So about that BlackBerry Z10 Charging Dock...

Homemade BlackBerry Z10 Desktop Stand
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2013 02:14 pm EST

CB member npisano couldn't wait any longer for the official Z10 dock, so he made his own.

When it comes to accessories for BlackBerry devices, the official BlackBerry Charging stand is always a top seller and considered a must-have by any diehard BlackBerry user.

Since the BlackBerry Z10 began hitting consumers hands (just a little bit longer America!), CrackBerry readers have been inquiring -- obsessively I might add -- about the availability of the Multimedia Charging Dock for the Z10. To be certain, there definitely is one. It has popped up on the internet a few times now; we know the BlackBerry Z10 Transform Case was designed to work seamlessly with the pod; and heck, I even managed to get my hands on one... so we know it's real. So why isn't available yet and when will it become available?

The BlackBerry Z10 Multimedia Dock 

BlackBerry Multimedia Dock 

Long story short, the BlackBerry Z10 Multimedia Dock will become available to the general market when the Z10's BlackBerry 10 software fully supports it. I don't think BlackBerry wants to release it to the masses until it delivers a perfect user experience.

On the software side, it's pretty easy to understand what has to happen here. The Z10's homescreen and lock screen currently support only portrait orientation - so right now if you place the Z10 onto the dock, the screen stays in portrait orientation. In other words, you have to use the phone sideways. And there's no automatic prompt upon placing the phone into the dock to jump you directly into an app - such as the clock app or movie player. The dock still works fine in all other respects - the clock app supports landscape orientation, as does the media player of course (and the Micro HDMI out works fine). So once you're in the app you want to use, assuming it supports landscape, it's a solid experience. It's just getting there is a bit messy right now. I think for hardcore BlackBerry users -- like all of you reading this post wanting to know what's going on with the dock -- the current usage case would probably be fine for most of you. But overall it is less than a perfect experience, until the BB10 software supports it. So it makes sense why it's not out yet. I'm guessing this isn't a quick fix software update, would likely be to tied to a larger one (10.1?). 

An alternative unofficial dock in the meantime?

Sunny Savers BlackBerry Z10 Dual White Wave Desktop Charger

Earlier this week our Adam Zeis discovered this third party dock on Amazon. It's the Sunny Savers BlackBerry Z10 Twin Dual White Wave Desktop Charger Dock & Spare Battery Charger Sync & Charger Pod (say that three times fast). The spare battery charger is a nice feature feature, but unlike the official dock there's no Micro HDMI out on this (and of course the same software challenges with landscape use will apply). 

We've ordered a couple of them to test out - if they're good we'll try and get them in stock at ShopCrackBerry. Definitely not the same as the official dock, but if can't wait for the official one and don't want to craft your own stand out of a block of wood, it may be a solution worth checking out. If you have patience I'd suggest waiting for the OEM BB one. Either way, stay locked to CrackBerry and we'll report back soon on this one.

If want the Official BlackBerry Multimedia Dock, say Aye!

It's very clear that BlackBerry is listening to their user and fan base -- look how quickly battery life and Bedside mode got tweaked up in the first BlackBerry 10 OS update -- so it never hurts to express your desires. Being a young platform, BlackBerry 10 is going to continue to evolve at a rapid pace, so I'm sure knowing what matters most to BlackBerry 10 owners will help BlackBerry prioritize their to do list.

So if having a dock for your BlackBerry means as much to you as it does to me (gotta have two - one for home and office!), leave a comment saying how much want it and how you will put it to use in your life! And hopefully it will become available sooner than later.

Reader comments

So about that BlackBerry Z10 Charging Dock...


I want that wood one.

But seriously I wonder if the PlayBook will be compatible with the media dock. The micro HDMI and USB ports have the same dimensions spacing on the Z10 and PlayBook.

I'm down for two! Without or without the software tweaks ;)

I'm already envisioning my night table without the old clock clunker.

Quick question how does the dock charge the Z10, via the usb port or via the charging ports on the back cover?

The only way to charge a Z10 id via the usb port. There are no charging spots on the back of a Z10, so i assume the contacts you refer to are the contacts for NFC which you cannot charge through.

Only tried that once, but it worked for me. Though the display stayed turned on... I think that's one of those software things that probably should be built in - the ability for the display to turn off when HDMI is pumping out a movie to a tv, etc.


This guy should make advance modification just like the official dock drilling hole from behind the wooden dock to the top of the seating position. And run the hdmi and usb cables through it.

I tried that, but the cable wouldn't sit firmly enough. It made it awkward to place the blackberry in and to remove it, so I gave up on that :(

I would love a solid dock for charging my phone. I find that with the cable, the connector wiggles and after a while, it gets really loose. I use the one for the Playbook at work and it's fantastic.

* BlackBerry by choice *
(but 1st I need to threaten the people of Sprint so I don't have to switch carriers to get the Z10)

why make it out of wood when you can make one out of foamcore board (made one for my playbook when BBRY didn't bother make one with USB/HDMI out)...

btw: Aye, Kevin, I would want an official one.

I don't want that dock.......I NEED that dock. might even pick up this white wave one too...looks HAWT

The BB multimedia dock is a really high quality piece, has an anti slip rubber bottom, and ultra smooth engagement. Folks are gonna love it, especially with some software updates as mentioned above.

Definitely a must have. I usually get two or three for my device.

Eagerly awaiting the drop of this one.


Not only do I use it at home but I always take it on the road so I don't to have to figure out how to set the alarm clock from one hotel room to the next.

Maybe I'm in the minority here but I'm not a big fan of the this multimedia dock. I was hoping the Z10 would have a rapid port similar to the PlayBook for easier and faster access, and docking experience. My concern is on the long term wear and tear of the ports after you have fully plug in the whole device every single day or night.

If blackberry is reading this I'd Like a z10 dock for my office but for at home I'd like better software on my playbook dock that j already own and can't use to its full potential. I want auto bedside mode, a nice clock dimmed when I place it on the dock. Right now it's basically just a charging stand

Just get the dock on the streets, finally I would be able to give my old alarmclock a resting place AND have a the phone up and ready for another day of work. Maybe hook it up to the bedroom tv to watch me some crackberry video;s, that would be cool.

Ayeeee! Want one so it can charge and still have use for hdmi on plasma to. I can read my email, movies, BlackBerry help forum. Please need to charge phone. Make it a priority on your best phone to date.

Before I forget to mention it, we also need this kind of dock for the playbook, that way I can connect it to my bigscreen tv as a gaming console and videoplayer. Awsome.


I would love to have this dock siiting bedside waiting for my Z10 to come home. Having the HDMI output is a plus and wonder if there's a way to modify it for my PlayBook to fit.

I had a dock for my previous BB and can't wait for this one! It becomes my alarm clock and it forces me to charge my phone every night.

I might have two; one BB dock for HDMI purposes and I would like to try the "Sunny Saver," maybe for use as my alarm (especially if I can't wait for the BB).

People want the official dock? Well Ive been coming in here for 2 weeks now and the Playbook storys and app reviews have all but dissapeared. Very dissapointed in the new Blackberry for throwing all the Playbook owners in the garbage. I realize everyone is excited and loves to hump over the new z10 but c'mon Blackberry, there are 100's of 1000's of Playbook owners you are pissing off here. Get it together.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

We're still covering PlayBook stuff! Not leaving our PlayBook peeps and BB7 folks behind.

So much work going on with our redesign right now. Can't wait to get that done and pushed live. The new CrackBerry kicks butt! 

Hi Kevin I heard through the rumor mill you said you had concerns about our Playbooks may not be able to run BB10 fast enough cuz of only 1GB ram?

It just feels like Blackberry is abandoning Playbook users as 95% of all the posts on Crackberry have been dedicated to the z10.

Thor said Blackberry was gonna have bb10 for the Playbook by the time the new QWERTY bb10 comes out. Hope that comes true. I know so many who really want BB10 on our Playbooks.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Aye I eye a dock for my z10 but I made one out of an old psp umd holder, put pads on the bottom to raise it a few mm from the desk, drilled holes to let sound through(and it amplifies it) and I can use it in either rotation. but alas it does not charge. thats for my next dock I am working on. (might use my old portflio as a docking solution...)

This is so irritating. Verizon teases us that z10 is coming soon, but what is soon? Apple always announces a date. I'm tired of hearing the rest of the world has the z10. This is America dammit. We boarder Canadia. Can't someone give us a clue?

Kevin...does the z10 engage smoothly in and out of the dock? I had visions of having to hold the dock with one hand whilst pulling the z10 off with the other hand. Those micro usb connectors are so tight using the standard charger.

No third party, i want the official one NOW lol, Listen Kevin : don't care about these software issues, grab a few from your contacts at blackberry as "Testing units" and tell
Me where to put my credit card number in. Annnnnd two whites please :D

I agree. We need the dock soon. I've used a dock since my 8100 Pearl, 8900, 9780, and 9900 (my wife's). Wish the Z10 had contacts, even better maybe the magnetic ones like the PlayBook has. Maybe the Z11 will, huh? Anyway, much prefer the official dock. Yep, two for home (one mine, one my wife's), and one for work. How about a dock without the HDMI that the phone fits portrait or landscape? Perfect for wherever you don't ever connect a TV and want to save wear and tear on the HDMI. And yep, the "new BlackBerry" doing a bang up job listening to their customers (mostly consumers rather than business would be my guess) AND responding quickly. For example, look how quickly they addressed so many items in the Z10 update and got such a quick fix out for the Youtube video not playing issue on the legacy 9900 devices. Great to see that BlackBerry is back and better than ever!

Aye!! Aye!!
Put me down for two!! Just got my Z10 today and got the CC out to do some serious shopping..
and for the life of me I can't understand why the PB dock won't work for the Z10... it would have been so nice!

how much want it and how you will put it to use in
your life! And hopefully it will become available
sooner than later.

(wait.... U guys should write it literally as mentioned).

To BlackBerry, instead of working out the bugs now and then once the bugs is taken care of, then release the dock, I say, release the dock right now and while you're racking in tons of money from us buying the multimedia dock, continue with the software updates.

It's an aye here too. I'd get one and use the dock for overnight charging/bedside mode ONCE we get our Z10s here in the US of A. Hoping here for a 3/14 birthday surprise (or at least a solid release date). :-)

The best dock would be if it have built in laser projector!!! So you could watch movies on your wall, while charging the device.
Now back to reality. Hope that multimedia dock can be used by playbook as well.

So, Kevin, you just wanted us to suffer and drool? :) That cradle is awesome, I'd take it despite the 'portrait shortcomings'. I hope RIM gets 10.1 out in April.

I want two, one for the home office and one for the bedroom but I'd really like a Z10 first (waiting patiently).

I, too, would be getting a couple for sure. The units are classy and with an understated elegance. Can't wait for them... :)

I am in agreement with the other folks that would like a dock with contacts or least an option for wireless charging, which may come later. I have tried that type of landscape dock with an Android and it was no easy task getting it lined up with the pins to dock it. It was just a plain hassle almost every time. Give me the drop in style that came with the Blackberry Tour.

I just got 2x one for me and the wife, they are pretty sweet. Comes with a rapid charger and a full hdmi cord.

Thanks for the update on these docks Kevin.

I will need 3 of them. One for bedside -like you and many others, I use my BB as an alarm clock. Another for my home office, and a 3rd for my corporate office.

Me me me!

The problem with the 3rd party dock is that you must match up the USB and micro HDMI ports whereas with the BB dock all you have to do is fit the phone into the slot and everything matches up.

I'll be waiting for the OEM factory dock.

Thought I would want this for home bedside like I had with my Torch dock but now I am not so sure. The Flip Case I got from the CrackShop sits nicely on my table with a regular charging cable coming out of the top. Even if I don't plug it in, bedside mode uses a ridiculously low amount of battery.

Why can't we get the nice accessories like the idevices? I want a dock with stereo speakers. Though my docked PlayBook sounds good enough at work where I can't crank it up too loud.

S-O-O-O wanting an HDMI dock for my PlayBook. I've been patiently waiting for ever!

Puh-lease release it at the same time for the PB.

Do you think that they held off on the PB dock so people wouldn't plug in Z10?

Aye!! Need 2 of these as well and yesterday would have been great! ;-)

BB, get them out! We understand there is some tweaking required with the OS, but we can now use it for the clock and alarm!!!

What material is used for the POD in this article? Plastic is my guess. Anyone?

so the dock that I ordered from france turned out to be a fake sale. i got my money back but apparently they scammed hundreds of people as well. Gotta love paypal buyers insurance.

I would buy at least 2, depending on price. With the HDMI interface, I would buy one for home, another for office, and a third next to the TV in the family room, connected via HDMI (Home office and office might connect too, using HDMI port on my monitors). Also, WHERE's the PLAYBOOK version of this???? I'd get a bunch there too!!

Aye. Will most certainly get the official dock! Until then, will just get a third party Micro USB only one and use some techie magic to get me some Micro HDMI in there. Would rather not but we do what we must for what we want, right? haha Can't wait for the official Dock from Blackberry! I think I would get one for work, one to sit on my bedside table and one next to my TV. Hell yes!

Aye. Will most certainly get the official dock! Until then, will just get a third party Micro USB only one and use some techie magic to get me some Micro HDMI in there. Would rather not but we do what we must for what we want, right? haha Can't wait for the official Dock from Blackberry! I think I would get one for work, one to sit on my bedside table and one next to my TV. Hell yes!

Wow. BB never had a dock made before??? I'm shocked and disappointed.
I'm a newbie here researching to get the beautiful Passport. I assumed there was a nice docking charger for it! I now remember that nice wireless charging dock I bought with Palm pre that I fell in love when it came out.....