


Things didn't work out with the writers. Where is the Dave guy? Joseph holder? That michelle girl (I believe that was her name). It was a quick phase and died off. I can see that happening here too..a few posts and then fading away.


There's a number of good writers sandwiched in between a lot of white noise - it will be interesting seeing which blogger is tech-savvy enough to join CrackBerry's crack team.

(All pun intended).

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30


I think lot of people here love Blackberry. I'm new since feb 2013 and never had a blackberry before but I really dig the Blackberry OS . I know from my experience with android it was a start of a new OS and that takes time to settle but the big problem is media, blackberry itself and I think lot of people are disapointed where blackberry is right now.

I also see for the last 9 month that blackberry is going strong for BES 10, BBM, QNX and that mobile production is low because there services working with the main OS. so building phones cost money and there services is for all phones so there is not really need to build phone's. I think people are also disapointed in that.

I just bought my second BB10 mobile because I really like it and it's hard to go back using android and hope other people discovering this great OS.

dan d

Awesome were do we get a shirt and a hat Can they be bought in waterloo


Great question ; where can we get BlackBerry hats and t-shirts???

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Nice video lmao

Z10STL100-2/10.3 | BB10STORE on Aptoide


I am a huge BlackBerry fan. The idea of writing a piece of how I've used and abused my BlackBerries would be fun and interesting to write. Maybe a guest writer spot, weekly? Biweekly? Thus allowing far more experienced editor to "fix" issues within the article.

My two cents.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers


Tell your team to edit their work then if they are really exceptional.

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Yes that was instant reaction. This was a bit of a snooty post and not becoming of Crackberry. I like reading Crackberry posts, but the writing quality is hardly what one would call "high standard". If you want high quality written material with respect to BlackBerry, read the blogs written by James Nieves on Berryflow.


I thought this was a post about applying to be a CrackBerry blogger, not the BlackBerry Forum Police. I just so love having to wade through condescending comments criticizing proper punctuation and sentence structure here on CrackBerry! And here's the kicker, most of the time the critiques are WRONG! about snooty posts....

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High standards I mean

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We do need someone very creative that will not only inform us but also entertain us; reading CB is something that I give a lot of time to and I would like to see it spiced up a bit.

Kevin I'm happy that you see this need also. The CrackBerry community in general should chill out though and give the team recognition for all the hard work that they do!

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I wuv my bb.

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Kevin if you are going to talk about "great photos" on a blog then at least use one on that blog..:)

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Kevin Michaluk

Hahahhahaaha. Best comment ever. :)


When can I get an unlocked white z30 from blackberry ? ? ?


You can get the white Z30 from but they will only ship to US and Mexico. It is the white STA-5 GSM version.

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How long will you be accepting these emails Kevin?

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Just looking around... Chinese guy with poor English...

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I travel a lot and constantly amaze my entrapped iPhone friends and roid deluded acquaintances with the power of BlackBerry. You can do a reality show of me and my adventures. Tonight was Portland, Oregon.

I'm no blogger, not a writer, but I'm a fan boy and may I ask if I may have that shirt of Kevin from the pic (#1 fan...) :D

My 1st choice of smartphone (not smartTOY), BlackBerry.


Hi kev, I think I'm your man. All I need are my articles paid for in beer ( up front payment please), a good looking secretary/ part time camerashoot and the keys to the CrackBerry shop. I think you'll find that offer hard to beat. Cheers.

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I just want a BlackBerry hat and tshirt.

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Love the initiative!

Am curious to see how many BlackBerry fans and users that get the most out of their BB's actually fit the profile of someone who would have the time to set aside to do this.
I'm a physical keyboard guy, and wonder if the "good" writers tend to use a physical or touch screen BlackBerry.

Great idea! Can't wait to see it bear its fruit.

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They forgot to add on the criteria that you should look like "nerd"... or something like, if you were given a choice between a "hot babe" and a "hot BB10 device", you'll choose the uncommon decision from a normal guy...

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Ask J caloy....
BBM Channel: C0027B084
I lov the man!, sorry man that I put everything from you on crackberry, but I like your doings very very much



If only I had the time and energy... alas, I barely have time to work on my own site! :)

Hope you find someone awesome, Kevin!


So basically, if the CrackBerry Nation does not think the CB team is doing a good job, why don't WE try doing it ourselves? :) Although I don't see how it addresses the real or perceived lack of enthusiasm among the *current* CB writing team, it's a nice opportunity--one that I wish more blogs would offer to passionate yet effective commentators.

That said, I don't think expanding the writing team will fix what I think is the real "problem," assuming you believe there is one: the CrackBerry site is no longer aligned with the new corporate strategy of BlackBerry themselves. That, coupled with waning enthusiasm among the editorial team, is making the site less and less compelling to visitors.

I would suggest that CrackBerry consider re-fashioning itself to be more like Paul Thurrott's The URL misnomer notwithstanding, Thurrott is dedicated to first and foremost covering Microsoft, the company, and shifts his site's content to follow where the company goes (although he tends to focus more on MSFT's consumer plays).

Unlike MSFT, though, BlackBerry's consumer presence is fading by the day, which is posing challenges to the current editorial team since CB--and Mobile Nations in general--is consumer-centric. Rather, the site needs to shift towards a more professional focus, just like BlackBerry is doing themselves. Potential content/story angles include:
- The restructuring strategy and deep-dives into the executive team Chen is assembling
- How the enterprise sales motion is performing and the company's progress on establishing an inside enterprise sales team
- Additional coverage around BES releases and highlights of new, large BES deals/implementations

This approach may require more journalism than blogging, which may not be ideally suited to the existing writing team. Also, the new site may be of little relevance to the majority of current CB viewers, but that's only because--even though many won't admit it--BlackBerry themselves are becoming less and less relevant to these viewers. But, if the demand for Blackberry news and info warrants dedicated coverage, those are the breaks: it's a new BlackBerry now and, in turn, a new CrackBerry is needed.

Erik Lehman

I have had numerous people call me a fan boy on these forums, I'm not sure if it is meant as a compliment however. :D I can write well, and know what makes BB10 different, and frankly, better, than the competition.



Hey boss, no official blackberry z10 in china, but I'll admit it is awesome.

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Frederick Denina

My Z30 is awesome, be it to watching videos, readings, listening to music, everything my favourite daily use .. except for navigation ..i use my lumia.

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What's the pay? :) Or is this website produced in something that resembles the Temple of Doom? :)


Just applied for the position. I look forward to working with you all.